Is Your Pisces Man Pulling Away? Here’s What To Do When He Backs Off

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
A Pisces man pulling away could mean a number of things. Keep reading to find out what scares a Pisces man away...

A Pisces man pulling away could mean a number of things, from the unusual he’s just not that into you, to him being so in love with you that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Love and fear will do crazy things to a Pisces man.

However, you probably want to know what to do when your Pisces man backs off and how you can win him back! Well, you have definitely come to the right place…

What scares a Pisces man away isn’t always what you would expect. These guys sure love their romance and fantasies, but they are totally unpredictable. They are called slippery fish for a reason!

Keep on reading to find out all my tips and tricks to stop your Pisces man from pulling away!

What Scares A Pisces Man Away?

1. His Feelings Were Hurt

This one should be obvious. If you’ve said or done something that has hurt your Pisces man then he needs time to lick his wounds and decide if he can get past this wounding or not.

He has to think it over, asses how he feels about you, and assess the damage done or if it’s something he can let go and move forward with. Yes, it’s that deep! 

Pisces men feel things deeper than most. He’s a water sign and they carry things on their heart that they probably shouldn’t. You really have to watch how you talk around him.

Even if it’s something you didn’t mean, you will have to quickly apologize to him so that he knows that you really did not want to harm him in any way. He may not believe it at first but after he calms down, he may very well be forgiving.

If you don’t say you’re sorry, he will probably hang onto his upset for quite some time, and it will be a while before you hear from him if at all. Apologies mean a lot to him as does the promise you will be more careful.

Learn here how to apologize to a Pisces man when hurt.

2. He’s Overwhelmed By Life

When the Pisces man has too much going on in his life at the same time, he becomes bogged down emotionally. He will feel overwhelmed and unable to face everything.

He starts feeling like he’s in an abyss and not sure how to get out of it. If that’s the case then he’s going to be putting love on the back burner for a while until he can get himself back in line.

He will have to prioritize that which needs fixing or repair, and do each step by step. If he doesn’t, he may try to soothe his overworking mind and heart by drowning himself with substance.

Some Pisces men can develop addictions due to this reason. He may also suffer from depression or anxiety. It’s really important he talk to someone about his issues, even if only a good friend who is an excellent listener.

He doesn’t often reach out to someone else when he’s suffering, and this is why you may not hear from him. He doesn’t want to burden you and feels the need for alone time for his own self being.

Work could be adding more hours to his daily time clock clicks. They may be giving him over time or they may be asking him to do something out of the norm that is particularly difficult for him.

Here’s more on how to get a Pisces man to open up and share his true feelings with you.

3. Moving Too Fast Is What Scares A Pisces Man Away

In the event that the two of you got into a relationship really fast, he will at some point realize he didn’t think things through. This will cause him to pause and not know what to do from there.

Pisces man will become moody and not really up for talking. He’s too busy trying to look back on what he’s done and what he wants to do going forward. He may feel there is something lacking or something he doesn’t like also.

He could also be terrified of getting his heart broken due to past experiences when he moved too quickly. This will definitely make him second guess everything about the relationship he has with you.

Be aware if a Pisces man is pulling away after you two were moving at lightning speed, it’s probably his fears and doubts causing him to back off. What you can do is be patient and caring.

4 More Reasons Why Does A Pisces Man Pull Away

4. His Ex Has Emerged

If there is a woman from his past whom he never got over suddenly comes back around and is talking to him, he may become confused about what or who he wants. 

Even if she’s not told him she wants him back, he will assume that because she’s speaking to him that she must want something from him. This will make him feel a little guilty about you.

It will make your Pisces man pull away to figure out what the heck he wants and if he wants a future with you or with her. If he chooses her and she’s not up for it, he will feel awful and probably depressed.

If a Pisces man chooses you, he will certainly come back around fairly quickly and give you his attention again. You’ll need to let him figure himself out. Otherwise, pushing him will automatically make him choose to cut you off.

Tell him you trust him to make the right choice and that you’re not fearful of him talking to her at all. By letting him know you’re alright with it, he’ll feel grateful that you’re not pushing him. 

5. Depression Or Anxiety Issues

The Pisces man is prone to emotional issues if he becomes overwhelmed, as I mentioned before. He may actually have been clinically diagnosed with depression or anxiety. 

In such cases, he may be on medication and if he forgets to take it or he mistakenly drinks while taking these meds, he can lose control of himself and go back into despair. 

When he’s in these moods, he isn’t feeling social at all. Even if you are his love, he will want to be left alone. The thing is, you cannot leave him totally alone because you aren’t sure of what he’ll do in this dark time.

Let him know if he needs anything at all that you are there for him. While he may not talk to you about his issues, he will still feel good knowing that you care about his well-being.

6. Mood Swings

This sounds just like what I’ve mentioned above, but when you think of someone who feels things deeply and can get overwhelmed easily, you can imagine he’ll have mood swings.

A Pisces man not talking to you may have to do with him being in a bad mood or just not feeling like talking. Once you get to know him over time, you’ll be able to spot his moods and know what to do.

Until then, you’ll have to be very patient with him and understand that his feelings can be all over the place sometimes, which makes him withdraw from people including those he loves most.

It’s a natural reaction to want to shield himself from others as well as shield those he loves from his problems. He doesn’t want to bother anyone or burden them. Once you show him you understand he goes through these swings, he’ll greatly appreciate you being around.

7. He’s Not Into You

This one is a bit harder to take, but a Pisces man pulling away from you may have figured out that you’re not the one, and rather than tell you, he just goes quiet.

It’s not the nice thing to do but again, he doesn’t know how to confront you and tell you that he doesn’t like something about you and feels that it’s just not going to work out for him.

He’d rather go quiet and ghost you. What can you do in this case? Not much. This is the one thing you cannot change or reverse. This is how he feels and not much will sway him.

If you’re in a situation where your Pisces man says he doesn’t think it’s going to work and you’re feeling lost and unsure of what to do, I strongly recommend my 30-day Pisces Man Love Challenge. This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to bring back the passion and connection in your relationship. Start your journey today!

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off

When a Pisces man backs off, it can feel super painful. It is likely that this man has made you feel things you have never felt before, and you won’t be able to control yourself very much because it is normal to want to chase this feeling again.

But, the best advice is to go against what you think you need to do. Please don’t chase him. Reeling back your energy is the only thing that is going to save this situation. When a Pisces man backs off, he does so for a reason.

And Pisces men are very sensitive to energy, it is likely that he feels you more than you think. So if you are desperately waiting for him to give you attention, it is just going to push him even further away.

This is why I would suggest that you start doing things that keep your mind occupied. It’ll make you feel better about yourself because you will be validating yourself with things that make you happy first.

Don’t let his lack of attention or communication get you down. If your Pisces man is pulling away, you should take this as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself again and to see that your life is pretty awesome, with or without him.

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When A Pisces Man Pulls Away, Should I Do The Same?

When a Pisces man pulls away, he is sending you a message that he needs some space and he wants to be alone. I know this is really difficult to hear, but it is simply the truth. When you notice a shift in his energy, I suggest you match it. 

The best thing to do is to always let him lead. His masculine energy isn’t as pronounced say as an Aries or a Scorpio man, so the way he leads might be a little more subtle. This is why when you are in your femininity it is much easier to flow. 

Feminine energy is not chasing or doing the initiating. It is you staying in your energy and doing the things you love. That kind of energy is irresistible and makes you very attractive. You don’t want to need your Pisces man, you want him. There is a big difference. 

This is why I say you should match his energy, if he pulls away, then you do the same. It is like a dance. But to be able to do this you really need to be strong within yourself and to recognize how beautiful and powerful you are. 

You literally don’t have to lift a finger, in fact, the less you do, the better. You need to appear graceful and that his actions don’t bother you at all. This is the way to drive him crazy and make him question if he has made the right choice. 

Confusion is always good when it comes to getting into the mind of a man, it makes them feel intrigued and interested. And when you are always there, available, it becomes too easy. Especially if you are the one doing the pursuing.

Will A Pisces Man Come Back After No Contact?

A Pisces man really plays by his own rules. He isn’t unlike any other man in the Zodiac and he definitely lives by his own rules. He lives in a bit of a fantasy paradise and reality can sometimes be a little challenging for him, to say the least. 

However, I have seen that a Pisces man will always come back when there has been no contact. But usually, it happens when you least expect it. He’ll probably not even realize that the two of you are in no contact and think that two months of no communication is actually normal. 

By this time you’ll probably be over him already, but yes, a Pisces man will come back after no contact. It is just difficult to say when! If you are wondering if the Pisces man will come back if you ignore him, you may want to read my latest blog post.

FAQs On Pisces Man Pulling Away

Do Pisces Run Away From Love?

It always surprises me to see this, but yes, Pisces men have a tendency to run away from love. In their heads they think they want to merge and find the one they are supposed to be with, but when they do they make up all kinds of stories about why it won’t work. 

I see this time and time again that Pisces men will walk away from a woman who really loves them because they are either insecure, don’t believe the love is real, or think they are going to get hurt. 

So they then tend to go from one connection to the next searching for something they could have had if they just stuck around a little longer than usual before giving up. They run away because they don’t always see what is right in front of them.

When To Walk Away From A Pisces Man?

Knowing when to walk away from a Pisces man isn’t very easy. Once you have fallen for a Pisces man it can be quite difficult to get away from his energy. There is something really addictive and alluring about these guys.

However, there will be a point where you can’t take the uncertainty about the situation any longer. This is when you should put your foot down and realize that it is time to move on. Trust me, you deserve to be with someone who can commit to you, and Pisces men tend to really struggle with this.

Do Pisces Lose Interest Quickly?

Some Pisces do lose interest quickly, but this is usually when the connection isn’t strong enough. A Pisces can usually feel strongly when something is right for them or not. If the vibes aren’t right, they will move on. 

Don’t take this personally if this has happened to you before. This is a good thing as it means neither of you would have been wasting your time any longer.

Why Has A Pisces Stopped Texting Me?

There are many reasons why a Pisces man might have stopped texting you. Of course, he might not be interested in you anymore, or he may have just forgotten as he does tend to live in a bit of a fantasy world. 

This also depends on where you are in your connection, if you just met, then I wouldn’t take it too personally. But if you are in a serious relationship then there might be a problem. You simply have to gauge how well you know him. But try not to take it too personally. 

Is Your Pisces Man Distant After Intimacy?

Does your Pisces man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment, but get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times.

And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s Dismissive Avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s Fearful Avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful… What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology.

It will stop your Pisces man from pulling away when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when a Pisces man pulls away… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him…

Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

Go here now to turn things around with your Pisces man in 30 days or less <<



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  1. I had a pisces friend and i think he called me because of the bet with his friends. I talked 2 him 3 times and when i heard this i told him that i dont want to talk 2 him. But i really do want to be his friend:(

    1. Don’t go there. Find you a dependable, kind, honest man who lives in the real world. You will fall in love with this Pisces and your life will be a frustrating nightmare. they are not worth it in the end. They look at other women and chase after women. You cannot communicate well at all with them. Their charm is like a summer cloud that floats away leaving you wondering where it went. Do yourself a favor…Don”t get involved with a Pisces man. They will steal your heart and then ghost you. You are a much more deserving human being. They will never change for you. It is not in their nature… They act like the world owes them and they are the most handsome, intelligent man on the planet. Stay away…Find a good, honest man who will love you forever and not gaze at every lady that walks past them, even when you are out with them. They are totally undependable and not worth your time, unless you want to feel like a battered woman. You can’t change them. No one can…Stay away, I beg you, stay away…

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