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The Pisces Man Love – 5 Obvious Signs a Pisces Man Is in Love with You

You’ve met a Pisces man and now he likes you but is he in love with you? If you aren’t sure, keep reading for some very helpful tips that may help you discover if he has more loving feeling for you than you may be aware of.

5 Obvious Signs a Pisces Man Is in Love with You

1. Spends More Time With You

When a Pisces man starts falling in love; he’s going to spend more time with his lady. He will forego his personal freedom and time in order to see her and make sure that her every whim is taken care of.

You see, he idolizes the woman he loves and puts her on a pedestal. If you notice that he’s bending over backwards to change his plans or accommodate what you want to do; he’s likely falling head over heels for you.

Pisces men really love their free time or personal freedom and aren’t willing to give it up for just anyone. They live very single lives until they’re 100% ready to settle down with someone.

When you find that he’s dropping things to come to you when you need him or want him; he’s all yours! This is a surefire sign that a Pisces man is in love with you. He’ll want to spend as much time as he can with you.

He won’t do it just because you want it but he’ll do it because he also wants to spend lots of time with you. In his mind; he’s found the lady he wants to devote his life to. You become his world.

Pisces Man Reliable

2. Reliable and Always Available

For a Pisces man; the woman he loves is the most important person in his world. This means that he will always answer your calls, he will always text you back, and he won’t leave you hanging unless it’s an emergency.

He’s the type that will be there for you when you need him and even when you just want to talk. Again, work can get in the way but he’ll find a way to get back to you as quickly as he can.

If he tells you he will do something for you; he will stick to that and take care of whatever it is that you need. He’s not a flake when it comes to taking care of his woman’s needs or desires.

You can absolutely depend on him and know that he’s your rock. He’s not one of those guys that pulls the disappearing act. He won’t ghost you and leave you wondering what in the heck happened.

He isn’t likely to do the hot and cold thing either but there are a rare few birds that may depending on what their rising sign or moon sign is. Otherwise, Pisces is pretty much there.

Pisces Man Always Talking

3. Asks You When He Needs Help

The Pisces man isn’t afraid to ask his lady for assistance when he needs it. He may ask you for advice about a situation he’s dealing with. He may also ask you to help get him in a better mood.

Pisces are emotionally driven men therefore they need their lady to help get them through whatever it is that they may be going through. Normally though; he really does value your opinion and the way you think.

In his mind, you are the one person in his life that will not lead him astray and therefore he lays it all on the line by telling you what is going on and asking what you think or how you feel about it.

Of course if he is really struggling with something; he’ll ask you to be there for him so he doesn’t have to go through it alone. Even when you don’t know what to say, just you being there is enough for him.

4. Talks about the Future… With You in It!

Clearly if he starts talking about his future plans and includes you; he’s in love with you. He can see you in his life in that future therefore wants to talk about how exciting it is with you.

It also gives you the opportunity to figure out if you want that same future or not. If you love him as much as you love him though; you’ll be all in and ready to talk about what all you two want to do together.

Talking about moving in, buying a house, marriage, kids, or any of these types of serious life situations are definitely protocol for you to believe and understand that this Pisces man is definitely in love with you.

Pisces men typically do not see a future like this with someone unless they are pretty sure that the woman is the one that they can trust with their heart and live a long happy life with him.

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Pisces Man In Love With You

5. Is Your Personal Security Guard

If you notice that your Pisces guy is always worried about your safety or insists on walking you in, out, to your car, from your car, etc; then he may be falling head over heels for you.

He’s a gentleman of course; however; when he’s in love, you’re the most important person to him in his life therefore he wants to protect you and make you feel safe.

When he knows you feel safe with him; it makes him feel more secure about the relationship and where it’s headed. Even asking you to text him when you arrive to your destination or arriving home; he’s checking to make sure you’re safe.

He may insist on escorting you to things just so that he knows he doesn’t have to worry about you. He IS the type of guy that will intervene if he sees someone talking poorly to you or trying to stir up a mess.

He’s protective in all sorts of ways and when he shows this behavior; it’s his way of showing his love and adoration for you. Congratulations if he does any of these things for you because he’s 100% in love with you!

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