4 Clear Signs A Pisces Man Likes You Through Text

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
The next time you need to know how to tell if a Pisces man likes you through text, look out for these signs!

Hello darlings, today I wanted to touch on the signs a Pisces man likes your through text.

Pisces men can be hard to read because of their ability to mimic back what others are doing. Via text, however, it becomes more obvious when the Pisces has caught feelings, in my opinion. 

The Pisces guy is always going to act sweet to you in person because they often aren’t sure of another way to be other than empathetic unless the rest of the chart indicates otherwise. 

Looking out for a few specific signs can help you determine how much a Pisces man likes you just by paying attention to what he says to you, but also the circumstances around what he’s saying. 

Let’s look on how to know if a Pisces man likes you through text in general.

4 Clear Signs A Pisces Man Likes You Through Text

1. He Messages You Back Quickly(ish)

This one seems like a no-brainer, but texting back quickly is not a normal trait of the Pisces guy at all! Pisces are famously avoidant, and so they’re actually much more well known for ignoring texts than answering them in a reasonable amount of time! 

If a Pisces man really likes you though, he may start acting out of character. He’s not immune to crushes, in fact, he’s a sign that catches feelings very easily most of the time. The Pisces guy who has a big crush will indeed put their crush on a pedestal.

When the Pisces guy likes you, he may put his daydreaming on hold in order to talk to you just a little more. When he’s caught feelings, he may still not get back to you at the lightning speed of the Gemini, but if he’s consistently answering your texts in a time frame that seems to have gotten quicker, he may have started to like you. 

2. He Asks How You’re Doing

Pisces are easily the most empathetic sign of the Zodiac. They care deeply about what those around them are feeling. They naturally absorb the energies of those around them, whether they’re positive or negative. The thing is since he’s typically pretty afraid of people’s negative moods (since he can feel them so potently) he often doesn’t make it a point to ask how others are. 

He usually knows how others are, and many times when he’s just not interested in getting a bunch of negativity dumped on him in a casual conversation. When others hurt, he hurts. It’s a defense mechanism for him. 

If the Pisces guy is actually asking you how you are and doesn’t attempt to get out of the conversation, then there is a solid chance that he’s into you! He’s willing to experience some emotional discomfort if it means that he can get closer to the person that he’s interested in and make her feel loved. 

3. When A Pisces Man Texts You First

Pisces don’t have a ton of initiative. They tend to just go with the flow of life and wait for things to happen to them. He can find peace in the simplest things, so there is no need to strive and work hard if he’s cool and calm already. 

If the Pisces is really crushing on you though, he may find himself working up some courage to message you first. If you’re the kind of energy that the Pisces guy wants around, then he will do what is necessary to make sure that you know he’s interested. 

Being so empathetic, he messages out of pure concern for the people he loves. It can be uncomfortable for him to sit with the hard emotions of others, but with his crush, he’s willing to take the hit to ensure that you are happier and more at peace.

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4. He Lets You Know When He’s Busy

Pisces guys tend to let the little details fall by the wayside. Pisces guys are typically caught up in big picture stuff, with a lot of big thoughts and contemplations about the world at large. As such, things here on Earth can feel unimportant to the Pisces guy. 

A Pisces guy might ignore social rules in order to find some time to zone out full and be in his own world, which is important for the Pisces man. But Pisces can find it a secondary concern to let others know when he’s leaving planet Earth. 

A Pisces who is sensitive to your emotions (maybe because of a crush?) will likely make exceptions for you. Maybe not every single time (Pisces can’t deny his dreamy nature for long), but he’ll certainly want to help you avoid discomfort. 

Once the feelings hit him, the Pisces guy will make it a bigger priority to let you know why he’ll be incommunicado. The only thing that could stop this, is that he often doesn’t know how to say “I’m busy staring into space, so I can’t talk to you” (maybe not THAT literal, but you know what I mean!). As a result, he might still not tell you when he doesn’t have a concrete reason.

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How To Know If A Pisces Man Likes You Through Text — Final Thoughts:

Pisces guys are one of the easiest signs to appreciate. They naturally want to please you. The ways that I mentioned are some of the best ways to get to the heart of the Pisces man. You’ll be the apple of his eye when you show him exactly what he means to you! 

There are a lot more aspects about love, it turns out. The Sun sign is only a fraction of the story behind how Pisces love. 

The other facets of the Pisces man and his emotional and romantic needs are not covered here but don’t think I haven’t covered them before.

I’ve noticed that Pisces men’s partners do A LOT better with their Pisces man once they understand the nuances of his style of love. If you know what they are, you and your guy will be able to relate to one another so much more easily. 

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Your Pisces Man Will Text You Quickly When You Do This…

It can be so frustrating to send your Pisces man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days.

Why in the world would he do this?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with a Pisces.

They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs. And if you treat your Pisces man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man… And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with a Pisces man.

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He will be putty in your hands. And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

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xoxo, Anna

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  1. You said that when others hurt, he hurts. What about when he is the cause of others pain? Or he knows that the reason they’re hurting is because of something he did. How does he feel then.

  2. Hi Anna .I think what you said is true I haven’t heard from my fish man for a whole week.His excuse was that his body was sore and he was having headaches.Only to find out that cheated on me and had unprotected sex with this woman in a hotel room.So I broke up our relationship.He still hasn’t got back to me and I feel that he is guilty.The fact that he didn’t use a condom means that his intention was to impregnate this woman.I gave him a mouth full I even showed him the pictures of the woman he cheated on me with.Im so hurt because he asked me to marry him and does this to me.Imagine If we were married what can he do behind my back.I told him not because I’m a Coloured woman and he wite means he can take for a fool.i just can’t get the picture of him in the hotel room with this woman.And I heard she uses witcraft.im so confused .

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