Signs A Pisces Man Is Into You – Is He Being Nice or Does He Really Like You?

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Are you just drooling over a Pisces man who you cannot stop thinking about? Here are some things to look for to determine signs a Pisces man is into you.

Are you just drooling over a Pisces man who you cannot stop thinking about? He’s always nice to you but is that just who he is or is he actually into you? Keep reading for some easy things to look for to determine signs a Pisces man is into you.

  • Bubbly and Attentive

Whether it’s in person or on the phone; if the Pisces man likes you; he’ll likely be very flirty and bubbly. He’ll want to ask you a lot of questions about yourself and attempt to make you feel comfortable with him.

He’ll likely throw you lots of compliments and try to make you blush. This is his way of letting you know that he perhaps wants to be more than just friends. When it’s just the friend zone; you’ll find him a little more reserved.

Pisces man is a flirt but he won’t let it go too far with someone he’s not actually interested in being something more with. Of course if he’s trying to have sex with you without strings attached, he’ll probably try to go for that.

That being the case; he’ll probably let you know upfront what he’s after. However; when he likes you authentically; he’ll make it very well known and will make sure you feel the connection with him.

This isn’t the type of guy that will play hard to get. So if you find you’ve hit a brick wall, he’s only into friendship. If he lets you in and wants to get closer; he wants more than friendship.

  • Very Youthful When Around You

Signs A Pisces Man Is Into You

This guy gets so excited to see you that he can rather come off as a teenage boy who has butterflies in his stomach. It’s actually very endearing when you see it because you probably haven’t seen this since high school.

I mentioned before that he’s bubbly and hyper when he’s around you if he likes you. Again, if he only wants to be friends; he will be low key and not all that jazzed. He’ll be just like he is with any other friend really.

He may make silly jokes, poke at your ribs, or pull on your hair a little. Not to hurt you but to act like that boy who likes you type of thing. It’s like a trip through memory lane of when boys didn’t properly know how to express their like.

He can but he just get so giddy that it’s hard for him to compose himself and act like a regular man who has an interest in a beautiful woman. He’ll get past the nervousness though and will start being more flirty in an adult way.

When you see him make a goof of himself; know that it’s because he’s nervous out of the like he feels for you. This is a good thing. It’s an indicator that he isn’t leaving you in the friend zone.

  • Talks About His Dreams and Desires

While Pisces men may talk to their friends about the type of future they want; they will not be as descriptive as they can be. With friends he only lets them in so much then figures they don’t need to know more.

If he is into you; he’s going to start opening up to you and talking about what he wants out of life with greater detail. He basically wants to tell you what he wants so that you can chime in with what you want.

He also wants you to know what you’re in for if you keep going forward with him. Dreaming is VERY important to the Pisces man and he’d like a woman that will dream and grow with him in life.

So when he starts talking about what all he wants to do in his life; you should probably go ahead and share some of what you want with yours. This will help a bond start to form between you.

As a friend, he will limit the conversation if he brings it up at all really. If he’s opening up to you, he’s definitely feeling things for you and you should totally go for it!

  • Aggressive Flirts

Signs A Pisces Man Is Into You

When a Pisces man really wants to be with you, his flirting will come across a bit more sexual but somehow instead of finding it dirty; you’ll find him irresistible and this is how he’s able to ensure that you understand what he wants.

When he does this; you’ll need to let him know that you’re not into just sleeping around. That way he doesn’t get the impression you’re alright with “friends with benefits” as that typically goes nowhere.

If you’re still into him after that conversation; flirt back with him. If he only wants to be friends with you; he will let you know. He isn’t going to play games or mislead you.

In the case that he hasn’t been really clear; simply ask him what he’s after and he’ll likely be very honest. If he tells you that he likes you and wants to get to know you better; go with that.

Clearly if he tells you he only wants to get to know you and occasionally have sex then he’s not after a relationship. You will need to decide what you want with him. Do you want a friends with benefit situation or do you want more?

Don’t settle for what he’s offering if it isn’t a relationship that you want. If you do settle; you’ll end up hurt later on when he has sex with you and then finds someone else to move on with. Be very careful!

Pisces is pretty clear on whether he wants to be friends or if he’s really into. He will take the time and show you that he’s interested in who you are and what type of situation you two could work for.

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6 thoughts on “Signs A Pisces Man Is Into You – Is He Being Nice or Does He Really Like You?

  1. A great read, and relatable in Many ways. I get the best of both, very hot and cold. Flirty, chatty, sweet and then Sometimes like a different version, I feel it
    Coming on, I try and back away but I care, so I quiz it. Which doesn’t always end well. I get pushed right out of the picture….

    1. Hi J!

      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading this article and that you could see similarities. If you already know that it ends up not going well and that you end up pushed out of the picture then that is a big ole red flag that says this guy isn’t the one. You need to keep on trucking honey. There is someone else out there that will give you their all. Learn more about Pisces by reading my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  2. Hi
    Pieces?…not easy.I’ve met a guy 9 months ago.His wife had an affair…he found out.They split up,she moved out to that other guy, left him heartbroken. He text me out of theblue(we’ve been working in the same company once,few years ago)…He took me for long walk with his dog and the kids..He introduce me with his friends…mother.etc…But…his “ex” wife is narcissistic…and she have Biopolar disorder…She is with that other guy but she’s keep sending text messages to her “ex” husband…they don’t have divorce yet….kids live with him…He likes me I like him,but his “ex” always cousing trouble…she was trying to commit suicide..end up in hospital…He text me and told me what’s happened and he said that it will be better if we are not stay in touch for a while… it’s long 2 weeks for now

    1. Hi Monika!

      Unless you know that what he says about his ex is fact then he may be telling you these things to make you feel bad for him so that you’ll give him all your love and do what he wants. It sounds manipulative to me. I’d leave this one be and find someone else. He sounds like he has too much drama going on and doesn’t have the proper time or energy to give you what you deserve honey. Learn more about Pisces by reading my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  3. So when me and this beautiful pieces man met we both made it clear we weren’t trying to be in a relationship with anyone for some time only friend and intimate relation. BUT we’ve done things someone married would do. Since he started back working everyday though it’s been difficult on me because I’ve been spoiled by him. When we see each other it’s like butterflies. I wasn’t thinking about relationships for a minute but it’s hard now me being the one who would get attached quicker than he would. Idk what to do.

    1. Hi Sisi!

      Yes I know it would be hard for someone to deal with after being so close with someone and now suddenly they’re busy. If you have decided you want more from him then you’re going to need to let him know so that he can decide if he wants the same or not otherwise you’ll end up in this limbo mode for a long time to come. You deserve the best. Get what you want. If he ends up flaking out on you then you can move on and find someone who will give you everything your heart desires.

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