How To Flirt With A Pisces Man Over Text: With Cute & Clever Examples

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer

Get Him To Notice You And Stick With You!

Pisces men are so delicious and so very sweet! They know what to say to make your knees weak. How can you develop something other than friendship with your Pisces crush?

I’ve got some really neat examples of how to attract your Pisces guy and to keep him interested in you. It’s not as hard as you think. Keep reading to learn how to flirt with the Pisces man over text.

Helpful Examples Of Flirty Texts With The Pisces Man

Flirty Texts For Pisces Man

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty! I know you’re anxiously awaiting all the details from me so that you can begin luring in your Pisces crush. Let’s do this!

The following are some great examples of texts you can send that will steal your Pisces man’s heart via text message:

“Remember me from the other day? What’s good with you?”

This is an initiation text to get things going if you’ve just recently acquired his number when you’ve met him. He doesn’t mind you taking the lead on this. He will likely respond with a nice text back.

Once you have that door open to talk to him, then you can begin flirting. This is something that has to be handled carefully with a Pisces man. Moving too quickly or coming on too strong may cause him to back away.

A text to a Pisces man has to be easy, cute, and non-intrusive. This can seem difficult but if you handle it correctly, you’ll have your Pisces man eating out of the palm of your hand!

He will know pretty quickly whether or not he’s interested in you. Pisces men are very empathetic and so they can feel whether you are someone that would potentially be right for him.

“I had a dream the other night that you were in”

That is an icebreaker and a flirty text. It appeals to his dreamy side. It will make him ask you what it was about and he’ll be happy you thought of him. He’ll also wonder if it means something.

The Pisces man is very much into spirituality. He loves talking about things like Tarot, Astrology, runes, and yes… dreams. So, by texting him this, he will definitely find you interesting.

Don’t go overboard with it though. I wouldn’t talk about sex, marriage, or anything that might frighten him right out of the gate.

You need to be a bit subtle and cute about it. You can tell him that you dreamt the two of you met up for coffee and an adorable café that has New Age books, crystals, and Tarot cards.

“I haven’t gone to a movie in ages, is there anything good out?”

This sparks his passion for movies (and gets him thinking about the two of you in a dark theater together…). It lets him know you’d be up for going to a movie, should he decide to ask you out. You might ask him what kinds of movies he likes.

That will open the floor for sharing likes and dislikes between you. Trust me when I tell you that he loves this sort of thing. It’s not too personal but it allows for you two to find connections.

It helps him connect the dots and though it may not seem like it’s a cute text, it is for him. Once you open up that can, he will definitely drink from it. Do the same with music, art, or anything else that gets his creative juices flowing.

He literally can talk for hours about his kind of stuff. It’s his thing and he’ll be all too happy to discuss things with you. It will also make him feel happy enough to ask you to see a movie with him or go to a live band show.

“Karaoke is my jam, you should totally come meet me Friday night and we can duet!”

He may not be that much into karaoke, but the idea of going out and having fun with music and a few beers may entice him to hang out. It’s a cute way of asking him out without actually making it seem like a date.

You should definitely try this if he hasn’t asked you out yet. Getting him to hang out is a great way to start things off. Make it like a friend type of hangout where you two can have fun and he won’t feel pressured.

Tell him that you suck at karaoke but you think that with him, you could sing a duet and it would be fun. Convincing him to let loose and have fun will definitely win him over.

“Your [insert craft] is so amazing; I’d love to hear/see more of it!”

Find out what he’s good at and try to get him to share more of it with you. You’re flirty with him when you tell him how what he does is so interesting and wonderful.

Texting a Pisces man is all about luring him in with your sweet caring nature. That’s what he’s looking for, a partner who will care about him. When you ask him about his art or whatever it is that he does, it means you care.

It opens the door for him to perhaps invite you over to his place to see more of his paintings, pottery, or home decorating. He is a sensitive soul and he does what speaks to him.

Embrace what he’s good at and you’ll show him you are his number one fan! It will also make him more interested in you. Remember that once a Pisces man is into you, he will make you a priority.

“Your family must be beautiful because you are so handsome”

It’s never a bad idea to flirt with compliments and discuss his good looks. Ask him questions, but nothing too personal. You can ask something like: “what do you look for in a woman?” as it will allow him to figure out if you’re that person.

It’s like you’re jogging his feelings in a way that leads to him thinking: “she actually kind of fits what I like.” That’s exactly what you do to get him thinking about you for something more than just friendship.

It’s not going to cause him any pressure with this kind of flirting. Texting a Pisces man is all about dreaming together, discussing plans and goals, and well… this falls into those categories.

Your Pisces man crush needs to know that you find him very attractive. When he feels comfortable enough with you, he will also return the favor. He’s very good at making a woman feel loved.

Remember to keep it classy. Don’t send the steamy texts until after you two have been together for a while.

“I wrote a poem and would love your opinion on it”

Write him a sweet poem if you can and send it to him. The idea is that you’re trying to see what he thinks of it. Once he gives you an opinion then you can tell him: “thank you, you inspired me.”

He will think that you are super sweet, and this is the type of flirting that will go over very well. The thought of you doing something because you thought of him makes him want to get closer to you.

You can do the same with any art piece or music. Share yourself with him by being creative and giving him credit for being your muse. He’ll go crazy for you!

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More Important Tips For Texting A Pisces Man

Something you need to know is that a Pisces man doesn’t like a needy woman. Try not to text him too terribly often. If you seem desperate for his attention, he’ll get turned off.

You need to space out your texts a bit. Check up every few days with “how are you doing?” and let him take it from there. He’ll love that you’re curious how he’s faring.

You can also ask him about how work is going or if he’s made any new art recently. Let him know you’d like to see or hear about it.

Send him cute pictures of yourself and say something like: “guess what I am thinking?” and see what he guesses. If he doesn’t guess then tell him something adorable that will make him smile.

He may not always reply right away because whether or not he texts back will greatly depend on his mood. Try not to take offense if he doesn’t answer quickly or leaves questions unanswered.

Just know that when he does text you, it means something to him. As long as he’s still into you or in love with you, he will absolutely get back to you. Your timing and his may not always be the same, and that’s alright.

I really hope this article has helped you understand how best to flirt with a Pisces man via text. You’ve got this!

Don’t make the same mistakes other women have made via texting a Pisces man.

You can do it better and you can keep your Pisces man happy.

All you have to do is follow my guide.

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I wish you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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