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How To Keep A Pisces Man Interested When You’re Physically Apart

Are you in a long-distance relationship with a Pisces man? Are you wondering how to keep his interest in the relationship even when he’s miles away? How do you ensure that you’re still a priority for him despite the distance?

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. Welcome to my site! I’m glad you’re here, because if any of the above applies to you, I know that I can help you out! I’ve got a lot of experience with circumstances like this, and there are ways to keep his attention even when he’s away.

Pisces men operate well in a long-distance relationship, so you’re in luck! Even so, I know that it’s nerve-wracking to wonder if you’ll still be on his mind when he’s not close to you. I’ve got surefire ways to ease some of this worry and solidify your relationship.

Are you ready to learn all the tips and tricks that have to tell about keeping a Pisces man interested over a long distance? Check out everything in this article for the best advice I can give on the subject!

Put Energy Into Your Interactions

If I’m honest, Pisces is living in the physical world. They have bodies that live here, sure. But their mind and soul are somewhere else. Pisces navigates the world energy. They struggle explaining their feelings to others because they’re vague yet powerful.

Needless to say, keeping an energetic connection between the two of you is vital. The Pisces can feel all the energy that’s coming off of you, even from afar. They see the truth behind your words, so ensuring that your energy is authentic is essential!

The Pisces is an ideal sign to have a long-distance relationship with for this reason. They believe in Universal oneness above all else. They can sense that we all are connected in a myriad of ways. As such, they feel connected to you over a long-distance given there is authenticity behind your interactions. 

Talk, But Not Too Much

Keeping A Pisces Man Interested When Physically Apart

In an IRL relationship, communication is key. This rule multiplies in a long-distance relationship! You’ll need to make sure you have designated check-in times. For example, you could send a good morning text when you get to your car to work. Likewise, the Pisces can make a quick video call to say goodnight.

Reporting on the small things that occur throughout your day helps you feel connected with your Pisces man. This creates the feeling that he’s still immersed in your world even though you’re far apart.

Despite the distance, Pisces is still a loner by nature. They cherish you, but they also need time to unplug and be with their thoughts and emotions.

If you show compassion for his needs, then the Pisces will be appreciative. You’ll realize that when he gets the space he needs, he is more present for your interactions.

Find that perfect balance between talking too much and not enough. This will keep the two of you engaged and unwilling to check out of the relationship due to your distance. Put in the work, and you’re sure to keep the Pisces interested from afar!

Keep Your Phone Close

Keeping Your Phone Close When Physically Apart From Pisces Man

To maintain connection, respond quickly to all messages Pisces sends. This isn’t because he’s impatient. When he messages you about something, that thing is occupying his energy. You have a small window to interact with his energy before a new energy changes the feeling. 

Responding too long after Pisces messaged you will feel like too little too late. The moment (and the energy) has passed, and so the interactions feel less impactful.

Responding to him within a few minutes of receiving his message will keep you engaged at the moment it matters most. It’s essential to maintain the feeling that the two of you are still involved in each other’s lives despite the distance – exactly why speed matters!

Remind Him That You Love Him

Reminding A Pisces Man That You Love Him

Keeping love alive in an IRL relationship is hard enough. Keeping it thriving over a long distance is an even bigger challenge! Luckily, you’re working with a Pisces man. This is ideal when it comes to feeling love despite the distance. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it is easier than it could be!

It’s a good idea to pull out all the stops to let the Pisces man know that you love him even when he’s far away. I would google what sort of delivery services are around his town. Sending him takeout, flowers, or a gift online will serve as a tangible reminder of your love.

Going a long time without reiterating your love for each other will have both of you asking what the point is. Don’t let it get to this point! Even if you’re upset, it’s essential to fall back on your foundation of love.

Make sure that you say I love you daily, if not multiple times daily. Make phone calls or audio records so that he can hear you say it! This intense love connection will ensure that Pisces commits to the relationship.

Cling To Faith

Pisces has two planetary rulers, the original one being Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of undying faith. It believes in the best of people, like Pisces does. Thus, Pisces has a strong sense of trust when they are at their best. Capitalize on this!

Make sure to drive home in your conversations how you know the two of you will make it through. Reiterate again and again how you aren’t worried about your future together. Let him know that you’re secure. This will bleed into Pisces’ psyche on some level, and he will believe it too.

Get as spiritual as you can with the Pisces as well. This connection to something more significant than yourselves reminds you both that distance isn’t deadly. You’ll feel unstoppable when you’re guided by an inner knowing that everything will be alright.

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Wrapping Up

Pisces is one of the easiest signs to have a long-distance relationship with. Physicality and sex are not his top priorities in a relationship. As long as the two of you can maintain a sense of spiritual communion, then you’ll be set!

The Pisces appreciates when he’s told how loved he is. Ensure that you’re communicating this to him often while still giving him space to be alone.

Most importantly, make sure that a genuine exchange of energy is happening every day. No superficial interactions here!

Are you in a long-distance relationship with a Pisces man? How do you know that he’s engaged and interested in the relationship? Let me know in the comments how you do it!

If your long-distance relationship could use some assistance, I still have some spots open for my VIP Consultations! I urge you to check it out if you need guidance beyond what I have provided in this article.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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