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Is Your Pisces Man Using You? Signs to Look for If He’s Playing You

So you’ve gotten involved with a Pisces man but something doesn’t feel right. You aren’t sure what it is but you wonder if he’s playing you or if there is something else you need to know about. Here are some things you can look for in order to determine what may be going on.

Illusive Answers

If your Pisces guy tends to leave out details when you’ve asked him what he’s been up to; he is either feeling he doesn’t have to answer to you or he knows he’s being dishonest.

Pisces men have the ability to tell white lies and omit information like no one’s business. They especially do this when they’re seeing someone that they’re not that serious about.

If he tells you he went to hang out with a friend but leaves out certain aspects of what he was going; he may have been meeting a female friend who is actually a bit more than a friend.

Do you see how this works? “I went to see my friend and we hung out playing video games” but what he isn’t saying is “I went to hang out with my female friend and we started with video games but ended up having sex”.

I’m not saying all Pisces men are liars and cheaters. What I am saying though is that if he’s not that serious about you; he feels he doesn’t have to answer to you therefore he’ll omit the truth of the situation as to not rock the boat.

Why do that if he isn’t into you? That’s the real question that I’m not sure I have the answer for. If he’s still “playing” with you then he may not yet be ready to give that up while he’s playing with others.

He should just let you go if that’s what his intention is but Pisces is always looking for his true soul mate and until he finds her; he’ll keep looking elsewhere in order to make sure he’s not missing anything.

Very Convincing

is your Pisces man using you

If you’ve been around your Pisces man enough; you know he has a way with words that can convince anyone of anything. This includes making you think he’s telling you the truth when he’s actually being deceptive.

Start looking for the things that give him away. Use the Scorpio tactic of looking him in the eye. If he isn’t being honest; he won’t be able to keep his gaze on your eyes; he’ll look away.

Body movement is a good indicator also. If he shifts uncomfortably then you know he’s probably not being forthcoming or truthful in whatever it is that he’s telling you.

He’s so good at telling lies or bending the truth that he’s become very comfortable with himself. However; there is always a way to catch someone in a lie and he’s no different.

Eye and body shifts while he’s telling you what he was doing or what he’s going to do will reveal to you if he’s being honest or if he’s playing you. While he is an expert at convincing people of anything; he is flawed.

Now that you know; start asking him questions and see how he physically responds. You’ll get right to the truth and he won’t be able to hide as easily. Naturally he’s likely to deny it if you call him out so don’t be surprised if he does.

Flaky Behavior

When a Pisces man isn’t committed and is using you; he’ll flake out quite often. If he has plans with you and calls you to tell you he cannot make it or wants to change the dates; he’s up to something.

Sometimes he may legitimately have something come up and needs to change but when you see he’s doing it often; you know something is going on and it’s time to perhaps put your foot down.

Ask him why he keeps flaking out on you. He’ll probably try to give you a story but again; watch his behavior as he talks. You’ll be able to tell if he’s being honest or is giving you total crap.

A flaky man is a man that isn’t invested. He could be seeing other people and breaking plans with you to go see them. If not then he’s being selfish and taking time to himself after he promised it to you.

Time to himself is important but he should never cancel plans in order to do this. He should take the time he needs or wants on days he hasn’t already promised to get together with you.

Constant pulling out on plans is something that indicates that he’s not serious about you and you may want to consider moving on to find someone who won’t flak out on you.

Head Games

is your Pisces man using you

Pisces is an expert game player. He knows all the right things to say to get into your life or into your pants. Be very careful. All his other actions need to line up with what he says otherwise you have no reason to believe him.

When a Pisces man is in love; he’ll want to be with you as often as possible. If you’ve met a Pisces man who says all the right things but doesn’t put the action behind it; you’ve got yourself a player who doesn’t care about your feelings.

Look at the overall picture and start piecing together those red flags. When you do; you’ll realize that though he’s a smooth talker; he’s fallible and you can calculate if he’s playing you or not.

Watch for everything I’ve mentioned here and you should be able to tell rather quickly whether your Pisces man is actually into you and trying to commit or if he’s talking himself up for something he won’t ever deliver.

Most Pisces men are looking for their one and only so they don’t do a whole lot of playing. However; some of them are out there and are looking to have “fun” until they find the one.

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