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How to Show a Pisces Man That You Really Love Him

Are you crushing on a Pisces but you don’t know how to show him you love him?

Do you need help expressing how you really feel to your Pisces man? 

Luckily for you, I’m using the relationship wisdom of astrology to share the top five ways you can show a Pisces man you love him, in ways that he’ll actually receive it. 

Keep reading to find out more!

How to Show a Pisces Man That You Really Love Him

1. Shower Him with Affection

Of all the water signs, Pisces is the die-hard romantic. 

Yes, it’s true that Cancer and Scorpio are also hopeless romantics, but neither of them yearn as much for romance as the spellbound Pisces. 

When it comes to relationships, he swoons over his woman, and he love when she goes above and beyond to shower him with affection and make sure he’s pleased. 

From massages, to breakfast in bed, and making sure he is always fed, the Pisces man feels loved when he feels taken care of and nourished.

So, make sure he always feels appreciated and wanted. 

2. Listen to Him

If there’s anything that makes the Pisces man feel appreciated and wanted, it’s a woman who truly listens to him and one who knows how to share the reins of the relationship. 

He wants a woman that knows when to follow, and knows when to take the lead. 

At first, it may feel like he’s needy and wants you to do everything for him, but that’s not the case. 

The Pisces man enjoys politeness. He believes in being kind and having good manners. 

Therefore, if he takes the time to ask you to do something, he’s not trying to be controlling or demanding, he just truly feels that it is worth mentioning, so try your best to acknowledge his request and oblige within reason.

Another good example is if he’s talking to you, be respectful and make eye contact. Give him your undivided attention and really listen.

By being engaged and listening to him, you make him feel loved and appreciated. He will give you the same respect and thoughtfulness in return. 

3. Give Him Space 

As kind hearted and giving as the Pisces man is, he does not like to feel trapped or smothered. He needs to feel safe and secure at all times. A Pisces man requires lots of flexibility.

Therefore, if you really want to a Pisces man that you love him, respect his boundaries and let him have his space.

Naturally, he will want to talk to you and be around you all the time, but that doesn’t mean he’s entitled to being with you 24/7. 

Rather than suffocating him or trying to control his every move, focus on yourself and do your own thing. 

The Pisces man finds it inspiring and sexy when his partner is emotionally, socially, and financially independent. 

You turn him on when you give him space to miss you and think about what you’re doing on your own. 

He trusts you. 

4. Accept His Mood Swings

How To Show A Pisces Man You Love Him

If you know anything about water signs, you know they are the moodiest of all zodiac signs. 

And as the last and final zodiac sign, meaning he has attributes of all the other signs, the Pisces man can be a bit of an emotional wreck from time to time. 

It’s not that his life is falling apart, but rather that sometimes life feels so good it takes him more time than others to process it and put it together. So, he needs someone who is understanding, gentle, and kind. 

If you are someone who is easily irritated or lacks patience, then you won’t last long with this empathetic water sign. 

But if you want to show the Pisces man you love him and want to have the best relationship possible, find healthy ways to accept and embrace his mood swings. 

Rather than judging or shaming him for his intense emotions, find ways to nurture and calm him. 

Perhaps you make him a glass of tea or suggest you go for a walk when he’s feeling stressed. 

Be there for him no matter what. This is how he knows he is loved. 

5. Spend Time Together

Another simple way to show the Pisces man you love him is to make him a priority. 

Luckily for you, it doesn’t take much to make this simple man happy. 

Unlike other signs who need glitz, glam, and fame to make them happy, the Pisces man is content with a nice foot rub, a home-cooked meal, and sensual love making sessions in bed.  

You can also use this as an opportunity to surprise him with a thoughtful gift.

The most important thing for a Pisces man is to feel appreciated. He needs to know that you care about him and genuinely like him as a person and friend.

If you know his likes, such as golfing, hiking, playing or listening to music, then make a point to incorporate his favorite activities into your plans. 

Make sure you put the focus and attention on him. 

Because whether he admits it or not, the selfless Pisces man is always doing things for other people. He appreciates when others, especially his partner, acknowledges his efforts in return. 

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Final thoughts 

Now that you know my top five ways to show the Pisces man that you love him, what will you try out? How do you think he will respond? 

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve found that a Pisces relationship, especially when it is with another earth or water sign makes the sweetest display of love. 

Are you a water or earth sign? 

Do you feel like you and the Pisces man are a good match?   

If wondering about how well you two will get along or if this is your soulmate, take my free love compatibility quiz

Let me know your results in the comments. 

Sending you well wishes on your relationship journey.

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

2 thoughts on “How to Show a Pisces Man That You Really Love Him

  1. I am a cancer in love with a pisces man who is 15 years younger! It’s been pretty intense lately we both are stubborn and moody we fight not really fight disagree I guess on some things like the cold way he is towards me hes not affectionate at all says hes never been affectionate! But from what I just read I think hes full of shit please any advice how do I deal with his lack of affection and lack of love it seems I’m very hurt and confused but I do love him very much please help!!

    1. Hi Linda!

      Yes I can imagine it would be intense between two water signs. It can also be very passionate. That sucks to hear he’s not affectionate. That’s not a Pisces man trait. He must have some heavy Earth signs going on in his chart. Well either he is full of it or he has things in his chart that do in fact make him less affectionate than a normal Pisces man would be. No way to know without seeing what all he has in his chart honey. I would tell him you need the affection and you crave it. He can either give it to you because he cares or he can tell you the truth in how he feels. I wish you all the very best!

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