What Not To Say To A Pisces Man (7 Annoying Things)

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
There are definitely some things you should NEVER say to a Pisces man if you want to keep the relationship smooth sailing.

Hello, lovely! Falling in love with a Pisces man can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes he can be a little bit touchy, so knowing what not to say to a Pisces man is quite important to make sure you don’t unintentionally hurt his feelings or create unnecessary tension in the relationship.

He isn’t a man who copes well with confrontation, you might say something offensive to him and never know how deeply it affected him. He might not say that to you, but it can leave a lasting impact on his emotional well-being.

This is why you need to have an awareness of his emotional sensitivity and avoid saying things that may trigger negative emotions or hurt him unnecessarily. So if you are looking for the little things to never say to your Pisces man, then you have come to the right place.

Keep on reading to learn about 7 annoying things you should avoid saying to a Pisces man:

What Not To Say To A Pisces Man (7 Annoying Things)

When communicating with a Pisces man, here are seven things you might want to avoid saying as they could be annoying or hurtful to them:

“Stop being so sensitive!”

This water Zodiac sign is often very empathetic and in touch with his emotions. So dismissing the way he is feeling and calling him overly sensitive can make him feel really bad about himself.

This can have quite a negative impact on him and make him feel incredibly misunderstood and definitely underappreciated. He needs to acknowledge his feelings and express them without judgment or criticism.

Being with a woman who bullies him or belittles his sensitivity will only start to grind him down and make him feel bad about himself and being with you in a relationship.

If you want a happy and healthy relationship with your Pisces man then it is so important that you are respectful and understanding of his emotions. He needs to be with someone who is empathetic and won’t dismiss his feelings or invalidate his experiences.

“You’re so indecisive! Why can’t you make up your mind?”

Pisces men are known for their dreamy and intuitive nature, which can sometimes lead to indecisiveness. He can’t help it, it is just in his nature to really get lost in his thoughts and fantasize about all the options before making up his mind.

I know, it can be really frustrating when you really want him to make a decision because you know whatever he decides will impact your life as well. However, criticizing his indecisiveness and pressuring him to make quick decisions will only make him feel more overwhelmed and uncertain.

He needs patience and a lot of space to feel certain that he is making the right decision, so perhaps when you need him to make a choice you give him a reasonable amount of time and avoid pressuring him.

When you act so pushy he might perceive you as being too rash and impatient, which can create tension and make it harder for him to trust his own intuition. And the last thing a Pisces man needs is to go against his intuition. It is his gift after all, so it is best if you don’t undermine it.

Be understanding and respectful of his process, he needs this to help him trust himself more and make the best decisions for both himself and the relationship.

“You need to be more realistic.”

The thing you always need to remember about your Pisces man is that he will always be a bit of a dreamer. This is part of his very romantic nature. He can be very idealistic and live in a bit of a fantasy world where everything is perfect and magical.

Telling him to be more realistic can crush his spirit and make him feel like you don’t appreciate or understand his imaginative nature. You are basically telling him to go against his nature and suppress his creative side.

This can be really energetically stifling for him, because you are saying to him that you don’t like who he is and that you want him to change for you. That really isn’t fair and could make him resent you.

His creativity and ability to dream big are part of what makes him unique and special. He wouldn’t be the person you fell in love with without these qualities that make him so unique. So why would you try to take it away from him?

“Why don’t you get a real job?”

Pisces men often have jobs in the creative or healing fields. So many musicians, artists, and healers tend to be Pisces men. They are drawn to pursue their passions and aren’t often motivated by money or conventional success.

A Pisces man will always choose a path that is unconventional and doesn’t follow the norm, and surprisingly, they usually do find a lot of success when they pursue their goals. But it does take time, and god willing he doesn’t spend all of his free time getting high, because Pisces men do like their escapism…

He is very sensitive, and actually somewhat insecure, it is important that you build him up and recognize his talents. He needs his lady to be on his side, supporting him and believing in his dreams.

Try not to be too hurtful and dismissive of his passions and choices in life because you will only push him away and make him feel resentful towards you as it will feel like you aren’t supporting his dreams and aspirations.

Of course, he does need to make a living and have the means to support himself, but shutting down his dreams is not a good idea either.

“You just need to work harder.”

Pisces men have a lot of talent. They are so creative, but with this creativity, they can also be incredibly sensitive and struggle to really fit into the real world. Telling him to work harder can undermine his self-worth and make him feel like he’s not doing enough, when in reality, he may already be pushing himself and trying his best.

He is a creative, which means that his process is very different to what is conventionally accepted as the norm. Just because it doesn’t seem to you that he is working hard, doesn’t mean he isn’t.

Creating and coming up with new things can actually be very taxing and emotionally draining. Now and then he might need a break and it is important that his partner recognizes this about him and supports his need for rest and self-care.

When he feels really supported and understood, he will naturally be motivated to work hard and pursue his passions. He copes the best way he knows how, and pushing him to work harder may only cause him additional stress and anxiety.

“Money is the most important thing.”

The Pisces man tends to pay more attention to his inner world than what is going on in the physical. That means he tends to be more spiritual and emotional rather than materialistic.

Pushing the idea that money is the most important thing may diminish his values and priorities. He might also be put off by you if you have an overly focused idea on material wealth and financial success.

A Pisces man is one of those guys who seek deeper meaning in life and goes beyond material wealth. He will always prioritize emotional connections and spiritual fulfilment over financial success.

If you say this to him he might start to believe that the two of you aren’t as compatible as he might have hoped. He wants to be with a woman who has similar values to him and understands that there is more to life than just money.

However, he tends to mould himself according to the needs and desires of his partner, so if you constantly emphasize the importance of money, he may try to change himself and prioritize material wealth just to please you, which could lead to him feeling emotionally drained and unhappy in the long run.

So be mindful of who he is at his core and don’t try to force your own beliefs and values onto him, especially when it comes to the importance of money.

“Do you really need so much alone time?”

A Pisces man feels everything so deeply that he often needs time alone to process his emotions and recharge his energy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring peace and solitude, so there is no point in shaming him for doing so.

He often finds solace in his own company and uses alone time as a way to reconnect with himself on a deeper level. This is really important for his happiness and well-being.

It makes him feel more solid in his sense of self. And this is already quite a slippery concept for him since he tends to absorb the emotions and energy of those around him.

If he can get some time on his own he will feel a lot happier and more balanced in the relationship with you. It will show him that you understand his needs and that you also respect who he is as a person.

He struggles with boundaries, so if you can show him that you understand this about him he will feel really respected by you. This will help him to value you ever more.

Don’t shame him for his need for solitude or make him feel guilty about it. When he gets this time to recharge it will make him a better partner for you in the long run, and it will strengthen your relationship.

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7 Phrases You Should Never Say To A Pisces Man You Love

If you care for a Pisces man, you might want to avoid these seven phrases:

  1. “Stop overthinking everything.” – Pisces are introspective and may feel misunderstood if their thought process is dismissed.
  2. “Why can’t you be more practical?” – This may seem like you’re criticizing his natural inclination towards being dreamy and imaginative.
  3. “Stop escaping reality.” – Pisces often need escapes to recharge, and saying this implies there’s something wrong with that need.
  4. “You’re always in your head.” – Criticizes his introspective and reflective nature.
  5. “Focus on the facts.” This could imply that his intuitive approach is not valid or appreciated.
  6. “Everyone has problems.” – This can come across as belittling his emotions and personal struggles.
  7. “You should be more ambitious.” This might suggest his personal goals aren’t grand enough, failing to recognize his individual definition of success.

Tips On How To Communicate With Your Pisces Man When You Are Upset

Sometimes it can be quite frustrating when you are dealing with a Pisces man when you are upset. They tend to be quite illusive, and they definitely hate confrontation, so this is something you need to approach really carefully.

The most important thing you need to remember is that you need to stay really calm. Getting too angry or upset will only push your Pisces man away. He will shut down very quickly.

Instead, you can approach him in a manner that is gentle and understanding. Show that you have empathy for the situation and that you want to come to a resolution that benefits both of you.

Using gentle language shows that you are sensitive to the situation and that you are not trying to cause any harm or escalate the situation. If you can, try your best to stick to the situation and don’t start making personal attacks on him because he will only withdraw even further.

Remember, an argument or disagreement isn’t only about you, so giving him the space to speak his mind and give his opinion on the matter is only fair. This shows great respect and willingness from both of you to understand.

It is important that you reassure him of your love and commitment through this process because being upset with him could make him feel anxious and insecure.

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Sending you love,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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3 thoughts on “What Not To Say To A Pisces Man (7 Annoying Things)

  1. Anna. You asked us to share how we handled our Pisces men and I am happy to share that with you. Somehow your advice and teachings came to me about the time I met him and we started our relationship. Your teachings described him perfectly and I hadn’t been in a relationship for quite some time, so it filled my inquiring mind with all the right things to do. He is all the wonderful ways only a Pisces man can be. I mostly listen to his stories and ideas and praise him for accomplishing things he enjoys. I don’t have to change myself to be kind and gentle with him, it’s basically who I am. He fascinates me with all his descriptive stories and even after a year and one half of our relationship, I don’t mind when the story details change from the first time he told it. I have no need to point out the difference because he totally believes what he says is correct, and it doesn’t really matter what the details are in my mind. He told me what he likes and what he doesn’t want in a partner (after three marriages and several long term relationships). So it is easy to enjoy him without manipulation or challenging what he says. He is delightful and maybe for the first time in my experience, I accept him exactly how he is and he adores me. I don’t need to push my ideas on him and when he suggests things to me to “fix” my situation, I smile and thank him. Most of my decisions don’t affect him or our relationship anyway. When his flirting with other woman feels overwhelming, I have learned to let it go. It’s just his nature to chat with women wherever we are. I look at my phone or just watch him being cute and charming, because I know who he’s leaving with me. Y Pisces man has Leo rising and I think that supports his need to be right and to seek attention from women. I’m a Virgo with a Pisces ascendent so I can blend in with the moment and let him have the attention. He obviously seeks to be admired and loved. That is easy for me to do. He treats me like a princess and calls me his angel. I know if he says he’ll call and he doesn’t. He will catch up with me eventually, and stays with me because I don’t complain. He’s just usually distracted with other things.
    Anna I hope you can see how much you have taught me through your emails and teachings. I feel like the perfect partner for my Pisces/Leo man. He’s the best I’ve ever know in ALL ways a mature relationship can be. Thank you. ❤️
    Virgo/Pisces Angel

  2. Thank you for considering my suggestions for how I handle my Pisces man. They can from your advice and fit perfectly with my very mutable personality.

  3. Love this Anna I love everything you write yes my pisces man is all that you write about. Bout really want to understand him. I think he and I are ment to be . I have a strong gut feeling. Thank you

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