How To Get A Pisces Man To Open Up Emotionally

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
I’m so interested in today’s topic on how to get a Pisces man to open up to you. Keep reading to find out all that you’re looking to know.

Hello, my darlings! I’m so interested in today’s topic of how to get a Pisces man to open up. This sign can be super tricky to figure out due to its understated nature, so you made the right call to do your research with this slippery guy!

Pisces can have huge emotional walls built up, so how can you penetrate them? How can you assist him in taking them down so that the two of you can have the loving relationship you’ve dreamt of?

I’m Anna Kovach, a Relationship Astrologer with years of experience working with Pisces men that have difficulty opening up. I see it often! You’re certainly not alone in this struggle.

I knew people would get something out of this topic, so I wanted to prioritize it. What is it that will persuade the Pisces to let you see his inner workings?

Here’s how to get a Pisces man to open up: though it may be difficult, you can help make the whole process easier for him.

How To Get A Pisces Man To Open Up — 7 Ways To Get A Pisces Man To Talk About His Feelings

Build Trust

Pisces men have usually been screwed over in relationships for a time or two. Despite the fact that they’re most themselves when they assume the best of others, they often build up walls to protect themselves from being taken advantage of.

Being kind and open to all of the sensitive quirks of the Pisces man is the first step to making him see that you’re a safe person. He needs to understand that you have no alternate agenda and that the only reason you’re looking for him to open up is because you want to help him and be there for him.

Show him over and over again that you’re not here to hurt him. This is the first step to creating that bond that you’re after. At that point, you’ll notice Pisces getting more honest about his scars and his past.

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Be That ‘Safe Space’ For Him

How To Make A Pisces Man Open Up

Part of building trust and connection with a Pisces man is being a genuinely good person. This sounds cheesy, but he does need to know that your intentions are pure.

Not only should you demonstrate that you are a kind and understanding person, but you should make space for him. Pisces can easily feel like a burden, so when you make it clear his presence is welcome, he’s far more likely to share his inner workings with you.

Allow him time to unwind and relax before poking at the things you’d like to know. This shows that you’re not just here to get information… you want him to be safe and happy, first and foremost.

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Don’t Have An Agenda Going In

If there is something specific that you’re hoping the Pisces will disclose to you, this is totally normal. However, your desire to get a certain piece of information from the Pisces won’t go unnoticed by him.

Pisces can sense on a subconscious level when someone has alternate plans than what they’re letting on. Pisces will be inclined to distrust you in this case because of his extreme sensitivity.

It’s important to go into the conversation looking to be a supportive and loving partner first. Leave your burning curiosity at the door when you’re asking the Pisces to open up to you. You’ll be far more likely to get the quality of interaction that you’re looking for.

Your Pisces guy will feel as if you aren’t looking to satisfy yourself going in. When comforting him and being there for him is your top priority, he will feel it.

Watch How You’re Reacting

Pisces is tuned into subtler wavelengths than the majority of us. They are represented by Neptune, named for the God of the Sea. A lot of their perception is lying under the surface. Others may think them to be vapid or slow, but really, they are picking up less obvious information from the conversation.

For example, Pisces may disclose that he was a petty thief in high school. Your facial expressions and subtle shifts in energy will tell him all he needs to know about your reaction to that information, even if what you’re saying is totally different.

Monitor your tone, expressions, and energetic reactions to what Pisces is saying. They can sense when a metaphorical wall goes up and they’ll be inclined to clam up once again if they can feel it.

Stay in the kind and compassionate to neutral zone for the whole conversation, if you can help it. The Pisces will appreciate your ability to be a non-judgmental listener.

Keep Your Promises

Pisces’ association with Neptune gives Pisces the label of a ‘victim.’ They can often become forgotten, lost, or overlooked because of their kind nature. Their kindness is also what causes many to take advantage of them.

When partnered with Pisces, it’s important to demonstrate that you don’t plan on repeating this pattern. They may have been berated for oversharing in the past, and Pisces may be shy to open up because of this.

In short, when you say you’re going to stay with him, be kind to him, commit to him, or otherwise, you should mean it. Pisces may have issues trusting you initially, but eventually, he’ll realize that you are the real deal.

Keeping your promises builds up belief in you. You’re building credibility in the eyes of the Pisces. Stay honest with your Pisces man and you’ll find that he opens up to you sooner rather than later.

Tell Him Your Secrets & Dreams

If you really want to get a Pisces man to open up to you, you will have to do the same. One of the ways this happens is by you telling him your deepest darkest secrets.

I know that sounds really scary, but trust me on this, it will make a Pisces man trust you and open up in return. He sees your vulnerability with him and this makes him feel able to be open with you.

He will not open up fully if you do not show him that you’re able to do the same with him. Pisces needs to be able to trust that he can tell you anything and you’re not going to judge him or make him feel bad.

Showing a Pisces man your vulnerability will help him feel closer to you. Keep in mind that a Pisces man wants a relationship that is tight knit. It’s you two against the world.

That’s the way he likes his relationship. A Pisces man is looking for his soul mate, the one who “gets” him. When he feels he’s found that, he will open up like Niagara Falls!

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Alleviate Complications

For trust to be present from a Pisces man, he needs to feel as though you’re the one person he can completely trust in and rely on. To do that, you have to communicate with him properly.

When you want to talk to him, try to avoid statements that will hurt him. The Pisces man doesn’t like to feel criticized or belittled. You have to basically learn how to talk to him properly.

He reacts badly to someone judging him or making him feel small. Basically, try to think of how you would feel if he were doing the same thing to you. What would you feel?

Always try to look at both sides of the coin before you talk to him about issues. Something else is that you always need to be honest, open, and candid with him.

There shouldn’t be any secrets from you. If you expect him to open up, you must as well. When you do, he learns that he can talk to you as you talk to him.

That in itself tells you how to communicate with him. Let’s take a deeper look at how to really talk to him in a way that he will be open enough to accept it and return the favor.

One more thing… be patient with your Pisces man! It’s crucial for your relationship.

How To Emotionally Connect With A Pisces Man

If you want to emotionally connect with a Pisces man, pay attention to the various ways he will express his feelings to you.

He may rush into a relationship with you, but he needs to figure out the relationship and himself before he takes it a step further. Knowing this ahead will help you to be more patient with him.

A Pisces man needs your understanding and optimism. In fact, if you inspire him then that’s the icing on the cake. Do things that show him how awesome you really are.

Go out of your way to show care for your Pisces guy. Getting to know him is the single most important way of getting to his heart. You’ve got to get him to trust you though.

If you follow the steps I’ve given you thus far, you will be successful and have that dreamy relationship with your Pisces man. If you do not, you will find it hard to get him to be present in the love you’ve built.

In loving a Pisces man means trying your best to stay tranquil, honest, open, and patient. This is the type of woman a Pisces man needs. I know it’s exciting to be with him but just pace yourself a bit.

Being in any relationship requires that both of you are on the same page. It means being able to talk openly in a way that benefits you both. Pisces man is the kind that will react badly if you’re not doing these things.

He can disappear, stop talking, or start being salty toward you. You definitely do not want this and so it’s better to keep the flow going just like water. That flow determines how close you two can get.

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Make A Pisces Man’s Heart Yours…

The Pisces man can seem like a fortress, but it turns out that there are ways to soften him up. The sweet Pisces man will be showing his true colors in due time if you’re patient and genuinely loving.

Now that you know some methods of assisting the Pisces in letting his guard down, I have techniques that get right to the core of who the Pisces is…

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If you know what the core techniques are, you can open the heart of the Pisces forever…

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I’ve gathered all of the most useful tips that I have to open up the heart of Pisces to your affections and elevate your romance to new growth possibilities.

So, if you truly want to make a breakthrough and make this relationship a success, then you are going to have to work for it…

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Don’t be disheartened if he doesn’t commit or show his feelings right away.

Pisces men need to be sure they’re not being played. They need to be completely sure about the woman they are committing to because for a Pisces man, any relationship is for life and he needs to know 100% that you are in it with him.

Show him that you are serious, but just be patient because this may take a while.

Wishing you all the luck of the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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