Do Pisces Men Cheat? And How To Know If A Pisces Man Is Cheating On You

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Have you got a feeling that your Pisces man is not being faithful? How can you know if a Pisces man is cheating on you? Here are a few signs.

Have you got a feeling that your Pisces man is not being entirely faithful? You might want to know if your Pisces man is cheating on you. Can you trust your Pisces man? Do Pisces men cheat?

Trusting your gut is important, but sometimes what you think is your gut is actually paranoia. How can you distinguish between the two and know for sure if Pisces man cheating is something that you are experiencing now? 

Cheating is wrong, though many people have done it or have been tempted to. There are so many reasons why people cheat — they feel unloved, lack connection in their relationship, are looking for an easy escape, or simply want to scratch an itch. 

Whatever the reason, it never feels good to be betrayed. How to know if a Pisces man is cheating on you? You may have your suspicions, but is it your intuition, or is it fear? Do you have trust issues? Have you been cheated on before, or been the one doing the cheating? 

This all can create an atmosphere of distrust, but it’s important to stop and think, to investigate just why you feel this way. 

Pisces men are also notoriously avoidant and always looking for their ideal fantasy, plus they can be good liars if they want to. They don’t like to cheat and typically do not, but they certainly are capable of it, as they hate confrontation and sometimes seek the easy way out. 

However, maybe something else is going on. Let’s explore some of the reasons why Pisces men cheat and some telltale signs so that you can decide what to do — confront him, leave him, or work it out.

Do Pisces Men Cheat?

Pisces men are considered to be one of the loyal signs of the zodiac, so they rarely cheat. Generally speaking, Pisces men are faithful. They are amazing companions. They may keep a distance when first meeting someone but once their confidence is won, they are loyal and they care.

In love, they are charming, soulful, sensitive and compassionate. They attach on a deep emotional level, want interpersonal and spiritual connections. Pisces men don’t like harshness and want to feel at ease with their partners. They are tender men and hence rarely cheat especially if they feel emotionally connected.

By the act of cheating, Pisces prove themselves that they are sexually attractive, highly respected, adored and needed. And in this sense, be aware that most affairs don’t happen just like that, all of a sudden. It takes time.

So, are Pisces men cheaters?Categorically, Pisces men tend to cheat but are not labeled as cheaters. They cheat when they don’t feel respected, appreciated or loved, and therefore protected emotionally enough…

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Why Would A Pisces Man Cheat On His Wife

Do you have issues in your marriage? Every marriage does, of course, but if the problems are bad enough, sometimes a Pisces man just can’t handle it. They hate it when their rose-colored glasses have to come off and they have to deal with the icky truth of real life! 

If you are having major issues at the moment, this could be one reason why he may cheat on you. It’s a way of not dealing — of escaping the issue. 

Pisces is the type of man to fall for someone very quick and hard. He doesn’t often pay attention to red flags himself. He will jump in so quickly that he doesn’t take the time to get to know a woman fully before he commits to her.

Then, he starts to get to know her after a while and figures out that she may not actually be who he thought or dreamt of. She has flaws because she’s human and not a fantasy.

He begins to regret having gotten into the relationship so quickly and will then become moody, his patterns change, and he could start talking to someone else who seems to be a better fit because remember, he moves quickly.

Pisces man again falls for someone else very quickly or is very sexually drawn to someone and so he strays. Instead of being uncomfortable and telling his partner the truth, he will go explore this other relationship first.

How To Know If A Pisces Is Cheating On You — 7 Surefire Signs

1. He Avoids Spending Time With You

The first sign that a Pisces man may be cheating on you is when he starts avoiding spending time with you. Pisces is a sign that tends to avoid any uncomfortable feelings — and guilt, shame, and fear will definitely be felt when he’s being unfaithful. 

Notice if he cancels plans regularly or seems like he’s much busier than usual with no explanation. The less he sees you, in his mind, the lower his chances of being found out or confronted, which is his worst nightmare! 

What can you do? Well, the next time you do see him, talk about it — you don’t have to be confrontational, as he may be actually busy or have other things going on that make it hard for him to see you. Be careful of jumping to conclusions. 

2. He Seems To Be Lying When Confronted

Pisces can be a deceptive sign, unfortunately. They have many wonderful things about them, but they also have their dark side. One of the flaws in Pisces men nature is this capacity to lie quite easily. 

The reason they can do this is because they can convince themselves that their lie is, in fact, the truth. They convince themselves of their own fantasies and then convince you. So if you suspect that he’s lying, being slippery like the fish that symbolizes this sign, he may be cheating. 

For example, ask him where he was the night before and see if his story adds up. The more he babbles, usually, the bigger the chance he’s lying. Ask him to outline the facts, as this is where he will stumble over his own web of deceit. 

3. He’s Disconnected

If he is acting a bit disconnected out of nowhere, it’s possible that your Pisces man is cheating on you. He’s usually such a romantic that he’s seldom not emotionally connected to you and the relationship. If his mind and heart are with someone else, it’ll seem as if he’s not even really in the room with you. 

Demanding to know his whereabouts may only exacerbate the issue. You’ll have to sit down with him one day and really deal with it in a way that doesn’t make him run for the door to avoid the problem.

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4. He’s Ghosting You

Pisces men are the kings of ghosting. They’re ridiculously good at it, much to your irritation and frustration. Ghosting means that he simply disappears, without telling you what’s going on or bothering to make contact. 

If he’s slipped off the face of the earth — not just canceling plans but disappearing all together — and is doing so regularly, there’s definitely something up. It doesn’t have to be cheating, but there’s a very good chance that it is. He might be preparing to break up but just doesn’t have the balls to do it.

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5. He’s Projecting On You

One of the most telling signs that a Pisces man is being unfaithful is suddenly accusing you of cheating on him. For example, he’s acting insecure and checking in on you more than usual and seems to be doing this regularly, ask yourself what’s going on. 

After all, as they say, we often imagine other people doing the things that we ourselves are doing — or are capable of doing. It’s easier that way as we don’t have to take responsibility ourselves, and the Pisces man is notorious for avoiding responsibility!  

These are a few tell-tale signs he is cheating on you. However, make sure not to jump to conclusions or make unfounded accusations. Examine why you might be suspicious. 

6. Constantly Looks At His Phone

He may be waiting on a call, checking texts, or looking at social media where he’s waiting on a woman’s response. If he only does it once or twice, it may be work or something else.

However, if he tends to do this quite often and pays less attention to you then he may have someone on the side he’s talking to or having a full blown affair with. Keep an eye on his phone habits. Sneaking off to make a call is a sign also.

Clearly if he stops doting over you and finds excuses to not be around you, something is going on. It may not be an affair but then again, why would he just stop talking to you or spending time with you.

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7. He Avoids Physical Touches

I mentioned him not paying as much attention to you but also, he will go out of his way to dodge your physical affection toward him. If you lean in for a kiss, he may move so that you get his cheek.

He acts completely turned off and uninterested. He’ll play “the game” with you but when you want to get physical; he will shut you down or make excuses as to why he’s not in the mood. He may blame his job or something else.

Pisces man will turn cold and unresponsive with the woman he’s with if he’s moving on with someone else. He’ll deny what is going on if you ask him and he’ll act offended that you asked him anything in the first place.

How To Deal With A Cheating Pisces Man

Naturally if you suspect that he’s cheating then you need to watch out for the signs I mentioned. If they start stacking up, you will have to confront him and ask him flat out if he’s seeing or screwing someone else.

He may be defensive and give you the run around like you’re crazy because he doesn’t want to tell you the truth. However, if you put it to him where he understands he has to tell it like it is, he will have to.

I will say this though, if he does deny it and starts deflecting and giving you a hard time, that’s pretty much your answer anyway. Unless you intend on forgiving him and asking him to work things through, you should probably let go.

Be honest. It’s human to have attractions, and the only wrongdoing is when we act on them. Go gently with the Pisces man if you really want the truth. Aggressive confrontation will send him running.

If you find out he is cheating, you’ll need to decide if you want to give it another shot or if that’s a deal-breaker for you. 

Finding someone who will always love you and not stray is what you deserve and if you accept less than that then you may get hurt over and over. Be careful with yourself and watch for the signs!

What Happens If You Cheat On A Pisces Man

If you cheat on a Pisces man and if he finds out, this is going to be devastating for him, especially if he has been investing in his relationship with you.

He puts so much effort and then all falls into pieces, because he simply cannot forgive and forget. Pisces man has a sensitive and emotional nature. If you cheat on him, he will feel deeply hurt and will go back to his crab-shell, not letting anyone in.

The act of cheating, a Pisces man will consider as betrayal and would take a long time for him to heal. This will all damage the relationship beyond repair. 

Cheaters are cheaters no matter what sign they are. Just be aware that if he finds out what is going on, your Pisces man may very well be moving forward from his relationship with you.

He will rarely consider giving a second chance now that his trust in you has been broken, and even if he does that, the relationship can never go back to normal after cheating.

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