How To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship With A Pisces Man

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Are you having a sweet and passionate relationship with a Pisces man but he isn’t yet committed? If you’re looking for dedication from him then you’re going to have to show him that you’re the right one for him!It may not be an easy transition, because he’s become comfortable and he isn’t sure why he should change what the two of you have going on. It’s going to take a bit of work for you. And if you’re willing to put in the work, then keep reading and learn how to go from friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship with a Pisces man. 

Are you having a sweet and passionate relationship with a Pisces man but he isn’t yet committed? If you’re looking for dedication from him then you’re going to have to show him that you’re the right one for him!

It may not be an easy transition, because he’s become comfortable and he isn’t sure why he should change what the two of you have going on. It’s going to take a bit of work for you. And if you’re willing to put in the work, then keep reading and learn how to go from friends with benefits to an exclusive relationship with a Pisces man. 

Is He Capable Of A Friend With Benefits Situation?

Friend With Benefits Situation With A Pisces Man

This really is the question. If you find yourself having a fwb relationship, then you have one of the unique Pisces men than can do such a thing. The truth is, that most Pisces men cannot detach their feelings from sex.

Either the Pisces guy you are with secretly has a crush on you and only goes along with this to get closer to you, or he’s very wounded and figures he’ll just do it because, why not?

I could see where a Pisces man would be broken enough from past relationships that he just has sex for the sake of it. However, most of them do not operate this way.

The Pisces man is an idealist and lover. He falls in love easily and he falls hard. It’s difficult for him to separate his feelings from actions –he often tangles them together. Therefore, he isn’t often into a friend with benefits set-up. 

It’s very likely for a Pisces man to develop a crush or love for a woman that he’s having this sort of agreement with, because that’s just who he is. Unless he’s really traumatized, he will have feelings for you!

He may start out thinking that he won’t… but typically he will. Again, it’s very uncommon for a Pisces man to have this sort of relationship. He’d rather just date or be friends, but not sex with friendship.

Pisces Men That Will Have Friends With Benefits Relationship

For the uncommon Pisces man that does agree or suggest a friends with benefits situation, he will be very different than the average Pisces you may have encountered before.

The willing Pisces man is probably guarded from his past, and therefore is taking care of himself, not putting any investment into anyone, and is going to be nearly opposite of the typical Pisces man.

He’s not going to be quite as attentive, and he’s not looking for love. They have taken themselves out of the arena to avoid getting hurt. They have hardened themselves.

They seem to not text or call as much, and are alright with not being around you all the time. He loves being on his own and doing his own thing, with the occasional hang out with a friend.

This Pisces guy probably has a lot of emotional baggage that you wouldn’t want to dig into. If you are trying to get this type of Pisces man to get into a relationship, he’s going to resist.

You’ll likely find it difficult to relate to him and lure him into love. It would take a miracle to get a guarded Pisces man to love again. He just isn’t in that mind frame, and he’s in deep need of healing.

If he doesn’t work on his own healing, he’ll continue to be closed off and stay that way. Can you get this type of guy to go from a friend with benefits into a loving relationship? It’s not likely. 

The Truth About Sex With A Pisces “Friend”

The Truth About Sex With A Pisces “Friend”

The sex that comes along with a friend with benefit situation with Pisces man isn’t likely to be nearly as sensual and gratifying as it would be with a Pisces man in love. 

The Pisces man in love will go above and beyond to please you, whereas a “friend” will not. He will get what he desires and then move on. He isn’t concerned with giving you the very best.

He basically isn’t himself. Pisces men in relationships tend to be very attentive, and want to please you because that pleases them. If you take the love element out, he’s just not “there.”

While he could still be good in bed, he simply isn’t as great as he would be if he were in love. If you’re finding that he’s lacking in this department as a friend with benefits, this is why.

And trying to convert him from sex buddy into a loving and committed partner will be very difficult. He hasn’t attached to you, and if he isn’t feeling it then you’ll never get his best in the bedroom.

I would like to add that if he has a sign that makes him more sensual, such as Scorpio or Cancer (fellow water signs), he may be able to deliver a better-quality session (and finish!).

However, unless he already has a secret crush on you, he isn’t likely to develop the talents of making hot passionate love with you. Keep that in mind if you are exploring this type of relationship. 

Can You Convert Friend With Benefits With A Pisces Man Into Love?

If you’ve read this far, then you probably already figured out the answer. Most Pisces men are not capable of such a relationship, as they do tend to fall in love with the person that they attempt this with.

If he already has feelings for you secretly and never told you, you can simply tell him you have feelings for you and he will be thrilled. Fess up and just maybe you’ll get what you’re after!

In the event that he hasn’t had feelings for you in that way, then he’s probably not going to develop them just because you’re spending a little time with him and having sex. He isn’t typical for the Pisces guy.

You’re more likely to develop anxiety or resentment when he doesn’t seem to want to commit. You cannot get a broken man to commit – and if you do, he’s not going to provide you with the love you really want.

To go down the right road with a Pisces man, you really need to cultivate more than friendship from the get go, otherwise things will get complicated. The Pisces man either falls in love or backs away.

Swaying him to go from friend with benefits to a full-fledged relationship is next to impossible. It takes a very rare type (as per aspects of his chart) that can convince him to do this!

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Final Thoughts

My suggestion to you is this: either tell your Pisces man right away that you really want more with him, or don’t get involved with a friend with benefits situation. It’s a very rare success to develop something more once you’ve found yourself in this situation!

If you had a crush on him and got involved in this set up thinking you would get him to be more over time, you’re probably wrong. If he hasn’t shown you that he’s open to it, then he just isn’t. 

I know it may sound discouraging, but take this as caution before you would take your relationship to a friends with benefits situation – now you know that this is not the way to go with the Pisces man if you’re wanting something more from him in the end!

Pisces men are dreamers and lovers, which causes them fall for women very quickly. They practically know instantly if they want to be with someone or not. And if they choose friendship, then they don’t want more than that.

The best thing you can do is to figure out his birth chart, if you can. Then you will find out if he has aspects that render him capable of falling in love with you out of friendship or not. 

If he does actually have a Moon, Rising sign, or Venus that indicates he is able to fall in love with a “friend,” then by all means, tell him what you want! He’ll let you know if he’s into it or not. 

Show him you’re his dream lover and partner that he really wants. If he really sees it and feels it then a miracle can happen. Otherwise, I’d advise not having a friend with benefits relationship with Pisces.

Did you successfully get a Pisces man to go from friend with benefits to love relationship? Tell me how you did it! I’d love to know. 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

And to find out more about the sweet and sensual Pisces man, check out my blog right here: Pisces Man Secrets.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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8 thoughts on “How To Go From Friends With Benefits To An Exclusive Relationship With A Pisces Man

  1. I have been seeing this Pisces man since early last year(as friends with benefits). He’s very guarded as you’ve mentioned and its not until recently that I have started to see his more romantic, fun side though I can still tell he is kind of holding back.
    A colleague of his told me that he got really hurt in a previous relationship and I remember him once mentioning that he has trust issues. We see each other like twice in a month though sometimes there are breaks in between (mostly initiated by him).
    Early this year I noticed something at his place that pointed to him having a girlfriend and when I asked, he apparently does have a girlfriend who I believe he has being seeing for a while now. I still met up with him after that because honestly our sexual chemistry is insane (I’m a virgo if that helps) and I’m struggling to let go since we’ve been seeing each other for so long now.
    I was okay with our arrangement since I wasn’t looking to date but now that I have seen this other side of him I keep thinking, what if? because we actually do have a lot of chemistry. However, I feel like whenever he feels like he may be getting too close he pulls back and I also don’t want to get my hopes up considering he is seeing someone now.
    Please Advise.

    1. Hi Hailey!

      Wait a minute… he doesn’t want to have a relationship so he has a friends with benefits thing with you BUT he’s seeing someone new? I hate to say it but he’s not interested in you for more than what you have. If he did, he wouldn’t be seeing anyone. Not to say he’d be committed but at the very least, he wouldn’t be getting involved with someone else. These types of relationships are designed for the two to enjoy time but not have strings. He just created strings with someone else. I think maybe it’s a good idea you check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets. It could help you understand the mind of a Pisces better. I truly wish you the best but please do what is right for you. Be happy!

  2. Hi Anna,

    I have an unusual situation. I first met my pisces man 12 years ago, introduced by a mutual friend, and he had asked about me at the time, but I was taken. Fast forward to last year (we didn’t really talk much in between) and we reconnected through the same mutual friend as I was setting up a game of DnD. By this time I was married (but it was an abusive relationship that was on its way out, I am better for it!) And we connected intensely, but agreed to stay friends and keep it friendly only while I sorted my stuff out.

    We’ve talked every day for almost a year now and have become close friends. After I got divorced I moved, he’s just started his own business and now just got accepted to a university overseas for a year long Masters program (Sept – Aug). We had a heart to heart conversation (finally lol) this past Monday where we tried to figure out what we wanted to do considering everything that is going on.

    I stated immediately I could not do a friends with benefit situation. That I needed to be attracted intellectually, emotionally and physically with someone to be intimate (in any capacity) with them. We haven’t dated yet so putting a label on anything felt wrong too. I suggested casually dating and he seemed very open to that, stating it took some of the pressure off his own perceived expectations (he said he didn’t think he’d dated very emotionally intelligent girls in the past and possibly was over investing). We also stated we wouldn’t be seeing other people. It has been a long time since I’ve been in this stage of a relationship and I guess I get in my own head about worrying if this ‘casual dating’ is a different label for friends with benefits (we did discuss given the parameters that sexual intimacy could be a possibility). I think even though its not immediately something serious, I do want more investment than a friend you hang out with…

    Any advice on how best to convey this to him and what you think of this situation as a whole?

    thanks! (sorry for length lol)

    1. Hi Serena!

      Alright so you have agreed not to see other people. That means you are exclusive and “interested” solely in each other. That’s a step in the right direction. I’m glad you’re holding off on the sex because sometimes that ruins things if you’re not in the right phase of the relationship. If you need more from him, tell him flat out that you’d like to try to form a relationship type of bond with him if he’d be open for it. Always be honest with him. It’s the only way you’ll ever know what is going on with each other. If you need more help figuring out the Pisces guy, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets for more tips!

  3. I have met a pices man online. ( I am a sag). So far i jave been talking to him online only. We had some phone sex as well. We decided to meet at his place and i was like no. I told him i am looking for relationship and he said he is just looking for an intimate relationship where we could cuddle and hug and eventually have sex but he isn’t looking for relationship cz he has been hurt before and that only led to him going to therapy. So he is still trying to figure out what he wants.
    Even when i ask him questions like what is ur favourite this or that his answers are generic. He never tells clearly he likes x or y.
    Well i told him i can’t meet him at his place cz for me this looked like he still just wants sex and nothing more and it is pointless to continue. So whenever he is healed or knows what he wants he can hit me up.
    Then next morning he calls me in morning and texts me to call him back. He is all like what happened? Atleast come to my place we can hangout. I even changed the day of hangout to a day prior so he says no or smthg. But at night he is like can’t wait to see u I bought groceries since u r a vegetarian etc. I have been dreaming about u coming over my place all day etc. Thing is he was suppose to tell me if the new day works he didn’t. Apparently forgot in all the excitement. I again changed the day to the initial day decided telling u r late to confirm so i have other plans now and he just went silent on the call only behaving like a kid like no come on this new day we agreed on. Etc.
    I don’t know what to do. I mean he says he doesn’t want relationship but keeps doing these extra things. Is he fuckboi just trying to see if he can conquer me or is he interested but doesn’t wanna take steps till he meets me?

    1. Hi Tan!

      I’m proud of you that you’ve stood your ground and not going over to his place in physical person unless he’s ready for a relationship. You deserve more than just sex and cuddling. Until he’s ready you should stick with that plan. As far as making plans and he didn’t tell you when he was actually available is a misunderstanding but it seems he’s pouting about it. I think you should tell him that you DO want to see him but next time tell you exactly when you are available so you don’t make other plans. Just be careful because if you are intuitively picking up on that he just wants sex then that may be the truth. Trust your instincts sweetheart. You’ve got this!

  4. I actually converted my Pisces ex (Pisces sun and moon & Scorpio rising, super watery!) from an FWB to a committed and wonderfully loving boyfriend. He told me at first that he wasn’t looking for anything serious, and I had the DTR talk with him three times over a period of two months before he agreed. After that, it was like a switch had flipped… he gave himself heart body and soul to me. Obviously other things didn’t work out hence the ‘ex’, but it can be done 😉 This guy though had been relatively lucky in love and his heart was open, which I think made all the difference.

    I’ve now found myself in an FWB situation with another Pisces (coincidentally, shares the same bday as my ex..) who does fall into the category of ‘broken Pisces’, had his heart broken by an ex etc and isn’t looking for anything serious. Still though I can see him falling for me, and my time with the ex taught me how to handle them. There seems to be something about me that Pisces men just gravitate to. But I’m not sure it’s in my own best interest to get into a relationship with him. Honestly I feel I’ve learned all the lessons that Pisceans have to teach, and would love to move on to another sign as the fish men I’ve encountered tend to not have their lives together. But they just won’t stop coming at me!

    1. Hi Rapunzel!

      All I can say to you is to be careful. Not all Pisces men are exactly the same. If you aren’t vibing with him enough to commit with him then yes, you should probably just keep moving forward on your dating journey. There IS a reason Pisces is drawn to you and I’m sure it’s there in your birth chart. You should have it looked at to determine your best match and also why Pisces is big in your life. It may really help you!

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