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The Type Of Woman A Pisces Man Falls For And Must Chase

When it comes to falling in love and pursuing a potential romantic interest, the Pisces man definitely has a type. 

Although these empathetic men are known for their big heart and selfless desires, he is sensitive to energies, and therefore can be very picky when it comes to settling down.

So, what kind of woman does the creative, emotional, receptive, and adaptable Pisces man want in his dream woman? What makes him fall in love and chase her until he gets her?

To help inspire and seduce the Pisces man to fall in love with you, and to spread awareness about these magical water-ruled men, I am sharing four attributes about the type of woman a Pisces man falls for and must chase. Keep reading to find out what a Pisces man falls for!

A Kind-Hearted And Compassionate Woman

 Type Of Woman A Pisces Man Falls For And Must Chase

A lovestruck Pisces man will give everything he has to win over the heart of a woman that he admires. He aims to experience unconditional love.

One thing you need to know about the Pisces man is that he is deeply romantic.  When it comes to pleasing and pursuing the woman he loves, there are no limits. The quiet and mysterious Pisces man may seem like he is only shy and unassuming, but underneath that thin emotional wall is steaming passion in an infinite amount of love and care. Never underestimate the amount of kindness this water-ruled man can show! 

Even when this man is busy or working, he is still finding helpful ways to offer selfless service to others. He finds joy in inspiring and helping others to fulfil their dreams.

Generally considered one of the Zodiac’s most thoughtful lovers, the highly intuitive Pisces man is silent in observing, practicing patience to master his partner’s needs over time. 

Therefore, when it comes to the type of woman he falls for, the Pisces man is most attracted to the compassionate woman who knows how to give just as much as she receives. He is obsessed with the doting woman who genuinely reciprocates his tender love.

In the eyes of the generous Pisces man, a good woman is selfless and respectful. She makes an effort to indulge him with romantic candlelight dinners, fragrant colognes, and back rubs before bed. 

Because the Pisces man is ruled by the element of water, he’s easy-going personality won’t ask for much from his partner, so he is blown away by the woman who knows how to express her sensuality and bring peace to his creative mind.

As a man who is often overwhelmed with emotion, he feels safe knowing his partner is there to nurture him instead of badgering him about neglecting her needs. 

To show his appreciation to the kind hearted and compassionate woman who wins his heart, he will cater to her until the end of time. He will make sure that she knows how appreciated and wanted she is.

A Spiritual And Conscious Woman

Type Of Woman Pisces Man Falls For - Spiritual And Conscious Woman

No matter his belief system or religion, the Pisces man is what you would call an old soul. With his sign being the last of all twelve Zodiac signs, he possesses characteristics of each one, giving him a profound spirit of wisdom and enlightenment.

When it comes to love, the curious Pisces man enjoys having deep conversation with the woman he admires. Even though he doesn’t fall in love at first sight or make the first move in a relationship, he will go out of his way to pursue the woman who can stimulate his wandering mind.

For a meditation day, sunrise yoga classes, and sunset walks on the beach, the Pisces man needs a woman he can share his love of peace and stillness with. He needs someone conscious and spiritually aware. He needs a tranquil so who knows how to connect with the world around her.

A Woman With A Sense Of Humor

A Woman With A Sense Of Humor

At first glance, you would not think that the quiet and sometimes quirky Pisces man has an affectionate sense of humor. He is one of the Zodiac’s most childlike signs.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion, the misty planet’s influence brings heightened creativity and optimism, and sometimes a sullen mood. 

But match the Pisces man with a kind hearted, affectionate, playful, and easy to be around type of woman, and you will never have to worry about giving his love away he will only have eyes for you.

As sensitive and emotional as this man is, he is equally carefree. Once he gets over his internal fears, he wants to experience all that life has to offer. 

A Strong And Supportive Woman

Strong And Supportive Woman With A Pisces Man

If you have ever heard the saying Pisces men are emotional creatures, then you heard right. 

Very much like their fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, these feelings-based men know a thing or two about dealing with intense emotions. 

But what is even more important is that the Pisces man matches with the woman who is strong enough to embrace and support his sensitive nature. 

Whether he tells you or not, he is most attracted to the woman who not only loves him but uplifts him. He needs a solid safe space to hide and heal during a rough emotional storm. 

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to the type of woman the Pisces man falls for and chases, remember he needs someone caring, conscious, playful, and supportive. He wants someone who can be his partner in all aspects of life.

If you are currently dating or getting to know a Pisces man, what type of woman would you say he’s into? What have you noticed really turns him on?

Just in case you were wondering if you and the Pisces man or a good fit or not, take my free love can build compatibility quiz to calculate how well you two are a perfect match. Find it here. 

Wishing you love and light.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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