What Does A Pisces Man Look For In A Woman? (His Likes And Dislikes)

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Pisces men love beauty in women. He sees the full value of a woman. Find out what does a Pisces man look for in a woman...

What a Pisces man likes in a woman can be almost anything. This sensitive soul is really a romantic at heart and a woman who touches him deeply is usually the woman he ends up going for. 

The perfect woman for a Pisces man can be anyone, as long as she is a good woman with a kind heart. The Pisces man is looking for depth and a genuine connection. He isn’t really interested in anything surface-level, he wants to feel like he can merge with his lady.

The Pisces man is looking for something extraordinary and authentic, in fact, this man is actually looking for a spiritual connection. This is something that is more important to him than most ladies probably realize. 

Are you currently interested in one of these sensitive souls? And are you looking to learn more about what a Pisces man looks for in a woman? Then keep on reading to find out exactly who you need to be the perfect woman for a Pisces man.

What Does A Pisces Man Look For In A Woman?

A Pisces man is a wonderful partner to have, he is sweet, compassionate, creative, and caring. He is really one of a kind, and when it comes to what a Pisces man looks for in a woman, his desires are quite simple – in his opinion, of course. 

The Pisces is looking for a woman who is deep and spiritual like him, he wants a strong connection with her as merging is the true desire he has when he goes into a relationship with a woman. He wants to feel like he has found his soul mate. 

This is quite a big ask for any woman, especially seeing as the Pisces man has a bit of a fantasy perception of what love might be like. He definitely romanticizes his relationships in a way. It needs to be earth-shattering and out of this world. 

However, this is just some of the things a Pisces man is looking for in a woman. He is a complex guy and much is needed to understand him. Luckily for you, in this article we will be exploring all Pisces man likes and dislikes in a woman. 

Pisces Man Ideal Woman — What A Pisces Man Wants In A Woman?

The perfect woman for Pisces man is someone who understands him but truly understands him. He wants to be with a lady who can accept him for who he is and give him the unconditional love he deserves. 

Also, he is looking for someone who is kind and compassionate as empathy is something that really makes the Pisces man feel seen. What a Pisces man wants is his woman to understand what he is going through.

Support is something the Pisces man also values. He wants to know that his ideal woman will always have his back and give him encouragement to follow his dreams and help him pick up the pieces when things get difficult in his life. 

He is looking for that special connection. It has to feel somewhat magical for him to make him understand that this relationship is important is something he needs to pay attention to. The spark needs to be there because the Pisces man doesn’t believe it can be manufactured.

It is the beauty and grace of a woman who is unafraid to be confident in her femininity that really gets the Pisces man going. He likes the flow and elegance of a woman who is simply happy to be herself.

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What A Pisces Man Likes In A Woman — 7 Things That Drive Him Crazy About You

A Pisces Man Desires A Supportive Woman

If you have ever heard the saying Pisces men are emotional creatures, then you heard right. What a Pisces man wants in a woman is someone sensitive to his needs who can offer him support.

Very much like their fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, these feelings-based men know a thing or two about dealing with intense emotions. 

But what is even more important is that the Pisces man matches with the woman who is strong enough to embrace and support his sensitive nature. The Pisces man ideal woman has strength and sensitivity. 

Whether he tells you or not, he is most attracted to the woman who not only loves him but uplifts him. He needs a solid safe space to hide and heal during a rough emotional storm.

The Pisces Man Likes Bold And Beautiful Women

Pisces men love beauty in women. I don’t mean just the surface either. He sees the full value of a woman. He could fall for a woman at first sight but typically he has to talk to her before he makes a judgment call.

He’s looking for a woman with a great inner beauty that makes her outer beauty compliments her as best as it can. He has to verify that what he’s seeing on the outside matches what is on the inside.

A Pisces man prefers a woman who is confident in who she is, and what she looks like and takes pride in her own hard work. I’m not saying he likes women with big egos or think they’re better than everyone else though.

He isn’t into ego maniacal types of women. He likes women who always do their best and know that their value in this world is essential but without being cocky about it.

A Pisces Man Wants A Woman To Inspire Him

The Pisces man sometimes has a hard time taking action toward his own dreams. He can think of a ton of things he’d like to try or do with his life. However, he may not actually do anything to achieve it.

He’ll sit around and fantasize about ways to live and accomplish his goals. However, he will drag his feet in indecision and may never actually get to do what it is he wants the most.

When a Pisces man meets the right woman and feels inspired by her, he will take flight and start to do things he wouldn’t otherwise do alone. That being said, he seeks out a woman who will absolutely inspire him to do his best at all times.

A woman who is not only confident but also optimistic will make him feel energetic enough to take charge of his own experiences in life. He’ll see her doing exactly as she says she wants to and he’ll try to do the same thing with himself.

Pisces man is very drawn to a woman who makes her own way in life. He won’t be inspired by gold diggers or women who are lazy. He’s already struggling with his own procrastination so he doesn’t do well with anyone else’s.

He may seek out a like minded woman who understands him and where he’s coming from. However, he still requires someone who will gently give him a push in the right direction.

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A Pisces Woman Prefers An Understanding Woman

The Pisces man may not want to admit it to the world but he’s a really sensitive guy who can feel other people’s feelings. He’s empathetic and sometimes loses himself when he feels too much for others.

This could make him rather moody at times if he’s been around too many people who are angry or sad. He needs a woman who will cuddle him up, tell him it’s alright, or give him space to let him decompress.

The last thing he needs is to come home from a hectic day to a woman who is bitter, in a bad mood, or gives him a hard time for leaving the toilet seat up the last time he went to the restroom.

A Pisces man dream girl is understanding. He needs a woman who is understanding and will get that he deals with a lot being as sensitive as he is. She’ll nurture him, give him empathy of her own, and show him that he’s very cared for.

He’s looking for a woman who will take very good care of him and shield him from other energies that try to penetrate his force field. She’ll be strong and be able to deflect negativity without much thought.

In other words, he really would do well with a woman who could give him a bit of balance and grounding so that he stays here in reality and is able to cope with the harsh energies he deals with daily.

A Pisces Man Desires A Spiritual Connection

Due to being sensitive, what a Pisces man wants in a woman is someone who will connect with him on a spiritual level and help him wade through the difficulties in his life.

The greater the spiritual connection, the stronger he will feel, and he will be that much more giving and appreciative of his woman’s role in his life. Truly someone spiritually inclined will be more likely to win in his heart than someone who isn’t connected.

He may dig a woman who has psychic gifts of her own, holds beliefs of her own, or honors her own spirit’s needs. Closeness will be a spiritual gateway for Pisces man and the woman he’s into.

No matter his belief system or religion, the Pisces man is what you would call an old soul. With his sign being the last of all twelve Zodiac signs, he possesses characteristics of each one, giving him a profound spirit of wisdom and enlightenment.

When it comes to love, the curious Pisces man enjoys having deep conversations with the woman he admires. Even though he doesn’t fall in love at first sight or make the first move in a relationship, he will go out of his way to pursue the woman who can stimulate his wandering mind.

For a meditation day, sunrise yoga classes, and sunset walks on the beach, the Pisces man needs a woman he can share his love of peace and stillness with. He needs someone conscious and spiritually aware. He needs a tranquil so who knows how to connect with the world around her.

A Pisces Man Wants A Compassionate Woman

One thing you need to know about the Pisces man is that he is deeply romantic.  When it comes to pleasing and pursuing the woman he loves, there are no limits.

The quiet and mysterious Pisces man may seem like he is shy and unassuming, but underneath that thin emotional wall is steaming passion in an infinite amount of love and care. Never underestimate the amount of kindness this water-ruled man can show! 

Even when he is busy or working, he is still finding helpful ways to offer selfless service to others. He finds joy in inspiring and helping others to fulfill their dreams.

Generally considered one of the Zodiac’s most thoughtful lovers, the highly intuitive Pisces man is silent in observing, practicing patience to master his partner’s needs over time. 

Therefore, when it comes to the type of woman he falls for, the Pisces man is most attracted to a compassionate woman who knows how to give just as much as she receives. He is obsessed with the doting woman who genuinely reciprocates his tender love.

In the eyes of the generous Pisces man, a good woman is selfless and respectful. She makes an effort to indulge him with romantic candlelight dinners, fragrant colognes, and back rubs before bed.

Because the Pisces man is ruled by the element of water, his easy-going personality won’t ask for much from his partner, so he is blown away by the woman who knows how to express her sensuality and bring peace to his creative mind.

As a man who is often overwhelmed with emotion, he feels safe knowing his partner is there to nurture him instead of badgering him about neglecting her needs.

A Pisces Man Is Turned On By Humour

At first glance, you would not think that the quiet and sometimes quirky Pisces man has an affectionate sense of humor. He is one of the Zodiac’s most childlike signs.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion, the misty planet’s influence brings heightened creativity and optimism, and sometimes a sullen mood. 

But match the Pisces man with a kind-hearted, affectionate, playful, and easy-to-be-around type of woman, and you will never have to worry about giving his love away he will only have eyes for you.

As sensitive and emotional as this man is, he is equally carefree. Once he gets over his internal fears, he wants to experience all that life has to offer.

What Attracts A Pisces Man Physically?

The Pisces man is not that concerned exactly about the body type of a woman, but instead how she carries herself. The Pisces man can appreciate any woman and notice the beauty each individual lady carries with her. 

It is more about the vibe she gives off. How comfortable and connected is she with herself… But the one thing that will drive any Pisces man completely crazy is the eyes of a woman. The eyes reveal her soul to him, and this is what he truly cares about. Eyes are more important than any other specific body type. 

A Feminine feel is also very important for the Pisces man as he is attracted to a certain kind of soft and gentleness. He wants to feel like he is with a feminine woman as ladies who act too much in their masculine really put him off.

This is why it is pretty important to play up your femininity to get your Pisces man to notice you. You should definitely accentuate your curves and wear more feminine pieces as this will get his attention in an instant. 

But the most important thing to remember about attracting the Pisces man is the vibe you give off to him. If you are negative and sulky around him you will only turn your Pisces man off and make him disinterested. Always be positive around your Pisces man. This is what he wants. 

What Does A Pisces Man Dislike In A Woman?

A Pisces Man Dislikes Dishonesty

The Pisces man is very trusting, his personality can actually be a little gullible at times. This makes him naive and willing to trust anyone. However, the older he gets the more he realizes that not everyone is that honest. 

He has learned his lesson a few times and this is definitely why he dislikes dishonesty. A Pisces man wants to feel like he can trust the people in his life because without trust there is nothing there for him. He is very intuitive and will be able to pick up on lies. 

He hates feeling disappointed in his relationships as he just wants to feel comfortable and have the trust that his woman is being open and honest with him at all times. The last thing he wants is to have suspicion looming over him all the time. 

A Pisces Man Hates Aggressive Women

The sweet and gentle soul of a Pisces man cannot handle the fierceness of a bold and aggressive woman. He hates conflict and drama and any woman who causes this makes him more than uncomfortable. 

He wants someone who is calm, peaceful, and ultimately nurturing. This is why he doesn’t see himself with an aggressive woman as he just can’t handle the mood swings and never knows when she will blow up at him. 

He can find this energy extremely overwhelming and distressing. As soon as he picks up on this energy he is likely to leave in an instant. A Pisces man will run away from a woman who is too angry and not looking at getting help for her negative emotions. 

A Pisces Man Dislikes Selfish And Self-Centered Women

The Pisces man is extremely giving and generous. He is always thinking of others and how he can help anyone who might be in distress. He gives and he gives and then he gives some more. This makes him feel really good. 

However, he is aware that his generosity tends to attract women who can be a little selfish and self-centered as they see him as a tool to get what they want. A Pisces knows all about this and this is why a woman who is selfish is someone he can’t run away from any faster. 

A Pisces man could never see himself with someone who is self-centered and isn’t giving. He wants to be with someone who has a compassionate and caring heart like himself.

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How A Pisces Man Approaches A Woman?

A Pisces man can be very passive so don’t expect him to be bold and confident like the Aries or Sagittarius man. He will probably end up talking to you a lot online to try and get to know you better. 

Once he can determine that you are a good person who he has connected with he will probably ask you out, quite out of the blue as well. You’ll probably not even realize it is a date at that moment as he tends to be so subtle. 

He will take his time so don’t try to rush him. Allow things to unfold naturally. Just remember to be kind and compassionate. This is all he really needs to know to feel comfortable enough to approach spending more time with you. 

Do Pisces Men Like Older Women?

Pisces men are a really unique brand of gentleman as they don’t really discriminate when it comes to age. The Pisces guy will go for a woman younger, the same age, or older than him. In fact, he does tend to go for women a little older than him actually. 

He likes the life experience and maturity that an older woman has. The likes being able to soak up the wisdom she has and he finds that older women often have less drama and more awareness than the younger ones. 

Do Pisces Men Like Compliments?

Pisces men absolutely love compliments! These guys can actually be a little insecure and lacking in self-confidence so when they get a compliment from a beautiful woman it can definitely lift their spirits and make them feel good about themselves. 

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