How to Get a Pisces Man Back after Things Have Ended? 3 Easy Steps To Follow

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Why did things end? Keep reading for some tips on what you can do to bring his love back to you as this is how to get a Pisces man back.

Why did things end? Did he end it or did you? Is it possible to win his heart again or get him to come back? Keep reading for some tips on what you can do to bring his love back to you as this is how to get a Pisces man back.

Lightening the Mood

Depending on how things ended, you’re going to need to be light, airy, easy, and uncomplicated in order to get his attention back. One of the ways you can do this is by appealing to his dreamy side.

If you already know what he likes and what he dreams of accomplishing in life, you can play on this. Try to talk to him about those things and be optimistic about it. You can declare that you still support him and you’d like to help him.

Basically you’re going to want to win his friendship back first so that he is comfortable enough to trust you again. Doing that requires talking about things he loves and things he appreciates.

He needs to remember what he loved about you before. As long as you were previously supportive, loving, giving, and someone he felt good with then you may still have a chance by showing him you are still that person.

Begin with talking about things he loves without going deep into anything that is emotional. He won’t be ready to talk about his feelings right out of the gate but if you pry into it very slowly, he’ll be opening up again to you with time.

Although if you two broke up in a very painful way, it may take him a long time to get back to it if he ever does. I cannot guarantee he will but there is a good chance he might and if he’s worth it to you then by all means, take a risk.

Try to keep things light by joking around with him, sending him funny photos or memes, leave him humorous comments or anything that is basically his idea of fun that will make him smile. Making him smile is key to winning time with him to talk.

Being Thoughtful and Considerate

How to Get a Pisces Man Back after Things Have Ended

You can try doing things for him that will make him feel cared for and will let him see how wonderful you truly are. Send him a card with a sentimental feel to it but not too emotional though.

It can be something about how much you value him and enjoy that he’s been in your life, etc. You can also make a card yourself if you’re artistically inclined. You can also try writing him a song or anything that appeals to his artsy side.

He will appreciate poems, songs, short stories, or any type of drawing or painting. Whatever you can do is what you should do. Whatever type of thing you do that he really likes, do more of it FOR HIM.

Leave a wonderfully sweet letter on his door or his car that allows him to see how thoughtful you are. Don’t do this often though because then you’ll just seem like a stalker rather than someone who cares.

You’re not going to want to leave creepy things on his car or front door or he will really freak out. You can try buying him something you know he really wants or needs for whatever it is that he does.

Have it delivered with a nice note saying “I know you needed this. Hope it helps” or “I know you had your eye on this so I hope it brings you great joy”. You see how sweet and considerate this is? This will get his attention.

Show him that you care about who he is and what he does so that he is reminded why he had feelings for you in the first place.

Talk About It

Naturally if you’ve gotten your foot in the door by doing the things I’ve mentioned so far then you’ll get to a point where he’ll actually want to talk to you. You can try inviting him out for coffee or he’ll ask you to get together to talk.

Either way, you will be able to finally discuss things. Try to do so in a way that isn’t accusing him of anything or making him feel bad for the lack of whatever it was he wasn’t doing or for doing too much of something you didn’t like.

Whatever it is, you have to wrap your head around a fresh start and work at wiping the slate clean. If you caused the break up then by all means apologize for your role and ask how you can make things better.

Perhaps you can suggest ways you two can work on it while keeping each other’s individualities intact so that you don’t have a repeat. You’ll have to make your conversation uniform to your situation.

If you owe an apology and need to own up to something you did then you’ve got to get it out there. Tell him you won’t do it again and you’re going to work very hard to make sure things go better.

If he was the one at fault then you’ve got tell him what you’re uncomfortable with and how you’re willing to compromise so that both of you can be happy and find middle ground.

Communication is very important as is staying calm. You cannot go at him with anger or frustration or he will shut down and not listen. Even worse, he might say some hurtful things then block you out of his life.

You have to do this diplomatically and carefully. Pisces is sensitive and so you’ve got to appeal to that by being calm, collected, and intellectual. He’s more apt to listen to you when you’re not freaking out or crying.

In the end, whether or not you get him back will definitely depend on how you two broke up but if there is still love between you, he will be more accepting to try again and will talk about things with you.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get a Pisces Man Back after Things Have Ended? 3 Easy Steps To Follow

  1. I was talking with a guy who was Pisces we semi dated for two and half months had a wonderful time, he broke it off with me NYE, but continued to call me everyday after and check on me, he even drunk dialed one night for an hour and said how much he loved me and missed me, still continued to talk up to last time he called me was Feb 10th we talked about going to Hawaii together and he is so sweet and caring… however one huge bump killed it … the Ukraine war, he is from there originally, his family is there he is in USA, of course his attention is on that and I totally understand… but it has killed our talking. I have checked on him best I can and don’t make it about us at all, just prayers for what he is going through, his family and asking if I can do anything.. I started checking on him once a week.. but the response is always.. thank you.. and that is it.. I understand why.. but do I keep waiting and see what happens or should I move on.. what can I say to him without sounding selfish or self centered. I miss him very much. He told me that he even told his mom he thought I was the one. .. what to do.

    1. Hi T!

      Sounds like he broke up with you hastily. He’s realized it was dumb. I am sorry to hear his family is from the Ukraine. It’s a mess. My heart goes out to him. His lack of response NOW is because his feelings are overwhelmed with what is going on. It’s understandable. Tell him that you’re there for him should he need you but you’re going to give him some space. If he wants to get back together, he will definitely reach back out. He needs time and needs to get through this war. Many sensitive souls such as himself are suffering right now. They feel other people’s emotions and it messes with them to a point of serious confusion which makes them withdraw from people. Take care of yourself right now. Once you tell him he can connect with you anytime, you should do you. I wish you nothing but the very best in love and in life!

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