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7 Secret Ways A Pisces Man Expresses Love

There are ways that a Pisces man in love will let you know how he feels. What is it you need to look for? Is he just being a nice guy, or does he genuinely love you? 

I will help you decode these signs from a Pisces man. Keep reading to learn the seven secret ways a Pisces man expresses love. Don’t stay in a state of confusion. See it and make sure he doesn’t get away! 

Ways A Pisces Man Expresses His Love To You

There are many marvels at how a Pisces man in love shows you his heart. I know you want to know what these are, so you don’t miss the signals. Losing a Pisces man is painful, and I’m here to help you avoid that!

I’ve had many clients share with me some of the ways a Pisces man shows his absolute love. He will slip away if you don’t see it and act on it as soon as you can. He’s a very sought-after guy when it comes to love! 

7 Secret Ways A Pisces Man Expresses Love

1. Things Get Deep

7 Secret Ways A Pisces Man Expresses Love

The moment that a Pisces man becomes more committed is when he knows he’s in love with you. He will reach out more, text more, and try to spend lots of time with you. 

Not only that, but he will talk about very real topics instead of just small talk. He will tell you more about his deep personal secrets. Basically anything you want to know, he’ll talk to you about it.

You are his confidant and that means that you’re the one he turns to when he needs to talk about his feelings or what he’s dealing with. That is a truest form of experiencing a Pisces man expressing his love to you!

He will want to know you on a deeper level. You can expect very in-depth spiritual or emotional conversations. He feels very connected to you and wants you to be connected to him as well. 

2. You Two Have Lots Of One-On-One Time

When Pisces man is in love with you, he will want to be a bit selfish and have you all to himself. Spending many nights cuddling and watching movies or shows are pretty normal. 

He will probably let you pick the show or movie because what you want is important to him. He wants you to be happy and he wants you to feel like his princess.

Even if you do outdoors types of things, he will want it to just be the two of you instead of it being with others. He wants no interference with the time he is spending with his lady love.

When he starts to keep you close and desires lots of time with you, it’s a surefire sign of a Pisces man love. He wants your time, attention, and affection all for himself!

3. You Develop A Spiritual Connection

It’s absolutely true that when Pisces starts asking you about what you belief, how you practice your belief, and what rituals you do; it’s because he wants to connect with you on that level.

When he knows you’re the one for him, he will ask you lots of questions about this and he may even want to take part in your rituals. If you are a yoga or meditation type of person, he’ll want to join in.

He feels significantly closer to you when you are doing things this important for your mind, body, and spirit. He’s all about getting on track and practicing spirituality. 

The more he dives in with you about this, the more certain you can be that he is in love with you! It’s one of the more obvious signs that Pisces man is in love with you. It’s a means of expression for him. 

4. He Shares His Dreams & Goals

Pisces Man Secret Ways He Expresses Love

The Pisces guy doesn’t normally talk about these things with anyone. He keeps it in until he feels he can trust someone with it. In that case, the Pisces man expressing his love for you is by him telling you about what he wants.

He will ask you what kind of goals or dreams you have in mind for yourself. Eventually, you’ll notice that you two are getting on the same page with your goals or path for the future.

He wants to co-exist and be part of each other’s plans for the future. That also means that he will start talking about things he’d like to do with you going forward. This is the love of a Pisces man. 

5. He’s Taking Care Of You

One of the ways Pisces man expresses his love for you is by taking care of you. You’re his darling. He wants to make you feel how important you are to him. 

He will buy you anything you need or want (that is within his means). He will cook for you, rub your back after a long day, and tend to your desires. It’s important to him to make you feel as though you deserve everything.

Dating a Pisces man is really a dream. He will put you on that pedestal and make sure you have everything you want or need if he can provide it. It makes him feel like a man deserving of you. 

He truly wants to make sure you know that he knows how special you are. This is a very caring and tender man. 

6. He’s A Little Shy

Shy Pisces Man Secret Ways He Expresses Love


Do you remember when you were in grade school and a boy had a crush on you? He probably acted very shy and was afraid to tell you how he feels. 

A Pisces man in love sometimes comes across as awkward or shy around you. He hesitates because he doesn’t want to seem like he’s trying too hard. He’s afraid of rejection.

Sometimes he will act like a little school boy who is afraid to tell the girl he likes her. The truth is, he’s in love with you and he knows it! It’s a very innocent and pure feeling that just might melt your heart!

If your Pisces man suddenly starts acting this way after you’ve been dating for a short while, then it’s a big sign he’s falling for you. This is for the less expressive Pisces man, but most are a bit more forthcoming. 

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7. Pisces Man Tells You His Feelings

I mentioned that he talks to you more when he’s in love. This sometimes will actually lead him to tell you exactly how he feels about you. He will just directly go for it and tell you all the things he loves about you.

He’ll grab your hand, look deep into your eyes, and tell you that he is falling in love with you or is in love with you. He won’t hold it back because he is terrified of losing you at that point.

Make no mistake, he will be afraid of rejection, but when he does actually love you, he needs you to know it and feel it. If he doesn’t say “I love you” then he will show it in other ways. 

He will actually tell you that he loves the way you make him feel. He will also compliment you on things you do, the way you dress, your laugh, your smile, and your eyes!

Getting compliments left and right from your Pisces man is a way of expressing his feelings for you. It’s his way of showing you his heart. He could also send you a gift or bring one that expresses romance. 

If you tell him that you are in love with him, he will say it back when he’s in love with you as well. He won’t try to brush it off. He will address it and make it known to you!

Did a Pisces man show you he loved you before he said it? What did he do to prove to you how he felt? I’d love to hear all about it! 

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

And now that you know everything to look for in a lovey-dovey Pisces man, take my free compatibility quiz to make sure that you two are the perfect match! You can try it out right here.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “7 Secret Ways A Pisces Man Expresses Love

  1. The man who is interested in me is a pisces. He has ALWAYS been interested in me romantically. I recently separated from a horrible marriage and he says he just wants to have a chance. He texts me every morning. He calls or texts me throughout the day. He recently expressed some deep interests in me. I believe he may be the one!!

    1. Hi Tiffany Carruthers!

      Well it sounds like you are off to a good start with him sweetheart. It does sound like he wants to be with you so go for it! If you need more help, I do have my books “Pisces Man Secrets” that you can get to help you along the way in getting to know him! I wish you all the luck of the stars!

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