What Body Type Does A Pisces Man Like?

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
If you've ever wondered what body type a Pisces man like, you are at the right place! Find out everything about Pisces favourite body part.

A Pisces man is one of the dreamiest men in the zodiac, but he definitely shares the same kind of attraction most men do to a specific body type. So, what body type does a Pisces man like?

If you want to know which parts of you the Pisces man goes crazy for, think about the parts most closely associated with emotion. If you want to learn how to keep a Pisces man on his toes, you have to know what the Pisces man favorite body part on a woman is.

This means that when it comes to dating, these guys can have some rather odd preferences. I often get my clients asking me, “What body type does a Pisces man like?” And I sometimes don’t know how to answer it because each Pisces man will be different from the others.

A Pisces man’s favorite body part on a woman really differs from man to man. But I have found most of these guys care more about the vibe of a woman and if she has her own individualistic flare. If she has that going for her, then he is usually able to become quite smitten.

Have you ever wondered what body type a Pisces man likes in the hopes that it’ll help with his love life? Then you have definitely come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out what a Pisces man’s favourite body part is!

What Body Type Does Pisces Man Like?

When it comes to the body type that Pisces men are attracted to, there is no precise or specific answer. Pisces men are known for their sensible and emphatic side, so they are often more interested in a person’s personality and emotional side rather than their physical appearance or body type.

They value emotional connection over superficial attributes. However, it is safe to say that Pisces men are generally attracted to someone who takes care of their physical health and overall well-being. A confident walk and good posture are very important if you want to attract a Pisces man.

He doesn’t need an energetic partner, but someone who is calm, soft, and emotionally stable. Remember that this water Zodiac sign is empathic, and if he picks up on anyone else’s energy that causes him to feel down, angry, or anything else… it may impact how he is with you or around you.

Ultimately, what attracts a Pisces man goes beyond physical appearance and body types. Pisces men are attracted to qualities such as mental stability, empathy, and confidence rather than a specific body type.

Pisces Man Favorite Body Parts On A Woman

Your Feet

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and the body part under their rulership is the feet. Needless to say, of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces are the most likely to have a foot fetish!

Pretty toes and silky soft feet will drive your Pisces man absolutely crazy. Toes are considered a Pisces foot fetish. He’ll be running to greet you at the door if you send him pictures of you at your pedicure!

On top of this, the feet are a really sensitive spot for Pisces himself as well. Offer to give him a little foot massage before making love, and you’ll have him absolutely reeling with pleasure.

So, my friend, smother your feet in oils and grab those aloe socks, because your Pisces man is toe-tally in love with your tootsies! This answers your question: do Pisces like feet? Yes, of course they do!

Your Eyes

Pisces are super empathetic and a highly personal sign that craves deep intimacy with their partner. Because of this, they are drawn towards the part of you that arguably shows the most about your true nature… your eyes.

They love nothing more than peering into your soul because it makes them feel close to you. You’ll find that when a Pisces man has deep talks with you, he makes stable eye contact to really feel that connection with you.

Here’s more on what it means when a Pisces man stares at you.

And on the sexy side of things, Pisces men are big fans of eye contact during sex. They basically want to feel like the two of you are merging souls when you’re making love and in order to do this, you may find him lingering in your eyes for long periods of time. 

If you have big, soulful eyes then this is going to drive him crazy. I’ve noticed rather than preferring a certain eye color, they are suckers for sad looking eyes or puppy dog eyes (use this power wisely!).

Your Lips

Pisces have a tendency towards zoning out and getting spacey during conversations with their beloved. But it’s not their fault… sometimes they just get distracted by luscious, sexy lips.

What does a Pisces man find physically attractive? They shamelessly adore large, soft lips because they’re sensitive to sounds and the words that you say. Of course, they’ll get worked up by the same mouth that is whispering sweet nothings to them!

Since they’re highly sensitive to the way your voice sounds, if you have a light, melodic voice to go along with some gorgeous lips then you’ve got them absolutely hooked on you.

I recommend a daily scrub and a high-quality lip gloss to keep him glancing at your pillowy mouth all day long. He’ll be itching to land some slow, sensual kisses on you with a routine like that!

Your Hands

Pisces men are one of the more submissive signs of the Zodiac and he may be more open to receiving your affection than giving it at first.

This is because he could get nervous about making the wrong move or maybe he wants to take his time and see what your love making style is before he makes too many moves.

For this reason, you’re likely in the clear to get handsy with him first, with his vigorous consent of course. He’ll appreciate the way that your hands explore his body.

He’s a highly sensitized sign emotionally, but he can sometimes feel disconnected from his body since he’s so cerebral. Feeling your hands on him is going to ground him into himself before love making and you’ll see a positive difference in his level of engagement when you feel him up first.

So, don’t be shy, put your paws all over him! If you love his body then you’ll love feeling up every bit of it before things get really steamy.

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How To Turn A Pisces Man On?

Your Pisces man is not only a sensitive man but a sensual one too. He is going to be hooked on certain parts of you like you wouldn’t believe (perhaps especially your feet!). Kiss him as much as you can, it is a huge turn-on for a Pisces man.

Your best bets for the parts of you he’ll lust after are the ones you’ve expressed you hate the most. He’ll do anything to direct you to love yourself more, and so he’ll show you just how to love the parts you’d rather hide away. 

He’s a big fan of emotional intimacy with you and so he’ll be looking at your eyes all the time to fuel that feeling of closeness. He can be a big fan of eye contact during the act for this reason as well. 

And you’ll see him zoning out of the conversation to look at your luscious lips more often than you’d think! He’ll enjoy every second he gets to kiss you for this reason. Touch him on his neck because this is where a Pisces likes to be touched.

Wear great high-heel shoes, apply some fancy nail polish, and wear moderate eye shadow with natural colors to keep a Pisces man on his toes. And feel free to lay your hands all over him, since it primes him up for intimate activities with you and grounds him into his body. 

Which Body Part Does Pisces Rule?

In astrology, each Zodiac sign rules a body part. This is usually a good indicator of what a sign might be subconsciously drawn to and what they are attracted to on the opposite sex.

Pisces rules the hands and the feet. Interestingly enough, individuals born under this sign often feel a subconscious connection to this area of the body. He is subconsciously drawn to those parts when he is attracted to a woman.

A Pisces man is usually quite turned on by the lower half of a woman’s body, especially her ankles and calves. He loves it when she dresses up to play up these areas when they go on a date.

So be sure not to forget this next time you meet up with your Pisces man!

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