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When a Pisces Man Ignores You This Is What You Can Do

When a Pisces man ignores you, it can feel like a tiny dagger has thrust through your heart. You know he must be pretty upset if he’s not talking to you. What can you do? Keep reading to learn what you can do when a Pisces man ignores you.

Be More Positive

Pisces men are super sensitive and don’t like negative energy of any kind. They don’t like it when women gossip, talk badly about others, and they sure don’t like being nagged.

If you’ve done something that falls into this category, you’re going to have to do some work for him to see that you’re trying to be more positive. Try catching yourself when you’re about to say something negative and reverse it.

Try to be upbeat and optimistic around him or through your text messages even. However you normally communicate with him, say inspiring and positive things. He’s more likely to respond to you.

Pisces men are dreamers which mean they don’t like anything that would crush his dreams or his hopes about life. Being negative around him makes him feel like you don’t take his passion and love seriously.

If your Pisces guy is upset with you and is the reason he’s ignoring you, you’ll need to flip around and be super sweet to him. Compliment him, say nice things about other people, and just generally be really optimistic.

Really this is good for your life anyway and sometimes it takes a sensitive Pisces man to put you on hold to make you think about your own actions that needs to be remedied.

When He’s Hurt or Angry

When a Pisces Man Ignores You

If your Pisces man is either very angry with your or hurt, it’s going to require a bit of work. First, he’s going to want some time and space to sort his heart out. He may want to think about why he’s with you.

What you’ll need to do is let him know that you are sorry if you hurt him without thinking or made him angry when it wasn’t right. You apologize and tell him you won’t do it again.

Then you tell him that when he’s ready to talk to you, that you’re there for him. Give him some time. I’d say that the time frame you have to wait will rely on how bad it really was.

It may be days then again it may be weeks. Sometimes Pisces men break up with women due to being so overwhelmed but then a year or two later, he’s ready to give it another shot.

You never can tell which direction he’s going to swing because it’s all based on what he feels. However, if you apologize for what happened and tell him you’re working on it and won’t do it again, he may come around sooner.

If you do not apologize, he will hold it against you and it may be a good long while before he talks to you again. Then when you do reach out to him, he may tell you off or just not ever reply again.

It all depends on how bad it was and how much time he feels he needs. Just be sure to admit your fault (if it was your fault) and let him know that you’re there for him.

When he is ignoring Communication

This is where things take a turn that you probably will not appreciate. Pisces men do tend to ghost people if they decide that their partner isn’t the right one. This would mean he ignores your texts or doesn’t call you back.

I wouldn’t wait for too long while this is going on. If you gone a week or two without him responding to you, he may not be into you anymore or thinks that he’s done.

What you’ll do is test him to see what the deal is. Text him and tell him “I really deserve to know what is going on between us, can you please give me clarity?” and see if he responds.

If he doesn’t respond then you’re going to have to consider that he may not be into the relationship anymore. If he does reply, you’ll quickly see which way he is swinging.

He may tell you he’s been busy, been thinking about things, or that he thinks that it’s just not what he wants at the time. Either way, you’re going to get some sort of answer whether he texts back or ignores it.

I hate to say it but once Pisces man decides to move on, he does so. He may move on with someone else or he may just move on from the woman he feels it’s not working with.

There isn’t much you can do when he acts this way other than ask him why he isn’t speaking with you. Be forward with it and see if he answers or if he continues to be quiet.

Possibly Dealing With Personal Stuff

When a Pisces Man Ignores You

There is also the possibility that the Pisces man is going through some things that he doesn’t really feel ready to open up to you about thus he pulls a disappearing act or ignores you for short intervals.

He doesn’t always know the right thing to say when he feels uncomfortable or uncertain. If something is happening his family or he has extra work. Perhaps his job is giving him trouble.

He won’t open up until he feels he can trust his partner 100%. Sometimes he doesn’t want to burden his partner with his problems either so he’ll hold back by being very quiet.

He may not even be upset with you at all. If he suddenly started this ignoring you thing out of absolutely nowhere then something is going on with him so you shouldn’t assume it’s about your relationship.

Give him some time and let him know you’re there for him when or if he wants to discuss things. If it IS outer circumstances, he’ll thank you and will open up when he’s ready.

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