Are Pisces Men Jealous? Find Out Here

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
So what does the Pisces man do when he feels the pangs of jealous for his mate? What are Pisces man jealous signs? Keep reading and find out.

It’s unusual for Pisces men to behave jealous, especially if you can see no obvious reason for it! Everyone goes through bouts of jealousy from time to time, and Pisces is no exception. So how do you know what’s causing a Pisces man’s jealousy?

Pisces man Jealousy – the monster that rears its ugly head, spoiling even the most romantic of relationships sometimes! Usually, Pisces men aren’t that jealous. They’re the type to let things go, and they usually don’t suffer from insecurity either.

In fact, the biggest trait of Pisces is their faith in people (sometimes too much faith). So why is he acting up now? What do you do with a jealous Pisces man, especially when you can’t find a reason for his jealousy? It’s uncomfortable to feel as if you’re being watched and not trusted.

So, first, you have to find out why your Pisces man is jealous. Most of the time, jealousy stems from insecurity. Not feeling good enough. It’s just a symptom of a bigger issue, rather than the issue itself. So, make that your first stop when it comes to finding out why the Pisces man has suddenly made a turnaround.

Keep reading for some interesting information on what to keep in mind with Pisces man jealousy.

Are Pisces Men Jealous In A Relationship?

Pisces men are not jealous in relationships. Yet, if they feel insecure, they will have a reason to act jealous. They are trusting types of men, but if they feel vulnerable, they will experience jealousy.

There are things your Pisces man will do and say that will definitely let you know what is on his mind when it comes to his feelings. If he doesn’t believe he is capable of having a great woman, he’ll then question her motives or actions.

This in itself may make a Pisces man jealous. He’s insecure and thinks another man could whisk away his great love. This fear will drive him to be suspicious of anyone who comes around his partner.

Do Pisces Men Get Jealous Easily?

If you are wondering, do Pisces men get jealous? The answer is yes, but only when insecure. He will be paranoid sometimes about your phone, your social media, or anything else you are involved in. He may also have a hard time if you are confident enough to achieve your goals.

And how do you make a Pisces man jealous? It is simple: undermine his confidence, and he will become jealous. He can become very jealous of you for actually doing things to take you closer to your life’s goals. He’s afraid you’ll be so successful that you’ll leave him behind in the dust or find someone better.

How To Tell If A Pisces Man Is Jealous? 3 Signs To Look For

So what does the Pisces man do when he feels the pangs of jealousy for his mate? Here are a few things to keep in mind and look out for if you need to. If you’re new to dating a Pisces man, it’s important to let you know.

1. Watches Over Your Shoulder

So you’re trying to enjoy checking out your friend’s posts on social media, and he sits really close to you and acts like he’s watching TV when he’s actually looking at his peripherals on your phone.

He wants to see if you’re clicking “like” or “heart” on some dude’s stuff, what the dude is saying about you, and who you talk to. This will be especially true for the various forms of social media and text messages.

He seems to always want to see who is messaging you or sending you texts. He probably won’t make it obvious that he’s watching, but trust me, he’s watching because he’s paranoid.

It makes him uncomfortable anytime you grab your phone in his presence. He’s unsure what you’re going to do, who you are talking to, or who may be trying to win your affection secretly.

2. Plays With Your Phone

He has a phone of his own, yet somehow he is interested in how your phone looks, and how it functions, and may even ask you for your passcode (if you have one) to use it really quickly to look something up.

He may conveniently forget his phone somewhere or leave it out of the room so that yours is easier to access. It allows him to look into your phone and see what you’ve been doing.

If you catch your Pisces man looking at your phone when you come out of the restroom or whatever you were doing, he’s been checking out what you’re doing. Of course, if you have nothing to hide, it’s best to not have a passcode on it and leave it laying around…

It makes him rethink things, and maybe he’s overthinking things or being untrusting for no reason. Of course, if he won’t leave his laying around or is on it constantly but doesn’t want you to see it, then…

Likely, if that’s the case, then he’s doing something that he’s projecting you to be doing even when you’re not. He’s guilty, and it’s the classic accusation of accusing you of cheating or talking to others when he’s in fact the one doing it.

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3. Shuts Down Emotionally

Your Pisces man will act like there is a brick wall between the two of you if he’s developed jealousy in some way. If he suspects you of cheating or wanting someone else, you could be “dead” to him.

When a Pisces man pulls this icy, cold wall into place, he may also start flirting with another woman or multiple women to make him feel confident in himself again. As I mentioned, he gets jealous due to a lack of confidence in the first place.

Even if you’re not cheating or talking to anyone else, if he gets it in his mind that you are, your Pisces man is going to withdraw. He may decide he’s going to find someone new because you obviously don’t want him.

It’s really childish, to be honest, but Pisces men can absolutely react this way if they feel their woman’s loyalty isn’t there. You may find yourself trying to prove to him that you are loyal.

You should never have to prove your loyalty to someone who seems dedicated to not believing you anyway. When this is the case, you probably should just let him go and find someone who is less dramatic than this guy.

Not all Pisces men are jealous, but they can become that way if anything seems out of place or if they start to feel depressed or down about themselves. I hope these help you see ahead of time what your Pisces guy may be like.

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Why Are Pisces Men Jealous? 5 Reasons Behind It

1. He’s Scared Of Losing You

A lot of the time, people act jealous because they are afraid of losing a good thing. It’s completely counterproductive, but there you are.

Maybe the reason your Pisces man is acting jealous out of the blue is because you’ve been doing very well lately, and he has realized he can’t live without you! This could lead to possessiveness, so Pisces’ possessive behavior could emerge from his gentle and empathic personality.

2. He’s Feeling Uncomfortable

Pisces men hate uncomfortable feelings. They will do anything and everything to avoid feeling insecure or needy. A Pisces man acting jealous may simply be a smoke and mirrors act to distract himself from these emotions.

Granted, it’s not the most mature behavior, so you really have to put your foot down and tell him he has to face his feelings and deal with them! Therapy in such cases is definitely a huge help.

3. He’s The One Being Unfaithful

This may be hard to hear.  Often, the reason someone is acting jealous and possessive is usually because they are the ones doing something suspicious. This may be hard to hear, but if there’s no obvious reason for jealousy, you might want to think twice.

It may be just a mild flirtation, a chat with their ex that they feel guilty about – or a full-blown affair. This is Projection 101, so don’t let him get away with it if you know for sure that you are completely innocent!

Here are the signs your Pisces man is cheating on you.

4. He’s Doesn’t Feel Masculine

Pisces men are not the most manly men out there. They can be quite feminine, emotional, and sensitive in their natures—not typical Alpha male traits. Is there someone in your life who is? Is that who they are jealous of?

Maybe they just wish they were more like them, and the way that it’s coming out is through acting like a crazy man. In this case, often, all they need is to be told that they are perfect just as they are and that they don’t have to be the manliest of men.

5. He Has Trust Issues

This can be a very big reason why he’s acting strangely all of a sudden. If he has been cheated on before, he may be very, very scared of being hurt again.

Pisces men just can’t take pain. They hate uncomfortable feelings and will do anything to avoid being hurt. Find out what his history is, and see if this could come from an unfaithful partner.

How To Deal With A Pisces Man Jealousy

If you decide to confront your Pisces man about his jealousy, try to be gentle, kind, and understanding. Show him you have unconditional love for him. Ask him why he’s feeling the way he is, and listen carefully.

You may find that childhood trauma is the main reason for his jealousy, insecurity, or feeling emasculated—there could be a thousand personal reasons that he was shy to share.

Being a water Zodiac sign can make Pisces men a touch more dramatic than others. They may just be acting out because they’re feeling needy or bored.

Just don’t buy into it. Don’t get caught up in his feelings, and maintain a sense of boundaries. This will help stave off some of the more emotional upsets and communicate to him that you’re not prepared to be his punching bag.

Are Pisces Men Insecure In Love?

Yes, they are. Pisces man will focus more on what he’s feeling, thus causing more worry than actually using a little logic and self-control. This all leads to insecurity, which causes him to act jealous. Pisces man insecurities are something that you should be familiar with if you are dating a Pisces man.

If you suspect he’s being jealous in any way due to his insecurity, you should try to boost his confidence by reminding him that you’re with him because he’s such a wonderful man with a loving heart.

It may not always work because of Pisces’ tendency to become depressed easily, but you can at least try. Maybe something will click, and he’ll understand that you’re not leaving him for someone else and that you’re not stepping out on him.

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