Why Are Pisces Men So Confusing And Not Straight Up About Their Feelings?

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
What makes Pisces men so confusing? Why does he act the way he does? Keep reading for some help understanding a Pisces man.

So, you are deeply attracted to a delicious Pisces man but he confuses you beyond belief? It can be stressful and make you want to pull your hair out, right? Why are Pisces men so confusing?

Maybe a Pisces man in your life who is confusing you so much by doing weird things like ignoring text messages or blowing you off. Why do they do that? Why do Pisces men distance themselves all of a sudden?

Being a water Zodiac sign, Pisces men tend to be sensitive, mysterious, secretive, and complicated … He is looking for something extraordinary. In fact, this man is looking for a spiritual connection. This is something that is more important to him than most ladies probably realize…

So, what makes Pisces men so confusing? He reads so hotly and then sometimes very coldly. Why does he act the way he does? Keep reading for some help in understanding a Pisces man.

Understanding A Pisces Man — Why Are Pisces Men So Confusing And Hard To Read?

The Pisces man is known for being quite a proficient dreamer. This means he spends a great deal of time spacing off and daydreaming about what he wants, what he thinks he can get, and where he wants to be.

This can cause conflict in a relationship because a Pisces man may seem cold, distant, callous, or uncaring. He doesn’t mean to be this way, but he has to have time and space to do this; otherwise, he won’t feel normal.

Your Pisces man may space out texts or phone calls because his head is somewhere else. He may not be trying to ignore you, but it sure seems that way when you know he’s at home on a Friday night, not doing much, yet doesn’t respond.

This is what makes women start to doubt their Pisces man’s love for them. It’s understandable, but if you really get to know him, then you’ll understand that he can be a bit of a space case.

If you know he loves you and otherwise treats you like gold, then try to remember that when you feel he’s being distant or not giving you enough attention.

Dreams allow him to toss around great ideas that can become goals. When he makes goals, he’ll eventually act on them and become successful. There is a process with this guy.

Then again, there are other times when he’ll waste all this time fantasizing and never do anything about it. This is often why he needs a partner who will help motivate or inspire him to take action.

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How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Confused About His Feelings For You

When a Pisces Man Stares At You, But Acts Weird When You Reach Out To Him

A Pisces man staring at you happens when he is curious about you. This is a clear sign that he is attracted to you but is not yet certain about the next step.

He wants to know what your goals are, what you see yourself doing in the future, and what your dreams are. If he wasn’t interested, he wouldn’t be giving you his famous Pisces man stare.

If you catch this signal as if a Pisces man is interested in you but acts confused when you approach him, note that this is because you are perhaps too direct and this is not what he expected. Give him some time to reflect on this situation.

Understanding a Pisces man is not hard; you just need to have a fresh perspective.

He Goes Hot And Cold All The Time

Do you feel that your Pisces man is acting distant? Sometimes, he can seem less affectionate and cold toward you. In fact, he could be affectionate one moment, then suddenly switch gears to being distant and cold.

It is very confusing to understand why Pisces men acts this way. It is not because he is not interested, but because he wants to reassess this relationship and needs some time alone, so he radiates confusion.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a planet of escapism and illusion, which can also contribute to going back to his crab shell. This is also why he can become indecisive when it comes to committed relationships.

Pisces Man Might Get Close To You And Pulls Away Suddenly

If he thinks he is moving fast, a Pisces man may feel overwhelmed with deep emotion, which is something that describes his inner world. Things might be moving a bit too quickly for him, and he’s feeling unsure about how to process what he is feeling towards you.

A Pisces man would rather pull away than realize he is aiming for the stone wall if you are not into him. That doesn’t mean he will give up. It means he will press the breaks and perhaps analyze his strategy.

It’s confusing for you on the other end… You might be that woman who can’t understand why your Pisces won’t get close but chooses to pull away instead. He obviously wants to make the right choice. He might also be scared of being hurt.

His Body Language Says He’s Into You, But He Doesn’t Want To Confess It

What can often happen with a Pisces man is that he realizes that he is so into you but won’t say it. His body shows he wants you, and the next, he feels like he has to get away.

This makes Pisces men act in a way that seems confusing to you. You cannot easily read them… 

If he has no idea where you stand or where the relationship is going, he will most likely not tell you how he really feels about you. This is because a Pisces man wants to avoid getting hurt.

A Pisces man needs to feel loved and adored. If not, he will never confess his feelings. Proving yourself loving and reliable will help in a huge way to bring him closer to you, and only then will he share his true feelings with you.

What To Do When A Pisces Man Is Acting Weird

The Pisces man is one that seems rather confusing when he loves you one minute and then, at other times, acts terrified of where things are headed. He may talk about the future with you, but then backpedal.

He could be all in and then, at some point, say that he needs to slow down because he feels overwhelmed with his feelings. This really makes him quite frustrating and, yes, hard to understand.

The only thing that gets him over the hurdle is the right partner showing him that she’s there for him and truly loves him over a period of time. Each Pisces man will be different as to how long it will take him.

Patience and tender loving care are required. Though he may annoy you or even hurt your feelings when he expresses concerns, all you can really do is reassure him as best you can and wait for his worries to pass.

If your Pisces man is truly in love with you and knows that you’ll do just about anything for him, he will at some point let go of that fear that paralyzes him when it comes to long-lasting love.

How To Make A Pisces Man Confused In Love Want You

The Pisces man deals with many different moods because of his ability to feel other people’s feelings. This can overwhelm him, and sometimes he needs to be in his own space by himself.

Basically, he has to get his thoughts back in order and separate his feelings from those of others. He has to decompress and unwind. When he can do this, he will get back to you refreshed and grateful that you understood what he needed.

If you can tell something is off, ask him if he’s alright. He may talk to you about it, but if he doesn’t, don’t push him. Ask him if he’d like some alone time. If he says yes, don’t get offended by it.

He may say he’s alright, and you don’t have to leave. Perhaps he just needs to focus on something else, namely you. That’s alright too, but make sure you show him that you are concerned and that you’re there for him.

A Pisces man wants to be with a woman who cares for him and gets that he has special needs. He will absolutely pay you dividends with his heart if you are patient.

No More Sleepless Nights About Your Pisces Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Pisces man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Pisces guys. I remember my very close friend crying herself to sleep at night, worried that her man would never commit to her.

She lost sleep, time, and even work hours, all because she couldn’t figure out how to capture his heart and get him to commit.

As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that. But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him. Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

But it wasn’t easy. 

It took a LOT of work. She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language <<

And it worked!! 

So if you are ready to sleep like a baby… Knowing your Pisces man is MADLY in love with you… And never feel anxious about him again…

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16 thoughts on “Why Are Pisces Men So Confusing And Not Straight Up About Their Feelings?

  1. I have this Pisces man that I have fell for now were not together just really good friends but I can tell he wants more but won’t say it like he don’t wanna say how he really feels and is afraid what can I do to help him talk bout his feelings?

    1. Hi Krystal!

      If you can tell he wants to be more with you then you need to work at flirting with him and let him know somehow that you’re into him. By letting him know you’re into him, he’ll be able to feel confident enough to try to ask you out or get together with you. Give it a try! Be bold and take the risk!

  2. Hello…
    I’ve enjoyed…reading the interesting..stories of the Pisces man
    Although I’ve backed off..from this guy..of whom I thought we both took interest in one another..
    I will continue to read the articles..sent in by various ones..
    Hoping the best to All…

    1. Hi wand!

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to back off from a Pisces but perhaps there is a reason you were drawn to him. Perhaps you are supposed to be with a Pisces but not necessarily him. I have more than articles to offer you. Learn more about Pisces by reading my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  3. I m in love relationship with my pisces first cousin For 2 years . I loved him very very much from my childhood but i proposed him when i reached in my university life and he was in search of job. He accepted my love and loved me even more…he was a needy child and crazy type in love with me…. Cared for me alot and i felt like a real queen when ever i talked to him. We chated for 2 years and I made many mistakes because i had no idea about his senstive and emotional nature. I had no experience about relationships.
    Then, everything changed. He became cold and distant and never was same. And i became needy, insecure, obssessive and crazy for his love.
    He feels nothing now and do not respect me anymore. But he never leaves me. Once he blocked me but he again came to me because he cares but he never shows and admits anymore.
    He dont want to marry me. I love him like crazy and i want to be his one and only lady.
    Please guide me what i should do to make him commit to me

    1. Hi
      I have a Pisces guy in my life for like 2 years now and counting. He’s a year younger than me(he’s 27 I’m 28)We work together and the first year we were somewhat friends and we flirted a lot he kind of pursued me for like 9 months but i never really took him seriously because we work together and plus he didn’t really made an official move (talking about taking me on dates, then actually doing it).he found out he had baby he struggled with that because he wasn’t ready for a kid and his baby mother is terrible and stresses him out…i started dating other people then he finally started making a move… we started dating for like 6 months it was good we spent everyday together, we did countless dates, he would buy me stuff, do things for me, never tells me no, we talked about everything, i met all his friends and met some family members, he was always talking about future plans with us, like house kids etc..he was like my best friend and boyfriend at the same time, i felt so comfortable around him i let my guard down and i think i fell in love with him and i know he felt the same he even made me his girlfriend which he later backpedaled on(like 3days later)smh.. but we was still going on very strong…then i lost my apartment and moved back in with parents then COVID happened which means we can’t spend as much time together like we used to. Then he started moving funny he still doesn’t tell me no but he started making excuses then he started being distant, he told me he’s not ready for relationship right now, and he doesn’t want to lead me on because he cares about me too much for that. So the dates stopped, the talking everyday stopped..even sex! I didn’t have my car anymore either(i was down, money wise atp) so he still used to make sure i got home(drives me, pays for my ubers, he even gave me his credit card number) but He was still running away from me! he started hanging out with his friends more, partying, drinking a lot, countless girls…i was upset about it i felt like i was now chasing him..he became like a robot like no emotions only when he drinks he calls me and tells me how he feels..but every time i try to leave him he finds away for me to stay! And idk why! I tried to be his friend and he tells me I’m not his friend! He doesn’t want to be my friend but he’s still not ready for a relationship and he won’t leave me alone!…atp we don’t do anything romantically sometimes we have a moments then he disappears again…he confides in me with everything, friends,family, even the girls he sleeps with then ghost them..he’s so hot n cold one min he’s on me then next min he disappears i still love him and consider me and him very close but when a holiday comes and i buy him a gift he doesn’t accept it!( I’m back up, financially wise, got my car back working on buying a house atp)He tells me he doesn’t want me buying him anything because he’s not comfortable and he don’t want to take advantage of me because he says I’m not like any other girl but i feel bad because no one buys him anything… this situation is stressful and i know this is not fair for me..so i try to move on but i swear he won’t let me….i kind of feel like he’s not ready for me but he doesn’t want to lose me but he knows i should move on but scared that i will, he is very confused and conflicted and i can see that ..at work my friend tells me he always looking at me and stares like a guy in love but i don’t really believe her because he doesn’t move like that..he’s so robotic with me at times and sometimes he moves shy and awkward and can’t look me in my eyes whenever i try to talk to him about my feelings…idk if he’s playing mind games or he’s being sincere…should cut him off completely, be his friend? Keep my distance? I started dating again and he hates it! He even sent me a house talking about let’s get married and let’s buy this house together….like what!??..He’s confusing me and idk what to do with him he refuses for me to give him the friendship title lol ughh what to do? I’m a cancer btw I’m very independent, beautiful and hard working, a great cook, very nice, i care about the people in my life i know my self worth,but I’m super moody, impatient, and mean and sometimes i get really mad at him but every single time he deals with it however how long without complaining, he knows everything about me and remembers everything about, he instantly knows when something is wrong with me, he tells me every time how good person i am he confides in me that he doesn’t know he he’ll ever marry another kid but then he says I’m not like any of the girls out here and i will be the best wife and mother and he wishes he met me before(and he would had love me before) i feel like he kind of has me on pedestal and he fantasize about a perfect life with us together but he get scared and doesn’t act on it(sometimes i feel like he thinks he is damaged and he doesn’t deserve me)he be saying insecure things like that sometimes but then he’s back to his confident self which i love..our emotional connection is so strong at times i feel like he’s my soulmate..i love everything about him he’s spontaneous, caring, sweet to me, strong minded, hard working, responsible, funny, a dreamer, including his flaws(immature, indecisive, all over the place,too nonchalant) but idk sometimes i feel like I’m better off without him but i can’t go 2 days mad at him, he feels like a missing puzzle piece in my life but he’s soooo annoying! What to do! Sorry this was so long lol ?

      1. Hi Norma!

        It sounds like you really need a reading or a bit of help with what the Pisces man is like so you can figure him out better. There is aa reason you are drawn to him and it may give you insight knowing why. Check out my Pisces Man Secrets book darling. When you do, it will also allow you to have a VIP consultation with me. I’d be happy to help you!

  4. Hi.
    I m in relation with a pisces man. He is my first cousin. In the start of relation hr was so romantic, warm, kind, loving, caring and treated me like his queen.
    But with passage of time he only judged me and critisize me.
    After sex he is no more interested and he does not want to marry me. He do not respect me any more. He is distant and cold. In the very early, i made some silly mistakes so he dont trusts me.
    But he never leaves me.
    He responds me. I love him like crazy and i want to be his lady.
    Please guide me what i should do to make him commit to me.

    1. Hi Alishba!

      I see you and Maryam are the same person? I’m reading the same thing twice. I still have the same advice for you honey.

  5. Hi Maryam!

    I have a feeling that perhaps he’s figured out that it’s not necessarily a good thing to fall in love with a first cousin. You are already family. There are lots of problems that arise from that type of situation and no matter what his sign is, he may be feeling the push of how badly things can go. Of course he cares for you, you are his family. He feels obligated to stay in touch for that reason but he’s made it clear he doesn’t love you in a romantic sense and doesn’t want to marry. You have to let him go. He’s not going to commit to you and there isn’t anything you can do outside of messing with his free will to make him think otherwise. I’m so sorry honey. Learn more about Pisces by reading my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

    1. Hi BJ!

      Well if you need to learn more about him in order to figure out what is going on, you may want to actually read up on how Pisces guys are. It could open a doorway to understanding you never thought you’d have with him. Learn more about Pisces man through my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  6. *(And he wishes he met me before and *i would have loved him before) sorry i saw the typo….i love him and it’s hard to let him go but i know i should! Help

  7. Hello,I am pices and, Reason why i want be special forces operator? I wanna know,I read many about zodiac but i never find answer?Why i want to be special forces operator?

    1. Hi Luke,

      I’m afraid without viewing your chart there is no way for me to know why you want so much to be a special force operator. Is there anything holding you back? Go for it if you can. Perhaps being Pisces, you’d like to be a Marine or Naval officer. Water signs gravitate toward jobs that allow them to work in or around water. Check into it and see if you can find something that suits you.

  8. Hi Anna!
    I don’t know if you are still answering comments on here, but I recently met an awesome Pisces man!
    He came on strong and was very flirty and interested in me. He told me he wants to be my boyfriend someday, and that maybe I can be his woman. He said that he’ll follow me everywhere. And yes, he does have a great imagination!

    He was texting me everyday. And he asked me out on our first date and seemed very excited. He said that he wanted to spend a lot of time with me.

    When the day of our date arrived, I barely heard any communication from him, and I knew something was going on. I was almost all ready for the date, but I finally had to ask him directly if we were still meeting up, and he suddenly said that he was busy getting some things done, and that he needs more time. He said that we needed to reschedule. But he waited until the last minute to do this. I told him that I understand, but that I was also confused.
    He said he is not having second thoughts, but I wonder if he got nervous about meeting me, and decided to delay things? He owns his own company, and he said it can be stressful sometimes, but I wonder if he was using work as an excuse to cancel the date?
    I have not heard from him since. It’s been almost 4 days. I am trying to give him some space. But should I reach out again soon and give him some reassurance or support?
    I’m not sure how long to give him space. Or if I should send him a message soon.
    I think he is still interested, but he definitely got cold feet.
    Thank you for reading this! Any thoughts or advice would help so much! 🙂

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