No Contact Rule With A Pisces Man — Does It Work?

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Wondering how to get a Pisces man back, without contact? Does no contact rule with a Pisces man work? Here're some insights on going silent with your Pisces man.

So, you and your Pisces man likely shared a lot of great times while you were together. Despite this, the two of you drifted apart, and at some point, it was decided that you should not go on, and so it ended. Now you are wondering if the no contact rule with a Pisces man works.

Maybe you’ve been pondering and have decided that you don’t want to go without your Pisces love. But what do you do? If the ship has sailed, then there is no way to undo what’s been done, right?

With astrology, we can do our best to figure out the best way to retrieve your Pisces love. I have found that with Pisces, sometimes the best thing to do is cut off contact completely. But will a Pisces man come back after no contact?

So, if you’re thinking about ignoring or completely distancing yourself from a Pisces man, you may want to read this article and see what happens when you use the no contact rule with a Pisces man…

Does No Contact Rule With A Pisces Man Work?

If a Pisces man cares for you, the no contact rule might work to straighten your relationship. You will start to miss him, and eventually he will call.

However, if his feelings for you have started to fade away, then going no contact will come in handy for your Pisces man because he will not reach out and will move on with his life.

No contact means that if you two have ended it, you’ll need to make sure you’re not trying to reach out to him anymore. If you do reach out, he’ll get the notion that you’re not really done.

While that might seem like a good thing if you’re trying to get your Pisces man back, you need to actually create space so that he can work through what happened in his head in order to come back to you clear of baggage.

If a Pisces man truly loves you, he will absolutely not dig the silence and is very likely to reach out to you. That’s why it’s important to put that silence into effect. It will make your Pisces man miss you and want to hear your voice.

When it’s a situation where you need to move on from him because you know it’s never going to work, you need to go silent because talking to him at any point will bring your feelings back out, and you may want to go back when it’s toxic.

So yes, a Pisces is one of the signs the no contact rule will work best with. They are so emotionally tied to those they love that it is hard for it not to work….

What Happens When You Go Silent With A Pisces Man?

Whether you decide to go silent or completely distance yourself from a Pisces man, it may leave him puzzled.

A Pisces is an expert at creating multiple scenarios in their head. So it can be painful for him to be away from you because you created a beautiful retreat for yourself that doesn’t include him.

This actually works to your advantage because, when he cannot talk to you, he feels like the world he made has fallen apart. He can’t bear this pain.

He would love very much to keep you in his world because then the fantasy he has built up can persist. When his fantasies fall through, it hurts him more than anything.

So, keep up a period of no contact in order for him to feel the world of his own creation fall apart without you. This is going to leave him asking for you to come back.

A period of no contact with him will have him realizing just how much of himself he gave to you. Not in a bad way, because you likely respected what he gave you until it all ended.

Are you curious about how a Pisces man would react if you were to ignore him? Watch this video and find out.

Breaking Up With A Pisces Man — Will A Pisces Man Come Back After No Contact?

Not talking to you is going to drive your Pisces man insane because he truly wants to make sure that you are okay, especially after such a traumatic event as a breakup.

The desire to help you out of any pain you are feeling as a result of them is going to be overwhelming for him. So, no contact can stimulate your Pisces man to the edge of his tolerance for ambiguity.

This works to your advantage… The time away from talking to you is going to put into perspective just how much they believe you are their one and only.

This is a tactic that will play on how they want a future with you. They want to fulfill what they thought was their big shot at happiness with you.

This hope is likely still alive within them. So just separate yourself for a while and keep your distance, because without a dream to aspire to, a Pisces is hardly a Pisces!

They will look at their life without you and remember how you added so much to it, and the urge to get you back will be too strong for them to just ignore it.

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Will A Pisces Man Miss You During No Contact?

A Pisces man will miss you easily when he deeply cares about you. He cannot stand anyone he loves feeling bad. He wants to be there to help those they care about heal from their past wounds and to keep them safe from hard emotions.

So, when the two of you break up and the person he loves the most is no longer around, how is he supposed to make sure she is healing the way he would have her heal? Naturally, he will start missing you.

He will feel desperately lonely without you since he was able to show you who he really was. He knows that he can’t just do that again whenever he wants.

A Pisces believes in their heart that everything is going to work out for the best. For this reason, if he knows that it is meant to be, he won’t give up on a romance.

FAQs About No Contact Rule With A Pisces Man

How to know if you can handle distancing from a Pisces man? Well, luckily for you I have compiled questions that might come up in your relationship. Hopefully, this can help you navigate your relationship with your Pisces man.

How Long Does It Take For A Pisces Man To Come Back?

If you are wondering if Pisces come back after the no contact rule, the answer is that most of them do. In some cases, really fast. A Pisces man may realize he misses you and will try to reach out to you to see if he can bring your adoration back into his world.

A Pisces man is a wonderful partner to have; he is sweet, compassionate, creative, and caring. He is really one of a kind; he cannot go long without you if he really cares for you.

This means that he will come back shortly after being no contact. The Pisces man is very emotional type of guy and he cannot be alone if he loves you.

How Do You Make A Pisces Man Regret Losing You?

Depending on how things have ended, you’re going to need to be light, airy, easy, and uncomplicated in order to get your Pisces man’s attention back. One of the ways you can do this is by appealing to his dreamy side.

If you already know what he likes and what he dreams of accomplishing in life, you can play on this. Try to talk to him about those things and be optimistic about them. You can declare that you still support him and would like to help him.

He needs to remember what he loved about you before. As long as you were previously supportive, loving, giving, and someone he felt good with, you will definitely make him regret losing you.

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21 thoughts on “No Contact Rule With A Pisces Man — Does It Work?

  1. Hello Anna, I have a question so my ex who is a Pisces broke up with me 5 months ago. After our breakup we would still hang out but a month after we broke up he started dating/ talking to someone. We immediately cut contact when he decided to talk to someone so I let it go. A few weeks after he came back but not the way I wanted him to. He was only using me for sex and I practically had to cut him off again. We officially stopped talking this month on December because he slept with someone else and is talking to someone which broke me to pieces and hurt me. Despite all the things he did to me, I did want him back but I know he doesn’t have any feelings or loves me the way he did before. But I feel like he’s going to come back if his talking stage with this girl doesn’t end up working out for him. Do you think he would come back again ? I need help some advice.

    1. Hi Gisell!

      Honey even if he did come back there is no guarantee he won’t do the same thing again. Pisces men can get caught in that loop of repeating bad habits or patterns because they cannot figure themselves out emotionally. I’d step back and give it some decent time. Let him do whatever and you move forward on your own path. Let him figure out if he really wants to be back with your or not. You can work on your own life and making sure you’re on track with yourself. In other words, focus on other things instead of him. If he truly cares and wants you back, he’ll chase you. If not then you’ll need to let it go totally. I wish you all the very best!

    2. Hi Anna
      I was dating a Pisces man for about 3 months we had a great connection, but I get to the point where I wanted to take the relationship to the next level and he told me he wasn’t ready for a relationship. So I told him that I was going to take some time apart from the relationship since he wasn’t on the same page I was. He wanted to keep in contact but I told him that it was best if we didn’t I ended it, stop replying to his messages. I was wondering if he could come back after me not responding to his messages and telling him that I needed some time away from the friendship. I really like him but I’m looking for a relationship not a friendship.

      1. Hi Lisette!

        So you basically gave him the “give me what I want or I’m gone” in different words. That’s not something Pisces men deal with very well. He’s probably very hurt by your decision to not have contact so the likelihood of him coming back after you not responding to him is pretty slim. It’s not impossible but you cannot force someone to be in a relationship if they aren’t ready and they’ve expressed they aren’t ready and need more time. Now, if your feel is you want it now then he’s not the one for you. I hope this makes sense. I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve sweetheart!

        1. Hi Anna,
          My ex and I broke up last March 11 and we last saw each other on March 26. Afterwards, he would sometimes post things like “come back” and “I’ll just fix myself, promise” and on some days he would become so cold and distant. I have cut my contact with him but I still want him back. Although I am having a hard time because he kept on giving me mixed signals. I unfollowed him on Instagram but then a week later, he followed me again. What should I do? Do you think he genuinely wants me back? Because his actions speaks the contrary.

          1. Hi Tintin!

            He needs to say “I’ve fixed myself” rather than if you come back he will. It doesn’t work that way. If he knows he needs to change then he needs to do it before approaching you with “come back”. It’s good you’ve cut contact. He still needs to work on himself. Watch his actions as those are the truth. I wish you healing and love sweetheart!

  2. Hello Ann
    I broke it off with my Pisces man after 9months this month. I tried to break it off weeks prior but he talked right over the break up. I told him my concerns about going 5 days with out talking to him then he would pop up and call. I expressed to him that he didn’t use to be like that. We saw each other every weekend, I hopped in his truck with him and take a load, and then slowly after his cousin died in December then his Aunt in January he started fading away. I love him Ann and I wanted nothing more but to be with him but it seems like I was the one making contact after I came back from my trip in February. I thought us talking about it he would change, he did not. When I broke it off he asked if we wasn’t friends anymore. It’s been 3 days. I don’t think he is hurting, I don’t even think he is thinking about me. I’m not going to contact him and I deleted everything so I would not be tempted. He still had insurance coverage under me and we still have a flight ticket I split. I dumped him but I think he took me for granted, he made a comment last year that I would never stop talking to him, but said he was just playing. Now I believe he believed that. Because I dumped him do you think he will ever reach out or try to at least contact me?

    1. Hi Tasha!

      It does sound like it’s over. I hate to say it but if he’s still not making changes after you two talked then he’s not into what you have/had. If you feel he took you for granted then you should move on because you definitely deserve much better than this guy was willing to give you. If you broke it off, he will not reach out to you. They only reach out if they broke it off and start feeling they were wrong (sometimes they don’t until you reach out first). Do your own thing though and take good care of yourself. Do what you love and let him figure himself out. Don’t accept less than what you know you deserve. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  3. Hi Anna,
    I met the Pisces on line and we hit it off right away, he was going through divorce and Ian as well much longer than him. We had great chemistry cook together host together travel together and get along with his family and friends very well. For the past two and a half years I have my apartment and he owns his house from his marriage. I helped him to decorate his house paint his house ect.. and we had great relationships I’m Aqrarious so i am more straight forward and open book he is more reserved but yet friendly and out going.. i had some issues with his best friend wife. And I apologized for my behalf.. it was really serious relationship we lived together half of the time I loved his kids and grandchildren and he loved my kids. But I always felt that something was holding him. He will do anything to said this find me but yet I felt something holding him back. Maybe it was too soon for him to go to serious relationship during his divorce. I believed I made him feel uncomfortable at times and confused. We Decided to take a break it’s mostly come from his. side that he said that he never was on his on any need some time alone. But still call me and check up on me and help me with a few things, which I didn’t really feel that it’s a break so I’m really confused and you continue to confuse me I haven’t seen him for two weeks but will he used to call me once or twice a day just to check up on me and wish me a happy holiday and as for my children, I haven’t heard from him for the past two days and I’m not going to contact him because I believe that break should be a break to think about our relationship either or we want to go back to the way it was. But I believe in his part it was the process of a long time that he was hurt confuse and uncomfortable any is feeling just overflow, I never contacted him he initiate the contact by texting or calling I text him back just to be polite because I’m not really angry but I’m very confused. So my question is the no contact method would work because I’m not sure myself if I want to continue with someone who doesn’t open enough and internalise all of his feelings and thoughts and you never know what exactly going on in his mind.
    We both have some work to do on yourselves, and we need to get right with being on our own before we can be a healthy partner, Texting talking during the break means that we are not dedicating enough time to this self-growth, which will leave us exactly where we started pre-break.
    Am I right?

    1. Hi Oranit!

      Thank you for sharing your experience sweetheart. Yes, you should absolutely both work on healing outside of each other. Taking a break and getting yourselves together is wonderful! As long as you both agree to better yourselves and not see other people then you two may still have a chance at having a healthy relationship. Trust in your heart and in your intuition. I wish you nothing but clarity, healing, and love!

  4. Hi Anna,

    My boyfriend broke up with me over a week ago. We had been together for a little over a year. He had a good reason behind it. I saw his snap he was messaging other girls. He tried explaining it to me but I wasn’t having it. And he kept on asking me if I trust him, at the heat of the moment I said no. And that made him breakup with me. I was also the one who brought up we should breakup then. I wasn’t being fair. I was telling to either pick me or his friends which I regret now. I been reaching out to him to work things out etc.. but he asked me to give him space and in a few months we can re link, he also told me he’s not going to say we are never going to get back together. He has a lot on his plate and he’s very stressed out. I’m well aware of his situation. I know how he is and I just want to be there for him while he’s going through so much it breaks my heart that I can’t be there for him. Please let me know what’s the best thing to do here.

    Thank you much!

    1. Hi Khatira!

      Alright so you said “no” in the heat of the moment but what that really means is that on some level you actually don’t trust him otherwise this wouldn’t have been something that came out. You also wouldn’t have worried about the messages with other girls. I’m not saying he is innocent either by any stretch since I do not know him. It does sound like he wants to take time which is normal. Give him what he asks for and there may still be a chance sweetheart. Be patient and kind. That’s what he needs. If you need more help then check out my Pisces Man Blog. I wish you all the best!

  5. Hi Anna,

    My Pisces boyfriend and I broke up about 7 weeks ago. I haven’t seen him in about 2.5 weeks. We continued to see each other during the breakup and it turned turbulent (jealousy, mixed signals, etc).

    I haven’t done no contact because I am about to move across the country and I thought by doing so I would lose him for good. I begged for him to give the relationship a chance – talked about changes I made, ways to make distance work, and how special our relationship was (he told me he’s never felt this strongly about anyone and he could see himself marrying me).

    I definitely overwhelmed him with post breakup convos and he said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to get back together because his “heart isn’t in it”. I’m moving in about three weeks. Should I reach out to him one last time or do no contact? I’m an Aries – is there hope for our relationship?

    1. Hi Mar!

      With you being an Aries I know that you aren’t as patient as what a Pisces man requires. The thing is, it’s exactly what you need. I know you’re moving but are you sure that a long distance thing will work? Pisces men like being able to touch and be intimate with their lover. If you do feel so strongly though, you will need to give him some space so he can process everything and decide whether or not he will want to be with you. I’m afraid if you keep messaging him after what he told you, he’s going to go dead cold on you. Don’t let that happen. You can say hi and check in on him but don’t bring up your love or anything like that or he’ll shut down. You might want to take a look at Pisces Man Secrets to give you more information how he rolls. I wish you all the very best!

      1. Hi Ana,

        Thanks for the response! I really appreciate it.

        I think distance could work, we had it planned so we’d see each other every other weekend and he agreed to stay for extended periods when visiting me (he is able to work remotely, while I’m not). Distance would be for a year max.

        Okay, I will plan to give him space. He made it clear that’s what he wants. Do you think I should reach out before I move, or leave the ball in his court?

        Many thanks!!

  6. Hi Anna,

    I was dating a Pisces man for five weeks. We hit if off on the first date and everything seemed to be easy and effortless. He would text me everyday throughout the day and have the most charming things to say about how he couldn’t wait to see me, how much he was thinking about me, how he wished that he had met me earlier. We would see each other a few times a week. At the 3 week mark, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t wasting my time and asked him if he was looking for fun or for something more meaningful. He said that he wasn’t looking to have fun. A week or two before I asked him the question, he had told me that he rushed into a relationship that lasted 4 years and it was toxic with a devastating end 3 years ago. They moved in within a month and fought a lot. After I asked him the question, he changed overnight and was in therapy the next week. It seems like my question triggered his last relationship. He told me that he really liked me but didn’t want to rush anything as he didn’t want to get hurt. I gave him space for about a week and checked-in with him again where se said he needed time and to slow things down. A week later he broke up with saying that he was trying to get back into the same place he was before but he felt like he was forcing it. He said that he’s not ready yet and didn’t want to waste my time. He said he wished this wasn’t the case. I told him that I was hurt to hear but that I understand and that I’m always there if he needs to talk. I asked if we could stay friends and he said yes however I doubt I will hear from him again. Is it likely that he will come back given his fear and history?

    1. Hi Leslie!

      I think there is more to it than what he may have indicated to you about why he went back to therapy honey. You cannot take that blame. Pisces are extremely afraid of failure and getting hurt so this isn’t shocking. Give him more time if you want to try again. I think he just simply isn’t over what happened to him and until he gets over it, he cannot move on with you or with anyone. Give it time and be patient. Stay friends if you can because that will help. That would help him ease back into it over time. Give it a try! I wish you all the best sweetheart!

  7. Hi Anna,

    Ive been in a “Situation” with a Pisces. I am a Scorpio (F). We started dating almost two years ago, when we were first seeing each other he was sweet, into me and very passionate. After a month he was kind of bad at texting and it turned me off. I was also comparing him to the person I was dating before. I distanced myself for a while but after a month or two we came back together and started to see each other casually. For the most part we have been consistent with each other, we talk about anything and everything and we vibe nicely. He’s met my friends and the sex is good. Recently I felt that I was getting older and ready for something serious. Whether that be with him or someone else, so I brought that up to him and he kind of froze in his steps. He asked to take a break from seeing each other and it’s been two months almost three since I’ve heard from him. I’m unsure if he will ever come back at this point.

    I’m pretty hurt considering how much he’s opened up to me and I thought we had an actual friendship aside from being sexual with each other. I simply asked to spend more time together to see if it were possible to ever really be with each other. Ive been through situations like this in the past and I am always sad for about 2 weeks and then move on. This time I cant, it hurts so much that I meant almost nothing to him considering all the time we spent together. I guess we shouldn’t have let it go on as long as it did. I have never missed another presence so much, usually men are useless to me but he meant something, he was special in my eyes. I’m disappointed that he didn’t just say something like “Im not interested in a relationship lets move on” or something not lets take a break. Do you think he will come back? If he does I’m not really sure where to go from there.

    1. Hi Sadie!

      Yikes ok well this is where the patience applies. Time is the only thing that can heal things or get a Pisces man to try again if he still cares for you. I think he got cold feet as many Pisces men do. It scared him that he could get hurt if he were to commit. This is totally normal. Give it time and if he really does think there is something there between you then he will be back. Pisces men cannot let go of those he’s loved or felt connected to. Trust me on that! I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  8. Hi Anna,

    My ex (pisces) broke up with me after 2 years because he said he’s unhappy in his life and he needs to cut off everything. He said he still loves me and he’s sure he will regret he’s decision but for the moment he thinks it’s the best thing to do. He called me after the breakup to check on me and to say sorry and he didn’t mean to hurt me because he loves me but he can’t stay in a relationship with me.
    I’m feeling bad and i don’t understand, I’m thinking if we will go back together again or should i forget about it?

  9. me and my pisces have been together since April of 2023, and we have been like off and on. i am a scorpio so me and Pisces are very much compatible because we are both water signs. I love my pisces a lot and even though he is sometimes hot and cold i love him as a person. Lately, he has been playing a bunch of Mind games such as Blocking me and unblocking me Playing Mind games. He has also said some hurtful things to me, That has left me thinking will I Lose him for good in our currently stressing over what to do because i really Don’t know what to do without being around him. I almost feel as if i am in love with him. when i am not around him i feel empty and lost. Me and my pisces haven’t seen each other in a month and some weeks almost 2 months now. we had this one big argument and he told me that we needed space. I found myself missing him a lot while we were taking a break. Then he told me That he wasn’t in love with me and that i am still his girlfriend but at the moment we were going to remain single. Now i call him and text him everyday off another number while I’m blocked trying to still keep in contact and show him that i care. He told me a lot of times that i was irritating him by calling back to back and texting big paragraphs, and that he wanted space and time to miss me on his own, and that i was becoming very annoying. he also, would leave me blocked for weeks because i was not allowing him to take the proper space. also one day i called him and a woman answered his phone and said stop calling his phone. but he said that was his brother’s girlfriend. I dont believe that and that made me not trust him as much now because im always helping him and being there for him whenever he needs me and now i feel as if i have been portrayed by my own man and friend. My next big point is what do i do? i have tried going days without thinking of him as much and bothering him. will the “No contact rule”work on a Pisces man? Because i dont want to lose him or run him away for good. He has recently texted me saying he want me to focus on me and my kids and that he told me he didnt want me to talk to nobody else, and that he told me that he also didnt want me, so im kind of confused. its like he is all over the place with his emotions. i need advice like good advice that will help because the most we will do is argue never fight or anything.

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