Pisces Man, Cancer Woman Compatibility: What To Expect With This Watery Couple

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
When a Pisces man and a Cancer woman are together, their compatibility is out of this world. But what makes their union so unique?

When two water signs like Pisces and Cancer get together, it means one steamy yet loving relationship. The Pisces man, Cancer woman compatibility is one for the ages. These two signs just get each other on such a deep and intimate level. This is a match that is certainly made in heaven! 

When a Pisces man and a Cancer woman are together, their compatibility is out of this world. This is the type of love that can last a lifetime. The love that they share is pure and true and one of the most magical pairings around.

But what makes their union so unique? Why does love always seem to work out between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman? Keep reading for more insights on why this relationship pairing is simply phenomenal!

What Makes A Cancer Woman So Special?

Pisces man and Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is warm, loving, empathetic, and truly cares about people. She’s a humanitarian and will do anything she can to help as many as she can. She is almost saint-like to some degree.

She is someone from whom everyone seeks advice. Everyone seems to sense that she’s someone they can turn to in troubled times. They know she will give them some words of wisdom to help them on their way.

She’s so nice that others can often misinterpret her intentions. She’ll be sweet to a guy, and he’ll mistake her intention, thinking she’s trying to get with him. She’ll set him straight – but secretly, she enjoys his attention. It makes her feel good.

Though, when the Cancer woman commits herself, she’ll mostly want attention from HER man instead of strangers, though she will take a compliment where she can get it.

When she meets the Pisces man, she is in the company of a kindred spirit. They recognize each other in some way. They know each other without even speaking a word.

These two draw magnetically to each other. They flow like the water signs that they are. Conversations will be easy, compliments will be genuine, and their love for each other will come naturally.

What Makes A Pisces Man So Special?

Pisces Man in Love with Cancer Woman

The Pisces man will turn the world upside down to please the woman of his dreams. He has many romantic thoughts in his mind at all times, and he wants the right woman with whom to share them. (learn what a Cancer man likes in a woman here)

He is a dreamer and sometimes has a hard time focusing on himself. However, when he has the right partner, he can balance out better and start doing things to accomplish his goals.

His main goal in life is to find his soul mate, fall madly in love, live with his queen, and have children together. It sounds like the male version of the Cancer woman, honestly. They’re a lot alike.

When the Pisces man meets the Cancer woman, his heart skips a beat. She’s so alluring and delicious that he’s tempted by her. He’s going to want to get to her very quickly.

She’ll have to make sure that he doesn’t rush into love because both could regret it. If she holds off and gives him something to work for, he’ll fall madly in love with her and make her his world.

It will be easy for a Pisces man to fall very hard for his Cancer lady. The Pisces man and Cancer woman’s marriage compatibility is highly possible if they truly want it and can work out their differences.

Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Compatibility: What Is The Attraction?

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1. Chemistry

A Pisces Man and a Cancer woman are a near-perfect match. There is just so much going for this relationship, and it is quite easy to see why these two signs feel constantly attracted to one another. The Pisces man and Cancer woman love compatibility is one to witness!

There is an inexplicable force present between the two of them. It is clear on a soul level that they just get one another and can’t help but be in each other’s life. The attraction they share is immense and comes right down to chemistry.

2. Similar Values

A Cancer woman is looking for “the one,” and Pisces man is looking for his “soul mate,” so, essentially, they’re after the same thing. This makes for a powerful foundation between each other.

They are both looking for a relationship that novelists will write about. They want a storybook romance and something that feels pure and true. A Pisces man and a Cancer woman are compatible because they see love and relationships similarly.

Neither of them wants to be with someone who does not fit the criteria of their perfect mate. Both want security and stability, and so they can certainly give this to each other. They’ll likely be very open with one another.

3. Profound Sexual Attraction

The sexual attraction is definitely there, and they’ll be fluid with each other. Both don’t mind trying new things, and the Cancer woman will allow the Pisces man to take the lead in the bedroom.

These two are also quite sensitive and empathetic and can intuitively gauge what the other person is feeling. This makes it easy for them both to satisfy each other’s needs. A winning connection in the bedroom!

Sexual compatibility is certainly not an issue between these two. He knows what she wants, and she will know what he wants without ever needing to ask him. She is the right type of woman for him.

Pisces Man Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Pisces Man Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

A Pisces Man And A Cancer Woman Are Both Extremely In Touch With Their Feelings

On an emotional level, these two have it down. They are both deep thinkers and feelers, which allows them to explore feelings that many other people may never feel or understand. In this union, being emotional is more than encouraged!

A Pisces Man And A Cancer Woman Are Exceptional At Communication

These two will not lack feelings for each other or with each other. They should be able to communicate with each other quite well since they have an understanding that helps them get each other’s viewpoint.

It should be natural for them both to share their feelings and feel safe when sharing their vulnerabilities. This is a relationship with no judgment and one in which they can both safely be sensitive with one another. 

A Pisces Man And A Cancer Woman Can Learn A Lot From One Another

She’ll be a bit more traditional than he is as he’s more of a spiritual experience type of guy. However, they will be able to fulfill each other’s needs without hesitation.

A Pisces man and a Cancer woman are very likely to have a lot in common, so their shared activities won’t typically be at odds. They can always find common ground and find something they love doing together.

They’ll love spending lots of time with each other to the point where other people may become deeply jealous. They are the type of couple that will make people claim, “they make me sick, they’re so sweet!”

That’s not a bad thing to be labeled as, right? A Cancer woman wants a man who will dote on her and treat her like the queen she is. A Pisces man wants a woman he can do this with and won’t feel like he’s overwhelming her.

Cancer Woman, Pisces Man Marriage Compatibility

Marriage is definitely in the cards for these two love birds. A Cancer woman and a Pisces man are both built for marriage and raising a family together. They both understand the importance of building deep connections and bonds with one another. 

This is the type of union where they will put each other first and always support one another through the highs and the lows! Whatever life may throw at them. A Pisces man and a Cancer woman are incredibly compatible. 

They are both so intuitive and sensitive that it is just easy for them to speak each other’s language. No one will understand them quite like each other, and each is truly lucky to have the other. 

The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman In Bed

The sex between the Pisces man and a Cancer woman is an emotional bonding situation.

Neither of them likes to have sex without meaning. Not to say that neither is capable of casual sex, but they both prefer it to be with someone with whom they have a deep bond, as it’s far more satisfying.

The Pisces man is a bit freakier between the sheets than the Cancer woman is accustomed to, but part of her may open up and start to appreciate the newness and excitement.

Once she becomes comfortable enough with her Pisces man, she will be more open to experimenting and trying things outside of her comfort zone, thus bringing her more pleasure than she can imagine.

The Pisces man will take great pleasure in getting to know his Cancer woman very intimately once she finally lets him in. This will forge quite the bond between the two of them and make them crave a life-long spiritual connection.

He loves that the two of them can talk about anything under the sun and never get tired of one another. They most likely love the same types of movies, food, etc. These two are really a great pair. Not perfect, but maybe perfect in their eyes.

Are The Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Soulmates?

These two are really great together. The potential is present, and they have to work at it, but it is possible that they love each other so much that they can overcome whatever adversity comes their way.

Even when a couple is in a soulmate relationship, they still really need to keep working on the relationship. Nothing good ever comes for free, and it is a constant thing they need to keep in mind throughout their relationship.

Their family life will be a big make or break for them. They have to agree on parenting styles before having kids, so they will not be misguided and do what they said they wouldn’t.

As parents, they’ll provide lots of love and tenderness. They will both need to adopt firmness, otherwise, the children could very well run over them or become “entitled” or “spoiled” in a not-so-appealing way.

They can figure out what they can both do to make it optimal for them and their children. The possibility is there, and if they fall deeply in love, they can surely get to where they want to be.

A Pisces man and Cancer woman marriage can grow to be a long-lasting partnership. Both will have to compromise – otherwise, they’ll have some issues that they really don’t want. Trust will be a crucial thing for them to develop.

Without trust, there is no real relationship or commitment. Both are capable of cheating, and neither want this to happen, so they will have to be careful with whom they flirt.

Both tend to be flirty with other people. They must create boundaries and stick to them, to give each other all they need for a lasting relationship.

Overcoming Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Problems

The biggest possible issue with these two would be where trust is concerned. Both signs are rather secretive and not so forthcoming with their thoughts and feelings as they probably should be.

This will occur mostly at the beginning of their relationship as they get to know each other. Neither is fully open with one another and, thus, they become suspicious.

Over time though, they should be able to squelch any worries which they have about each other by building trust little by little. The more open they become with each other, the more they will create a solid foundation of trust.

Their life values may be another issue. They could very much vary on how they see the way life should be. Both are very clear on how they see the world and what they want with it.

This would include how they want to raise children. They will have to work to find common ground when it comes to their desires for their future together. They can do it though; they are perfectly capable of making a very loving family.

They have to really want it, and they must be flexible with each other so they can find some middle ground with the values they hold dear individually.

Where they may have trouble will be their life values. They differ here slightly in terms of marriage, children, and other important situations. They can talk through this and find a middle ground as long as they are willing.

Trust could be a problem for them both as they are rather private with their lives, and until they’re willing to open up and talk deeply with each other, they’ll both be insecure and possibly jealous.

The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Breakup

These two souls are so sensitive that neither one of them wants to cause upset with one another. Sadly, this can lead to cheating if they aren’t careful. Either one of them is capable of infidelity if they cannot face each other.

One may ghost the other as well. When this is the case, the relationship crumbles, and their mate never gets closure. Neither one of them wants to do the breaking up, so they just wait.

They wait until things become so far gone that both of them finally face each other and call it done. They really need to open up to each other more, so it doesn’t get to this point – but if it does, they will both be hurt from this break.

It will take both of them a great deal of time to find healing with themselves. If there is any shred of feeling left between them, then they may be able to come together and work things out.

There IS a possibility that these two can get back together, but they’ve got to work harder than they did the first time around if they want to get past what broke them up in the first place.

Can they remain friends? They can, but it may be rather painful, so it probably would not last for all that long. Maybe after years, they could find a way to forgive each other and be friends again.

4 Fire Signs That A Pisces Man Is In Love With A Cancer Woman

Signs That A Pisces Man Is In Love With A Cancer Woman

1. The Pisces Man Asks For More Time With You

When a Pisces man is in love with you, he will want to spend as much time as possible with you. He wants to be close to you, he wants to feel you, and he wants to gauge the passion that is between you two.

Pisces man isn’t a slow mover typically, and with a Cancer woman, he’s lightning-fast because he more or less can feel the love for her before he even really realizes what is going on.

He trusts his intuition when it comes to a Cancer woman and, therefore, he wants to dive right in. Diving in includes spending all his free time with his Cancer lady. That means he’s head over heels.

2. Your Pisces Guy Is Always There For You

No matter how busy the Pisces guy might be, if he’s in love with you, he’ll make sure he’s available for your needs. He is never too busy for you.

He’s not likely to blow you off for anything or anyone. When he’s in love, you’re on a pedestal in his mind, which means you are the most important facet of his life.

It doesn’t matter what he has going on, as he will always do whatever he has to do to ensure you’re happy and well taken care of. He feels it’s his duty to care for you as much as he can and always show his presence.

3. He Values Your Thoughts And Opinions

When a Pisces man is in love with you, he wants to hear whatever it is you have to say. He may ask you for advice on various things in his life as well. He trusts you and truly wants your input.

If you find he keeps asking for your opinion on things, he is likely in love with you. He won’t go out of his way to ask other people, as he’d just assume trust his own intuition. It’s different with you, Cancer woman. He truly feels you can help him.

He trusts that whatever you tell him is something that you’d let him in on for his highest good. Trust is the key here. He trusts you, and it means that he’s in love; because he most certainly doesn’t trust unless he loves.

It doesn’t matter if he’s asking you something as simple as what color shirt he should wear – he cares about what you think. He will go with what you advise him as he feels you do know what may be best.

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4. The Pisces Man Prompts Discussions About The Future

One of the easiest ways to know that the Pisces man is in love with you is by how he talks about his future plans. If he starts talking about future things he’d like to do and includes you in it, he loves you.

This can be anything from “we should go check that out sometime” to “when we finally do this.” It can be regarding travel, sharing new experiences, visiting his family, spending time with friends, or even living together.

Nothing is too taboo for the Pisces man in love. When he speaks of what he’s doing daily or weekly, you’ll find yourself included in whatever he’s doing. He may actually tell you, “There is nowhere I will ever go that you cannot go with me.”

This type of talk is uniform for a Pisces man who is very much in love and wants his lady to be part of his future. When he mentions you in the plans for any type of future event or situation, he’s in love with you.

When the Pisces man is in love with you, he will do all sorts of romantic things for you to show you that you are his queen. He will also treat you as though you hung the Moon because, in his eyes, you basically did.

He will go out of his way to write you poetry, letters, songs, or paint you a work of art for you to hang in your living room. He wants to gift you his talents to show you how much he adores you.

He will place you on a pedestal because there is no one out there that is better than you in his world. He really does believe this when he’s feeling it, so it’s important to believe him when he tells you this.

He’ll do his best to avoid doing or saying anything that would hurt your feelings. He may accidentally do or say something, and if he does, he will be quick to apologize and show you how much he loves you.

With a Pisces man, you never really have to worry about where you stand. If he’s all in and giving you everything that he’s got in his heart, he loves you; there is no question about that!

If he’s flirting, being sweet, but not totally engaged in all the things I’ve mentioned, then perhaps he likes you and is trying to figure out if you’re someone he wants to be with in the future.

If he’s only keeping you in the friend zone, then that’s probably all he sees you as, and you should probably keep moving forward in your own life. Otherwise, if he’s doing any or all of these things, he’s all in with you.

Challenges between Pisces Man and Cancer Woman

It has been a minute since you and your Pisces man have started dating, dear Cancer…

Things don’t feel as comfortable as they once did, unfortunately.

You get the feeling that your Pisces man is no longer invested in the relationship like he once was and this is utterly heartbreaking…

No matter what you say to him to try and rebuild that connection it just seems to fall on deaf ears…

It just feels like he doesn’t care about you anymore.

And doesn’t make you a priority in his life.

It is like he has shut down emotionally…

And the harder you try to reconnect with him, the faster he seems to want to pull away…

You spend your nights worrying about how you can fix the relationship and get him to treat you like the Queen you know you are!

But what can you do?

You have tried everything…

Or have you?

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I know a lot of secrets about the love between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman.

This isn’t information you can just find anywhere online…

It has taken me years to compile this information to help you get the dream relationship with your Pisces man.

There is only one thing standing in your way of rebuilding the connection you have with your Pisces man…

And that is you!

You have the power to have the most wonderful relationship with him…

So what exactly are you waiting for? 

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You deserve the whole world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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