When A Pisces Man Says He Misses You (Signs To Look Out For)

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
When a Pisces man misses you, you’ll know. He can’t hide his feelings for too long. Keep reading and find out how to know when a Pisces man misses you.

My Clients often ask, “Pisces man says he misses me; is he telling me the truth?” He’s normally very obvious about it, but if you still aren’t seeing it, when a Pisces man says he misses you, that should suffice.

With a Pisces man, it’s fairly obvious if he is really interested in you or just wants to be friends. Pisces men do not hide how they feel, so signs that a Pisces man misses you are not hard to find.

When a Pisces man misses you, you’ll know immediately because this guy always wears his heart on his sleeve. He simply can’t hide his feelings for too long. He is too passionate to conceal when he’s feeling something for you.

Are you ready to find out all the ways you can make a Pisces man miss you and how to know when a Pisces man misses you? Then keep on reading to find out more.

When A Pisces Man Says He Misses You — Should You Trust Him?

Pisces can be one of two things: the most trustworthy sign or the least trustworthy sign. Some Pisces align with higher personality octaves and always practice strong ethics. Other Pisces are wishy-washy about the truth.

He typically has a lot of feelings, especially when it comes to romance. So, when he says he misses you, you should trust him because a Pisces man in love opens up to you more than anyone else and will feel most comfortable talking to you.

What does it mean when a Pisces man says he misses you?

A Pisces man is typically not one with whom you have to wonder whether or not he misses you. If a Pisces man is in love with you or is close to you, of course, he’ll miss you. He’ll also just be honest about it.

He’s likely to call you or text you to tell you he misses you or that he looks forward to seeing you again soon, etc. Whatever it is, you’ll get the point of why he’s contacting you.

When he’s with you again, he’ll tell you he’s missed you since the last time you two spoke or were together. He’ll be totally honest about it, too. Pisces men can actually come off as rather clingy sometimes because they’re so honest with their feelings.

However, if your Pisces guy isn’t doing any of this, you can simply state that you miss him, and he’ll then tell you if he does. It’s like a pop quiz for him. If he says he does too, then you’ve got your answer.

Will A Pisces Man Miss You When You’re Not Around?

As a water sign, a Pisces man is very receptive and highly attuned to his emotions. Just thinking about the good times he spent with you will make him miss you immediately.

But what is even more important is that the Pisces man matches with a woman who is strong enough to embrace and support his sensitive nature. The Pisces man’s ideal woman has strength and sensitivity.

Whether he tells you or not, a Pisces man is most attracted to the woman who not only loves him but also uplifts him. He needs a solid safe space to hide and heal during a rough emotional storm, so when you are not around, he is going to miss you a lot.

Explore this helpful, step-by-step guide, as it will show you the ‘buttons’ to press to cause a change in how your Pisces man feels, sees, and acts around you. Check out my 30-day Pisces Man Love Challenge. It will set you on the right path with your Pisces.

And if you want to know if a Pisces man misses you, look at the signs below:

4 Clear Signs A Pisces Man Misses You

He Stays In Touch

A Pisces man doesn’t actually want to have the opportunity to miss you for any reason. Therefore, he’ll be in contact quite often. He’ll call, he’ll text, and he’ll message you on social media.

He’ll also click like on your photos and posts and make his presence known. Basically, he wants to ensure you miss him and that you understand he’s not going anywhere.

The thing is, he’ll make you want to reach out to him, so there is no real reason for either of you to miss each other. If he’s falling for you and things are getting serious, he’s going to be transparent.

He’s one who will be totally upfront by keeping in nearly constant contact. Even when he’s at work and so are you, he’ll message you at least once or twice in the day unless he’s 100% unable to (very rare).

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He Checks On You

Aside from the cuteness of keeping in touch, a Pisces man missing you will often check to see if you’re feeling alright and if you’re safe.

Remember that a Pisces man is rather intuitive. If you’re having a bad day, he may actually sense it and reach out to ask you how you’re feeling or if there is anything he can do to make you feel happy. Checking up on you is natural for a Pisces man.

A Pisces man is concerned with your safety and your peace of mind. He cares very much, and therefore, if a Pisces man misses you, he’ll worry about how you’re doing when you’re not with him.

He has to hear it for himself or see it for himself to even fully believe that you’re alright. You could get annoyed after a while of hearing, “Are you alright? Are you sure?”

He Sends You Thoughtful Or Romantic Gifts

When you randomly receive a card, flowers, candy, etc., he likely misses you and wants you to know he’s thinking of you. It’s another very obvious sign a Pisces man misses you. The Pisces man who is obsessed with you makes it very clear.

He is a romantic and will show you every chance he gets that he’s thinking of you. That may be a sweet text message, a sweet meme posted on your social media, or a knock at the door with a “care package” for you when you’re ill.

He’s the type of guy who will bring you soup or anything else you need if you are sick. He’s going to take care of you. Therefore, there isn’t really too much of an opportunity to miss.

However, every minute he’s not with his true love, he will miss her and always tries to show you ways or tell you how he feels. He never wants you to feel as though he doesn’t miss you.

A Pisces man knows it’s important to keep that connection. Sometimes he may actually get rather annoyed with it, but hey, if you really love the guy, you will appreciate all he has to offer. It’s very endearing to know you’re so cared for.

He Shows Up Unannounced

The Pisces man knows the value of “now” and will act upon it. That means that he doesn’t like to waste any time. If he feels he’s missing you, he could show up at your house, work, or wherever to see you.

He’s not one that you’ll ever have to worry about, whether or not you’ll see him again OR when. He’s not going to let you slip through the cracks unless he’s decided you’re not the one.

Something else that I know of is that when a Pisces man misses you, he’ll hold you ever so closely and be very tender. It’s like you can FEEL that he’s missed you without words being spoken.

All in all, a Pisces man is very clear and obvious in how he feels and definitely lets his lady love know when he’s missing her presence or wants to be around her. This will be especially true if he’s out of town.

This is the one time he’ll feel the void of her not being with him. Again, he’ll tend to call, text, or message a lot when he’s away. He needs to feel that constant connection, or he worries.

The last thing you ever want is for a Pisces man to worry about you because he will definitely stay “plugged in” until he knows that you’re alright and are not worried about what’s going to happen.

How To Make A Pisces Man Miss You Like Crazy

Want to make a Pisces man miss you?

Below are the actual steps you should try to implement if you want your Pisces guy to notice that you’re not around and want to spend more time with you. Making a Pisces man miss you isn’t that hard but keep these steps in mind:

1. Be Sexy And Mysterious

Pisces men love a sexy, mysterious woman. If you haven’t had sex with him, this should be fairly easy. Send him some text messages that are alluring and will turn him on. Check these flirty texts that will melt your Pisces man’s heart.

Send him selfies you took when you were out with your friends. Send him one in your bikini too if you can while you’re away from him. This will make him want to see you as soon as possible.

Pisces men typically spend lots of time with the woman they’re trying to build a future with. In the beginning, he may not be as eager, but the more you get his brain geared toward spending another night with you, this could make things develop further.

Just be careful that it doesn’t end up being a “friends with benefits” with a Pisces man. He could easily pull it off, so when you’re flirting, make sure he knows that you’re after more than just sex.

Send him cute text messages that say “thinking of you” or something really easy. Even knowing you’re thinking of him will make him feel happy. That attention is a turn-on and makes your Pisces man feel wanted.

If you want to master your Pisces man’s texting style and know what the best texts are to send your Pisces man then there is only one thing you should do. Check out my Pisces Text Magic Guide.

Everything you could ever want is in this guide. This is the only product out there that will give you all the answers you could ever want when it comes to texting your Pisces man and making him yours successfully.

2. Make Your Social Media Posts Secretly About Him

Many people like to make vague statements that allude to the fact that they’re seeing someone but don’t want to make it obvious who it is. If you’re connected to your Pisces guy via social media, do this!

Post memes that you know he’ll see and realize are for him. Post about how you’ve been spending time with this awesome guy that you met and that you cannot wait to see what else is in store.

Try not to lean too much toward the future or talk as though it’s getting serious if you’re not there yet with him. It could scare him off if he’s not really ready for it to be serious.

Just play with it and make it seem as though he’s the only one you’re seeing or liking so that when he sees these things, he’ll likely reach out to you to ask you about them or make a comment about them.

If he is digging on you, he’ll love this attention and affection. Again, be as indirect as you can. If he wonders if you mean someone else, he’ll probably ask you or indicate that you can’t be talking about him.

Then, at that point, you can, of course, tell him that yes, it IS him. It’s so easy in this day and age to flirt with someone without having to be face-to-face but this will make him think of you when you’re not around.

You’ll easily be able to tell when a Pisces man misses you. Truly, you can make him wrap around your finger. It’s also one of the more effective methods to make a Pisces man miss you.

3. Leave The Scent Of Your Perfume

Want to make sure the Pisces man misses you? Whether you’re at his place or even just in his car on a date, leave something of yours for him to find. You can even spray his car with your perfume when he gets out, opening the door for you, getting gas, or whatever he has to do.

Later, when he drops you off at home, he’ll still be able to smell you, which will definitely make him think of you and the night you had together. Naturally, if you DO go to his place, you can leave something there.

When he finds your item or smells your scent, he will remember you very fondly and want to reach out to you. He may tease you for a day or two without saying anything just to see if you do first.

If you do not, he’ll bring it up and then arrange for you to come get it or for him to bring it to you. Of course, the scent may cause him to feel frisky and want to call you sooner. It’s one way of keeping a Pisces man wanting you.

He may even try to have phone sex with you if you’re up for it. In any event, leaving something behind, even if it’s just your smell, will make him think of you for sure. There is no way for him to avoid it.

4. Always Be Yourself

A Pisces man is looking for a woman who is authentic in who she is. If he already likes you and is spending time with you, don’t change a thing. Your Pisces man likes you for a reason, and if you change, he’ll wonder what’s going on.

If you start acting weirdly or differently, he’ll wonder if you’re being honest with him or just playing him, which then makes him act weird too. The last thing you want to do is for either of you to disconnect from each other.

Be sweet, be giving, be thoughtful, and treat him very well. He’ll do the same for you in kind. There is no way he won’t miss you when he’s not with you. Pisces men aren’t very good at spending too much time apart if they’re really into someone.

In fact, the more a Pisces man likes you or falls for you, the more time he will insist on spending with you, and you’ll never have to wonder where his mind is regarding your relationship.

Until you get to that point, though, keep it simple with him: flirt with your Pisces man, leave something behind at his place or in his car, or spray some of your personal scent for him to smell and remember you by. This will help make Pisces man miss you.

This is also an excellent way to keep a Pisces man wanting you. Leaving a trace of you and your scent is a powerful tool to use in your quest to make sure the Pisces man misses you.

How To Make A Pisces Man Miss You After Breakup

The same tactics I just mentioned can be used even if the two of you break up. If he ever really loved you, he will feel you, and he will find the void of you being gone to be painful.

A Pisces man may give you a silent treatment, but really, he’s probably nursing some wounds unless you’ve done something so horrible he cannot forgive you. Otherwise, give him time. Patience seems to work well with him when a Pisces man misses you.

Being very sweet and friendly with a Pisces man after a breakup shows that you aren’t holding any resentment and that you’re still open to him. This is effectively how to make a Pisces man miss you after a breakup.

It’s very easy to get a Pisces man to miss you if he’s into you. Reel him in and enjoy him, ladies! These tips and tricks will help you learn how to keep a Pisces man wanting you.

How Long Does It Take For A Pisces Man To Miss You?

One thing you need to know about the Pisces man is that he is deeply romantic. When it comes to pleasing and pursuing the woman he loves, there are no limits.

If a Pisces man really likes you, though, he may start acting out of character. He’s not immune to crushes; in fact, he’s a sign that catches feelings very easily most of the time. The Pisces guy who has a big crush will indeed put their crush on a pedestal.

Having said that, it takes a small amount of time for a Pisces man to actually miss you. So to answer this question, it doesn’t take long for a Pisces man to miss you. If he cares for you, he is going to miss you immensely when you are not around.

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19 thoughts on “When A Pisces Man Says He Misses You (Signs To Look Out For)

  1. I have been speaking with a Pisces man for nearly a year,we set up a couple of meetings which he pulled the plug on,and now he is back in touch again,I am very worried that he is just boarded and it’s to make himself feel better,I really like him and we seem to get on ok,he has said he has had a lot to deal with don’t we all can you shed any light on this help

    1. Hi Donna!

      Take it nice and easy. Don’t pressure him for anything. Try to go with the flow. When he decides he wants something real and true, he will stick with you and will not disappear. Also if he’s trying to get through some things, he will need the time to take care of himself. Be patient and time may reveal something special. Check out my book as it may help shed some more light for you.

  2. Hi, he is Pisces n I’m cancer, we are very good friends and I’m into him… He is very shy but I’m not… I’m very open minded but when I’m with him i too feel shy for onces but when we start talking we can’t stop… I’m into him since 2yrs.
    He looks very innocent but not that innocent…
    He don’t text me first but whenever I message him he replying me in just few min sometimes in sec…
    I tried to talk to him.. to know him nicely but he is very shy . And i think he is with someone else.
    He don’t ignore me.. he really care about me … But he never text me first…

    1. Hi Ain!

      Well if he is really that shy then you probably need to turn it up a notch and tell you him you like him and would like to get to know him better. By doing that he then knows the truth of the situation and will decide if he wants that too. Naturally if he decides he does, then things should flow much smoother between you but you’ve got to speak up otherwise the shyness will keep you two at bay. You can learn more about Pisces men by checking out my books Pisces Man Secrets. It may help you iron out some details and win that tender Pisces man over!

  3. Have been friends with benefits with a Pisces Man for over 2 years. He messages me daily all day. Tells me he misses me. Calls me whenever he can. He has not specifically even said he has feelings really. I care for him deeply he is a beautiful dreamer. He sends me houses he likes and asks for my opinions on many things. I feel like he might care for me more than a fwb but not sure.

    1. Hi Kim Heuer!

      If he’s actually acting like a boyfriend then you may want to have the talk so that you can find out for sure. He sounds very attached to you and not at all like just a friend with benefits. Talk to him and find out for sure. I mean if you don’t like him that way then that’s different but if you do then go for it! If you need more help regarding the Pisces man’s mind or heart, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets.

  4. Hi. I am a Cancer and my friend is a Pisces. When we first met we fell and love and could not stop texting one another. Sometimes now she goes ghost and contacts me and says she needed to recharge. She use to send me morning text, and tell me she love me so much and then slowly but surely stopped and now I’m the one doing it Idk she sends me mixed signals. I’m so confused right now. I’m so in love and I need help because I’m confused

    1. Hi Leonardo!

      As a fellow water sign you two probably connect in beautiful ways and why you two were drawn to each other. Yes, Pisces sometimes does pull back and want time to themselves to decompress. It’s very difficult for them to handle all their feelings and sometimes feel overloaded. They have to meditate or whatever it is that they do in order to get themselves together again. AS long as he’s telling you that she needs to recharge then you know what is going on. Now if this goes on too much longer then you need to ask her if she’s lost interest or what. She should be able to tell you what she feels so that you know where you stand. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  5. I’m a libra and I really think I like this pisces man I’m always thinking about him, he texts me everyday, always sending good morning texts and in the middle of the day he asks me about work or how I’m doing tells me he misses me , giving me compliments when Im looking good . But I think he’s in a relationship and can’t choose between the too. And we’re just friends now we have gotten physical with each other and how could I Kno if that’s all he wants , I can tell he enjoys the sex alot he tells me but I want him to show me more interest. So I hold back alot and just let him flow but I’m just tired of it

    1. Hi Candy!

      If he is texting you everyday then obviously he likes you. That’s typical behavior when a Pisces man is interested. What you’ve got to do is ask him flat out if he’s “taken” and that you like him. You can admit you want to get to know him better and build something if he’s available to do so. You cannot do the friend with benefits thing or it may fall apart and you’ll end up getting hurt. So get it out on the table and find out what he thinks. You can also get more information on Pisces man via my books Pisces Man Secrets. I wish you the best!

  6. I’m a Taurus. A Pisces man I’ve known for a year recently started pursuing me (but His now ex-fiance just broke up with him 3 months ago and they still own a business together). He was messaging me all day, every day for weeks and wanted to see me every day (I sometimes couldn’t tho). When we talked about the fact I was getting scared cause I was starting to have feelings for him (I felt there were issues being caused for him be the ex at his business because of us seeing each other), he told me he’s not ready either because of loose ends with his ex. he emphasized he did NOT want to get back with her and that he was not interested in anyone else. That he still wanted to hang out and get to know each other and didn’t want to walk away from me. That he was never going to let me go.

    Then he has stopped texting and calling since but when I see him, I catch him starting so intensely at me… We both sing and he chose songs that have me the impression that he wants me to chase him, but I was feeling like he needed space to sort through whatever he needs to do about the business and his ex, so I’ve been giving him space.

    Things were like torture for both of us the first couple nights we saw each other and he would state at me with such longing and almost sadness…. Then he started singing those love songs and it is getting less awkward. It was almost like it was before the distance… And he texted me after and then suddenly said “night” after a fun conversation that he started to turn a bit sexual… Self control?

    He hasn’t texted in a few days now. I felt ok about it until today….I just miss him….I want to reach out but I want to give him whatever space he needs to sort things out.

    I know he feels strongly for me (he told me he loves me and lives my soul…. I scare him because he respects me “too much”) We haven’t been physical aside from cuddling because it’s one of my boundaries unless we decide to become serious. He’s been very respectful of that.

    On Saturday he stared at me so intensely for what felt like 10 minutes from across the room that I could only maintain eye contact for several seconds at a time. We were flirting and hugging, and everything seemed to be good, but I still know he needs time.

    How often do I reach out or do I just let him start to chase again when he’s ready, and just keep seeing him when we are both out on the weekends for now? I want to honour what he needs but don’t want to seem uninterested. I know he’s all consumed with me when I’m around and I suspect he’s keeping distance so he can focus on the task at hand.

    I just miss him. I feel like he will be back for me. His feelings that developed for me over the last year aren’t just going to disappear right?

    1. Hi Amanda!

      Thank you for sharing your story with everyone sweetheart. If you feel in your gut that he will be back then that may very well be the case. Pisces men don’t let go of their feelings easily even if they pretend that they have. They’re emotional creatures that will always have a special place in their heart for the people they’ve loved or cared for. I hope this makes sense honey. I wish you all the very best!

  7. Hi,

    I am a Virgo woman and met a Pisces man online. I had moved several states away (shortly before we matched) to help my family, but I plan on moving back to the state where he lives in a few months. We started texting and FaceTiming everyday, and he would call me on his way home from work.

    He started telling me things like he thinks we really clicked on every level and have very similar beliefs and morals. Then he would say things like he imagines us living together some day and he can’t imagine anything making him happier. We talked very frequently everyday for six weeks and he said he could not wait any longer to meet me in person, so this past weekend he flew to my state. We rented a cabin and hiked in a National park.

    Everything seemed great until the night that he flew back he did not tell me when he got back or say goodnight, which is super out of the ordinary for him. He texted me good morning the next day and then hardly said anything to me for the rest of the day. I asked him if he still liked me after meeting in person and he replied “yes lol. I know I haven’t talked much today but I was very busy with work and cleaning my place.” That seemed reasonable and I believed him at first, but he has had minimal contact with me now for the past three days.

    Is it safe to say that he fell too quickly and was disappointed when we actually met in person? I try to text him a couple of times throughout the day and he used to reply instantly but now takes hours to respond or does not respond at all. Should I just move on?

    1. Hi Kate!

      I don’t think he’s disappointed in you at all sweetheart. I think that he does still like you otherwise he’d ghost you and not bother to say “yes” to your question. He’d totally fade away. I think he maybe was overwhelmed at his feelings for you and the time you spent together so he needed time to himself to process everything. If you need any more Pisces tips, check out my guides on Pisces Man Secrets.

  8. Hello I’m a Pisces women interested in a Pisces man we only known eachother for a few weeks he’s texts me every day unless I pull back and stop
    Responded he asks how I’m feeling almost everyday and today he said he missed me it’s confusing because I kind of felt like he just wanted sex because he came at me sexual
    Plenty of times and each time I
    Turned him down and he also says I’ll be his one day and I’ll turn him down and he’ll say he’s just playing around he is going with the flow any help does he want just sex or something more … I want to take it slow be his friend and get to no him more then potentially commit I really like him!!! Also he has been shy around me idk if that means anything and also talked to me about his mom dying and his voice was whimpered idk if this helps but yeah

    1. Hi Jay!

      Pisces men are very sexual and how they show affection. If that’s all he’s doing then I would question him and ask what his intention is with you. Tell him you’d like to take it slow and see where it leads. Tell him straight that you are uncomfortable with him coming on so strong with the sex talk. Be 100% transparent. Tell him the truth. He’ll either do what you ask or he’ll go his own way. You’re not losing anything if that’s the case. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  9. Hey so i recently met this pisces man and i’m a libra. I’m 30 and he’s 25 big age gap. so we went out for these past 2 days that he was in my city and the first day we spend hours talking and getting to know each other and the vibe was top tier! he expressed things he observed about me and he really just kept kissing me lol like off guard. We did have sex the first day but it was a mutual decision the next we spent the night together and didn’t have sex we just slept. The next day i expressed that i really really liked him but i was just scared of how fast we clicked and I just didn’t want to ruin our connection but I really liked him. He stated that he felt the same and he mention that he vibed with me tough or he really really liked me as well. He said we had time but what does this mean? lol how should i move forward just go with the flow? I met his closest friends and everything seems cool. maybe i’m just overthinking per usual

    1. Hi Breanna!

      5 years is not that big of a gap sweetheart. That’s barely anything. I wouldn’t worry about that. As far as your conversation, time means that he’s in no hurry to dive in fully. He wants to take it slow and see where things lead for you two. Just keep going with the flow. That’s what he wants and if you have fears, it’s a good thing for you as well. Enjoy the time you spend with him and let it go it’s own pace. You’ve got this! I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  10. Hi Anna

    I’m a Leo women(38) so I ve met this pieces man(28) at work. Our eyes clicked strait way its like a love at first sight . Im very independant women and very respectful never allow any man to touch me ( religion) unless it is serious relationship. I was seing him once a week for 1 hour, he was very affectionate ,respectful and shy at the same time that makes me nervous and shy as well. Once i asked him to go out with me but he canceled at the last min. saing that he wil love to go but he is finishing work really late, so ive decided to not make any more moves and let him come to me when he is ready . Once I didnt come to work i was very sick and he got nervouse, so he went with my friend for dinner to found out where am, however when we meet the following week, he was stearing at me all the time, he is also very protective , if anything bother is me he always trying to fix it . During this time I was playful with him by showing him that i like him but never told him how i feel and keep the work relation. We are highly attracted to each other physically and also comparable seems to like the same things in life.
    During the 6 months I feel like i was under the test at some point.(Cold/Hot)
    He was telling me what he likes about me and would love to have a friend like me. I always was honest with him and talkative and supportive but he seems very closed hard to communicate very minimum.
    At some point I feel like he was testing my bounries with the late messages and want to see if i get angry, which i never did .(my pations)
    He was always asking me the steps in the future am going to take all the time.
    However, I have to leave that day of work due to my study and he did to at the same time saying that he need it to go for holiday for a months and need it space but told everyone that he is going to comeback. Our last day was very emotional we were smiling and try to do it as easy as possable ,he was very nervous i saw tears in his eyes . He was taking pictures of me .The last word i said “we gona be in touch ” and he said “for sure,when am aroung ill come and see you guys ”

    Past 2 weeks went by i ve see him on the pictures with my client doing some acctivities outside the work and then its been 5 weeks now so i ve send him a message ” We missss you,where are you ?” he didn’t reply. Then I saw on the time line he is oversise having fun.

    I constantly thinkinking about him and our fun time together.
    Does he ever come back ? I feel like in the clouds not sure what to expect next ?

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