Pisces Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Pisces Man Sextrology

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Keeping in mind that Pisces man lives via his emotional responses; you’ve got to appeal to this side of him. Learn more about Pisces man in bed.

Sensitive, sensual, and full of emotion and feeling are some of the words to describe a Pisces man in bed. When it comes to Pisces man sex there are a few things you must know!

This guy is pretty incredible inside and outside the bedroom. It is very easy to fall in love with a Pisces man because he is so intuitive and emotionally intelligent. You can only imagine how this translates into the bedroom. 

Are you curious and want to know what to expect from a Pisces man in the bedroom? Then keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about Pisces man sex.

Pisces Man Sextrology In A Nutshell — What Are They Like In Bed?

The Pisces man is a bit of an enigma when it comes to sex. He has many different roles he likes to play in the bedroom. At first, you might think he is incredibly shy and reserved, but the more you sleep with him you’ll notice he definitely knows his way around the bedroom because his moves are magical!

Pisces men view sex as a spiritual experience, a way for them to connect with their partners. These aren’t really the type of guys to sleep with someone if they don’t have that special connection. A Pisces man wants sex with meaning or else he doesn’t see the point. 

Pisces Man Sexuality Traits:

  1. He can be shy and reserved in the bedroom
  2. His skills are magical
  3. He is creative and imaginative in the bedroom
  4. He prefers intimacy over meaningless sex
  5. He is very intuitive and knows exactly what you need
  6. He wants an emotional connection with his sexual partner

If you really want to impress a Pisces man in bed, you’ve got to match his emotional power and sensuality. He’s a well of deep waters and needs to feel like his emotions are reciprocated.

How To Turn On A Pisces Man Sexually — 5 Hot Ways To Drive Him Crazy

There is nothing more satisfying than driving a man absolutely crazy in the bedroom. This can be fun and totally exciting, but it will also ensure the two of you have the best time together. Here are some hot ways to drive him crazy:

Pisces Man Sextrology

1. He Likes It When You’re Intuitive And Can Anticipate His Needs

In the bedroom, the Pisces man wants a woman who intuitively knows what he wants. He wants her to KNOW it without asking him anything. There ARE intuitive women out there who are capable of doing this, despite it seeming ridiculous.

You’re in luck if you’re one of those women. Pisces man is looking for a woman just like you. You may have a harder time relating to him if you don’t have intuitive understanding of things like this.

This helps him to feel that strong spiritual and emotional connection. A psychic bond is very important to a Pisces man and if you can do this it confirms to him that you know what he needs.

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2. Your Pleasure Is Important To Him, So Just Enjoy Yourself

Your pleasure comes first – pun intended! A Pisces man really gets off on a woman who can just relax and enjoy the moment. Don’t worry about what you look like and if you are doing well. 

Just let him pleasure you and give you all the attention you could ever desire. It is very important to be in the moment with your Pisces man. Just let things flow and don’t stress about it too much.

3. Be Open To Exploring His Fantasies

A Pisces man is incredibly imaginative and creative. Especially in the bedroom! This is a guy who loves fantasy and wants to try everything out at least once and when he has a partner who is happy to explore these things with him, it drives him absolutely crazy!

If you really want to turn on your Pisces man then you should tell him that you want to fulfill all of his fantasies. Ask him what he would like to do and give him exactly that! You will drive him crazy with desire. 

This is exactly how to please a Pisces man sexually. If you let his fantasies run wild he will come back to you again and again.

If you want more hot tips to drive him crazy, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Pisces Man. You’ll thank me later.

4. Appeal To His Sensitivity

Don’t overlook the importance of a Pisces man’s feelings. He’s sensitive and when it comes to intimacy, he may not be as secure as he lets on. Appeal to this sensitivity by building him up in the bedroom.

Don’t just compliment him, go out of your way to let him know how amazing he is. Be specific. Point out particular things he does that you can’t get enough of.

Also, be careful not to unintentionally offend or criticize him. Handle a Pisces man with care as he is more easily hurt than you may realize.

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5. Dress To Impress

Pisces men abhor formality. Yet when it comes to wowing a Pisces man in bed, it’s best to dress to impress. This means playing up your sexiest and most feminine and most romantic features with just the right lingerie.

Aim for something that is tantalizing but also conveys grace and romance. With a Pisces man, you don’t have to reveal too much too soon as he loves to use his imagination.

Entice his sexual appetites by wearing something classy, sentimental, and suggestive without bearing too much all at once. Colors that appeal to him are purple and different shades of deep blue.

Pisces Man Secret Sexual Desires What They Like In Bed?

For the Pisces man; he’s emotionally driven. He wants to feel a really deep connection with someone. While he’s not opposed to casual relationships; he actually prefers to be with someone he’ll spend his life with.

This man is on the lookout for his soul mate. When he feels he’s found her; he wants to treat her like she’s the most wonderful and beautiful woman on the planet.

He will want to make sure his lady is very well pleased in bed. In fact; he’s one of the few in the zodiac that loves to give oral sex. He loves to receive it as well but giving it makes him feel like a man and a powerful one at that.

Giving his lady this gift is something that makes him feel as though he’s a deserving king at his queen’s side. He puts her on a pedestal and makes sure she gets all that she deserves.

With Pisces man being a mutable water sign; he is highly spiritual and in “tune” with the world. This also means that he will be in tune with his partner as well. However; his partner will need to be in tune with him to make it work.

This is the man that will absolutely go above and beyond to seduce the woman in his sights. Romance is something he’s very good at and it will be hard to resist him once he pulls you in.

Once you’re intimate with him; you’ll discover that he is rather “free” sexually. This means he doesn’t have hang ups and nothing is too taboo for him. If you’ve got a fantasy you want to fulfill; tell your Pisces guy. He’ll be up for it!

Pisces man’s deepest desire is to fulfill his lady love’s greatest desires and passions in and out of bed. If you’ve found yourself a Pisces man to bed down; you are a very lucky lady.

If you’re with a Pisces man and want to please him as much as he wants to please you; here are some things to keep in mind…

3 Hot Positions That Drive A Pisces Man Wild In Bed

1. The Lotus

This position allows a Pisces man to enjoy his favorite elements of sex, and it lets him look into your eyes and whisper romantic things in your ear. Not only does it help him to face you during sex, but it is also an ideal position for helping him feel a deep and intimate connection to you.

Pisces men love this because they crave deep intimacy. In fact, he wants to be completely intertwined with you, and this position helps him feel close to you.

2. Spooning

While Pisces men generally do prefer to make love in a position in which they can face you, spooning adds a romantic and affectionate element to the intimate encounter.

He will enjoy feeling the length of your body as you both face the same direction and he enters you from behind. It is also ideal for a shy Pisces man who may prefer not to have face to face contact at first. This position is romantic and affectionate and this appeals to his nature as well.

3. Missionary

This traditional position is one of a Pisces man’s tried-and-true favorites. It allows him to look into your eyes, and more importantly, he feels in control.

Though Pisces men are not overtly dominant, they’ll like this position because he can feel greater contact and connection with you. He’ll also find pleasure in being somewhat in control without being in a dominant position.

Now that you understand the best positions to use in bed with a Pisces man, you’ll be able to keep him obsessed with you.

What Does A Pisces Man Find Physically Attractive?

Pisces Man Sextrology

Pisces guys are like most men, they all have different physical types they find attractive. Some might like tall and curvy, others might like short and petite. But I must say, when it comes to Pisces men I find that they are a lot more interested in a woman’s heart than what she looks like on the outside. 

The Pisces man is regarded as one of the zodiac’s most thoughtful lovers, silently observing his partner and practicing patience as he learns to master her needs. 

Pisces men are most attracted to women who are compassionate and who give as much as they receive when it comes to women. In return for her tender love, he is utterly infatuated with a woman who is genuinely devoted to him.

Good women are selfless and respectful in the eyes of generous Pisces men. Candlelight dinners, fragrant colognes, and back rubs before bed are part of her efforts to pamper him. 

Having a water element ruling him, the Pisces man does not expect much from his partner, which is why he is blown away by a woman who knows how to express her sensuality and bring peace to his mind.

He feels safe knowing his partner is there to nurture him rather than badger him about neglecting her.

Until the end of time, he will cater to the kind hearted and compassionate woman who won his heart. She will know how much he appreciates and wants her.

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So, Are Pisces Men Good In Bed? Do They Have A High Sex Drive?

Pisces men are incredible in bed. These intuitive souls know exactly what a woman needs in the bedroom and how to give her the most pleasure. What is nice about sleeping with a Pisces man is the emotional intimacy and intensity she can get from being with him. 

These men do have high sex drives, however, they need that spiritual and emotional component to really want to have sex with a woman. Without it the sex just feels meaningless. 


There is a chance that you still have some questions regarding Pisces man in bed. Here are some FAQ’s to help you be completely certain that you know exactly everything you need to know about Pisces man in bed:

How Important Is Sex For A Pisces Man?

One of the most generous men in the zodiac is the Pisces man who makes sure that his woman’s desires are well met. It will be he who takes the initiative and gets the ball rolling.

Nevertheless, he is looking forward to seeing or hearing the results. As a result, if he doesn’t receive any feedback on his performance, he may become upset or hurt. In addition, if he initiates sex and is turned down, he will be extremely disappointed.

Whenever a woman does not do it when he wants her to, he holds it against her. In that regard, he is selfish. He’s like a child who wants the cake now rather than later.

He will demonstrate more passion than you have ever seen in your life when you give in and let him do this thing. In order to show you how much he cares for you, he takes the time and puts in the effort.

This is both a spiritual and carnal connection for him. He’s a very sexual person. When his lady love doesn’t give him what he needs in bed, he may look elsewhere.

There must be equality in bed or he will feel that you’re not the one and he should look for someone else who will appreciate his gifts in the bedroom. Sometimes he’ll move on while he’s still dating.

Despite his talent in the bedroom, he is not patient nor does he tolerate a woman who denies him what he wants at the time. If you don’t do what he wants, he won’t be happy.

Are Pisces Men Into Casual Relationships?

The Pisces man seeks his soulmate, who will bring him completeness. In spite of this, he embraces casual encounters and has no problem with them. He isn’t the type of man to deny a friends with benefits situation.

Trying to figure out what he wants is truly confusing. Is he looking for sensual and erotic trysts or is he hoping to find the one and only be loyal to her? There is a grey area here.

I don’t want to give you the impression that all Pisces men cheat. Nevertheless, there are some who do not see morality in the same way as others and do not consider multiple partners a problem.

A Pisces man is likely to be “open” to an “open relationship” if his partner wants it. As a result, both parties could have sex with multiple partners, either together or separately.

Pisces would like a woman who is just as open as he is and loves variety as much as he does. There is a good chance that this union will lead to a long and happy marriage for this type of Pisces man. He wants that freedom and exploration with others.

Women who want him to be loyal, however, will have a hard time trusting him as he will be battling with himself over whether or not to have a quick fling with that woman he met at the coffee shop.

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon – Should You Be Worried?

Depending on what you had before you got into bed together, what happens next will be very different. What kind of relationship did you establish? Were you friends, dating, or in a serious relationship? Before you begin, you must be clear about that and your expectations.

Sleeping with him on the first date can be tricky, especially because you don’t actually know him that well. After sex, if you have established a connection that you believe could be a relationship, things will go very well if you deepen your connection.

Since you are just getting to know him, it is possible that this was just a one-night thing. You will know if it isn’t if he calls you again and asks you to spend time together.

He will easily sleep with a woman if he feels a connection with her, however, this doesn’t mean he wants a relationship. He could just be doing this to live in the moment.

What Are The Best Sexual Matches For A Pisces Guy?

Some Zodiac signs are a lot more compatible than others, especially when it comes to pisces men. Here are the top 3 best sexual matches for a Pisces man. 

  1. Pisces woman
  2. Scorpio woman
  3. Capricorn woman

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Your sister and relationship astrologer,  



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5 thoughts on “Pisces Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Pisces Man Sextrology

  1. I met an amazing Pisces but we have rushed and argued a couple of times in 2 months already. Spent a lot of time together and def. had a connection. How do I let him know we are worth fighting for even though I broke it off because I got upset with his aggression and selfishness.

    1. Hi Beryl!

      Yes rushing can bring about some issues. You can still work through it provided you use communication effectively. You can tell him directly that you want to fight for your love and you want to be with him forever. Be romantic and apologetic for having been afraid and given up. Tell him you won’t do that again. If you would like more information about Pisces man, check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  2. Hi,
    This pisces man lives next to my house who is a divorcee and i am single and never married. He seems to be interested in me. Its been 3 months since we started talking to each other. He keeps really busy however he calls me whenever he gets time, most of times while he is driving back home. Messages me mostly during nights. He is mostly lost and wont call or message me or revert back to me for several days. Doesn’t talk on weekends too due to the renovation at his place which keeps him busy but he does Messages me during night and talks about having virtual sex. He simply wants sex with me without commitment. He said he needs some time. I am really interested in this guy and would like to get married and not ready to just have casual sex which will potentially cause me a damage if he won’t get married to me. Please help me understand what’s there in his mind

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      Ok if you’re not ready to have sex then the Sextrology thing may not be the article you want to look at sweetheart. It sounds like it’s too early on for him to want to fully engage in the relationship. He may have some past issues holding him back and of course because he’s busy, he’s lacking energy or drive to be in contact more. If you really like him then you need to be very patient. After 3 months, marriage shouldn’t yet be a thought. He’s probably not thinking that in the slightest yet. You have to give it time to flourish and for him to get into a place in his head where he is fully ready to commit 100%. I wish you all the very best in love and in life!

  3. I just wanted to say I have a amazing Pisces man in my life who I guess is not the normal type. He is a complete Dominant in the Bedroom. A true Alfa Male. Nothing shy or reserved about him. And it is so amazing to me because I am a good Submissive. It seems we were made for each other. And you are completely right about him being able to intuitively read my needs and give me exactly what I want and need. He loves to push me and I worship him for it. I have never had better sex in my life. He can’t seem to be able to keep his hands off of me when we are together. Our connection is so strong and I’m absolutely in love with him. I love your blog. I have been reading and getting your emails for months now. Thank you for your insights.

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