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What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man?

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man? Is it something you should do to get his attention or pay him back for something he did wrong? How do Pisces react to being ignored? Pay close attention!

All relationships, no matter how strong they are, go through difficult times. This is completely normal, and there may come a moment where you just want some space and choose to ignore your Pisces man.

In fact, you are probably asking yourself, “will a Pisces man come back if I ignore him?” I’ve got some helpful information you might desire. Keep reading to learn more about what happens when you ignore a Pisces man.

Are You Ignoring Your Pisces Man Because You Want Revenge?

Something you need to understand is that Pisces men don’t do well with revenge plots. So, when you ignore a Pisces man, you may be taking a huge risk with your relationship. Pisces are highly emotional men, and it adds extra drama into their world that they will not appreciate. Does ignoring a Pisces man work?

Let me explain further… If he’s done something wrong and you’re trying to punish him by ignoring him, this may be a mistake. For one thing, he may not even know why you’re upset, and therefore, ignoring him may make things worse.

Another thing is, if you don’t give him the courtesy of letting him know what he did that hurt your feelings or made you angry, he may be prone to do it again unknowingly. Certainly, you don’t want a repeat of that scenario, right? So, cutting off a Pisces man might not be the right course of action.

You’ve got to be really honest with him rather than going dead silent. The silent treatment doesn’t typically go over well when you ignore a Pisces man. He’ll think maybe you just aren’t into him anymore, and he’ll start preparing himself to move on.

When you’re upset, try to calm yourself down before you do something you may regret. Pisces men do not like being ignored. It makes them feel disrespected and unloved. Leaving a Pisces man alone may make him feel quite insecure.

Unless you truly want him to feel this way and understand what the consequences could be, you may want to hold off and find another way to approach what went so horribly wrong.

Getting revenge summarized: A Pisces man doesn’t do well when someone is trying to hurt them, and they hate being ignored because it makes him feel insecure and unloved. Be careful of the consequences because you may regret what happens next.

Will A Pisces Man Come Back If I Ignore Him? Here’s The Truth

when you Ignore a Pisces Man

When you ignore a Pisces man, you are actually cutting him quite deep. Here is a man who craves emotional connection and closeness, and if he feels like you are shutting him out, then it may have a significant negative impact on your relationship.

What this means is, unless he’s deeply in love with you, ignoring him will only get you dismissed in his life. He won’t dismiss you if he really and truly loves you.

He won’t want to lose you if he thinks you’re the one for him so ignoring him may make him chase after you to apologize but unless you know that for sure, you may not want to take that risk.

When a Pisces man loves you deeply, he’ll do just about anything in the world to make you happy. Why would you ever ignore him? Perhaps you should try to figure out what the problem really is.

If he hurt you or made you angry, perhaps you should sit back, reflect on the love you have for him, and figure out if he’s someone you want to stay with moving forward. If you do, ignoring him isn’t the answer. Cutting off a Pisces man is a big risk, and you need to be certain about his feelings for you.

A Pisces man in love with you may fight for you, but there is also that chance that if you ignore him or put him off, he’ll think you’re over him, and he’ll start to feel he should follow suit. Don’t make that mistake! It’s a HUGE risk and probably not worth it.

When you ignore a Pisces man, you run the risk of losing him forever. Playing games is not something this man is very keen on, so you need to think very carefully about doing this because there is a chance that your Pisces man won’t come back.

Truly loving a Pisces man means you need patience. Let him know when he hurts you or upsets you by being honest, but not while you’re fuming mad or bawling your eyes out. Calm down and then tell him with all honesty what happened.

Love can heal and make mountains move, but you’re not going to win any loving points with your Pisces man by suddenly going quiet or acting like he doesn’t matter to you when in fact, he does.

How to know, ‘will a Pisces man come back?’ in a nutshell: It all depends on the situation and how much your Pisces man cares about you. This is an opportunity for you to learn and grow as well. Remember, it takes two mature adults to make a successful relationship, and there is no point in giving into mind games. 

Cutting Off A Pisces Man Can Really Hurt The Trust Of Your Relationship

I know it may sound more fun to take out revenge or give your Pisces man the silent treatment but, it’s probably not the most effective. Again, he’ll only come running if he really and truly loves you.

Remember, if you are interested in a mature relationship with someone, then you probably need to reflect and ask yourself if you are ready. Do you think people in successful relationships go around ignoring each other?

I am a big believer in karma, so you need to remember what goes around comes around. If you think it is okay to ignore and cut off your Pisces man, then you need to be okay when he does the same to you. This may not apply to your current relationship, but eventually, it will catch up with you.

If he isn’t that into you, he’ll be done and move on. That said, playing mind games isn’t the best way to handle things with a Pisces man unless you want to get beat at your own game.

Be mature about it and simply communicate with him if he’s done something wrong. You’d be surprised how often a man messes up and has no idea that he did until his woman lets him know. That is no reason to cut a Pisces man off for good. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Can you imagine just ignoring someone, and they have no clue that anything happened? This scenario often goes down, and you don’t want to lose the love of your life over something so stupid and trivial.

Tell him the absolute truth. Let him know that you’re upset with him and why. This is the very best approach and the most effective. If you expect him to change or apologize, he has to know that he did something in the first place.

Perhaps he will repeat the same mistake later on because you never told him that you didn’t like that or that it hurt you. Many people do this. They get upset, and then they forgive, but they never bother to tell their partner what went wrong.

It happens again, and then the person assumes that their partner just doesn’t care or isn’t someone they want to be with anymore. All this is avoidable by speaking up and telling it like it is.

The scoop about hurting the trust of your relationship with a Pisces man: It will take a lot of work to repair your relationship with your Pisces man. This is why you need to learn how to communicate with him and express your feelings thoroughly before you choose to ignore him. Communication is key!

The True Consequences When You Ignore A Pisces Man

Ignoring a Pisces Man

I’ve given you lots of ammo regarding why you probably shouldn’t ignore a Pisces man. The other thing is, why would you do that anyway? Is it going to help solve any problems? What happens when you ignore a Pisces man?

I’ve seen so many articles and sites where people advise women to ignore the guy so he will chase after her. The problems never get addressed, and game-playing ensues. That isn’t what you want in a mature, long-lasting relationship.

What you want is honesty, truth, love, passion, and a relationship that will stand the test of time. That won’t happen without proper communication. Open up those lips, ladies, and tell your Pisces guy what is what.

When you do, he may have an apology for you. He may also have a rebuttal, but at least it won’t be a “secret” that makes you go hush. Be a woman and tell him what you feel. You’ll be glad you did, instead of cutting off your Pisces man.

Does ignoring a Pisces man work? Not typically, no. He doesn’t like it, and he’s more likely to either ignore you as well, or he’ll lash out. He’s not one to chase you if you give him the silent treatment, and that could seriously ruin the relationship forever. 

How Can You Tell If A Pisces Man Is Still In Love With You? Even When You Are Ignoring Him

Ignoring A Pisces Man After Break Up

Alright, so what happens if you are ignoring a Pisces man; does he still love you? Well, let me break this down for you. It might seem confusing, but it’s most likely he will ignore you back.

When you ignore a Pisces man, he doesn’t have much interest in chasing you. When you ignore a Pisces man, he feels broken, hurt, and quite possibly even angry. He won’t want to speak with you.

When ignoring a Pisces man, it can be hard to tell if he still loves you or not because he may appear to be rather indifferent. Perhaps after some time has elapsed and things have calmed down a bit, he may speak to you again, but otherwise, I wouldn’t expect too much out of him. You must give him his space.

Leave him be and let him sort himself out. You probably should do the same before you try to contact the Pisces man again after ignoring him. He needs time to heal and forgive you as well. Giving him that time and space may help. Remember what I told you about how Pisces react to being ignored – he really doesn’t like it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore.

All in all, this is sort of a dangerous game you’re playing if you feel you will get him to speak to you after it’s all said and done. Give him the space and time he needs, or he will never speak to you again.

Remember that your Pisces man is a big softy, and he believes in true love and romance. You can win him over by wooing him and letting him know that you were wrong and immature to ignore him. 

But you should only make this promise if you can say with certainty that you will never ignore him again because eventually, he will reach his limit, and it will be his final straw. Enough is enough, even when it comes to a sensitive and forgiving man like your Pisces.

A summary of how to tell a Pisces man still loves you: A Pisces man doesn’t enjoy playing games, but he is quite the romantic, and it wouldn’t take a lot for him to give you a second chance. Give him his space and ask him to forgive you! It is as simple as that.

The Final Scoop On Ignoring Pisces

I hope I’ve helped answer your original question “will Pisces man come back if I ignore him?”  It’s not an easy road to go down, but hopefully, you have better knowledge than you did before.

You might be able to avoid certain situations or feelings that could come with upsetting the Pisces man in the first place. Ignoring isn’t typically a good policy to have. Talking like grown adults is usually best!

So, you and your Pisces man have been hitting it off…

You thought that nothing could get in the way of your amazing relationship…

But then one day, he says something that really gets on your nerves and sends your head spinning.

Perhaps you don’t know how to deal with it, and it just seems easier to ignore him…

However, there are always consequences to your actions, and this might not be something you thought through long enough.

Now you are sitting with a dilemma because your Pisces man isn’t responding to you in the way that he usually does.

Is it possible that you have messed things up in your relationship?

And is there any way for you to repair it? 

Although you may be feeling that there is no more hope left for the two of you and that you have really screwed things up…

I am here to tell you that any relationship can be repaired, even the most hopeless…

So, there is definitely still a great chance for you and your Pisces man!

You might wonder, how is this possible? 

Because you feel like you have really screwed things up with him…

But I promise you, this is not the case!

There is so much you can do to fix things between you and your Pisces man.

You just need to believe it is true!

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It is up to you to turn this whole thing around and have the most amazing relationship with your Pisces man.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a relationship where your Pisces man is all over you, all of the time?

You can really be his dream girl and get him to think about you constantly…

There is still so much time left for him to make you his Queen…

And trust me, you deserve nothing less than this!

So, what are you going to do about it? 

You have already made it this far!

Don’t let anything stop you from getting the dream relationship you have always wanted!

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You are only holding yourself back! 

Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

25 thoughts on “What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man?

  1. Hi Anna, I’m glad I stumbled on this post today. So I was looking for ways to get back at a Pisces man for ignoring me so often when I found this piece. Read it halfway and then decided to send a him a text expressing how hurt I feel when he ignores me. He called me immediately (mind you we haven’t spoken since Friday, he’s been out of town). He just said hi, asked how I was doing and said we’d discuss my text when he gets back. Well, I’ll wait and see if anything changes.
    Thanks ? Mercy from Nigeria

    1. I did ignore a Pisces man after he asked for the full shebang in a relationship which scared himself and he backed off i finished the relationship on this then gave him radio silence for two months i did not reply to his attempts to reach out reconnect whilst he dithered he eventually said he regretted his decision and offered exclusivity and we tried again we had another go at a relationship it didnt work out in the end but no regrets, when he swam away again i said no coming back this time

    2. Hi Mercy!

      I’m glad to hear that he actually responded in a good way. You got his attention and he felt it was important to talk to you. I really hope that everything keeps going well for the two of you sweetheart. I wish you all the best. Be sure to read my book Pisces Man Secrets to further help you.

      1. I was seeing my pisces guy for 3 months…he was leaving the country we were both in…i was coming for a visit 4 weeks later..when i arrived he was too busy for me and he needed space and to be alone…keep friendship on messenger…2 weeks later he ignores me ..i only wrote 1 time to say i missed him and yesterday to reply to a picture he sent to me…i left an emoji…no words
        What gives…i feel so hurt and rejected by his so upset and hurt…if i ignore him im the bad guy but i have to understand,respect and accept his wishes…its not even a healthy friendship nevermind anything else?

        1. Hi Nicola!

          It really does sound like he’s either going through something that he doesn’t want to talk about with you that has nothing to do with you OR he’s already decided that he doesn’t want the relationship so he’s moving on. It’s hard to tell which is which without actually asking him. You should ask “are we will a thing?” and see what he says. If you would like more information about Pisces man, check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  2. Im seeing my third pisces partner who after only a month swam away i didnt contact him he swam back after a week said hed missed me i was very direct told him to reconnect as i had missed him , he responded well to this saying hed try harder and stepped up – we will see how long it lasts

    1. Hi Dee!

      I’m glad you were very honest with him and that you allowed him the ability to prove to you that he will stick it through with you. Make him work for it and let him show you with time that he will give you all the love that you truly deserve. If you need more Pisces help, you should check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets” to help you understand him more.

  3. Hello,

    I’m going through the same thing with a Pisces man. We are engaged to married in September this year. Tuesday March 24th he was being a little off. Said he was fine. He went home we don’t live together yet. And I haven’t seen him since. We did talk up until Thursday the 26th. It all came about because my mother caused some issued but I quickly found out from him friends wife. He told them not me that he was bothered plus he had work hours cut to do this virus so he’s been stressing. I told him I told my mom to back off and stay out of my life he said no don’t ruin your family relationship. Always Thursday he said he didn’t know what he wanted and he needed some time to think. I’ve given him since Thursday March 26th and have heard nothing. He was on Facebook posting up till the 31st. And now nothing but he hasn’t ended anything and our status is still engaged and we are still friends. Everything is normal except he hasn’t contacted me and posted in days. Last time he ended things right away and blocked me from Facebook so I don’t think that’s the case. But idk when he’s gonna talk to me. Last time he broke up with me I didn’t expect to hear from him again and heard back from him 3 weeks later. I cannot wait 3 weeks wondering where our relationship is. We have money on a venue and a bunch of wedding stuff. I don’t think he’s done with us but he’s too nervous or something. Been talking to a physic and she said he very much want the marriage but has messed up and is nervous to talk. But he’s gone silent on Facebook now too. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Heather!

      I think enough time has passed that you can reach out to him and say “I hope you are doing well. Thinking of you”. That just simply lets him know you’re still around and that he can reach out to you. He doesn’t want to be forgotten about but if you give him too much space, he’ll think you’ve moved on possibly. So since it’s been awhile, reach out to him and just be very easy with the text like my example. If you need more information please read my series “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  4. I am 7 months pregnant with a Pisces (friend) I just want him to care and he always states that he does, but he also says “tell me what to do I don’t know how to help.” I’m full in pregnant. He is currently in Hawaii with his little girlfriend! I need help with what t do and the last text I sent to him stated just how I will no longer ask if he wants to knows about the baby, if he does, let me know and when he comes back to his senses let me know. He wrote back “of course I want to help” and I never replied. It’s been a week. Idk what to do

    1. Hi Ivy Dale!

      Oh no, I am sorry to hear he’s got a girlfriend and not giving you what you need as being pregnant with his child. I do hop you have support from friends or family because he seems immature. I don’t think you’ll know if he will truly be there for you or not until the baby comes but I would plan your life as though he’s not going to because he already sounds flaky. I am so very sorry honey. Sending you love and blessings to you and your child.

    1. Hi Mega!

      If you are finding difficulty in finding love, try putting yourself out there with the universe. Give thanks to the universe every single day when you wake up. Tell the universe thank you for bringing you the perfect love in the right time. It’s really that simple. Do it every single day then have faith that it will happen. Hang in there Mega. 2021 is here and you just may find what you’re looking for.

  5. I am dating a 40 year old pisces man. He is seperated from his wife for 5 years and has kids. He hasnt applied for a divorce yet because of the finances. We met through an app and have been on and off from August 2020. We had some good times and bad and dont talk or text for days.

    We met on the start of this year had a great time and we were intimate. I really feel a strong connection to him and then we texted once or twice after.

    I tried reaching him once a week back and then called him yesterday morning, he didnt reply. I sent him a message yesterday evening calling him out for ignoring my text/call and that it was kinda bordering disrespect. He has read my messages, but has not replied. I am worried that I kinda ruined things but at the same time opened the door to have an open and honest talk with him about defining our relationship.

    I feel that he does not make time for me and is okay with talking whenever he has time. I know that he likes me a lot and I feel I like him more than he does me, but because of his stress at work and craze handling the co parenting with his wife, he is unable to give me clarity.

    What do I do next?

    1. Hi Aishwarya!

      He is not divorced and that’s a huge problem. He’s probably still answer to his wife especially when it comes to the kids. Even separated, he has a responsibility and he may not feel right about diving into something else until he is able to clear up the divorce thing. He isn’t making time for you because he doesn’t feel you two have an exclusivity agreement of any kind. He does have so much going on and it’s making him feel overwhelmed and unable to commit himself. Again, I don’t think things will clear up for you until he’s able to divorce and set boundaries. If you think he’s worth the wait then you’ll be patient and let him take care of what he needs to thus being there for him. Perhaps with time he will clear his path a bit and be able to give you more.

  6. Hi Ana, I started this kind of love story with this pisces man, 9 months ago. We are both artists and we create art so it was magical for me to be with someone from the same world. I am a very deep sensitive and kind person. Our first meetings were beautiful full of passion, but later on he told me he dosent want to commit. I notice at that time that he was hurt from past issues. Sometimes he spend very much time alone without texting me. But we continue dating and our bound developed in friendship also. Before Christmas he was more caring sweet and starting texting me a lot. I was thinking that was a good sign. After he had some problems and he started to be distant. I left him alone like always when he needs space, and after 2 weeks we reunite like nothing was happen, I then started to ask him if he cares at me and he didn’t want to answer, he refuse any communication about the feelings between us, he puts like a stonewalling, so I felt very hurt. I know he has past trauma from ex relationship, so I understand, but I feel left out and alone, because of this wishy-washy behaviour. I was always very tender, caring with him, showing him affection because of his past trauma. Now I am thinking that maybe he took me for granted. I know that he don’t want to open, but I really don’t know if I have a future chance to be in his heart. Should I have more patience or should I leave ? maybe he will know then what his true feelings are. Any advice form you, will be great for me. Thank you so much.

    1. Pisces men become easily overwhelmed. HE is exactly that. He is showing you in all the ways that he can that he likes you but he does not want a commitment because that would take more out of him than he’s willing to give right now There is too much happening to him and too much baggage that he has to work on letting go of before he will be remotely close to committing. Be patient and be his friend. Perhaps when he gets through all of this, he will want you for more. Want to know more? Check out my book on Pisces man.

  7. Hi Anna ,
    I’ve been in a committed relationship with a Pisces man for a little over a year now. The love we share is something else. We truly have the best connection. We have only had ONE issue coming up over and over this past year. He hates conflict and at the first scent of trouble bails out. Says i’m done and leaves.
    Every time I give him a day or two then I go over to talk things through and we figure it out. Calmly.
    He lives in my country now for an overseas job. Contract ended two days ago and he left. We had talked many times of his plans to come back for me. He always said he’ll do everything he can to het another contract here and be back.
    A day before he left, we get into a fight. Both drunk. It was dramatic and he did horrible things. He felt so much guilt and shame and said he doesn’t want to see my face before he left.
    I told him I understand and I forgive what he’s done because it wasn’t him, it was the alcohol.
    But still he insisted i stay away.
    He said he doesn’t deserve me and that he’s a sorry excuse of a human being. Went into a self pitty spiral.
    Now I’m torn. I’m hurting too because of it all, and it’ll take time for me to get over my hurt. Also, he’s passive and i’m the one who usually takes the toll of sitting and talking things out and figuring the situation.
    He’s half way across the world now. He left without saying goodbye. And I don’t know if he’s ever coming back.
    I know I can get him to talk to me if I keep contacting him. But I’m also hurt amd surprised he could be this cruel and leave without apologizing or saying goodbye..
    What am I supposed to do?

    1. Hi Dana!

      Maybe he is actually insecure and is why he says he doesn’t deserve you. It’s also him admitting he was in the wrong and wants your forgiveness. He left without saying goodbye because he feels you haven’t forgiven him for some reason or his insecurity got the better of him. Reach out to him and ask him why he didn’t say goodbye. Tell him it hurt your feelings but you’d like to talk to him. Hopefully that will make him call you. In the meantime, you should read my book “Pisces Man Secrets” as it could help you to understand him better.

  8. Hi so far I have been seeing this Pisces man for 3 months now the beginning was great we were super in love with each other sending each other good morning texts and I love you texts everyday, spent time with each other everyday but then all of a sudden 2 months later he stopped texting me so much, started replying with one word answers. Ignoring my phone calls. I would text him a paragraph about how much I love him and to have a good day and I would literally just get a “k”. and now we’re on days where he doesn’t text me at all. I asked him if there was anything wrong and he said that he’s dealing with a lot of family issues, I have gave him some advice and did all my power to make him feel better, I even suggest we plan a trip together and he was kinda stoked so after I mentioned it to him I thought that had helped a little. Told him I would call him next day to start planning and no response once again, he didn’t pick up my calls and hadn’t replied to any of my messages and leaves me in read. this left me confused because he was so stoked yesterday. so right now going on a week and a half of no talking. Before this I even asked if there was someone else and that he could tell me and I wouldn’t get angry but instead he was angry and yelled hell no, so I’m so lost I need help. Should I just move on or is this worth just giving them space to work things out. He did a complete 180 on me and I don’t know what is going on. before we stopped talking he would get angry with me out of no where, disrespectful and belittling and just randomly leave and then I don’t hear from him rest of the day, I’d ask if I did anything wrong and he just say he’s stressed from his job and his family, but when he’s interacting with his friends he’s the sweet and lovable guy that I met. But with me its different . Need some guidance

    1. Hi Meredith Keith!

      Either he is very insecure about himself OR he is exploring his options which would cause him to be cold, standoffish, and making a complete change. He may also be dealing with some hard things thus making him feel overwhelmed. If he’s stressed with his job and family then yes, this could very well be why his behavior has been as such. Time and space could be what he needs. Tell him you miss the way things were but if he needs a little space to deal with his situation, you’ll be there when he’s ready. Check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets” for more tips!

  9. As a Pisces man I will tell you straight up we don’t chase, we are willing to fight for you but not over you. We so not see you pulling away as fighting for you, we see it as your attention is elsewhere. We may be dying inside over you but we will not chase you. Nor do we wish to be chased, we simply want things to flow naturally for the most part. So games or manipulation or lies really REALLY put us off. An make it so regardless of loving you we cannot be with you

    1. Hi Derrick England!

      Thank you for chiming in as a Pisces man. I always appreciate men to step up and tell us ladies what they are like and how they feel. I do know that to be true for Pisces men not chasing. I also know that if we don’t reach out to you then that is on us women. No games is right but I do think that Pisces men should at the very least communicate when something isn’t right. I know plenty and have plenty of clients that have written about this very thing. The big thing is having a two way street. I do love that you confirmed what I’ve written about. I really do appreciate your input. Blessings to you!

  10. Hello Anna and everyone!! So… I live in Latin America and 7yrs ago I met a Pisces man who lives in Italy (I’m Sagittarius). It was an online only communication but we had a great connection. We had fun, sexted and shared about our day to day, until one day I found out that he had a girlfriend. When I asked him about it, he walked away. Never heard of him again and, since I was hurt and felt used, I never looked for him. On January we got back in touch, he reached out for me. I tried to be cautious but he is so enigmatic and sweet that I couldn’t handle it and we got in the same cycle of flirting, sexting, etc. After being talking on a daily basis for over a month, he suddenly stopped contact for Valentine’s Day. I kinda had a feeling that he had a girlfriend again, so I kept the conversation in the friendly level, just asking how he was and sharing some things of my daily life. He came back in March sharing some sad news about a heavy family loss at the end Feb. I was for him the best way I could and he was thankful. After a while we started to talk again, but not as often. Again, I found out that he had a relationship already. So I wrote him a letter (I couldn’t confront him, it was too much). He read it and get back to me. He accepted that he was weak and scared and explained why. He also said that we have a very special connection that has lasted even tho we didn’t talk for years. He said that right now he has a very delicate balance in his life with everything that’s going on, which I understand. He told me that to him I’m like a parallel reality that is away from his life, and that that’s why he doesn’t share much about his life with me, even tho I do share a lot with him. Told me that I am a good place to be. I felt broken because I understood that to him I was never part of his reality, and that he never had any intentions of… well, acknowledging me. I was just a fantasy, an imaginary world he would go to when he needed. He apologized deeply and promised that he was going to change, so we are giving our friendship a chance, to rebuild that trust I had in him. He has been trying. The first week after our talk, it went wonderful. The three weeks that followed it… well, he’s always busy and messages me only once or twice a day… I know he is busy, that he is going through a lot, and I am being as supportive as I can, but I also can’t deny that I have feelings for him. I’m always honest with him, perhaps too much, and he knows how I feel about him. I’m always there when he messages me, and I have learnt to be patient and wait for his replies, even if they come the day after (the wait would give me anxiety before, but now I’m all good with waiting). I don’t know if I should step away for a while and see if my feelings for him die (although I want to stay close to him and support him emotionally however I can), or if I should try and give my feelings a go. I bought your books in hopes I can understand him better and see if we could have a chance or if we would be better off as friends or if it would be better to just part our ways.

    1. Hi Luna!

      If you bought my books then you are actually entitled to a VIP consult for free. Contact my support team for more information they will forward your email to me so I can answer you directly. For now, I think you should focus on yourself and keep doing your thing. Let him know that you’ll be there for him. Don’t literally sit and wait though honey. Pick up and move forward with your life. It sounds like a karmic situation you two have or it may mean you two end up together with divine timing. Again, email my support team so they can forward you to me. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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