9 Warning Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
So you’ve gotten involved with a Pisces man but something doesn’t feel right. Keep reading and learn about the signs a Pisces man is playing you.

So, you’ve gotten involved with a Pisces man, but something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps you’re getting a sneaking suspicion that he is being deceitful, even though everything might seem fine on the surface? This article explains the telltale signs a Pisces man is playing you. 

Your head may be spinning with confusion because you have a feeling that the Pisces man you are dating is just messing you around. You just want answers to understand him better and to either keep going or to let him go.

There are definitely some signs a Pisces man is playing you and tests that he puts his partner through. This is probably what is going on with him right now. Don’t worry! You are way too smart to fall victim to this and I am here to help you out – beat him at his own game!

Let us unpack all the signs and see if a Pisces man is playing you and leading you on. It is better to know these things than to be left out in the dark. Knowledge is power, and there is a lot you can do with this information.

You need to figure out what he is up to and I can definitely help you out! Here are some things you can look for in order to determine what may be going on. Make sure you read all the way until the end.

First Things First, Are Pisces Men Players?

A Pisces man isn’t your obvious, go-to player type. He does believe in true love and finding his soulmate, and he wants to find her badly. This, however, means that your Pisces man has no trouble dating around so that he can find his perfect match.

The good thing about a Pisces man is that when he commits, he really commits. But until the two of you have the conversation about taking things to the next step, he feels like he is allowed to keep his options open.

You may see this as him being a player, but remember, if the two of you haven’t spoken about being exclusive, then it doesn’t really count. I wouldn’t say a Pisces man is a player!

Watch for everything I’ve mentioned here and you should be able to tell rather quickly whether your Pisces man is actually into you and trying to commit or if he’s talking himself up for something he won’t ever deliver.

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9 Warning Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

If your Pisces man is calling you only when he needs you, that is a sign he is not setting the stage to be in a serious relationship. Your Pisces man is simply playing you.

He might keep the door open for intimacy if you are sexually involved, but you should not expect a romance with this guy. Furthermore, if he is canceling his plans, and is not interested in what is going on in your life, this is a sign he is not into you.

1. The Pisces Man Offers Illusive Answers

If your Pisces guy tends to leave out details when you ask him what he’s been up to, he is either feeling he doesn’t have to answer to you or he knows he’s being dishonest.

Pisces men can tell white lies and omit information like no one’s business. They do this especially when they’re seeing someone that they’re not that serious about.

If he tells you he went to hang out with a friend but leaves out certain aspects of where he was going, then he may have been meeting a female friend who is actually a bit more than a friend.

Do you see how this works? “I went to see my friend, and we hung out playing video games,” but what he isn’t saying is: “I went to hang out with my female friend, and we started with video games but ended up having sex.”

I’m not saying all Pisces men are liars and cheaters. Though, if he’s not so serious about you, he feels he doesn’t have to answer you. Therefore, he’ll omit the truth of the situation so as not to rock the boat.

2. He Is Acting Flaky

When a Pisces man is using you, he’ll flake out quite often. If he has plans with you and calls you to tell you he cannot make it or wants to change the dates, he’s up to something. This is a surefire sign a Pisces man is playing you.

Sometimes he may legitimately have something come up and needs to change but when you see he’s doing it often, you know something is going on and it’s time to perhaps put your foot down.

Ask him why he keeps flaking out on you. He’ll probably try to give you a story but again, watch his behavior as he talks. You’ll be able to tell if he’s being honest or is giving you total crap.

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3. He Is Emotionally Cold

As far as the emotional side of things is concerned, a Pisces can take a very long time to open up to another person. At the very least, if he is trying to get to know a woman, he will at the very least discuss his own desires and life goals with her as he gets to know her.

There is a possibility that a Pisces man who you are hanging out with and who you thought you were getting closer to might be using you if he isn’t telling you anything about him. He doesn’t want to be intimate with you.

When he is not interested, Pisces men can be really cold and cut off from you. One night stands or flings are usually not encouraged by Pisces men. It should be noted, however, that every rule has an exception.

4. He Is Inconsistent 

If your Pisces guy isn’t sticking to one flow, there may be a problem. Telling you how much he cares one day and then being really cold to you the next could indicate that something is amiss.

Does he speak one way and then act another? Watch his actions. They often speak far louder than his words ever can. Telling you he loves you and then giving you the cold shoulder is showing you his intent.

His intention is NOT true if he’s being cold or hurtful toward you after telling you how much he cares for you. Words can only take you so far and his actions could very much be showing you that he’s only playing with you to get what he wants.

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5. He Doesn’t Open Up To You

A very important part of his life is his dreams and goals for the future. Only people who he thinks will be in his life for a very long time, if not forever, will be able to hear what he has to say about them. 

He talks about it with family and VERY close friends but to a woman he’s talking to, he’s quiet, especially if she seems insignificant to him.

You should know that if he does not open up to you about anything, especially about an important aspect of his life, then he probably isn’t interested in you at all. In this case, your Pisces man just wants to hook up with you.

Here’s how to get a Pisces man to open up to you and share his true feelings.

How To Know You’re Dealing With A Pisces Man Womanizer? (When A Pisces Man Just Wants To Hook Up)

6. He’ll Say Anything To Get You In Bed

While he’s trying to get you into bed, he will act as though you’re the hottest woman alive. Typical for a Pisces man womanizer. Afterward, he will go back to being a jerk who could care less what you think or feel. If that is the vibe you are getting, drop him like it’s hot and move on with your life.

When a Pisces man is using you, you’ll know by how much anxiety you feel in your gut. You won’t feel safe and protected by him. Your feelings will typically be everywhere and it can be difficult for your emotions to handle this. 

When he says one thing and does another, it is going to break your heart because deep down you will know that he is only kind to you for short periods because he wants to sleep with you.

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7. He Doesn’t Put Any Effort Into The Relationship

Trust me, when a Pisces man wants to be with you and is in love with you, he’ll put lots of effort in. You will be his queen and you’ll just know that you can trust him and rely on him. You’ll never have to wonder.

Pisces man going ice cold is the biggest indicator he is done or he’s only interested in you when he feels like it. That may mean seeing you once a week or once every other week. You may be asking yourself: is your Pisces man just using you? It is likely!

8. He Only Contacts You Late At Night

An easy way to determine a Pisces man’s interest is to pay attention to when he reaches out and what his intention is each time. Do you only hear from him late at night? If he is only reaching out late at night for sexual purposes or to hook up, then it’s likely that your Pisces man is using you for sex.

Do you feel like he always has an explanation ready when you invite him to spend time with you? Maybe he says he’s busy at work or that he has too much on his plate right now. Everyone has busy days, but if he’s constantly “too busy,” it means you’re not a priority for him.

9. He Is Settling

A Pisces man will always want the best of the best. He wants to know that he is the winner in everything he does in his life and this especially includes his relationships. 

The only thing is, that he might be searching for the perfect one, and just never seems to meet her, and this is when he’ll acquiesce and just settle for whoever comes next.

His intentions won’t be totally pure or honest, and this is why when a Pisces man settles, he’s not being truthful. This is when a Pisces man is using you, despite him not maybe being aware of it.

However, he sometimes is fearful he won’t find the right person and hangs onto someone who isn’t the right one just to have someone there when he wants her. It’s not right but sometimes he will do this.

Again, watch all his behaviors and see if they are in line with him being with you or if they’re more in line with you being an option or second choice. If you feel that way, leave him.

Pisces Man Playing Games — Why Do Pisces Men Play Mind Games?

Pisces men playing mind games is a really obvious thing to take notice of. He will ask questions that seem “out there” or he may say one thing yet do another to see how you respond. This is all just a test to see how far he can push things with you, and he gets a rise out of how you respond.

Why are they doing this? Usually, it is the way they use to test their partner’s feelings to see how far they can push bound Pisces. To some Pisces men, playing mind games is a form of defense mechanism. They simply prevent themselves from getting hurt by playing hard to get or creating emotional distance as a fear of rejection. 

Remember that Pisces men can be incredibly manipulative. They know how to play with people’s heartstrings and this gives your Pisces man a lot of power because he knows how to control people based on their emotions.

It’s important you know all his maneuvers to find out if the Pisces man is playing games. 

Have you ever wondered: ‘Is my Pisces man leading me on’? If you’ve been around your Pisces man enough, you know he has a way with words that can convince anyone of anything. This includes making you think he’s telling you the truth when he’s actually being deceptive. This is one of the signs that your Pisces man is playing you and leading you on.

How To Beat A Pisces At His Own Game?

Start looking for the things that give him away. Use the Scorpio tactic of looking him in the eye. If he isn’t being honest, he won’t be able to keep his gaze on your eyes, he’ll look away and fumble his words.

Body movement is a good indicator also. If he shifts uncomfortably or becomes a little jittery then you know he’s probably not being forthcoming or truthful in whatever it is that he’s telling you.

He’s so good at telling lies or bending the truth that he’s become very comfortable with himself. However, there is always a way to catch someone in a lie and he’s no different and that is body language!

Eye and body shifts, while he’s telling you what he is doing or what he’s going to do, will reveal to you if he’s being honest or if he’s playing you. While he is an expert at convincing people of anything, he is flawed.

Now that you know, start asking him questions and see how he physically responds. You’ll get right to the truth and he won’t be able to hide as easily. Naturally, he’s likely to deny it if you call him out so don’t be surprised if he does.

Are Pisces Men Liars?

Pisces men can be truly wonderful partners, but unfortunately, there is a side to them that is so manipulative. Pisces men can be liars, but it is a case-by-case scenario. It all just depends on the man you are dealing with.

Pisces men are really good at reading people, and they can quickly figure out what drives people. This makes them crafty liars because they intuitively know what you would believe and what you wouldn’t believe.

These guys are super sensitive to other people’s emotions, but this also gives them a great amount of power because they know how to push people’s buttons. This is what makes Pisces men such good liars.

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How Does A Pisces Man Test You?

He pretends not to care about the plans you make because he is trying to push you away because he is so afraid of getting hurt. I guess he doesn’t realize that he is only hurting himself by behaving this way.

But he might not be doing this intentionally at all! Pisces men are notoriously unorganized, and his head might just be in the clouds. This is still pretty uncool because it seems like he isn’t considering your time which is a little disrespectful.

He will take everything out on you if you give him the chance. This is a super cowardly thing to do, but I guess it has been a very long time since he has been able to get away with this kind of behavior.

If he acts super sensitive and is playing the victim card just realize that he is trying to test his boundaries with you. He wants to see how far he can push things with you and how much he can get away with.

Pisces man can be really, really sensitive. This side of him might not even be that conscious within him, but there seem to be some days where whatever you seem to do or say he takes so much offense to.

This is again one of the tactics your Pisces man uses to test you. He wants to see if you are willing to change the way you behave to make him happy. However, he needs to learn that his sensitivity and emotions are his own responsibility and he needs to figure out how to cope with these feelings productively.

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You?

When he’s done, he will likely become quiet. One of the signs, when a Pisces man is done with you, is that he will go silent, won’t return your calls or texts, and basically, you won’t be able to get a hold of him.

I suspect that the term “ghosting” was invented by a woman who was dating a Pisces man… That’s what they do, one minute everything is amazing, and the next thing you haven’t heard from your Pisces man in ages!

He sees no value in reaching out and trying to talk anything through. It will seem as though he never existed except your heart will feel the sadness. When he’s done, he’s done and you won’t hear from him again.

Then again if he’s lonely enough, he may play with you a bit to make himself feel good again. When a Pisces man is done with you, you will most definitely know. He will be pretty obvious about it.

There isn’t much you can do about this because once he has made up his mind, he has definitely made up his mind. Some women may resort to texting him repeatedly and chasing him down, but this will only scare your Pisces man off even more.

The best thing you can do is just to step away from him and keep your self-respect intact. There is a small chance that he may be really surprised that you aren’t chasing him, that he may come circling back to you, but don’t hold your breath in for this.

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XOXO, Anna

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91 thoughts on “9 Warning Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

  1. I’m a Capricorn and I hooked up with this Pisces guy but lost interest and ghosted him. He was after me for almost a year before I gave him a second chance. I wasn’t expecting to like him this time. Things went really up and down but it was because I was high and I’m terrified of talking about my feelings, and the fact he’s not a good texter made me anxious. He ghosted me for a couple days came back and apologized saying he needed space because it irritated him how I’d freak out, but I reminded him I was high. It got ridiculous during that convo, he only texted me once a day…I finally said something and he never responded.
    I get being busy at work but I know damn well you can throw a text. I’m torn between pride and feelings. My experience is that guys who want you text but I’m wondering if all the mood swings finally fucked it up. I needed to say something about the texting though, I get crazy with over thinking.
    Should I text him again? It’s been 3 days. I feel like it’s time to walk away permanently, it looks like he got what he wanted b and is done but then again Pisces are different

    1. Hi Michelle!

      I would go ahead and text him, yes. The emotional roller coaster needs to slow down. As a Capricorn, you should be able to provide stability and a steady ground from with to work on. Try not to criticize him or say things in a way that might sound like it. Pisces are sensitive men and need a woman to be soft with him. Not to let him get away with stuff but being able to talk to him in a soft way that won’t make him feel as though he’s an awful person. I hope this helps!

  2. I think there is a good quantity of Pisces men who can’t be trusted and relied upon. Too flakey and wishy-washy for most women. Pisces women, on the other hand, are more trustworthy in general. My experience with some Pisces men is that they have an idealized version of their past ex, and they keep playing that story in their heads on repeat, when in reality, that ex, or their past experience with her, wasn’t as great as they have made it up in their mind. However, since they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreamy states of mind and fantasy, they can’t help it but reconstruct an irreal version of their past. It is difficult for us people of other signs, Scorpio in my case, to understand how their mind thinks like that, but they do, and all we can do is to observe from afar the strangeness of this mindset. Being a Scorpio, things are easier and faster to determine, either I like the guy or I don’t, I use logic to analyze myself in the case I start idealizing some past relationship and can see the truth for what it is. An ex is an ex, and there is not time to dwell on the past. Another thing I’ve observed from them is that, the less emotionally invested you are in them, the more they care. Some of them are even Masochistic people: the worse you treat them, the more they care. Incredible…

    1. Hi Ivania!

      Pisces men want lots of attention and adoration from the person they consider to be their partner. They can seem rather needy and clingy to some. However with some women, they’re a dream come true as a male partner. It really can go either way depending on the person he decides to have a relationship with really. Yes Pisces men and women are different mainly due to hormonal differences. Women take a different stance with many things that don’t go along with their male counterpart Pisces would agree with. They are a little more grounded than the male Pisces because they are more in tune with Mother Earth. Thank you for chiming in Ivania!

    2. I was talking to a Pisces man but he is such a player he will spend 4 days with me and the very same day he will go home his ex she comes over she leaves her panties there at his house and he says she not his girl but she helps him out ? He is afraid of commitment and tells me he loves me all the time in front his friends even and hugs and kisses me non stop one day I went to his house I knew the ex was there the night before I felt a way to go in his room he noticed that and the sex was so plain not like the others days since then he never talked to me again I fell for him cause I’m a Pisces myself damn I wish sometimes I was an Aquarius honestly smh

      1. Hello. I am a male August Virgo, Dating a Male March Pisces. We are a long distant couple. I’m in Texas he’s in Florida So we went a whole year of only virtually talking and we finally met a few months ago and became official. It’s was a wonderful time together. Through April weve been FaceTiming and texting non stop. I noticed he would talk about his ex often and still was in contact and I called him out and said if you want to be with your ex then go. He broke down and cried and said he wanted me. Long story short the first week of may he tells me he’s been going to help a “friend” move and that’s going through things. I find out from Facebook it was his ex he was helping out. It turned into a big argument and he was mad and said I attacked his character. While all this is going on he is also going through a something that can affect his life. He has been very distant he will text me a few times throughout the day, face time sometimes. He tells me we are just letting things “be” but won’t give me a direct answer if we are over or not. I am supposed to go visit him in a week, but I don’t know if he wants me to come or not. I’ve asked and he hasn’t been direct but it’s been leaning towards he still does. When I bring up our relationship he always says what he’s going through has nothing to do with me, or our relationship it’s just him and he doesn’t want to take any hostages on the situation he creates for himself. Instead of charging his FB status to single he just has it hidden. What does this mean? I’m confused and we virgos are big worriers. He’s not given me direct answers. I’ve apologized for our argument which he didn’t on his part but admitted to being wrong about not telling mewho he was hanging out with. I’ve been trying to keep him encouraged and supportive through his situation. He tells me he’s not taken me for granted but his responses to my supportive behavior are very vague if he even responds at all. Am I doing something wrong. I don’t know where this relationship is going I guess I will find out if I still go visit him. What are your thoughts please. Sorry for my rambling.

        1. Hi TW!

          Ok well, he sounds like he’s a very private person. As a Virgo, you should relate to that because most Virgos are also extremely private. He doesn’t want anyone prying into his business and we all know that on social media, the second you change your relationship status, everyone is all over it asking questions. While he’s going through a difficult time, he will seem sort of detached but he did say it’s not because of you. I’m inclined to think that it is family stuff or stuff with friends. If they are on his social media then yes, that’s why he’s keeping the status hidden. Try to be patient with him. When the time is right, he will tell you all about it. Don’t take offense to his behavior right now. If you would like to know more about the Pisces man’s mind, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets.

  3. As a Libra, i feel so confused with this sign. I wish i had known it better. Had 2 experiences with Pisces men and both were liars. I also hate their MIA act even over the weekend. The last pisces that i dated seemed too busy for me everyday even for a single text. I couldnt contact him on the weekends too and being busy was always be his reason. I tried to understand but he kept doing it for 2 months. I just felt that something was just not right because if you care about someone, you shouldnt be too busy for them. One text caused less than one minute. How difficult is that 🙁 I decided to breakup with him and now i keep wondering what i did do wrong

    1. Hi libra!

      I don’t think you did anything wrong. I think he wasn’t that into you. If he was, he would have moved mountains to spend time with you. That’s the absolute truth. He had his head in other places and breaking up is probably the best thing for you to do with him. I’m sorry honey but when a Pisces man really wants to be with someone, he will do whatever he has to to make it happen. If you need more help, please check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  4. Hi,Anna my name is Lesley,and I met this guy on plenty of fish a dating site,he had me to go to a site call hangout, he will text me, it may take 2 or 3 minutes for him to return a text then he may take 2 to 3hrs b4 he responds he is a project developer and he said he has 5 company that he take care of but I am a in hm aide so he ask me what I did for a living but I told him that it was on my profile and I ask him did he read it he said yes then I responded to him that he mad me think that I didn’t meet his criteria and he made me feel that he was not interested he responded bk and said I am interested but we were texting and he stay gone for about an hour and some minutes so I text him and ask are u still there he said yes I was taking a shower I will get bk you when I get out I told him it is no way you can text me while you are showering and if u needed to get off the phone the only thing I had to do was say so he have responded bk but he will probably text in the morning maybe but we have never met one another we are only texting what do u think and how can I determine if he is trying to take my kindness for my weakness he sent me pictures of him and everything what are some questions I can ask him to see if he is real or fake? Thanks Again Anna been waiting to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Lesley Carter!

      It’s absolutely necessary to see him on camera or in person because there are definitely a whole lot of fakes on P.O.F. It’s called by many folks as a “meat market” where people can pick up other people to “hook up” but most of them are not looking for anything serious. It’s hard to know which is which without a bit of time and research. I’d ask him flat out to see you on vid or you’re going to going to any further. If you need more help, please check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  5. I’m a May Taurus and the person that was trying to play me was a March Pisces. He would talk to me everyday even do cute little things like want to hold my hand, always give me a hug, and even compliment me but it would always seem like he was trying to play me. He almost did but I didn’t let that happen so I started to distance myself away from him. He found somebody else played her but now he’s back into my life. We have classes together and he’s doing the same things to get my attention. He even asked if me and this boy was dating one time only because me and the boy use to talk everyday and play around in class. I could tell he was jealous because me and him would never play like that he didn’t get to know my real personality. what do I do? I think he’s just trying to play me still that’s why I won’t get attached but he calls me bae in text messages like he wants me to start giving him attention again. Help please?

    1. Hi Jewel!

      You have to ask him the hard questions honey. Ask him if you let him back in if he will be with you only. Tell him you want exclusivity or nothing at all. He has to choose so you can. I would suggest you learn more about Pisces men. Try reading my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  6. im a leo woman and this guy has been trying to meet up with me for over half a year now. i blocked him for two weeks because he was being such an ass but then missed him so i came back. the same night we hooked up but he was annoyed because i didn’t give him head?? honestly i saw this coming but at the same time he was asking me a lot of questions about me and was staring into my soul. i wish i didn’t go back because i want him to text me again and i wasn’t even into him from the start. he’s an athlete as well. i think my confidence intimated him because i have a very sarcastic way of talking and i think it triggered him idk

    1. Hi ellese!

      Sounds like he’s just after sex if he made a big deal out of no oral. Sorry but that’s a dead giveaway about his intentions with you. Not all Pisces men are like this especially when they are ready to be with someone in a relationship. I don’t think he’s ready to do that. Read up more on Pisces guys in my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  7. My Pisces man and I have been seeing each other for 4-5 months now. We got into it twice and both times we broke up. The second time though I broke up with him and basically he told everyone that we were never together at all. It hurt my feelings as an Aries woman but we talked and decided to move on from it. We are now “best friends” according to him and he still takes me on dates and stays over sometimes. He helps me with my two kids and helps me with chores around the house and will even tell me to take a break so he can cook and clean and stuff. He won’t commit but has talked to me about marriage and have another baby. He also tells me he loves me a lot. It’s just so confusing why he won’t commit but acts as if he’s committed?

    1. Hi Brittany!

      He doesn’t want the titled because it scares him so he keeps it “as is” but hey if he’s playing the role then just keep going with it. Why break it all up by telling him he needs to give it a title. If he’s not seeing anyone else and treating you as he does then hang onto it. Many couples are “best friends”. Roll with it Brittany! I think that in time he’ll finally give in and give it the title you want. Otherwise just enjoy him. He sounds like a great guy.

      1. Hi im a Capricorn I’ve known my pieces since may or June of 2015 . He would flake and we stopped talking then he popped back up and apologized. Now at the time I was talking to other people and he told me he was I didn’t really care cause I had a lot going on. But we communicated and spent time with each other. Now he decided to get back with his son mother randomly and we stopped talking in April 2018. Well we started talking again as friends in July of that same year. I was still seeing other people so like I said did not focus on that. Well lator nov 2018 he asked me to be just seeing him and be on a relationship. Well I said yes dec he treated me like I was the best thing ever treating me like his girlfriend said he did not want to neglect me . Well when the new yr came 2019 I would only see him once in a blue moon. Also he deals with depression from time to time. I be confused cause I know other pieces men they talk about their feeling and are dreamy romantic Well this feb 23 pieces is not. He gets quiet but if I call him out on something he will I guess be honest. But he flakes always tells me yes but never does it like taking me on dates he really doesn’t initiate 4 play. I try to show him how I want to be touched but he really doesn’t do it. 2019 I would talk to other people it felt like I was single again. Then 2020 he asked me temporarily if he could stay at my place til he got on his feet. Well I got to meet his sons and fell in love with the kids. It’s been confusing cause I feel like our relationship didn’t really start until end of 2020. Like I I helped him go to therapy for his depression, we talked about certain thing and I let him know . But he still lets me know things at the last minute. Because of covid he uses that a lot as excuse why we can’t go do things together he plays video games and loves to sleep I mean loves it. He got a 2nd job without discussing what I think. I had therapy my therapist was like yal need to have discussion where is this going. I do want to be married but idk sometimes I can’t tell his mood because he doesn’t like me being overly mushy love with him. I need some help

        1. HI A.D!

          Alright so I absolutely agree with your therapist. You two need to get everything out on the table so that you are on the same page and know for sure whether this is something you can work with or if you two need to let go. You won’t know for sure whether or not he wants this because in Pisces man fashion, he’s not being open enough with his feelings which is bad for him. He needs to speak up. Talk to him! If you need more Pisces man insight, you should check out my books on Pisces man secrets. Blessings!

    2. Hello. I’m a Leo woman. Met a
      Pisces guy about a week ago via a dating app. From the beginning we had a great Connection. One day we stayed on the phone for 7 hours just talking. We both were looking and wanting the same things. He said everything I needed to hear. We connected on a Wednesday, he would text and call me all day long. We made Plans to meet on Saturday. Then I had a death in my family so I postponed. We met the next day, Sunday. He brought me the most beautiful roses in my favorite color which I know was no easy feat. We were to go get a drink but opted just to sit in his car and talk more. At the end of that “date” we kissed. Next day, we’re talking as usual and he asks if I want make this official and be his girl. Although I thought that was kind quick I said yes! We had made an agreement to see each other the next day, which was Monday. But I had plans and pushed our meeting to later. He even texted me saying “don’t forget you have a man now, you can’t let hours go without checking in” here I am loving the consistency and attention. I got home late and we didn’t get to meet that night. Tuesday, we’re talking during his lunch break and A sexual topic starts an argument. I think It’s too early to even start talking about sex and he says, we adults shouldn’t put a time on things. We’re together and these types of convos shouldn’t be an issue. He doesn’t want to waste his time if I’m not serious about the relationship. And said basically he was done. I said I’m going to this bar to get a drink and if you want to talk meet me there. Surprisingly he did. We talked. Had drinks and then went to dinner. He dropped me home, we made out a lot in his car. I know he was hoping for more but I said no. He left we text more when he got home. His last words were, “go to bed. I’ll text your in the morning babe”… morning came and I didn’t get my usual morning text. Typical leo woman, I like consistency. So I text him at noon and say “so no more morning texts?” And he response is “so I’m the only one who can text?” Implying it would be nice if I texted too. So said I said “you’re the one who said you’ll text you in the morning.” He never responded after that. I was pissed! Next day, I put my pride aside and sent him a morning text and he never responded.

      So I guess I say all this to ask. Was he playing games just for sex? Did he swim away because I didn’t cave in? And gave ever excuse we why couldn’t!

      He claims he 40 and wants a real substantial relationship. A life partner. Part of me says move one and let that go since he never responded. Other part says text him on more time and say something. Are you upset? I miss you (as i know Pisces thrive on the mushy stuff). Thoughts?

      1. Hi Brooklyn!

        So he’s making excuses and pushing it back to you. Alright well, Pisces men do like an equal playing field and yes, he will want you to also text him or initiate if he’s doing it primarily. The other thing is, you should just point blankly ask him if he’s only been in this for sex. I know it sounds scary to ask but it would be nice to know. Don’t give up quite yet. Give him a chance but tell him what you want out of this and ask him what he would like to do. He should tell you whether he’s ready to be serious or if he’s just playing around. Check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets sometime. It may reveal to you how these guys think. I wish you the best!

  8. So this Pisces guy was really sweet at first we talked for like 3 months he called and text me on a regular but when I invited him over we didn’t have sex because I felt like he was still sleeping with his ex… well he was extremely sweet when he left not rude or anything but I haven’t heard from him.. so I reached out and he writes me back but then ghost me again… so I reached out just to let him know I really like him and his response was “chill out” I didn’t respond back because I’m like of you don’t like me just keep ignoring me… I’m so confused I’m a cancer women with an Aries moon and a Capricorn rising and I still can’t figure this guy out… he’s a March 10 baby.. we had AMAZING CONVERSATION sometimes I don’t know if he likes me or did I make everything up…

    1. Hi Ari Girl!

      Your Aries moon and Capricorn rising is making you impatient and overly analytical. If he is telling you to “chill out” it’s probably because he’s going through some things and he’s overwhelmed. Pisces men cool off when they’re dealing with lots of stress just like a Cancer would typically. Scorpio can tend to do this as well. The thing is, your Earth and Fire sign is taking over and making you doubt him and being impatient with him. You do need to keep the communication open and be sure that you’re not jumping to conclusions or doubting him when he tells you that he’s alright and you should stay calm.

      1. Hi, I am a pisces woman who was dating a pisces man for last one year. I broke up with him recently but I am confused in my head if I did the right thing. 4 months into dating he said he loved me but I couldn’t say it back. He is a very social person and he would never spend time alone with me. He made me introduce to his friends and wanted me to meet his family but never initiate any form of physical intimacy. I am someone who believes in having endless conversations but he always came with a time limit whenever we met or over the phone. It always felt like he wanted to rush home after dinner or any outing. He would do all PDA in front of friends but nothing when we are alone. When I confronted abt this he said he thinks he has intimacy issues and doesn’t know why he can’t spend time alone with me. I feel confused that why did he then want to take things forward with me ?

        1. Hi Pooja Desai!

          I would strongly advise you to trust the red flags you are experiencing. His actions and words aren’t lining up. The tension and confusion you are feeling is for a reason and I think you should sit down and talk to him about what is happening. Tell him what it is that you really want and then ask him what it is he really wants because you feel he’s keeping you at somewhat of a distance. Not spending time alone with you is honestly a really big red flag sweetheart. Talk to him and find out the truth so you can either work at it or move on. You might want to check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets also as it could help you even more.

  9. So my Pisces guy and I have been together 4 years he has done a lot of shitty things like leaves and doesn’t message me to tell me where he’s going and at times gets drunk and stays out very late without me knowing where he is. he says he wants a family.. we had two pregnancies that ended in miscarriage now we don’t have sex as often and I told him I was ovulating if he wanted to try again but he didn’t really say anything then we didn’t have sex. I’m so confused he says all these things but acts like he’s scared…? Or is he just playing games?

    1. Hi Stefanie!

      Blah, sounds like you haven an alcoholic on your hands. They have that mentality of doing what they want when they want and not answering to anyone. He sounds like he has some strong Virgo somewhere dominant in his chart. He wants a family but is acting like this? He isn’t ready. He has to first grow up nd accept responsibility before he forms a family. The miscarriages were probably the universe saying don’t have kids with this guy… at least not now. He’s not likely to change upon having a baby. It will make things worse actually. He’ll freak out and hardly ever want to be around to be responsible. Be careful sweetheart. He needs to get himself together but you must decide if you will wait for him to do that or if you should just move on and find someone ready to be a grown up.

  10. well, I’ve known this Pisces 4 years prior when I first met him 4 years ago he was 10 and I was 9 we were young and clueless I’m a libra by the way anyways 4 years later!! we meet again at a family meeting he was tall grown and unrecognizable we didn’t realzed we met when were younger until we talked he was my type and of the bat, I liked him so I started doing little things (flirting) but he also seemed interested and was flirting back then next thing I know I try to leave the room we were in the quietly says
    “wait to give me a hug first” like he reached his arm and stopped me aggressively I was shaking so we hugged but then he started feeling on my ass I let him, next thing I know he can’t stop touching and coming near me we were around kids so he turned off the lights grabbed me close and kissed me it seemed like he wanted more when we sat back on the bed he turned the lights of again grabs my face kissed me on my cheek and kiss me on the lips again he took my phone and put in his snap and honestly you went back to his state and he barely texted me only ounce then we never spoke but I still really like him why did he ghost me?. that was our first meeting in years! I’m hooked…..

    1. Hi sagesse!

      Alright so there was strong chemistry but if he decided there wasn’t anything else there except the sexual intensity or he’s no ready to be in a relationship, he would decide to ghost. Just because he’s super attracted to you and wants to have sex with you doesn’t mean he wants more than that. If he did, he’d be reaching out to you and making sure that you’re still around. HE would show lots of interest in you not just physical. You may be hooked but it doesn’t seem he is otherwise you wouldn’t be asking why he ghosted you. So sorry sweetheart. You should either reach out to him and tell him you like him or you should just walk away.

      1. Hi there, so here is my situation. I am n leo woman with venus in Cancer so I am a kind, caring, generous and strong woman. He is a pisces man with venus in Aquarius. I am very intuitive and can see through someone very quickly. I know he ca also see through people very quickly. I feel like we connected very well on all possible levels.
        So the story is we matched on tinder and we talked for a while and we met up it was great het also said he enjoyed spending time with me so we talked for like 2 more days like this is going in the right direction and then one morning he told me if I could give him some time he would appreciate it, because he wants to talk to his parents about us and because I have a son he wants to make sure he is ready for this and make his parents comfortable with it. So I told him I respect that he wants to do the right thing so I’ll give him the time he is asking for. So 3 weeks went by and I know he was back from the weekend with his parents where he supposedly talked to them about us. So I send h a text that if he needs more time it is his I’m not going anywhere and I also send him this very nice song. No response, 2 days later he calls me acting a bit rude, but I was super chilled overall I’m a chilled person. Saying we should meet up and he will call me the next day. So the next evening I send him a text saying just let me know if you would like to call me. Ghosted, I didn’t bug him or anything, because I’m understanding maybe he has got some stuff he needs to sort out. But then one night I drank a glass to many wine and decided I want an answer. So I voice message him saying I just please want an explanation, because I feel like we had a connection and before I let him go just please give me an explanation and if he wants me to ill let him go and it’s over. Then thing started to go very well and we planned om meeting up the Saturday and he didn’t pitch and when I called him he didn’t answer then later he send me a text that we need to arrange to meet up, so I was quite annoyed and ignored him feeling that I’m not going to put up with this, but 2 days later I started to feel bad and told him sorry for ghosting and he said no it’s fine he understands completely and that we should meet up that weekend. Then I found the info of a pisces man testing you. Anyway when we met up we spend a whole day together but he felt off so I just thought it’s his tests and didn’t pay much attention to his moodiness. But what bothered me is he seemed very distant the next day and my insecurities started like what did I do wrong were did I fail ect. And I also went through some personal stuff with my ex husband so I told him I’m going to take a step back I have things I need to work on and then I’ll get back to him. So I think 3 weeks passed and I started talking to him again. Since then everything was amazing. We spend a weekend together were things got heated when we made out, but nothing happened so I got the feeling he doesn’t have alot of experience. So in the week I texted him about it so he said he hasn’t slept with someone yet. He is 30 years old I’m 27. Please note I can’t find that he has any addictions and he is very sporty. I also realized that he has intimacy issues. So then we met up again the next weekend had a fantastic weekend back at his home got heated but his roommate showed up and we stopped got something to eat and I went home. The weekend after that again met up had a fantastic day he took me places and we did couple like things together. Then we went to his home we made out and I gave him a hand job after that he was completely emotionally detached like I felt it very powerfully. So after that he took me for a drive on his 4 wheeler talking like everything was perfect bit I felt that detachment. And before I left he told me he wil see me the next weekend. Next weekend came nothing he is busy with studies. So told him I’m ok with it I understand certain things are important so I don’t mind waiting to see him. And he said no we will make plans to see each other the Sunday. But I already started to feel things are very off. Sunday came he went to church and coming back he told me he needs to complete his studies. And I was annoyed and just said ok and took a nap. So in the week I was like no I’m not doing this anymore so I texted him and saying it, but he didn’t even respond. 3 days later I figured everything out after taking a step back from him realizing that he is also seeing someone else. So I texted him saying that I figured everything out and that he was lying to me and I did get quite rude, but I’m human. He didn’t reply and then like 3 days later my humanity set in and I started feeling really bad and I told him I’m sorry I gave him a negative mind set and I reacted wrong so he called me and we talked like there were no bad vibes. So I thought to myself I need closure because he still didn’t admit to seeing someone else. So the Friday we arranged that I will sleep over by him. So I got there and we talked so I told him I know I’m not wrong and that he is someone else and he looked me in the eyes saying no there’s not but he moved his hand. So I just thought I’m forgiving so hopefully the person he talked to he stopped. So the rest of the night went amazing we talked in bed for hours about everything and anything so before falling asleep we started making out and we finished each other off by hand we cuddled the whole night the feeling I got from him was warm and loving and honestly that night I felt like I love this man, I’m not going to tell him this but this is how I felt about him. Ok so the next morning woke up made out almost didn’t get out of bed eventually did went to a mall because he has n function with his mom the evening and he has got a few things he needs to buy. He also asked my opinion on what to buy like couple do we prayed before we ate breakfast everything was amazing. And then when he send his mother a picture of something she wanted him to buy I saw a girl’s name, instantly my mood shifted. So I kinda rushed to leave and go home. So when I got hom I called him and told him I want to explain why I wanted to leave so urgently and that I saw the name and he told me no it’s someone he knows a very long time and acting like she is not a big deal but because I can read him I knew he was lying. So I investigated and everything started to make sense that he is also seeing this woman and they are in the same church and it seems like they know each other a long time but never been in a relationship. Right now I feel like I’m done with him he send me a text this morning and I’m not even feeling bad for not responding I’m also not planning ons talking to him again. I told him it’s fine if he got someone else not in competition with anybody I’ll take myself out the competition so they can be happy, but he just denied everything so it’s the lies that bothers me if he just told me the truth I would have felt better but he lied and that is what I’m not fine with. So I don’t know what answers I want at this moment but whatever your conclusion is I’ll appreciate it.

        1. Hi AnonymousC!

          Yikes! Alright so I would ask him what the nature of the relationship you have together is. You have a right to know where he thinks things stand so you can be on the same page with whether or not it’s something good or it’s just a friendship. It’s not wrong of you to ask. Ask him in a casual way “I was just curious but I’d like to know where you think things are with us and where they’re headed”. He should be able to tell you. This should help you decide to cut him loose or to try to work it out with him. That part will be up to you sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  11. My story is actually a little different but i would love some advice, im a virgo woman in a relationship with a pisces man and so it start out when i met him at a party in 2018 and his eyes dont leave me soon as i walk through the door, later on that evening we got aquatinted and i gave him my goodies a little too early but months went by and he still kept in touch then out of the blue got a girlfriend so we stopped talkin of course then almost a year late they broke up and he wanted my friendship so we ended up gettin cool again and hangin out with eachother and after a while of that December 2nd of 2020 rolls around and he decides he wants to be my boyfriend so i say yes then 3months into our relationship he decides wants to see what its like with another girl then 3short days later he apologizes and tells me it was a mistake and he wants to be with me then 2short days go by and he tells me something is missing and i tell him he can never come back now almost a week has went by and he come back saying he misses me now i dont know if im being played with or if he really does want to be with me and just is scared

    1. Hi Hbicni!

      He sounds confused and maybe a little immature. Be honest with him and tell him you will not do this back and forth with him any longer and either he wants to be with you for the long haul or he doesn’t but there is no in-between. Give him a chance but if he pulls back again, end it for good. He also need to prove his loyalty to you so you don’t have to mistrust him. That will take a lot of work. Read more about Pisces by checking out my book. I could give you more helpful hints on how to deal with Pisces.

  12. So, I’m an April Taurus and I met a Pisces guy 2 weeks ago on a dating app. We went out and hit it off in an eventually very long date. In the middle of the week he texted me he could not stop smiling thinking of our time together, he also called me for about 2 hours. He asked to meet over the weekend and we arranged to cook together as previously discussed (he is a cook). We met for lunch and a long walk, and later in the afternoon we went to my place to start cooking. We ended up laughing, drinking and kissing at the end of the night. We also slept together but this didn’t work out very well, which I did not consider a big issue as it was the first time (nervousness) and we also had a lot of wine. However, he stood up a bit after to go outside and smoke (previously he did it inside with the window open), so I was like ‘is everything ok?’. He was like ‘yes, just need some fresh air’. He came back and was awkward, I asked again if everything ok and he said ‘the problem is you are overthinking, if I say that I feel now like going to sleep on the couch, this doesn’t have to do with you’ and then we slept. We woke up next morning, with him seeming aloof and no sign of tenderness. We started listening to music and reading some things of common interest. Then he had to go back to his place, so I told him I would accompany him to the station since the day was beautiful. We ended up taking a scooter to go around the city and later having drinks and talking about business and philosophical issues. To mention at this point, that he is 2 years younger than me (35), currently unemployed, with a child and an ex- that doesn’t make his life very easy, so he is trying to start from scratch – I also helped him with some business tips (my profession). Eventually he had to go back home after spending 1 day together… Before saying goodbye, he said that he felt some pressure with me, that he wouldn’t like me to jump to conclusions and ‘why should we put a label on that?’ (me asking him why he went outside to smoke, or when i mentioned in one of our discussions that we just started dating – I said it in the sense of meeting up to get to know each other). I told him that I like him, enjoy our time together, feel very comfortable with him and would like to get to know him even better in a romantic way obviously. He replied he thinks what happened the previous night will not happen again, and that he finds me very intelligent and loves our discussions and he wouldn’t love to continue that but he thought of being honest with me since I’m looking for someone, hoping that I would not feel ‘used’. When I tried to understand what exactly turned him off and ‘explain’ myself in case of misunderstanding, he didn’t seem to like it very much, he said ‘this is my gut feeling, what would you do if you were me?’ I said ‘in general I give some time to people’. He said ‘why give time to something it’s not gonna change?’ I said ‘You know yourself better than I do. If this is how you feel, this will be respected. I don’t want to say anything more as if trying to change your mind, the point is for you to be in this because you want it’ . He said ‘I understand if you are upset’, I said ‘I’m not upset, I’m sad’ and that was it. He hugged me, and he said he will call me during the week to see how I’m doing, I agreed but don’t know how I feel about this. Is this a sort of game-testing, is he confused or is this his final word?? It doesn’t happen often that I find a guy I can ‘speak the same language with’, on the other hand, I think that if we keep our contact, I will hope that he will change his mind and I may also feel he ‘uses’ me as his consultant…

    1. Hi Maria!

      Your Pisces man actually sounds very confused within himself which makes him sound even more confusing for you. He’s saying that he knows it won’t change and therefore why put more energy into the relationship. I think what you need to do is leave him alone for a bit. Give him some space and time. Perhaps he will figure things out in his head and then better communicate with you. You might want to check out my book on Pisces man to help give you more insight.

  13. My first love was a pisces and Im a capricorn, also his first love. Moved in with him at 14 because of my situation and we were together till I was 16. He will text me every once in a while, but he does have a girlfriend who resembles me a lot scarily. He broke my heart in pieces and so I spent a lot of time grieving as I was super young. Well for the past 3 years Ive been working on myself and trying to forget about him and getting my life together as a young adult. I recently moved into these apartments for the first time and 2 months later he does too. He also asked my roomate if we were having sex, but my roomate is just a close friend. Nothing more. I feel crazy saying hes watching me but it feels that way. Also Im pretty positive he knew I moved into these specific apts before he moved in. He is 2 faced sort of, he has a gemini moon…he acts super nice to me but says otherwise with ppl. This isnt even all of the details but a summary..what do you think ?

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Sounds like your Pisces man was very much damaged from a past relationship where he was cheated on or betrayed. This makes him incredibly insecure enough to play the jealousy card on you. Yes, Gemini moon can make him two faced. He’s the two fish as a Pisces. He’s dual natured x 2. AS far as right now, he sounds a bit like a stalker. If you worry about your safety, you should perhaps get a restraining order. Your life is none of his business at this point. He probably still carries a torch for you. Try talking to him and call him out for watching you. Tell him it’s creepy. Give him a chance to explain. If you need more Pisces help, check out my book.

  14. Hi I met my pisces man and started dating 5 months ago. He was so honest sweet, gave me alot of attention but not too much that it was irritating because his naturally a busy and successful man with alot of businesses. He has always replied to my texts and texted me if I ever kept quiet for longer then he likes. So 2 months back he called me trying to see me but unfortunately he got busy and had to cancel and he was apologetic about it. There after he didn’t see me for 2 months which was so weird and unusual and I tried my best to be positive and patient with him. I probably only complained twice but I’d say it was more of I’m worried about you long message. He never went missing always replied to my texts during those 2 months. So last week he finally texted me and we made plans to see on another. Though during the day we hung out with his best friend and the best friends gf then later we were alone for maybe 8 hrs and let me add how he said to them that “I’ve been giving this girl so much stress but she has been so calm about it, I usually don’t last with woman” . Anyway during the time we were alone we spoke about alot! So he explained he was going through something financial and that he wasn’t sure if I’d want to be with him during that state which is weird coz I don’t mind, I just want him close to me. Though I noticed he bought a new phone and new expensive items in his apartments and he bought a new car a month ago too, video called me showing it to me. He does have alot of luxurious cars by the way maybe 10. So we spoke about so much and by the sound of things it seems as though he seems to see me in his future but this man has never taken me out on a date we’ve just always hung out at one of his houses lol. He always talks about us traveling and doing this and that but nothing so far, he still says it but nothing. Even when he is traveling he will call and text me all the time but lol where is my invite??. Anyway he also used to mention how much he will be taking care of me and buying me a car but all of a sudden doesn’t say it but talks about the future and all of a sudden wants to hear about my problems. We even had our first night without sex which was so weird but i didn’t mind he was still very affectionate and loving also we didn’t because I had come of birth control coz of hormonal issues so I think that’s also a reason. So now today I texted him about giving me money for birth control and he just ignored me. That’s a first! Anyway I stayed calm and 9 hrs later I texted again and I said alternatively we can just use condoms until I can get birth control and still no response. I have never asked him for money and asking him for money for birth control has always happened and his always sent it and we’ve discussed it so it’s not unusual. I don’t ask for money for anything else at all. He does know I recently lost my job due to this pandemic and his always been so understanding and supportive about it even used to give me money for no reason and without asking either but that has stopped and I really don’t mind I’ve never asked for it anyway. I dont understand why his acting weird and ignoring me. Is it a test.. I don’t get it. Also what’s with the empty promises.. Maybe his not planning to take me out anywhere not even a date. It’s weird. Ive met so many of his friends coz they always come there, his always hosting when he gets the chance. Also what was with him not seeing me for 2 months that was weird too.

  15. Hi I met my pisces man and started dating 5 months ago. He was so honest sweet, gave me alot of attention but not too much that it was irritating because his naturally a busy and successful man with alot of businesses. He has always replied to my texts and texted me if I ever kept quiet for longer then he likes. So 2 months back he called me trying to see me but unfortunately he got busy and had to cancel and he was apologetic about it. There after he didn’t see me for 2 months which was so weird and unusual and I tried my best to be positive and patient with him. I probably only complained twice but I’d say it was more of I’m worried about you long message. He never went missing always replied to my texts during those 2 months. So last week he finally texted me and we made plans to see on another. Though during the day we hung out with his best friend and the best friends gf then later we were alone for maybe 8 hrs and let me add how he said to them that “I’ve been giving this girl so much stress but she has been so calm about it, I usually don’t last with woman” . Anyway during the time we were alone we spoke about alot! So he explained he was going through something financial and that he wasn’t sure if I’d want to be with him during that state which is weird coz I don’t mind, I just want him close to me. Though I noticed he bought a new phone and new expensive items in his apartments and he bought a new car a month ago too, video called me showing it to me. He does have alot of luxurious cars by the way maybe 10. So we spoke about so much and by the sound of things it seems as though he seems to see me in his future but this man has never taken me out on a date we’ve just always hung out at one of his houses lol. He always talks about us traveling and doing this and that but nothing so far, he still says it but nothing. Even when he is traveling he will call and text me all the time but lol where is my invite??. Anyway he also used to mention how much he will be taking care of me and buying me a car but all of a sudden doesn’t say it but talks about the future and all of a sudden wants to hear about my problems. We even had our first night without sex which was so weird but i didn’t mind he was still very affectionate and loving also we didn’t because I had come of birth control coz of hormonal issues so I think that’s also a reason. So now today I texted him about giving me money for birth control and he just ignored me. That’s a first! Anyway I stayed calm and 9 hrs later I texted again and I said alternatively we can just use condoms until I can get birth control and still no response. I have never asked him for money and asking him for money for birth control has always happened and his always sent it and we’ve discussed it so it’s not unusual. I don’t ask for money for anything else at all. He does know I recently lost my job due to this pandemic and his always been so understanding and supportive about it even used to give me money for no reason and without asking either but that has stopped and I really don’t mind I’ve never asked for it anyway. I dont understand why his acting weird and ignoring me. Is it a test.. I don’t get it. Also what’s with the empty promises.. Maybe his not planning to take me out anywhere not even a date. It’s weird. Ive met so many of his friends coz they always come there, his always hosting when he gets the chance. Also what was with him not seeing me for 2 months that was weird too. Oh and I’m an aquarius lady

    1. Hi Anonymous!

      I’m afraid the only way to know for sure why he’s acting strange is to ask him about it. Tell him all the things that you’ve noticed that have changed and that he’s not talking to you about any of it. Ask him if he’s alright or if something has changed between you. Since you are an Aquarius, you want the truth so go ahead and ask him for it. He should tell you exactly what he feels. If you need more guidance then check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  16. Hi I am Virgo, the man that I in love in is March Pisces. When I told him that I have feelings for him, he said he don’t know what he wants and he just trying to develop himself. And I asked again what am I to him, he couldn’t answer what I am to him. But he will always text me. He always asked me to some sexy pictures and videos to him and most of the conversation is steamy. One day I told him. I can’t do this he said why not, he asked me if I want to take him out of my heart and change, he asked me to do it for the love that I have for him. Till now we are in touch but I feel like he is afraid of commiting and not say anything. I know that he is in a healing stage as he broke up but he did not tell me its has been how long. Sometimes I feel like he is playing sometimes I feel like he is serious. I don’t know what should I do, do I keep distance with him? What I should do, I do video calls with me, he adore me calling him with cute names. I told him let me in to heal you, he said he will be happy if I heal him, should I just continue with him or distance myself from him.

    1. Hi Hema!

      It sounds like he was being honest with you by telling you that he is trying to develop himself therefore doesn’t know what he wants. Maybe he is afraid to commit but until he figures himself out, he’s not going to take a leap into a relationship. That much is true. I think I’d tell him that if he needs to figure out himself then you will gladly give him some time and space but if he’d like to develop the bond more, you’ll be there. Tell him he needs to let you know otherwise you will go work on yourself as well. If you would like more insight, please read my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

      1. Hi
        My pisces man blocked me for a month and unblocked me. He came with an excuse saying he was going through personal issues and wanted to isolated himself. My issues is that he alway like sex and staying at my place. He never took me out but say he loves me. His attitude is so confusing sometimes I want to break up with him but sometimes I can’t. When we break up I was already dating someone suddenly he come back. Can you please help me with some advice. He doesn’t also take me out for a date he say I look too young people will think he is a pedophile. He is 18 years older than me. I really don’t know what to do. Thanks

        1. Hi Cherie!

          Sometimes when a Pisces man is with someone, he wants to keep them all to himself which is why he wouldn’t want to take you out. You need to tell him that you want him to treat you normal and take you out with him from time to time. I think what he’s told you is a lame excuse when it comes to you looking younger. He shouldn’t be worried about what other people think otherwise why is he with you? That makes no sense. Basically you need to tell him you want to go out with him or you don’t want to be together. He needs to find middle ground with you.

    2. I have been dating a Pisces who is younger than me (likes older women) and is a athlete. Things were great in the beginning, in fact he was almost too clingy and it scared me a little. But I feel like he thinks he has me so he doesn’t have to do all the things he did in the beginning. He is a athlete and travels allot and barely has time but he does try to make time for me and show me that he misses me or wants to see me, but then he can be flakey because he’s so busy and barely has time that he tries to over extend himself which drives me crazy. He also loves to sleep or his alone time, he will come to my house and just fall asleep, & I get annoyed but I don’t say anything because I know he gets tired from traveling and sports. He will make plans and sometimes sleep through the plans and when I call him out on it or try to cut things off he apologizes and try’s to say that no one understand the things he has to do and sorry for pushing you away, and that I never had to open up to anyone so it hard and he tend to push people away. I have tried to be there for him but I feel like he milks it, he milks the loss of his brother says it’s messing with his head and will get distant at times. Most recently he lost a close childhood friend and his brothers one year death anniversary is coming up so I wanted to do something to get him out the house so he wouldn’t be said, all week he has been short with me and not engaging with me in text which isn’t like him at all….he will reply but won’t engage in conversation, when I called him out he told me how much he miss me and likes me but he doesn’t want to talk right now bc he’s down and he doesn’t want me to think he’s avoiding me but him being around me right now is pointless because he’s sad. I’m overthinking things and I’m feeling like he doesn’t want to be bothered anymore even though he told me how he felt. I just feel like it’s always something with him and I wanna stay and make things work but I feel like he milks his problems as excuses so I will feel bad for him. He promised me more time and more dates and although his off season just started I don’t wanna stick around and wait to see if these things will happen because I just feel like his intentions are good but his execution isn’t especially since he told me he never really had a real relationship because women doesn’t understand he doesn’t have regular people time because of what he does so he doesn’t know how ti prioritize good. And I only get real emotion from him when I threaten to walk away. He’s so detached or scared to show he has feelings so he won’t get hurt. I’m so confused because he’s so hot and cold without even trying to be. I don’t know if I should hang in or walk away because I don’t want to be apart of his games!

      1. Hi JessicaB!

        This is where his actions become more important than his words. Pisces has a hard time dealing with their feelings and can become a bit of a mess when that happens. This is why you’re experiencing what you are. You need to look inside yourself and listen to your inner voice when it comes to what is best. I think you already know the answer and you need to follow it. I do wish you all the very best in life sweetheart!

  17. Hello I’m a Leo woman dealing with a Pisces man, I’m so confused with him it’s ridiculous. He has a habit of saying he’s gonna come see me and doesn’t and I don’t know what to make of it. We don’t talk as often as we did in the beginning but we do talk. I feel like I’m always the one who initiates the conversation all the time but yet he wanted me. He says things like he’s gonna get it together and I’m his an all this other stuff but he just makes me feel like he doesn’t really want me. Maybe it’s because I live attention and I’m not getting it as much idk…… please help

    1. Hi Sweets!

      Call him on it sweetheart. If he is being flaky with you then you’ve got to say something to him about it. Don’t chew him out but simply ask him why this is happening and if he still wants to grow this bond or not. Tell him you feel unwanted or desired. Pisces men are supposed to be very attentive when the are in love. Find out by asking him what his deal is. You can also read my book “Pisces Man Secrets” for more insight.

  18. Hello Anna!

    I’ve been reading most of your posts to get a better sense of my Piscean man. Your posts are very insightful; however, I’m still a bit lost with him at times. I’m an Aquarius woman that fell deeply in love with a Pisces man. I still get confused at times because reading some articles of Aquarius not being the best match for a Pisces makes me feel worried. I actually feel like I have found my soulmate (he also tells me the same too).
    We’ve been together for roughly 2 years and met in the most unusual place. As embarrassing as it is to say, a video game. I wasn’t looking for anything at the time as this game that I played was just to occupy myself when I had nothing else to do.
    We started off just messaging each other through in game private chat and really got to know each other. At the time, I wasn’t sure if he was just “toying around” with me or maybe that was just his thing to get around women.
    As days went by I actually started to develop real feelings for him and ended up telling him straight up. He told me he felt the same and things started to hit off. We then moved on to exchanging numbers and would message each other almost everyday. I was still a bit skeptical and was not being completely honest with him because I didn’t tell him that I have a daughter. As things started to get alittle more intense; I finally couldn’t take my dishonesty anymore and wanted to break things off. I wanted to come back to reality and decided maybe this wasn’t the best thing for me because it seemed like a fake relationship, like, cmon I met this guy from a game and haven’t even seen him in person.
    So I just ended up telling him about my daughter in the midst of a breakup. As sad as he was he did not want to let me go at all. He told me that we could work through it. Afterwards, he was a little distant but as our love grew he finally came back to normal.
    (Some facts:He lives in South America and I am in North America. We share the same values and interests but sometimes disagree with one another’s practices)
    He has plans of studying where I am. And as many people may think that he might be using me to get a visa here. I’ll tell you it’s not like that at all! He never once asked me for anything. I lost my job for about a year and some months now and he’s been really supportive financially and sometimes would give me what little money he has without me having to ask or without hesitation.
    Fast forwarding, we have made plans on getting things going with our lives and into finally being able to see each other. As of right now we are awaiting his approval for the university he applied to.
    We have been speaking to each other everyday and as childish as it may seem we sleep on video together every night.
    I feel like he is the one for me and he tells me the same and wants a future with me. He makes plans and visions us being together at all times.
    Sometimes I can’t help but feel like him being a Pisces and saying all these things is just his dreamy side.
    Would he actually make it into a reality? I know he really loves me just by his actions and words. What do you think Anna?

  19. My ex fiancee now he put me out after six years and 2 kids for a woman who is older than him and me on valentine’s day which was also our anniversary of engagement. This year is so sad for me and I just want to know how to talk to him and make him understand that we have kids involve and I need to see my kids and talk to them.

  20. Hello Anna,

    I did purchase your PDF file of the book. It was very helpful. My case is just really unique and complicated. I hope you ca clarify this.

    I’m a Scorpio and I met him at 20 and he was so crazy about me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. He would always put the time and effort to drive 3 hours to come see me 4 times a week. He use to always call me and check on me. He would call to make sure I get home safe after work and school. He would also wait outside my school and work for hours. He introduced me to his family and friends. I’m the only girl he constantly brought with his family. Sadly this lasted only for 1 year. We both broke it off cause I found that he was on bubble. His repose was he doesnt want to get atttached to me because he won’t be able to write his medical exam which he didnt do for 10 years because he was attached to his previous ex. He didnt want to go through that again with me and not focus and not finish his studies to be there for his family as they are relying on him financially as well. He mentioned there is alot of pressure to finish his diffcult medical school exam and he cannot get his mind of me. He said he was on bubble to try to forget me. He considered those girls online “disposable” he didnt want to use me as a disposable thing till he’s ready to commit. He said he won’t be able to commit till he’s financially stable and completes his studies.

    He also begs me to change my number for 2 years now. He still calls me checks on me still possessive. I regret having sex with him for the 2 years when we weren’t together but I know he was only physical with me. I know his daily schedule and he calls me before he sleeps.

    I don’t know if the issue is him not finishing his studies or him not liking me or that his ex damaged him when she left him for another man which delayed him focusing on his studies and career. He also hates his mother working at the bakery they own. He loves having her at home. He always says he never spent time with his mother as a little boy. Hes a really nice guy but he always seems confused.

    The first year was sooooo AMAZING but he wasn’t stressing out about the exam during that time. He was more relaxed in the moment. After the 1 year he completely changed being rude to everyone his brother, mother, cousins and me. His character changed but he still cared enough to contact me every day. But after that year for 2 years we’ve been in a situation ship where we would talk once in a while everyday and then have sex but no label.

    I decided not to sleep with him to see his real intentions with me. He also has a problem with my age and tells me to move on and to focus on my life and family. He thinks a women only knows what he wants when shes 25. He doubts that I have real love for him. He thinks its young love.

    What should I do? Appreciate your advice.

    1. Hi Rubeena Arul!

      It’s great to hear from you. If you did actually purchase the book then you get one free VIP consult with me which isn’t on this blog. Reach out to my support team and have them send you to me honey. Email support@annakovach.com Then I can advise you with your unique Pisces man situation sweetheart. I’ll be watching for your email.

  21. I met a Pisces in Feb 2020 through work. I felt an instant connection (I’m a Taurus) He added me as a friend on FB and started PMing me not long after. I loved his cheeky approach and enjoyed chatting to him and it escalated quickly as he was saying all the right things. We started meeting up for walks (nothing else because lockdown ?) and we fell for eachother. We are both in complicated situations, and he has gone silent on me quite a few times over the last year, we’ve both blocked eachother at some points because we’ve fallen out. A lot of it is miscommunication and frustration. I have apologised quite a few times when I know it is my fault. But this time, he said something I didn’t like so I pulled him up on it. So he blocked me! I wonder if this is it this time. I am not reaching out this time. I am calling upon my Taurean stubborness to not reach out to him via email (he doesn’t block me there so there is always a door open). Last time I got fed up with his silent treatment I held my own, I didn’t reach out at all and I went quiet on social media, and after 3-4 weeks he text me out of the blue.
    I do love him and I miss him, but he is terrible at communication. I know he suffers depression so I do make allowances for that, but also am aware he may use it as an excuse. If he does come back we have a lot of work to do and I want a clean slate. But I am thinking of talking to other people now to keep my options open, which is hard for me today as I am loyal. But I also don’t want to be wasting my time.

    1. Hi Kate!

      Your Taurean pride may lose him though. Pisces moves on quickly. They can change their thoughts or feelings on a dime. I wouldn’t recommend doing the silent treatment. Give him time but tell him that you two really need to talk face to face (in person or video chat) so that you can hash it out. Tell him you love him and miss him. Hopefully he’ll agree and then you’ll be able to work through it. If you want to know more about the Pisces man and how they operate, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets.

  22. I am a Pisces and my guy is a Pisces (2days apart) what should probably be the greatest love story told has actually been an emotional nightmare for 2 years that i can’t seem to wake up from. I have caught him in so many lies and w expert at reversing it on me to make it seem like it’s my fault when I know it’s not. Then I begin to feel bad, we can go weeks without speaking even though I reach out all of the time to resolve issues. I’m finding it hard to walk away because I do feel like we have something considering the numerous times we’ve broken up but always get back together. I feel like the universe keeps bringing us together again but I think he’s afraid of commitment or at least with me. I’ve tried to walk away and ignore him, ghost him, but it hurts!
    I don’t know what to do anymore. We’ve talked, we never clear past issues more do sweep it under the rug. I know i need to let him go but i can’t 🙁

    1. Hi Courtney!

      Ouch yes lies are no good for anyone. I’m sorry you’ve got through this. If you cannot put your foot down or walk away then you’re going to keep getting more of the same. This isn’t good or healthy for you sweetheart. You may have unresolved karma between you. It sounds like you do based on the fact that nothing ever gets talked about or cleared. Try bringing in a third party. Get someone that can be objective for the two of you that can sit down and help you two communicate about things. The more you do this, the more gets aired out and maybe moved past so you both can be healthy. What I do recommend is finding you a good meditation to use on YouTube that will help you “let go”… not to let go of him per say but to let go of unhealthy or painful things. Do it daily for 30 days and see how you feel. Also check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets for more information. Wishing you the best!

  23. My ex is a Pisces. We had been together for 7 years when he had tried to hook up with another girl, and I had gut feelings that he had tried to do it a few times before that. The red flags were just as this article stated; mind games, lying, omitted stories etc. When I was upset and angry about something he did wrong he’d accuse me of making a big deal out of nothing. As if it’s ok for him to do it but if I did it he wouldn’t like it. Issue with him is that he wouldn’t tell me if he was upset. He’d just do something petty to get vengeance. Anytime after we would argue, he’d go quiet and distant. Then He’d either pretend like nothing happened or he would apologise and make promises. But just as the article said, he never delivered. He wasn’t trying to gain my trust back and he never tried to work through problems with me. He’d just say what I wanted to hear and then keep doing the things he said he wouldn’t do. If you’re reading this and thinking of getting involved with a Pisces man, make sure that you give him time to really think if he wants to commit to you. Tell him how you feel about him, show him by showering him with affection and cuddles (they love cuddles). And if he says he wants to commit, make sure you both set boundaries for your relationship as early as possible. When you’re confronting him about something, do so in a calm and polite manner. Don’t ever make him feel as if you’re interrogating him. If you feel as if you’re gonna lose your shit with him, make sure that you do everything in your power to calm yourself before talking with him. No matter what he does wrong, as soon as you show any sort of hostility or anger towards him he will close off and he won’t feel obligated to make amends. I learnt these things the hard way, and I only wish I had handled things better. But your Pisces man can be all the best things you want in a man if you handle him with care and love. Unfortunately it may feel as if you’re working twice as hard and he isn’t. But it’s only until he fully trusts you that he may start to change his ways.

    1. Hi Lara!

      It sounds as though you’re figured out the truth behind the Pisces man. With everything that you’ve said, I’d say it’s all typical. Calmness, being rational, and gentle is the only way to get along with a Pisces to the extent that they won’t pull back. I’m sorry you learned the hard way sweetheart. It’s not easy to be with a Pisces man if you’ve never experienced one before. They are amazing but it’s getting that trust as you mentioned is what makes it last. I’m glad you know what you do in case you meet another. I wish you all the best!

  24. Am cancer bornjl July.Am married with him now 14years still counting by his grace.But my fear is he traveled out of the country but he do send us money for our upkeep, when he got there newly he do send text messages, video call,chart and show much love but i noticed after 1plus he got there are little changes in him dat is hardly for him to chart wt m or drop message or even speak with the kids but i wl always be d one to do dat first before he could reply m.But later i found he has gotten someone but i asked him about it.But he tried to denied it.But still sending us money for our upkeep but no attention like before but keep telling m his busy.Then i try to discuss this with him,dat is like his trying to avoid m for another woman and till 4days now he busy his line when ever i call him.I later went to try him in another line but pick up when he heard my voice he told m is not ready to speak with me and he hang up the call.Since then he didn’t call but i drop a apology messages for him still not reply till today.Am really depressed ???? right now because i don’t know his mind towards m

    1. Hi Mariam!

      I am so very sorry you’re going through this. Distance is very hard and it’s even harder when you have no idea what is going on with your partner. It’s fantastic he sends money back home and that he does keep in touch. Maybe he is actually busy and not doing what you think he is doing. Instead of trusting your fears, you should trust your own intuition. Panic can make you do and say the wrong things. If your gut is the one telling you he’s up to no good then that may be right but if it’s just your fear making you think this then you’ve got to try to remind yourself of who he was before he left. Was he trustworthy then? Why would that change because of distance? Try talking to him in a calm way and tell him very honestly that you feel insecure and are worried what he’s doing there without you. Hopefully he’ll explain himself better. If you need more information, you should check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets. I wish you all the very best!

  25. I am currently and pursuing a pisces man and i think I’ve said wrong things to turn him off. Because of my traumatic past I’ve said mean and horrible things to him to avoid myself being hurt all over again

    Then i realized that hes still texting me every night but after that confrontation he is becoming quite distant and only text me so that he won’t look like a jerk in my eyes.

    He is ten years younger than me and this is always bothering me. Even after we video called two nights ago, naked he didn’t give me any good compliment. I felt that he was playing with me

    Last night he texted me saying hes busy and gonna go to bed early for these few days. No more asking how was my day doing etc he was so keen and excited to learn about my life too.
    Is this my fault for being so defensive at the beginning? I just don’t want to get hurt again. Even I’ve apologized to my pisces man sincerely and bare my soul for him to see, he is still being a bit distant with me and it hurts

    I don’t wanna be too clingy but i really want to show him i really care about him. What should I do.

    1. Hi Fi!

      Ouch… yes pain can make you say and do horrible things. This also makes you very suspicious of others and have your wall up. This is pretty normal sweetheart. It sounds like you need more work on yourself and some healing so that no matter who you are with, you are able to process emotions better. Defensive behavior can be a turn off. It depends on him and what his belief system is. If you have apologized then he probably just needs a little time to process what has happened. You can still show him you care without coming off as clingy. Send him very sweet but light messages that do not make him feel pressured. Something like “Hope you are well. If you would like to talk, I’m here”. If you need more help, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  26. I am married to a pisces man for 17 years and we have a son, now since we dont have alot of privacy because his mom lives with us, he is resorting to phone sexting with other ladies and hides it from me. They are players and will cheat on any woman of the zodiac sign including me so if you like it then marry a pisces, but if you dont like the cheating then dont marry a pisces man. It will break your heart cause they are always lying.

    1. Hi Mona Khan!

      Not all Pisces men are players and cheaters sweetheart. I’m sorry you’ve had a harrowing experience with yours but keep in mind that we all have the 12 signs in our birth charts. That also means that you have Pisces somewhere in yours. Every person is different and that remains true for Pisces as well. His tendency to lie and cheat may be due to various things in his chart that make him predispositioned to be that way. Please don’t write Pisces men off from your sour experience sweetheart. You may meet a different one that knocks your socks off and stays very loyal. I wish you the best!

  27. Hi,
    I am a cancer female and have been friends with my pisces “man” for the last 2 years. I have secretly had a bit of a crush on him for a while. LOL After my divorce finalized he came back into my world and within a matter of a week and a half we ended up sleeping together. Believe me when I say the sex was and still is absolutely amazing!!!! He stayed at my place almost every night for about 2 weeks, then left for 6 weeks to handle personal things. When he came back he informed me of all he had done etc. I backed of as did he, then one night he wants to come home with me, although I tried to discourage him, I can’t lie I wanted him. The thing is this… we both went into this with no strings attached and it was supposed to be just for fun, unfortunately I have caught feelings. I advised him that I needed to keep my distance and once I admitted why all he said was “sorry”. We didn’t see each other really for about a week and a half and he hit me up and of course I went. The thing that bothers me is he knows how I feel and in the bed he is so attentive and affectionate, yet let us be out of the bed… it’s like we are just friends!!!! No affection, no kiss goodbye, no nothing just see you around. Am I fool to keep chasing and wanting to be with him, oh and FYI there is a 15 year difference between us, but that does not seem to matter to either of us. I feel like the mixed signals are driving me insane! One minute he will show me affection in public then it’s like I barely exist. He tries to speak and act like he cares if I ignore him , but let me show attention in anyway and he basically ignores me!!!! Help! What am I dealing with here?

    1. Hi Sheri Lyn!

      Ok so here is what you do. You need to tell him 100% how you feel and what you want. He is then forced to tell you what he wants and if he wants the same thing. If he says he doesn’t then you will know that it’s just not going to happen. You have feelings and you’re entitled to express them. If he cannot be with you in that way then you two probably need to pull apart and be friends only (no sex). Don’t sell yourself short. If you need more tips, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets!

  28. I am a cancer woman and met my pisces man almost 2 weeks ago. We met on a Sunday night. He called me the same night and asked for a meet up the following day. I declined because my schedule would not permit but would f/u with him tomorrow with a date. I texted him the next day that Thurs would be a good day. He never responded that day. I texted him the next day but instead of a text reply he wanted to FaceTime. I did not except the FaceTime because it seemed too soon. We did eventually Facetime and confirmed the date and time for Thurs. i texted him and said Im On my way and he immediately texted back hold up and thats it. I called no answer. I texted the next day and asked if he was okay. He called me back and thanked me for showing concern and not getting upset. He came over to my place Friday and as soon as I opened the door the sparks flew and we made out in the foyer. We talked kissed cuddled and he performed oral sex on me. He said he had to leave and asked me to come to his place. I declined. We texted over the weekend randomly. He asked to hangout on Sunday but then acted like the conversation never happened on Sunday. He went about his day and called a time or two and texted. It wasnt until around 9 or 10 i texted and he asked me to stop by. I did and we had sex, watched a movie, cuddled and he asked if he could see me. I deflected and didnt give a solid answer. I got up the next morning and he was upset that Inwas leaving so early without even waking him up and wanted to know why. I explained I didn’t want to disturb him. But he called me before I could get home and asked me why I left so abruptly? We texted and talked more that day. Later that night he called teice but I was asleep. I texted him and apologized for not answering due to being sleep. He then FaceTime me and asked me if we could be exclusive. I told him to was too soon and we should let it develop. We made a date to meet that Tuesday night at 10pm (my preferred time). I texted him 2 hours prior to confirm bc he is flaky. He replied instantly which was surprising with a yes. About 30 mins before 10 he texted and said he needs a raincheck because he has to go out of town. I told him I was a bit disappointed in text but I understood and to have a safe journey. He didnt respond. i havent heard back today at all. He seems to like me but I think he has a gf. Please help because I like him. And I ordered him a gift yesterday to ship to his home prior to even speaking to him because it was something we talked about and I thought it would be a cool way of letting him know I like him. Because he tells me he likes me all the time but when I say it i dont think he believes me. What is your advice for me?

    1. Hi Mo Good!

      You need to be perfectly honest with him and ask him if there is someone else in his life. Right now you’re giving off mixed signals to him by telling him that it’s too soon to be exclusive but then now wondering if he has a girlfriend. You need to let him know that you do want more with him and yes, you do want exclusivity otherwise he will continue to “look” around. For sure though you need to ask him if there is someone else in his life. You need to figure out if you have a chance at a future with him or not. Be bold and brave! Check out my books Pisces Man Secrets for more help!

  29. Hi! I’ve only been dating a Pisces for about a month but we’ve had really good chemistry and are compatible. Recently he’s feeling not himself and feeling that something is off and suddenly thinks we should be friends and that he needed space and will reach out when ready. He’s been really sick and stressed. He says he has much love for me and will always be there for me. This is my first time dating a pisces so is it because we are moving too fast that he just wants to be friends and when he says he will reach out, will he really or is he just softening the blow? Thank you

    1. Hi JW!

      He’s unsure of himself and his decisions so he wants to back up and have some time. Yes, if he’s sick and stressed then this will definitely cause him to be incapable of handling a relationship. Give him some time and be patient with him. Try the friends route for awhile and let him sort himself out sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

    2. I’ve only been with my Pisces 3 months. I’m a Virgo. We immediately connected and seem inseparable. I’m just now figuring out his mood swings. If I don’t try to talk to him back, he usually texts or calls by night. He will apologize for being a mean person. He does that hot and cold business. It’s just so confusing for me. He gives me such mixed signals. One day I called him “dude” and he said “dude?!?!?!?” He won’t admit he’s my boyfriend, but he gives me these hints he is and says he’s exclusive. I am not honestly worried he’s with anyone else. The mixed signals just kill me though. He’s about to take me on a hunting trip. We go fishing all the time. I stay the night every night I don’t have my son. He told me he likes my driving and I’m better at driving then any of his ex girlfriends. Why won’t he just admit already?? I told him one night I want to know. I need clarity. I was bit confrontational that night. He told me he’ll just leave me alone. If I knew for certain, I could be patient with him and his mood swings. But if he doesn’t ever tell me, am I just wasting my time? I love him so much. It seems unfair to me.

      1. Hi Nicole!

        I am sorry he’s giving you mixed signals. That really stinks. He doesn’t know what he wants and so it shows with his actions. You’re not wrong to ask him what the deal is. If he cannot answer it’s because he’s not sure. I would just start doing your own thing and not acting like this is something. If he really decides he wants to be with you, he’ll make it very known. Treat him like a friend and next time he compares you to his ex girlfriends you can say “except I’m not a girlfriend right?”. That will make him take a pause and think.

  30. I’m a Cancer, and I was talking to a Pisces guy who liked me a lot; however, at the time, I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to the relationship, so things ended between us. He asked for a gift back, and I got agitated; I lashed out and said hurtful things about him. Soon after, I apologized. He said he needed time and space to breathe; however, I never gave it to him, and I continued to push his boundaries and suffocate him. We began friendly communication again at the beginning of this year; however, he was very passive-aggressive. He would not reply to some of my texts; he would ignore me when he saw me at the gym, he would say that he might be able to hang out, then cancel on me last minute, etc. We finally hung out in July, but after that day, things seemed strange. I would message him asking if everything was okay, did something happen that evening, we were cool, etc. He didn’t like the constant questioning because he messaged me back one day, saying that I required a lot of validation and that we were not a good fit. As much as that hurt, I know that is not true. Our relationship last year, when everything was good, was amazing. We shared the same sense of humor, same passions, and interests, and we really connected. I feel hurt by what he said and take it personally. Even if I require validation, I know that I can change that, which is not a good enough reason to say we are not a good fit. He moved away to a different state this month, and just recently, he offered to let me stay at his apartment when I visited, but after I told him the dates, he said he’d let me know that day and never got back to me. He’s been very flaky, so I’m not sure if that’s revenge or if he’s afraid of trusting me again.

    I was wondering if he would maybe give me a second chance? I feel like he still kind of cares about me because he hasn’t cut me out completely.

    1. Hi Grace!

      Validation isn’t a bad thing and I don’t think you should change who you are for anyone sweetheart. He’s trying to beat around the bush in telling you he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. Him “still kind of” caring isn’t the same as a relationship kind of care. The flaky behavior is because he isn’t invested or interested sweetheart. Whatever his reason is, you’re going to have to let go for now. Maybe with time that will change but right now you’ve got to accept just the friendship he’s leaving open and try to focus on you. Do things you love and spend time with people you care for. When you’re not trying to give him so much attention, he may start reaching out to you. Until that happens, don’t focus on him. I wish you all the very best!

      1. Thank you for responding, Anna.
        I feel stuck because he ended up agreeing to let me stay with him at his place when I was in town, and he seemed super interested in seeing me because he wanted to hook up. He said, “too bad you don’t live in Maryland,” because he was in the mood, and I wasn’t there.

        Then a couple of days ago, he messaged me saying he is being sent for work training and wouldn’t be back until the night before I left. He said he was serious about me staying; however, we never talked about it again after that one evening, so he didn’t know I was serious. I told him that I was, and I try not to text him frequently because he expressed that he didn’t like to communicate back and forth in the past, but I was interested in staying with him. I then asked if he wanted to hang out the night he returned home from his trip because I was thinking about inviting my mom to come if he wasn’t interested. He replied, “we can hang out, but go ahead and invite your mom because I have a bunch of certifications I need to get, and I will be in the weeds for the next 6-8 weeks.” I got confused because he was saying it was a trip, then he was saying it was certifications, so I replied saying “I’m kinda confused. If you told me you’re swamped with certs, I would’ve understood. I was under the impression you were down for me to stay and interested in hooking up. Did something happen that made you change your mind?”

        After that last message, he blocked me. I sent an apology email, and I messaged him on messenger, apologizing and asking to be unblocked. I even called him on google voice but was nervous to respond when he picked up because I figured that would make me look crazy. I am not sure if he was upset that I asked for validation again or because I didn’t believe him. I don’t know what to do. I just want to be unblocked and be friends.

  31. Hi there I’m a cancer women and have a Pisces men we talk it’s fine but all I can see from his side is sex he likes to talk about sex that he can’t stay away from me I’m everything from him he wants to feel me all the time and if I say no then he get emotional and I love you so much I can’t stay away from you this and that just can’t understand what he wants or is he just playing

    1. Hi Maheen!

      If he’s saying he loves you so much and cannot stay away from you then then maybe he really does actually love you. Sex is just part of the equation honey. Give it time. If he really does love you and it’s not infatuation then he will stick around and still continue to treat you as though you’re everything. That’s pretty normal for a Pisces man in love. Of course you should also always trust your own “feel” on it too. That inner voice knows what is right for you. I wish you all the best!

  32. Sorry to mention that he never texted me fist he’s always busy ok I can understand Bcz he’s doing two jobs but yah if I don’t text then he will send me a text hi that’s all sorry for my bad English I hope u understand

  33. Thanks for posting this.

    Just an advice for all my girls out there: work on the relationship with your Pisces like you are growing a plant. And be loving and caring instead of full of hatred. Life is too short for that.

    And don’t forget to look into his moon and rising signs too. There is just so much the sun sign can tell you.

    1. Hi Luap!

      It’s my pleasure to do what I can to help women understand Pisces men. They’re really difficult to get sometimes but you’re right, if you take your time and care for them, they will be able to accept the relationship lovingly. You can’t push them or pressure them. They definitely don’t like negative women. They prefer someone who is optimistic to help them when they’re forgetting the positive side of life. Thank you for chiming in sweetheart. I love your feedback!

  34. Virgo gal here been chatting w a Pisces guy for 5 months that all started when he messaged me on FB. We would have the longest phone conversations ever. In fact our longest was 20 hours!! I kid you not!! We simply just loooved talking to each other and being in each others company. We finally met for one day and spent 18 hours together at a hotel… We agreed it was an epic night not because of the sex but because we just loved being together and just had a great time. He once told me I was his soulmate. I later told him he was mine in a text. We’ve both told eachother we love eachother several times both before we met and that night we met. He was soo much fun that night. Since then, we talked afterwards- got in a heated argument. We both said mean things to eachother… then he said he was done with me. I was devastated so I apologized and said everything I could to patch it up…. He forgave me, he then went to spend time with his folks he sent me pics – I told him how great he looked and how happy I was for him… then he retreated and ghosted me for 4 days… ugh…. It’s so rude. And then today he texted… I gave a short simple response a few hours later and he gave me an emoji to which I didn’t respond…. I’m wondering if maybe this little ‘fling’ ran its course… I sure would love to keep him in my life but the dipping out is just not something I can deal with…. I guess I’ll see what happens in the near future… but he works on a ship and is gone a month at a time so it’s critical to see eachother during the off times or there’s nothing…. I’m just trying to figure out how to move this thing along at a normal pace instead of a snails pace… but maybe it ends now since I won’t see him again for at least another month… such a bummer… I was really into him!!

    1. Hi Larissa!

      I imagine it’s difficult for a Pisces to be with Virgo simply because Virgo is outspoken and can easily hurt the Pisces. They are very sensitive. If a relationship between the two of you can happen it will require much more lessons in communication. You’ll have to take a different approach to how you talk to him. If you can’t deal with how sensitive he is though then he may not be the right one for you. Both parties have to be willing to do the work. I sincerely wish you all the very best!

  35. Hi I am a Scorpio, with a Pisces mask, Scorpio moon, and joined a social media app (not fb) just recently.
    Suddenly, A Pisces man just messaged me out of nowhere, stating, he follows his heart and thought I would be a nice person to talk to. This man in the armed forces, overseas. I was shocked to receive, a message from this man out of nowhere. We then went to another message, text app to text privately. He began to question me about alot of things, how I feel about love, sex, what I think. and there were many things, he said “perfect”. after I got done with my views, which were all matching his. then the text relationship began to move so fast, and I began to feel my soul, his soul bonding together, so quickly. He began to say things like. “we met here for a reason”. And he had decided I am the one to spend his life with. This time span was two weeks. Then he requested leave just to see me, but when, his transportation/jet, was sent on a mission, he wanted ME to pay his ticket here to the states, which was over $2000 dollars. He told me he would pay me back, I was in such an emotional uphevel, I did not do it and backed out. And he totally flipped out, and began to tell me, I don’t love him, and if I cared about him, I would pay for his ticket.
    Then we stopped texting for a while. Then I reached out to him, and he responded, and we got cozy again, and he began to tell me he could not wait to see me. Then again he asked me to buy him a $500 i-tunes gift card. so he could access his I-pad, to get codes for his banking, to pay bills.
    and this is why he could not access his bank. ya da, ya da. He did not tell me when I bought the i-tunes card he needed it to be $500 dollars. I bought one for $25, he was not happy, He wanted me to increase the amount. I said no. I could not do it. Then he began to tell, me, that you sacrifice for the man you said you loved. I questioned him, and asked him why he needed such a large amount, he told me, but then later said it I was being too inquisitive, and asking too many questions, and he felt like the questioning was like a mother talking to a son.

    He was upset, because he said I did not trust him. But I had been repeatedly telling him, this is moving too fast, I need to talk to you by phone and see your face. so I can hear your voice. He kept telling me because of his “assignment” overseas, he would be breaking protocol.
    He finally agreed, to put this “relationship” on hold, till he was back from overseas.

    I told him I need to see him face to face, so “it would help convince me, you are who you say you are, and that you mean what you say, and you say what you mean”.

    to build trust. I have NEVER, been on such a world wind, with a Pisces. I never met a pisces man, or had a relationship with one. HE found me!!! He keen intuition, found “his perfect match”
    he send me his picture, I know what he looks like. But WOW, Not sure what to do! With my Scorp, intuition I KNOW what love and making love would be with this man! WHEW.
    He calls me his Queen, when he is happy with me, but then when I don’t give him money, he lashes out at me.
    ]for now, he agreed to put this “text” relationship on hold, till he is back in the states.
    he said he would contact me, he has my number.
    Not sure, if I should keep hoping and praying he will call me, This is the craziest “relationship”
    I ever had, it just about knocked the wind out of me.,
    it hurts my heart, when he berates me about money.
    Not sure if I should invest my whole scorp heart in it. It hurts.


    1. Hi Nao!

      If he’s hurting you then he’s not the right one for you sweetheart. Money shouldn’t be anything between you two. If it’s an issue to him then again… it’s not the right relationship for you. Being berated for ANYTHING should never happen. I think that you should stop talking to him. Take care of yourself sweetheart. Treat yourself with loving care and respect. I wish you nothing but the very best you deserve!

  36. Hi so the last message I received from my Pisces man goes as follow : hey my person a sorry and forgive me is probably not what you want to hear. Ti be honest with you I’m uncertain and scared of the future. The last thing I want is ti hurt you, but I’m struggling to commit, maybe I’m not ready for a relationship and should pull myself together first. I don’t want to loose contact with you at all and I don’t want ti hold you back or waste your time. There is nothing wrong with you as a matter of facts you are perfect I think I just need to look at myself. I really want to keep in contact with you, but if you don’t want to accept a friendship for now and it will make things difficult I will also understand.

    I feel lost is it over between us? If I’m perfect according to him what’s the problem then? How do I know the things he said in that message is a lie so he can just keep me on a string not to move on? I have asked him what his intentions are with me not so long ago and he said the long road were we settle down buy a house get married and have a family. I also asked him were do we stand after the intentions question and he said that we are working on a us. I have picked up that he was seeing someone else, but I think that is over now. We have been seeing each other for 7 months now with very slow progress. Can I please get advise thank you, because I don’t know what to do. His Venus and mars is in Aquarius if that might also help

    1. Hi AnonCB!

      A Pisces man scared of the future? No shock there. He’s terrified of getting hurt or hurting someone else. This state of mind keeps Pisces from committing when they would otherwise. This is all absolutely normal behavior I hate to say. If he’s saying he needs to look at himself, he’s telling you the truth. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t bother with asking you to stay in touch. He’d totally shut you out. I would say you should do a check in with him every few months. Ask him how he’s feeling about the two of you. You have a right to do this when you’re left “in the air” with it. If he cares, he will answer you and tell you if he still wants to keep going with it or if he wants out. Check in with him sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

  37. Hi, my name is Nevada (not my real name, but let’s go with it). First, let me give some background. I’m in the ninth grade. Over the summer, as I transitioned from the eighth to ninth grade, I decided to be in the high school marching band because I play the trumpet. During the summer you have to go through something called band camp for 2 and a half weeks. This is where I first met this guy named Kohen (also not my real name). He is a year older than me but also played the trumpet. In the beginning, we didn’t talk to each other because we didn’t know each other. I also didn’t pay much attention to him nor did I think much about him. I kind of stayed with my group of friends. Later on, once the school year started, and our band was preparing for our big competition in 2 months, we had practices every week on Tuesday and Thursday for 5 hours each. So I would see this guy pretty often. We were put in a trumpet group chat and one day I wanted to ask him a question so I direct messaged him. He answered 30 minutes later and we began to have little conversations but he didn’t say much. Then my good friend Evan (fake name) decided that he wanted to build a little friendship with Kohen. I thought that was a good idea because they are kind of alike. Kohen is quiet but funny and witty, and also a little shy. After a while and some weeks passed, I started to get this weird nervous feeling in me every time I walked by or was in the same room as Kohen. I didn’t think that I liked him, but I did think he was cute. So, I told my friend Evan and the next time we had practice… Evan told kohen what I said. Kohen acted like he didn’t care and kind of ignored it. I wasn’t embarrassed, just caught off guard. I began to text him more and tried to be around him when I got the chance. He seemed to be fine with it and engaged in conversations. Then one day he said that he wanted to quit marching band! I was furious! I thought, how could someone like him just want to quit? I sent him a long text about how he isn’t a quitter and we don’t need that kind of attitude in the band anyways. I told my friend Evan and he said that kohen probably hates me now. Then I felt really bad. Shortly after, kohen texted back saying “man making me feel bad” with the crying emoji. I told him I was sorry and that I don’t want him to hate me but all he said was “I don’t hate anyone.” Then at every practice, the trumpets would talk about how I liked him. It was frustrating. But he still acted like he didn’t care. One time I asked when his birthday was in person and he told me it was that day. Then he told all of the other trumpets that it was that day. I said, “no way today is your birthday”. He shrugged and smiled. Later I texted him and asked when his birthday was. He replied 10 minutes later with “it’s march 3, don’t forget”. That’s when I started to get into astrology. Because of his sun sign. Then I found out that I was a Sagittarius. Most sites say that a saggis and a Pisces would never work together and it was very discouraging. Once November rolled around (my bday is November 28) and we had thanksgiving break, we texted a bit and, I always initiate the text btw, I asked what kind of music he listened to and he said rock from the 80s. Then he said, “Wbu, what kind of music do you like?” It was weird because he never asked me a question before especially after I asked one. Then we kept talking and got into more conversations. Then he said, “Did Fregley tell you?” Also, Fregley is not his actual name. And I said, “what abt?” And he said, “I think I’m staying in marching band.” I was so happy and I told him how glad I was to hear that. Then he said, “I kept meaning to tell you but I forgot.” Then we talked some more and the conversation ended about 30 minutes later. After the break, he seemed a little distant as if he didn’t want to talk much anymore even though we had a really fun time over text. One day I was talking with some 11th graders and other friends when my friend told an 11th grader that I liked kohen. The 11th grader looked at me and said, “wait you like kohen?!” I said no and started blushing. Then kohen walked into the room to grab something and as he was leaving and the 11 graders looked at him and said, “Kohen, do you like Nevada!?” He had his hand on the door partly opened and looked down while slightly smiling and said no. I didn’t know how to feel. All of the signs show that he doesn’t like me. And now if I text him he replies with one-word sentences five hours to a day later on some days and on other days he sends an actual sentence 45 minutes later. A few days ago I walked into the band (which is where the band nerds usually hang out) and kohen and his brother were in the locker area where we keep our trumpets. I was back there getting my trumpet when he pulled out a card and started reading it to his brother. He read it out loud and it said, “dear kohen, I like you a lot, do you like me back.” It felt like something stabbed me to hear those words. Now I know that someone else likes him. The next day I was with my friend Evan in the locker area and kohen and his brother were back there again. Me and Evan were talking about pianos when suddenly kohen told his brother (loud enough for me to hear, but acted like it was just between him and his brother) that he should start playing guitar again. I don’t get it. I just want to know if I should pursue this feeling of mine or let it go. I don’t even know if I should be friends with him. Please help me, Anna Kovatch. I’ve read your articles but I still can’t figure this out. I can’t pay for anything online either so I thought it would be best to just tell you. I’m sorry. I know this is long and full of fluff but I had to tell someone.

  38. Also, this is Nevada again btw, that person Kohen that I have a crush on sometimes asks about my friend April. And on the trumpet group chat, he likes all of her messages but not mine. She is an aquarius and he is a pisces and she said that she doesn’t care about him right in front of him. But he acts like he doesn’t care.

  39. Hello I’m a April Taurus currently dealing with a Feb Pisces. Things seemed to be going well at first but I’m reaching my breaking point. He currently has been being very selfish and it’s annoying. I explained to him about how I am interested in dating him exclusively and he expressed that he was as well but I see him doing things that show otherwise. When I bring up the topic he explains it away and I’m tired of the behavior. He’s younger than me and I feel like he’s not really ready for what he says. I have given myself a timeline to see if he will change his ways but I don’t see it making it that far because it’s feeling disrespectful

  40. Hi,my name is Dilli.
    Im a Gemini and i feel something about a Piscies guy.
    We know each-other for a year and we were friends.
    All started that i wanted to have a thing with him cuz he texted me things like what im doing . I knew he was a player but i wanted to flirt with him and in the way i never planed anything.
    I texted him intimate stuff and one night out he grabed my hand in front of his friends and sent me home and kissed me like nothing but we never talked about that. He always texted me in mornings and good nights ,but i was sceptic to tell him that i feel something for him cuz he is different when we are facing each other and different when we text. He calls me his friend live and texting his heart.
    But now when i told him im confused that i dont know if you are playing with me or not he said that i was cold to him.
    Deep down sometimes i knew he is just playing me and wants me to tell him how much he is my heart, i never reacted cuz i didnt want to get hurt.

    He always wants to meet and kiss in same place where he works and nobody is around. Never calls for a date, but in beginning he wanted to go to travel together and i thought it was to early in that stage without even talking what we are together. We still didnt talk about that .
    I just dont know what to do and act around him. It kills me when he calls me his friend and when i get angry he switches to sweet words.
    Thank you

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