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The Pisces Man’s Favorite Body Parts (How To Turn Him On!)

Pisces are some of the dreamiest men in the Zodiac; with their soft voices, pretty eyes, and gentle touch. But what does the Pisces man look for in the body of his beloved?

If you want to know which parts of you the Pisces man goes crazy for, think about the parts most closely associated to emotion. 

You might be thinking, what the heck do you mean by that, Anna?? Don’t fret, I’ve got all the details and specifics down below. Let’s find out just what it is that your Pisces’ eyes are lingering on.  

The Parts You Hate

Pisces Man Favorite Body Parts - Parts You Hate

The Pisces man is super sensitive to all of your feelings, and they’re always going to do their best to be there for you and make you feel better. They tend to blame themselves when they sense something is wrong, and so they try everything to make it right. 

I’ve noticed that of all the signs, a Pisces will love the parts of you that you can’t stand. This is likely due to their ability to sense where there is discord and try to make it better. 

Not a fan of your belly pouch? A Pisces man will love on it all day! Think your butt is too flat? Not an issue for the Pisces man – he adores your booty no matter what!

Where there is suffering and dark feelings, a Pisces will be there to shine a light. So, it’s okay to tell him your insecurities, because he’ll be there to remind you that you’re always a total babe. What a catch, am I right?!

Your Feet

Pisces's Favorite Body Part Feet

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and the body part under their rulership is the feet. Needless to say, of all the signs of the Zodiac, they are the most likely to have a foot fetish!

Pretty toes and silky soft feet will drive your Pisces man absolutely crazy. He’ll be running to greet you at the door if you send him pics of you at your pedicure!  

On top of this, the feet are a really sensitive spot for the Pisces himself as well. Offer to give him a little foot massage before making love and you’ll have him absolutely reeling with pleasure.

So, my friend, smother your feet in oils and grab those aloe socks, because your Pisces man is toe-tally in love with your tootsies!

Your Eyes

Pisces are super empathetic and a highly personal sign that crave deep intimacy with their partner. Because of this, they are drawn towards the part of you that arguably shows the most about your true nature… your eyes.

They love nothing more than peering into your soul, because it makes them feel close to you. You’ll find that when they have deep talks with you that they make stable eye contact to really feel that connection with you. 

And on the sexy side of things, they’re big fans of eye contact during sex. They basically want to feel like the two of you are merging souls when you’re making love and in order to do this, you may find him lingering on your eyes for long periods of time. 

If you have big, soulful eyes then this is going to drive him crazy. I’ve noticed rather than preferring a certain eye color, they are suckers for sad looking eyes or puppy dog eyes (use this power wisely!).

Your Lips

Pisces Man's Favorite Body Part Lips

Pisces have a tendency towards zoning out and getting spacey during conversations with their beloved. But it’s not their fault… sometimes they just get distracted by luscious, sexy lips. 

They shamelessly adore large, soft lips because they’re sensitive to sounds and the words that you say. Of course, they’ll get worked up by the same mouth that is whispering sweet nothings to them!

Since they’re highly sensitive to the way your voice sounds, if you have a light, melodic voice to go along with some gorgeous lips then you’ve got them absolutely hooked on you.

I recommend a daily scrub and a high-quality lip gloss to keep him glancing at your pillowy mouth all day long. He’ll be itching to land some slow, sensual kisses on you with a routine like that!

Your Hands

Pisces Man's Favorite Body Part Hands

Pisces men are one of the more submissive signs of the Zodiac and he may be more open to receiving your affection than giving it at first. 

This is because he could get nervous about making the wrong move or maybe he wants to take his time and see what your love making style is before he makes too many moves.

For this reason, you’re likely in the clear to get handsy with him first, with his vigorous consent of course. He’ll appreciate the way that your hands explore his body. 

He’s a highly sensitized sign emotionally, but he can sometimes feel disconnected from his body since he’s so cerebral. Feeling your hands on him is going to ground him into himself before love making and you’ll see a positive difference in his level of engagement when you feel him up first.

So, don’t be shy, put your paws all over him! If you love his body then you’ll love feeling up every bit of it before things get really steamy. 

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Bringing It All Together

Your Pisces man is not only a sensitive man, but a sensual one too. He is going to be hooked on certain parts of you like you wouldn’t believe (perhaps especially your feet!).

Your best bets for the parts of you he’ll lust after are the ones you’ve expressed you hate the most. He’ll do anything to direct you to love yourself more, and so he’ll show you just how to love the parts you’d rather hide away. 

He’s a big fan of emotional intimacy with you and so he’ll be looking at your eyes all the time to fuel that feeling of closeness. He can be a big fan of eye contact during the act for this reason as well. 

And you’ll see him zoning out of the conversation to look at your luscious lips more often than you’d think! He’ll enjoy every second he gets to kiss you for this reason. 

And feel free to lay your hands all over your Pisces man, since it primes him up for intimate activities with you and grounds him into his body. 

Are you intimate with a Pisces man? What’s his favorite part about your physique? Secrets don’t make friends honey, so please share the knowledge down below! 

And if you want to better gauge your overall compatibility with the Pisces man go ahead and take my quiz here!

And finally, if you need the full scoop on the nature of the Pisces man, check out my book Pisces Man Secrets right here.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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