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What Does It Mean When a Pisces Man Ignores You? Read His Mind by Knowing Him

There are some valid reasons why a Pisces man would ignore you. What are they and what can you do about it? Of course I don’t expect you to perform magic by reading his mind literally but if you get to know him enough, you’ll know what is going on in his head without too much effort. Keep reading to learn what it means when a Pisces man ignores you.

Hasn’t Fully Opened Up To You Yet

One of the biggest reasons a Pisces man would ignore you or pull back which makes him seem as though he’s blowing you off; is when he isn’t really ready to talk to you about his personal life.

This would mean that he has things going on in his world that he isn’t going to talk about quite yet. If he’s not fully comfortable with you, he’s going to pull back and be unresponsive when he’s upset.

This doesn’t always mean he’s upset with you either. He could be totally disturbed by other things going on in his life and he doesn’t know how to cope with it so he just shuts down.

He will shut down from everyone. He will go home and stay there or in his room and lock himself up for a day or two so that he can gather his thoughts or feelings about what is going on.

Sometimes he’s on overload with feelings from other people as well. Remember that he’s am empathetic guy and often picks up on other people’s emotions or energies which blend with his and make things very confusing.

When the Pisces man is totally comfortable with you and feels he can trust you, he may be more able to tell you when things are “off” in his life and when he just need a little down time to recover.

You Pissed Him off or Hurt Him

What Does It Mean When a Pisces Man Ignores You

Clearly if you hurt the Pisces man’s feelings or do something that really pisses him off then yes, he will withdraw and possibly give you the silent treatment. It’s not right and it’s not mature but he’s a feeler. He operates on his knee jerk reactions.

He has to learn how to open up and communicate properly instead of shutting himself down. He doesn’t realize that problems will not get solved if he doesn’t actually express what he’s upset about.

How can you fix anything if you don’t know what it is that you did wrong or what you did that hurt him? Next time he pulls the disappearing act or goes quiet, remind him of this.

Perhaps by you letting him know that you’re actually concerned, he’ll remember that he really should actually tell you what he’s feeling. This will alleviate confusion and possibly make him come back around quicker.

If he’s a young Pisces man, he’s going to have even more difficulty understanding how to open up and communicate. He hasn’t developed the skills to talk things through yet and responds only to his feelings.

The more mature he becomes, the more he begins to realize through experience that it’s often better to speak up instead of holding it in. The older Pisces man may actually say too much at times.

Certainly if you said something that really ticked him off or said something that got to him on a deep emotional level, he will possibly not know how to respond and instead goes quiet.

Again, reach out to him and let him know that you are sorry that you hurt him or ticked him off. Ask what it was in specific and try to understand what happened so you don’t repeat the process.

May Feel Smothered or Overwhelmed

The Pisces man loves lots of attention and affection but he has limits. At some point he can become emotionally overwhelmed and need time to himself so he can recollect his thoughts.

He can become too intertwined with his partner which causes him to be off kilter and can lead to depression. In fact, Pisces men are prone to mental illness and addiction so they should really learn coping skills when it comes to letting their emotions out.

If you really watch for the signs, you can just about tell when your Pisces guy is near a breaking point. When he stops talking as much as he normally would, something may be up.

He will also start reacting if you’re spending too much time together. Even if he loves you, at some point his emotions become overwhelmed and he will want some time by himself.

It’s alright to let him have some free time and space. He won’t leave. In fact he’ll really appreciate it if you let him have time on his own. It’s ideal for you to make your own plans away from him once in awhile.

I’m not saying this has to happen often but I’d say at least once a week would be something that allows him to be himself, be by himself, and figure out what he’s feeling or just to relax 100%.

If you don’t allow him to have this time and space, he will start to resent you and that upset will build until he takes the time he wants without your say so. He will just go dead quiet and you’ll have a hard time getting him to respond.

The best thing is to always be up front with him about your feelings and ask him about his. He may be afraid to tell you that he needs space or that he has some issues going on in his life.

When you open up to him and ask him to do the same, he may actually get comfortable then this disappearing thing may happen substantially less if at all. Give it a chance and be an open book with him.

Inspire him to talk about what he feels or at least being honest with you about him feeling unsettled no matter what it is.

If you want to better understand what does it mean when a Pisces man ignores you, and what can you do about it, click here and find out everything about your special Pisces guy.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

One thought on “What Does It Mean When a Pisces Man Ignores You? Read His Mind by Knowing Him

  1. I met my Picses man about 6 months ago. We dated on and off for the first few weeks. He has communication issues so I broke it off a couple of times. We were only apart maybe a week or so in between times. We just could stay away from each other. We had a really strong connection. When we got back together the last time we decided to committed ourselves to each other. He told me he loved me and had loved me for a while and thought we were meant to be together. We were really happy. He was staying with me at my home and everything was going great until a family issue tore him away. His life was turned upside down and now he’s having to raise 2 of his grand children. We talked about us and he said that he loved me and would miss me but he had no idea if he was even going to have time for a social life. The situation is very complicated . He was barely talking to me. We were apart for almost 2 months and he finally had a free weekend. He called me and came and spent the weekend with me. We had a great time together. He told me how much he missed me and that he loved me multiple times. He was so loving and sweet. But before the next week was over he has stopped talking to me again. He is the most confusing, selfish and cruel man I have ever met. I think he is a liar and a cheater. He has hurt me more than any man has. I’m so heartbroken I don’t think I’ll ever trust what another man says to me again.. it has been 10 days since he last texted me. He just walked away with no explanation. Ghosted me like I never meant anything to him. I treated him like a king. I’m a Cancer woman so he never had to wonder how I felt about him. I was very loving and affectionate and always told him how I felt. Why would he treat me this way?

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