What Attracts a Pisces Man to a Cancer Woman? Pay Close Attention!

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
What does Cancer woman have that makes Pisces man want to dedicate his life to her? Keep reading to find out what attracts a Pisces man to Cancer woman.

As a Relationship Astrologer, I have noticed two signs that never seem to get enough of each other… This is the connection between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman. So what attracts a Pisces man to a Cancer woman in the first place? What draws them to each other in the first place?

Well, fundamentally these two signs have a lot in common. Firstly, they are both Water signs, which means they are quite emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. They have a unique understanding of each other which is why there is such a strong attraction between them. 

For a Cancer woman and Pisces man love, at first sight, is often a very common occurrence that happens… They just get this intuitive sense that they belong together and from that point on they just can’t be apart from each other. It can be quite an intense experience for them both.

Are you a Cancer woman who has this insane pull with a Pisces man and wants to know how to develop this strong attraction into a full-blown relationship? Well, then this article is exactly what you need.

Keep on reading to find out what makes this attraction so special!

What Attracts A Pisces Man To A Cancer Woman? 5 Main Things

The Pisces man and Cancer woman attraction is so beautiful… These two signs are definitely meant to be together. A Pisces man and a Cancer woman have so much in common that it just makes sense that they would want to be in a relationship with each other. 

This is why it is important to note what does a Pisces man like about a Cancer woman. If you want to learn about the secret keys to your Pisces man’s heart that only Cancer women can hold, I strongly suggest reading my Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Secrets guide.

Here are 5 main things that attract a Pisces man to a Cancer woman. 

1. A Cancer Woman Is Deeply Loving And Caring

The Pisces man is deeply drawn to the loving capacity that the Cancer woman can give him. She’s nurturing, compassionate, and wants to take care of the right guy. The Pisces man finds this to be a dream he can achieve.

He knows that if he gives his all to his Cancer woman, he’ll be happier than he ever could be with anyone else. He knows he can please her and make her feel the same way about him.

The flow he feels with the Cancer woman makes him feel very natural, comfortable and excited all at the same time. She makes his heart go pitter-patter with optimism!

A Cancer woman will go out of her way to make her Pisces man feel special and cared for. She will always be his greatest support and is so happy to be there for him, through thick and thin! She wants to be his rock.

2. A Cancer Woman Is Intuitive And Empathetic

The Pisces man loves that his Cancer woman can feel when something is wrong with him and nurture him to feel better. He’s also glad that there are no guessing games with her, as he can feel what she does.

These two connect so well that a Pisces man feels confident, loved, and cared for by his Cancer woman. She’s all he could ever dream of and will be the perfect partner for him, wife, and mother of his children.

Just like her Pisces man, a Cancer woman is deeply intuitive and can feel whatever he is feeling. This makes it easy for her to support him and give him the love he needs because she is just so in touch and in tune with his needs.

3. A Cancer Woman Knows Her Way Around The Bedroom

She’s sexually pleasing to him as well. There isn’t much these two cannot experience or feel together. They pretty much get each other on most levels and therefore are generally very happy as a couple.

A Cancer woman will go out of her way to make her Pisces man feel sexually satisfied. Both Pisces and Cancer know how necessary it is for them both to have an emotional connection before they can take the next step into the bedroom.

They share the same values, and a Cancer woman will want to wait before she sleeps with her Pisces man. She wants to know that she is safe and secure in his connection with him, and this is something her Pisces man will continue to respect about her.

4. A Cancer Woman Is Family Orientated

A Cancerian woman loves nothing more than her family. She adores the connection and bond she has with her loved ones. There is nothing a Cancer wouldn’t do for her friends and family. 

Connection, loyalty, and respect are very important values for her. She likes taking care of people and making them feel comfortable and at home. A Pisces man is attracted to this because he likes knowing that there is someone who will support him. 

A Cancer woman will always make a Pisces man feel special and cared for. She will feel like a source of home and comfort to him and this is exactly the kind of energy he needs to excel in life. 

Her actions make him think that together they can create a beautiful family and loving home together. This is just another reason why a Cancer woman ticks all the boxes for a Pisces woman. 

5. A Cancer Woman Understands His Mood Swings

If you’ve ever been around a Pisces man then you know that he can be quite moody, but so can a Cancer woman. They’re very sensitive and emotional people and sometimes life can be a little much for them both. 

So when a Pisces man goes through a bit of a mood swing, the Cancer woman really understands and empathizes with him and what he is feeling. She doesn’t judge him for it and makes him understand that she will be there for him whenever he needs it. 

A Cancer woman understands the Pisces man’s need for distance and introspection when he gets moody because she hopes he will give her the same kind of space when she needs it. 

A Cancer woman will never bother her Pisces man when he becomes reserved. She will give him the space to sort out his feelings. This is why this partnership works so well together. 

What Attracts a Cancer Woman to a Pisces Man? 5 Things She Can’t Resist

1. A Pisces Man Is Kind Hearted

A Pisces man is without a doubt a gentle soul. He is very compassionate and feels the world around him in such a profound way. He is very sensitive and cannot stand the suffering of others. 

This is why he chooses to be kind-hearted, he would hate to be the reason why someone else feels pain. This would make him feel incredibly ashamed and riddle him with guilt. 

This is what the Cancer woman likes so much about the Pisces man, she knows that he will be gentle to her heart and try not to hurt her in any way. He intuitively understands that she is sensitive and will want to protect her in every way he can. 

2. A Pisces Man Is Deeply Spiritual

A Pisces man has a strong connection to the spiritual world. It is very rare to find a Pisces man who doesn’t believe in something greater than himself. His spirituality is very important to him. 

He is often the guy doing breathwork, or open to doing yoga and meditation. He intuitively understands the benefits of these practices and doesn’t see them as emasculating. He knows the importance of having a practice that can ground him and help him cope with his sensitivity. 

A Cancer woman will find this incredibly attractive about the Pisces man. This just shows how sensitive and in touch he is with the emotional side of his life and for a Cancer woman this is a major green flag!

3. A Pisces Man Is Devoted And Dedicated

There is a side to a Pisces man that can be a little fickle and flighty at times, especially when he is ungrounded. But, when a Pisces man puts his mind to it he can be so devoted and dedicated, especially to a relationship. 

It is his deepest desire to merge with another person, he wants two to become one. This is his dream. So when a Pisces man finds the right woman he will devote his life to her. 

A Cancer woman loves this about him because she is only interested in a strong and stable relationship which goes the mile. A dedicated and devoted partner is exactly what a Cancer woman desires in a man. 

4. A Pisces Man Is Creative And Imaginative

One of the best qualities of a Pisces man is that he is highly creative and imaginative. It is unusual for a Pisces man not to have a special creative talent like music, painting, or even poetry. 

He comes up with the most wonderful ideas and has a unique way of expressing this to the world. This can be deeply inspiring and exciting to be around. This is probably one of the things a Cancer woman likes most about a Pisces man. 

He is just so interesting and can show her many new things in life. His imaginative spirit can make her see the world in a different way. A Pisces man has a way of blowing the world open for a Cancer woman which she will find quite exciting. 

5. A Pisces Man Is Introspective And Reflective

A Pisces man is incredibly deep, whenever he goes through something he can really dive deep as he tries to figure out his emotions and feelings about something. He is willing to do the work to help heal himself. 

He will do whatever it takes to be a better person. He has no shame in taking a moment for himself to figure out what he is feeling about something. He tries his best to work through his trauma and fix his unhealthy patterns. 

For a Cancer woman, this is very inspiring and this is one of the top reasons a Cancer woman will fall for a Pisces man. She wants someone who is willing to work on himself.

What Is The Undeniable Attraction Between A Pisces Man And A Cancer Woman?

1. The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Are Both Water Signs

It is simply written in the stars! Both Pisces and Cancer are water signs, and when two signs share the same element, the attraction electrifies! They instantly click and understand one another straight out of the gate. Love at first sight is definitely on the cards for these two!

One of the first things you have to keep in mind is that these signs are both water signs, and so from the first meeting, they have a great deal in common. Both signs are emotionally charged, and therefore it’s easy for them to “get” each other. They understand one another on such a different level.

Two water signs together can feel each other on a much deeper level than anyone else can ever comprehend. They are destined to know each other, love each other, and form a lifelong bond.

2. The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Are Both Dreamers

The Pisces man is a dreamer, and the Cancer woman is not too bad at manifesting her dreams either. Both make decisions based on how they feel and what they want in life. They both want a deep, passionate love that is unbroken.

They both love to get lost in a fantasy world and can dream some pretty incredible things together. This is a union that gets lost in imagination, and they can really have fun together and help each other build their dreams.

3. The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Are Both Looking For Their One True Love

They seek out a partner who is their one and only! The Pisces man and Cancer woman soulmate connection is definitely possible (probable even!). These two are drawn to each other by their feelings when they are in proximity to one another.

If these two meet somewhere, they will FEEL each other and will easily connect. A Pisces man will feel blown away by what he is experiencing without even talking to the Cancer woman.

When he finally does walk over to talk to her, he is even more dazzled by her beauty, her charisma, and the vibrations he gets from her. It’s like a psychic connection between these two.

4. The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Are Both No Strangers To Love At First Sight

The Pisces man with Cancer woman love at first sight phenomenon is something to behold. They are one of the few connections that allow two people to easily fall for each other and see each other for who they really are.

The initial spark they share is undeniable. Their eyes are lock on one another from the moment they lay their eyes on each other. Love at first sight is truly possibly between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman.

There aren’t too many other signs that can fall in love at first sight or first meet, but these two have what it takes.

5. The Pisces Man And Cancer Woman Are Both Extremely Romantic

Somehow these two can communicate without even saying a word. It’s really incredible to witness these two romantic signs fall for each other. They just have so much love and passion for one another, and it makes others feel inspired by watching them. They can almost read each other’s thoughts. It’s really profound.

The Pisces man with Cancer woman marriage is something not only possible, but it’s also very likely! Some rare couples possibly don’t make it and that only happens if either of them is holding onto painful baggage.

However, most Pisces man and Cancer woman pairings tend to work out quite well. They’re able to love each other, get married, have children, and have a lifelong partnership that is nearly unbreakable.

A Pisces man finds the Cancer woman to be the most beautiful angel he’s ever seen. And the Cancer woman will think her Pisces guy fell to Earth just to care for her and her needs. Truly, this is a pair that is on a high level.

6. A Pisces Man And A Cancer Woman Have A Deep Fulfilling Connection With One Another

The Pisces man is ruled by Jupiter, which is what makes him full of life opportunities. Neptune is also another player for a Pisces man which can make him dreamy or delusional, in some cases.

However, these two powerful planets make it so that her Pisces man can dream anything up and make it come into form with Jupiter’s blessing and Neptune’s vision.

The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon. This means she’s all about her feelings and what intuition tells her about any situation. That said, if you put this pair together, they make quite a combination.

They understand each other on a very spiritual level that most other people will not understand. These two will succeed with love, family, and business.

They will always take care of each other. What they will have to work on will be the values they have in place for their life. Each has a different set of standards and desires for what they want.

Based on the deep, profound connection these two have, they should be able to talk and find common ground to build their treasured values to succeed.

Cancer Woman and Pisces Man – Attraction and Intimacy

A Cancer woman and a Pisces man have an undeniable attraction to each other. They both feel very safe with being intimate with one another. Sex for them isn’t a purely physical act, it needs to be spiritual and emotional as well. 

They understand each other’s needs when it comes to intimacy. They are very intuned with each other and it is a connection where neither of them has to say a word, they can just feel it on a soul level.

Both Pisces man and Cancer woman crave a powerful bond that can heal them both. They want to feel as close to each other as possible. This is a connection that wants to dive deep. 

Cancer Woman Pisces Man Love At First Sight

The connection between a Cancer woman and a Pisces man is usually instant. There is a deep attraction between them and they can’t help but want to be around each other all of the time from the moment they meet.

They can form a strong bond in an instant and this is why they often fall in love at first sight with each other. It is as if this connection is blessed by the Universe. They both just know that they belong with one another.  

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

As an Astrologer, I can say with certainty that a Pisces man and Cancer woman have one of the strongest bonds Astrologically. I would consider the Pisces man and Cancer woman a soulmate or twin flame connection. 

This is a relationship they both need to go through and find healing from. Their love is sweet, empathetic, understanding, and full of compassion and care. I would rate this connection a 9.5/10!

Learn more about this beautiful relationship by exploring my Pisces man Cancer woman secrets here.

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8 thoughts on “What Attracts a Pisces Man to a Cancer Woman? Pay Close Attention!

  1. Cancer woman here. And yes, we connect do well with pisces men. It is like magic!
    We just feel each other!
    Condition is he has to be open to the cancer woman… If he is experiencing a lot of person al issues dragging him in his mind he is gone.
    I dated him for 6 weeks and wow it was one of my best love experiences.
    8 weeks after brake up we are on good terms again and both feel the magic.
    He says it’s friendship I know and séance it is still love.
    I am patient… I feel that we are goï g to be back together soon.
    I will marry this guy for sure!

    1. Hi Nathalie! Yes, two water signs tend to really get each other very well. Pisces man is capable of giving some very powerful love to the woman he feels is “the one”. While you are patient and are waiting for him, you might want to learn more of what these guys are like and what you can do to help kick things up a notch with him. Check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  2. he fell in love with me when I was 12 but waited til I was 15 to tell me-we dated secretly til I was 20(he was 12 years older)we never once talked of not being together.We married and left everything we had-38 years married-had businesses together-one child-several homes-all prosperous and unbelievable connection-after death his soul came back to me-we are still together-for all eternity-when we dated secretly I would look up at the stars and think “What do stars care if we are together?” The stars did care

    1. Hi Carol!

      What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing with me. I really loved reading that. Yes, the stars always have a lot to say. It really sounds as though you two will have a bond even over in another life if you believe in reincarnation. He’s probably a soul mate for you and so he’ll always be around giving you his life no matter what. Blessings to you sweetheart!

  3. I’m so scared, haha. I mean there’s like an incredible connection between us…i feel safe, as cancers in general appreciate when someone makes them feel safe. And I am able to sense when something isn’t right with him and him as well. It’s beautiful, how we just blend together and match and are always making things work no matter the situation. We’re in long distance now..sadly. i find myself crying for him randomly as he’s my best friend. Nobody gets me like him…i wonder if he feels the same. And I’m scared because we’re both young, would things just end one day? I love him so much!?❤

    1. Hi Her.!

      It sounds like there is lots of love there between you. If he is being with you just as you are with him even if it is long distance, there is a connection. You two should start talking about getting together, visiting, or even one of you moving to the other’s town. Put some goals out there and trust me, if he’s not into it, he’ll let you know. I get the feeling by what you’re saying though that he does want it. Don’t be afraid to talk to him honey. If you’d like to learn more about a Pisces man’s mind, check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets. You may get more clarity. I wish you the best!

  4. Hello,

    I am a pisces man, I totally agree with what everyone shared here. I am a mechanical engineer, I met a cancer woman at work. Once we met, we both felt something unexplainable. After that, we developed a friendship. But it didn’t last long where it transformed to a miracle love story. She revealed her secret to me by whispering in my ear “I love you so much”.
    We are dating right now, and we can’t get enough from each other.
    I hope that bond we formed will last till the end of time.
    I just want to share that with you.

  5. I just met a pisces man, on an online dating site. I felt an imidate attraction. Now what you have to know is we are both in our early 60s and this is a second relationship for both of us. He approached me but I was already admiring him from afar so when he messaged me I almost fainted. Sounds like I’m 18 again. I was in a very intense and toxic 30 plus yr. Marriage with a Leo and never had a feeling like this before, never knew there could even be one. I have only had a few conversations with this man but feel some kind of strange pull. He is just over 100 miles away from me. Do you think that someone can FEEL this kind of attraction before meeting, just through conversations? I am experiencing something I never have before. I never was ever in touch with a pisces man before. As a cancer women though I really do understand everything that you describe him to be. Any input would be appreciated
    Searching for answers on NJ

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