How To Get A Pisces Man Back (7 Ways To Win Him Back)

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Are you trying to get your Pisces back? Are you wondering whether there are behaviours that he is more likely to react to? You’re in the right place...

Hello, my girl! I am sorry to hear that things are a little rocky with you and your Pisces man. I really know how devastating that can be! Breaking up with someone you care about can be incredibly difficult, especially when it comes to trying to win them back.

It can feel really impossible, not knowing which way to go and how to go about rebuilding that connection with him. It can be really tough, especially since you know how wonderful it is to have a Pisces man in your life.

I am not surprised that you want to feel that connection with him again, there is something really special about the intuitive, emotional, and sensitive way in which the Pisces man approaches relationships.

Well, if getting a Pisces man back is what you really want, then you have come to the best place possible! Let me help you find your way back into his heart and make him fall in love with you forever.

Here are seven ways to win your Pisces man back forever:

Do Pisces Men Go Back To Their Exes?

Pisces men are definitely a unique breed of gentlemen, and when it comes to exes, they may have a tendency to revisit past relationships. Do Pisces men come back to exes? The answer? Yes, definitely!

The reason for this is that Pisces men are highly emotional and sentimental beings. Once that have created a connection with someone, especially if they have shared deep emotions and a strong bond, it can be difficult for them to completely let go.

They have a tendency to romanticize the past and want to go back to what they imagined was the best time of their life with their ex. Pisces dudes can be real softies when it comes to love and the ones that got away.

Their hearts are like sticky notes, always attaching to those special emotional memories. So, if you’ve ever made waves in a Pisces guy’s ocean, chances are he might just swim back to your shores!

How To Get A Pisces Man Back (4 Foolproof Ways)

Let’s dive into the ocean of love and fish out those four foolproof ways to reel back in your dreamy Pisces man:

Unleash the Romantic Torrents

Pisces men are big-time romancers, so turn up the charm! Create a scrapbook of your sweetest moments together or plan a mystery date that echoes one of your past favorites. Show him you remember and cherish those butterfly moments just as much as he does.

When you take him on a path down memory lane he will undoubtedly be reminded of the special times you shared and the love you both had. This can trigger a sense of longing in him and make him realize that being without you is a big mistake!

Submerge into His Emotional Depths

Pisces fellas are all about the feels, so wade into the emotional waters with them. Open up about your own feelings and encourage him to share his. An honest, heart-to-heart conversation where you’re both vulnerable might be just the spell you need to reconnect.

You have no idea what kind of spell you will put him under when you show him that you understand and empathize with his emotions. Vulnerability is so sexy to a Pisces man. You can cry in front of him and he will love it!

Be His Creative Muse

Spark his imagination! Surprise him with creative gestures that inspire – a playlist of songs that tell your story, or perhaps, an art piece that captures your shared love. Igniting his artistic soul can be a playful and potent draw.

Tap into his artistic side and become his muse again. Find ways to inspire him and make him realize that you help him connect with the deeper more creative side of himself. The side that makes him feel connected most with his inner child!

Make a Splash with Empathy

Pisces men thrive on understanding and empathy. So, get in tune with his moods and show that you’re genuinely there for him. Listen attentively, offer a shoulder, and maybe even shed a tear together. Remember, emotional tides are what sweep a Pisces man off his feet.

By showing him that you truly understand and empathize with his emotions, you can reignite the connection you once had. Make him feel like you are the only person who could possibly ever understand how he is feeling.

By accenting the emotional, creative, and nostalgic, you will not only have fun flirting with these tactics, but you’ll also stand a great chance at winning your Pisces man’s heart back for another magical round. Get ready to set sail on the seas of second chances!

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3 More Ways To Convince A Pisces Man

Get your flirty fins ready because here are three more whimsical ways to capture your Pisces man’s heart once again:

Whisper Sweet Poetics

Ah, the language of love! Pisces men are suckers for poetic words and heartfelt confessions. Craft a love letter or a poem that serenades him with words that dance like the waves of the sea. Show him that your romance is worthy of an epic saga!

You can take the romantic vibes to another level with your Pisces man. He is captivated by poetic and heartfelt expressions of love. He is a hopeless romantic through and through and nothing gets him more fluttery and sentimental than sweet, poetic words and sweeter nothings.

Adventure Awaits

Embark on an adventure that’ll have both of your hearts racing. Whether it’s a spontaneous road trip to a place you both adore or a thrilling new experience, show him that life with you is a treasure chest waiting to be explored.

Take him on a journey of excitement and spontaneity. He is a man that definitely appreciates adventure and exploring the world, so when you open up a new world to him, his heart will be filled with excitement and a desire to be by your side.

Cosmic Connection

Pisces guys often have a spiritual side, so find ways to connect beyond the physical. Whether it’s stargazing, meditation, or sharing dreams, these activities can reinforce the otherworldly bond you have. Let him see that you two aren’t just two ships passing in the night, but soulmates navigating the same starry sea.

Creating a cosmic and spiritual connection with your Pisces man can deepen your bond and reignite the spark between you. By embracing the mystical and ethereal aspects of life, you can tap into his spiritual side and forge a connection that goes beyond the ordinary.

Remember, with a Pisces man, it’s all about the journey, not just the destination. Make every moment count and let him see that with you, it’s always an adventure full of love, creativity, and deep emotional intimacy. Set your course and sail into his heart once more!

No Contact Rule With A Pisces Man — Will He Come Back After No Contact?

Navigating the mysterious waters of a Pisces man’s heart with the no contact rule can be like sending a message in a bottle out to sea — you never quite know if it’ll find its way back to shore. To understand whether a Pisces man will return after a period of radio silence, let’s delve deeper into the depths of his emotive psyche.

Pisces men, swimming in their sea of emotions, often need time and space to sift through their feelings. A break in communication might just give him the solitude he needs to ponder on the love that was lost.

As he’s left alone with his thoughts, he may start to romanticize past memories and realize what he’s missing. Your absence can make his heart grow fonder, as the saying goes, and he may feel a tidal pull back to the warmth of your waters.

However, be wary, as Pisces also tend to have a fear of abandonment. The silent treatment could be misinterpreted as a final goodbye, rather than a temporary pause. Your Pisces man might feel abandoned, which can lead to a whirlpool of hurt. If he senses a permanent severance, he may choose to protect his vulnerable heart by swimming away for good, seeking calmer waters elsewhere.

Ultimately, the success of the no contact rule with a Pisces man is not just about the time spent apart but also about the underlying reasons for the separation and the strength of the connection that remains.

If the emotional bond was strong and the separation isn’t seen as a betrayal, a Pisces man may return to the shore of your love, ready to dive back into the depths of the relationship once more.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get A Pisces Man Back (7 Ways To Win Him Back)

  1. I was talking with a guy who was Pisces we semi dated for two and half months had a wonderful time, he broke it off with me NYE, but continued to call me everyday after and check on me, he even drunk dialed one night for an hour and said how much he loved me and missed me, still continued to talk up to last time he called me was Feb 10th we talked about going to Hawaii together and he is so sweet and caring… however one huge bump killed it … the Ukraine war, he is from there originally, his family is there he is in USA, of course his attention is on that and I totally understand… but it has killed our talking. I have checked on him best I can and don’t make it about us at all, just prayers for what he is going through, his family and asking if I can do anything.. I started checking on him once a week.. but the response is always.. thank you.. and that is it.. I understand why.. but do I keep waiting and see what happens or should I move on.. what can I say to him without sounding selfish or self centered. I miss him very much. He told me that he even told his mom he thought I was the one. .. what to do.

    1. Hi T!

      Sounds like he broke up with you hastily. He’s realized it was dumb. I am sorry to hear his family is from the Ukraine. It’s a mess. My heart goes out to him. His lack of response NOW is because his feelings are overwhelmed with what is going on. It’s understandable. Tell him that you’re there for him should he need you but you’re going to give him some space. If he wants to get back together, he will definitely reach back out. He needs time and needs to get through this war. Many sensitive souls such as himself are suffering right now. They feel other people’s emotions and it messes with them to a point of serious confusion which makes them withdraw from people. Take care of yourself right now. Once you tell him he can connect with you anytime, you should do you. I wish you nothing but the very best in love and in life!

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