Pisces Man As a Husband – Complete Guide to Pisces Men in Marriage

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Are you lucky to have a Pisces husband? Newly married to a handsome Pisces man or freshly engaged? Learn what a Pisces man is like in marriage

Are you engaged or newly married to a Pisces man? What an experience, am I right? These romantic souls are one of a kind regarding love and romance but wait until you see what he’s like as a husband. 

Of course, you probably want to know how to keep your Pisces husband happy and fulfilled in the marriage. So it might be a good idea for you to understand what the signs are if a Pisces man is unhappy in marriage and how to make him happy. 

You might even wonder will a Pisces man leave his wife for another woman or is he good at commitment? All these questions are very valid, and luckily for you, I am here to give you all the answers you could ever need. So keep on reading if you want to find out more about your Pisces husband.

A Pisces Husband – What He’s Like?

The Pisces man wants a wife who will dream with him. He wants to be inspired and motivated to chase after his goals. A Pisces husband longs for a partner that will push him to make those dreams come true.

He often has his head in the clouds, and he needs a woman who is going to convince him to go out and do instead of just wishing and talking. She should also chase her own dreams and lead by example. 

The Pisces man is looking for his Venus—the woman that will take care of him, nurture him, and be there for him when he needs her. Basically, he’s looking for a mom that is actually his wife. 

I know that sounds odd, but his relationship with his actual mother has no bearing on the type of woman he’s looking for. 

When I say take care of, I don’t mean financially, and I don’t mean that he wants to be babied. He wants security and loyalty with his lady love. He wants to feel as though she will always be there. She should be independent and take care of herself as well. 

Marriage to a Pisces man requires a woman who has it all or can make it happen. She should have her own career, dreams, and goals and still be able to come home and take care of the household. 

Pisces men sometimes opt to be stay-at-home fathers if the wife is inclined to allow them to. And they are good at it! A Pisces man will be very attentive and loving with the children.

Marriage is pretty important to a Pisces man because he is on a mission to find his true love and his soulmate. He wants to merge with his partner and become one. Marriage is definitely a priority for a Pisces man.

The Pisces Husband in short: a Pisces man seeks security and loyalty in marriage. A Pisces husband cares about his family, and will look for the same nurturing traits in his wife.  

Pisces Husband Traits – The Good And The Bad

What Makes A Pisces Man A Good Husband?

Positive Pisces husband traits: empathetic, creative, sensitive, caring, romantic, a great father

The Pisces man is a creative being. He just thinks so differently from anyone you have ever met – and this can make it so interesting to be around him. His uniqueness is so charming that you can’t help but be drawn in by your Pisces husband. 

One of the best traits a Pisces husband has is his deep empathy and sensitivity towards other people. This means that your Pisces husband will always be tuned in to how you are doing on an emotional level, and he will go out of his way to help you feel better when times are tough.

A Pisces man in marriage will always do his best to make you happy and content. Because your Pisces man is so sensitive, he is one of those guys who take on the emotions of others, so when you are feeling blue, so does your Pisces husband. 

A Pisces husband possesses this amazing gift of healing and being there for others. He has no trouble sitting with people when they are in pain, sad, or going through a hard time. Your Pisces husband prides himself in being there for others. 

Marrying a Pisces man can feel like a dream because he is so romantic and so in tune with your needs. Don’t be surprised when he starts knowing exactly what you are thinking. He definitely has that sixth sense about him. 

A Pisces husband is extremely loving and caring and will make sure that his family is taken care of. He makes a great father to children as well and treats all of his family members with compassion and kindness.

More on Pisces man’s traits here.

What Makes A Pisces Man A Bad Husband?

Negative Pisces husband traits: moody, flakey, refuses to deal with conflict

When you are married to a Pisces man, you will quickly notice that he can be rather moody. One minute his mood is flying high, and the next he is feeling the lowest of the low. It can be hard to keep up with him. 

Consistency is also a problem for your Pisces husband because he can quickly get lost in whatever he is busy with and forget about his domestic responsibilities. I guess that is what happens when you are married to a dreamer. 

There is a side to your Pisces husband that can be rather flakey; he is just not consistent at all and sometimes it seems to be rather difficult for him to keep his word. Your Pisces husband just gets so distracted at times!

With time, you will also come to notice that your Pisces husband can be quite evasive, and may simply refuse to deal with any sort of conflict. You might ask him a question which he is unable to answer for one reason or another, and this can often lead to lies and deception, unfortunately.

By no means does your Pisces man mean to be malicious, just sometimes the reality of the world gets a little too much for him and he might think that making up a white lie is the easy way out; which it never is!

A Pisces Man In Marriage – What Will Marriage Life Look Like With A Pisces Man

Having a marriage with a Pisces man will be full of excitement and wonder. As I said, the Pisces husband is very loving and giving to his wife and children. He wants to be sure they always know that his wife cherishes and cares for them. 

He is generous and will do whatever he can to make sure his loved ones get the very best. A Pisces man does need a wife who can help keep him mentally grounded, though.

She has to be able to show him the practicality in life and how important it is to take care of the mundane as well as the abstract. He needs to not lose reality, otherwise, he starts to fade out mentally and begins “checking out” of life and marriage.

Bringing him a slice of real-life daily should help him. Talk to him and see to it that he understands that it’s important to do the simple things. Dreaming is good, and chasing your dreams is better, but living a real-life is also amazing.

He needs to know these things so that he doesn’t become disappointed or depressed when things don’t unfold the way he dreams they might. He has a way of building things up and can get disappointed when they don’t play out.

It is so important to work on clear communication with your Pisces man because his head is often lost in the clouds. Communication is key for any marriage with a Pisces man, and you must encourage him to share his thoughts, opinions, and fantasies with you. 

He is so used to being there for everyone else that he might forget to take care of his own needs. Encourage your Pisces man to be open and vulnerable with you because this is a wonderful way for you to strengthen the bond of your relationship together. 

You can expect a lot of spiritual and emotional exploration when you have a marriage with a Pisces man. This guy just loves to dive deep and discover the meaning of life and somehow reach nirvana. 

The Pisces man in marriage summary: A Pisces man will give you plenty of love, and dreamy, romantic moments. He will also likely help you explore your spiritual self. His wife should learn how to make him more sensible and teach him how to deal with the present reality. 

Being an understanding wife to your Pisces husband is the best thing you can do. Be patient with him and know that whatever he is going through is his burden, and he has to work through it.

He may ask for your help, and he may not, but as long as he knows he can rely on you, he will be happy with that. Having a loving heart open to him in his time of need truly does help him feel safe and secure.

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Pisces Man As A Husband

The Pisces Husband And Work – What To Expect From Him Financially

Don’t ever expect your Pisces man to be the breadwinner or sole provider. He isn’t likely to play that role very well. A Pisces husband will work, and he will help provide, but you will likely also have to keep up with him.

A Pisces husband usually does really well in fields in which he can be creative and express himself artistically in some way. Some of the dreamiest musicians and actors are Pisces men like Javier Bardem, Daniel Craig, Jon Hamm, Kurt Cobain, and Chris Martin. 

When a Pisces man can tap into his creative side, he can soar and be immensely successful. He also does a lot better when he can be his own boss, so freelance work would be best suited to his personality. 

A Pisces husband doesn’t cope well when he has someone breathing down his neck all of the time, and this is probably why a traditional corporate job isn’t very suited to him. He is the type of man that needs to follow his passion in life; there is no other way around it. 

Pisces men need to manage their motivation to go after their dreams, otherwise, they aren’t likely to become wealthy. Otherwise, they tend to have big dreams that go unfulfilled which can often put them on a path of depression and sadness. 

Be gentle when you approach him with any domestic issues because he is really sensitive.

The Pisces man isn’t good at arguing; he tends to skirt around the issues. He cannot handle the emotions behind the confrontation. It’s often best to confront him from a place of common sense and rationality.

If you try to talk to him while you’re emotional, you won’t succeed and are likely to become even more upset when he doesn’t get it or waves you off. 

Pisces husband and work in a nutshell: A Pisces man might find that creative professions suit him the best. He isn’t the type of guy who likes to be a sole provider, so his wife needs to keep up with him. A Pisces man might get too lost in his dreams and future goals, so it’s important to motivate him to accomplish more realistic goals. 

The Pisces Husband – What To Expect From Him Sexually

A Pisces man in bed is very sensual and tender. He knows what you need and want and will give it to you. 

A Pisces husband also wants you to figure out for yourself what he likes. He isn’t one to tell you necessarily, but if you ask him, he may confess. But he really loves when a woman somehow just knows what he needs or desires. If you are empathic like he is, then you will most likely figure it out anyway.

Communication is important, as is exploration and experimentation to keep the sex playful. He will keep you satisfied as long as you let him take the lead in bed.

Remember I mentioned how creative a Pisces man can be? Well, this talent extends to the bedroom. Your Pisces husband has a wild imagination and just loves living out his fantasies which means he is open-minded and up for anything.

If you feel like the relationship needs a little bit of extra spice then a good way to change things around is to ask him what his fantasies are and let him know that you are open to exploring his desires. 

Your Pisces husband is a romantic and passionate lover who knows exactly how to use his intuition to give you exactly what you need in the bedroom. It is pretty incredible to see how in-tune he is with your needs. 

Things can get quite intimate with him, so expect a lot of staring into your Pisces husband’s eyes as the two of you make love. He is trying to connect with you on all levels, and this is likely why it always feels so good!

Pisces husband in bed roundup: The Pisces man is passionate and romantic in bed. Feel free to ask him about his fantasies and use your imagination when talking to him in the bedroom. 

Pisces Man As A Husband In Bed

Who Should A Pisces Man Marry?

A Pisces man’s best matches for marriage: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

A Pisces man’s good matches for marriage: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces 

A Grounded And Responsible Woman

When a Pisces man is considering a life partner, he needs someone who can ground him and support him in his life. A Pisces man can be all over the place and this is why having a stable support system can really help him to flourish. 

This is why Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are especially good partners for a Pisces man. These earthy ladies really know how to be dependable and teach him a thing or two about responsibility. 

Earth sign ladies are great for Pisces men because they know how to set a foundation for the family to thrive in. A Pisces husband has a bit of an adventurous spirit about him, and he often needs his space to just explore and be free. 

A Supporter And A Motivator

This is why it is so good to have such a reliable force for the Pisces man to fall back to. She can be his home and the reset point in his life to help him thrive. Earth sign women are perfect for Pisces men because they know all about structure and routine and can help this go-with-the-flow guy to be a little more responsible.  

A Pisces husband is a dreamer, but he doesn’t necessarily have the know-how or motivation to turn his dreams into a reality. This is why Earth sign women are so good for a Pisces man because she will be able to put a plan in place to help him reach his dreams. 

Earth sign women are great at creating things on a material level. Give a Taurus, a Virgo, or a Capricorn an idea and she will find a way to make it come true. They are really good at making things happen. 

A Woman Who Is Open To Learn And Grow With Him

Plus, for an Earth sign woman, a Pisces man can be a breath of fresh air to help her to get out of her comfort zone and explore different things. A Pisces husband can show her the wonders of the world. 

Earth sign women are also incredibly sensual and romantic, which is a perfect match for such a loving and caring man like Pisces. They can both get lost in the romance of it all and enjoy each other’s company thoroughly. 

A Caring And Sensitive Woman

Another good match for a Pisces man is other water signs, like Cancer and Scorpio. These ladies are just as sensitive and creative as our dear Pisces man. A marriage with one of these ladies will be full of romance, empathy, and intuition; traits a Pisces man happens to love. 

A Pisces husband will really enjoy being able to share his feelings and emotions with these water sign ladies. He yearns to be deeply understood by his wife and this is what he will get if he decides to marry either a Cancer, Scorpio, or fellow Pisces. 

A Spiritual Woman

A Pisces man is deeply spiritual and he is always on a journey of discovering himself and asking all the big questions about life. He is extremely interested in things like yoga and meditation and doesn’t shy away from exploring these modalities. 

This is something he wants to share with his partner and this is why a woman like Scorpio or a fellow Pisces would be a fantastic match for our Pisces man. If you are marrying a Pisces man, you need to be open to exploring things you never could imagine before.

Explore here what a Pisces man is looking for in a woman.

Marrying A Pisces Man – The Challenges

Common Challenges in a Marriage with Pisces Man: moodiness or depression

The Pisces man is a very loving guy, but he sometimes needs a bit of space so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed or bogged down. This is due to his empathic nature. This will always be a part of him. This is his greatest strength but it can often also be his biggest weakness and something he continuously needs to work on throughout his life. 

He can feel other people’s emotions acutely, and it bleeds into his own psyche, thus making him feel angry or depressed. His moods can swing to extremes. Some Pisces men take medication for depression or disorders, and some even turn to substance abuse for relief.

This is why it is so important for you to encourage him to speak to you and share whatever it is he is feeling so that you can give the right support and let him know that he doesn’t have to carry the load on his own. 

That being said, when you can tell your Pisces husband is angry, upset, or sad, then you need to let him know you’re there for him and then let him have his space. The time to himself will help him get better clarity.

The same goes if you upset him or hurt him. Apologize, tell him you made a mistake and you won’t do it again, then allow him to have a little time so he can sort his mind out. You may feel a little anxious about giving your Pisces husband space, but he needs this time on his own to make his way back to himself.

Being an understanding wife to your Pisces husband is the best thing you can do. Be patient with him and know that whatever he is going through is his burden, and he has to work through it. All you can really do is support him and let him know he can depend on you as his wife. 

He may ask for your help, and he may not, but as long as he knows he can rely on you, he will be happy with that. Having a loving heart open to him in his time of need truly does help him feel safe and secure.

But for most of the time, your Pisces husband is likely to be extremely loving and considerate. He just wants the best for you and your family and will go out of his way to make sure that his loved ones are safe and ultimately happy.

How To Get A Pisces Man To Marry You

Getting a Pisces man to want to marry you may be a little daunting, but it really isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are some fun, yet practical tips on how to get a Pisces man to marry you.

  1. Be His Best Friend

    Pisces men are a little shy and reserved in most situations, but especially in love. These gentlemen have big fantasies and expectations when it comes to romance. This is why it might be a good idea to focus on friendship with him first. 

    This takes the pressure off on him because he is very sensitive to energy and when women have too many expectations of him it can make him shut down. Just remember, don’t put him in the friend zone, make sure he knows you are interested, but lean back and take off the pressure.

    Be his best friend first and create a world in which he can’t imagine you without. This is the way to his heart. Be you, but don’t nag him and make him feel like he owes you something.

    It is important that you are independent of him and stop putting him on a pedestal so much. Live your own life and see how he can fit into yours. I promise he will be smitten!

  2. Remember The Romance

    Romance is big in a Pisces man’s book! He just loves the absolute fantasy and fun that comes with romance and his ideal partner is a woman who is happy to indulge in his fantasy romances. 

    Show your Pisces man that you are accepting of his romantic side and that this is something you enjoy about the relationship you have with him. Organise some romantic experiences with him so that the pressure isn’t always on his shoulders. 

    He’ll love that you took the time and initiative to make him swoon. 

  3. Keep Your Energy Low Pressure

    The best way to get a Pisces man to want to marry you is to keep the pressure you put on it very low. Just enjoy the relationship for what it is, if you put too much pressure on him you are going to freak him out. 

    Make sure that he knows you love and care about him and that he is your favourite person in the world. But if you nag him to get engaged to you, you’re only going to push him away, unfortunately.

3 Quick Signs A Pisces Man Wants To Marry You

You might still be questioning if a Pisces man wants to marry you, so here are some quick, but clear signs a Pisces man wants to marry you. 

  1. He tells you he wants to marry you

  2. He includes you in all of his future plans

  3. He wants to know what your perfect engagement ring would be

4 Signs A Pisces Man Is Unhappy In Marriage

Pisces men are generally happy go lucky and have positive emotions, but even a Pisces man can get quite unhappy in his marriage or in his romantic relationship. Here are some signs a Pisces man is unhappy in marriage:

  1. He Pulls Away

    When a Pisces man is in love, he will do whatever he can to show this. He is usually very present and at the moment when he is in love. However, when a Pisces man is unhappy, he will pull away. 

    He will get distant and not be so interested in connecting with you any longer. He’ll stop putting in effort and he’ll rarely make plans to be present and engaged with you. 

  2. He Ignores You

    This point is particularly painful as being ignored by anyone can really hurt, but when it is your husband it is particularly bad. When a Pisces man ignores you, he must be very unhappy in the marriage. 

    This is the type of guy who is willing to work on anything and believes in true love, so if he is ignoring you, things must be pretty bad for him to shut down like this. He has a fear of confrontation and is probably scared of escalating the situation. Give him some space, and he might come to you and try to salvage the relationship. 

  3. He Throws A Pity Party

    One of the worst qualities of a Pisces man is that they can often wallow in self-pity and I think that they secretly enjoy being victims. When a Pisces man keeps complaining and makes you out to be the bad guy, then he is probably unhappy in the marriage. 

    Instead of taking responsibility for the situation, it is a lot easier for him to blame you for everything gone wrong in the relationship. 

  4. He Is No Longer Kind

    A Pisces man has such a good heart, he is kind, empathetic and sweet at a core level. So when he no longer acts this way, then it is usually a sign that he is quite unhappy in his marriage. 

    A Pisces man being rude or saying mean things is quite out of the ordinary and definitely something you need to pay attention to. Something is up, and you need to get to the bottom of it.

Pisces Man As A Husband – FAQ

Is Marriage Important To A Pisces Man?

Marriage is quite important to a Pisces man. He is looking for his one true love and the person he can spend the rest of his life with. Marriage means a big commitment and this is definitely something a Pisces man is open to doing. 

Married Pisces Man in Love With Another Woman – Will a Pisces Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman?

Pisces men can be fickle, being a mutable sign probably has something to do with it. Mutable signs are notorious for wanting to change their minds about the way they think or feel about something. 

There is definitely the possibility for a Pisces man to get itchy feet if he no longer feels loved and appreciated in his marriage or romantic partnership. He will leave if he is unhappy and finds this unhappiness with someone else. 

What Makes A Pisces Man Stay In Love With His Wife Even After Years Of Being Together?

Romance is probably the most important thing for a Pisces man. This is what keeps his relationships alive and go from strength to strength. He needs that fairytale fantasy. 

He wants to feel loved and adored. Having that spark come alive is of the utmost importance to a Pisces man. This is something you both need to work on for the love to stay strong in the relationship. 

Find ways to connect with him and to make him feel special. Have some sort of spirituality that connects the two of you. If you tick all of these boxes then a Pisces man will stay in love with you for many years. 

Is A Pisces Man A Good Husband?

Being married to a Pisces man can be a truly amazing experience. These men know all about romance and making a woman feel good. If you are looking for a man who consistently knows how to sweep you off your feet, then you have definitely found the right guy. 

A Pisces husband is sensitive and extremely empathetic. He will always be at your side, supporting you through the good times, as well as the bad times. A Pisces man in marriage will be your number one supporter. 

Your Pisces man is absolutely a good husband. He will go above and beyond to give you the love and support you deserve. A Pisces husband is all for finding a connection with his wife and sustaining it. He loves to build bonds and see how deep the connection with his wife can grow. 

Is He Reliable?

The Pisces man is known to daydream a lot, and it can even be to the extent that he may actually blow off things that need to be done in the mundane world. He may procrastinate as well. He can easily seem as a slacker or someone who isn’t taking care of business. If you are marrying him or have already, you may have noticed he sometimes appears lazy or as though he doesn’t care.

He has to be motivated by the right woman. When he doesn’t get that, he doesn’t do the important things around him that he could be doing. Does it make him a less reliable husband?

It depends on how long he allows himself to stay in these modes. Otherwise, the Pisces husband is sweet, romantic, and generous. He will go to the ends of the earth to make you feel good.

He may lack conviction or motivation for routine tasks, but if you gently guide him or nudge him, you’ll be able to keep him moving. 

As long as you are there for your Pisces husband, he will be there for you. You become his queen when you marry him, and every queen deserves a king. Encourage him to hold up his end, and things will be amazing.

Will A Pisces Man Cheat? WHEN Will He Cheat?

A Pisces man at his core is a very good person. He is kind, empathetic, and generous. But there is definitely a side to him that is capable of cheating, especially if he feels underappreciated and undervalued in his relationship. 

If his woman pushes him away by not giving him enough love or giving him enough affection he will definitely cheat. He is going to look for this love with someone else. 

This man wants to merge with another and will do whatever to achieve this, even if it means cheating, unfortunately. This is why it is important to keep a Pisces man happy and know how to make him fall in love with you.

How To Build A Forever Love With Your Pisces Husband 

Pisces men can be complicated creatures, one minute they are up and the next they are down.

This can be quite confusing and leave your head spinning around. 

All you truly want is to be in your happy place with your Pisces man. 

But you never know which mood you are going to find him in.

The Pisces man can be really amazing. 

He can also be spaced out and may not take care of the mundane duties in your marriage. 

If you are a strong woman who can stand up for herself and still be patient with him, then you will have a rewarding marriage.

A Pisces husband is very caring with his family and will do what he has to to make them happy. 

He isn’t typically a go-getter and will only accomplish his dreams if a partner will inspire him.

As his wife, you will be his queen, his baby mama, and the woman he turns to when he needs to talk or even to cry. 

You’ll be his rock and reason for fighting.

But how do you reach this point? 

How do you make him see you as his queen?

Is there anything specific you can do so that he always puts you as his number one?

Fortunately, I always have a couple of tricks up my sleeve…

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Be a fearless leader who shows her Pisces husband the way, and you’ll have a worshipper for life. 

Be his guiding light and help him move through the world with grace and love.

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and build this beautiful life together.

The two of you can do anything because you are together. 

Enjoy your time with your Pisces husband! This is a relationship meant for the record books!

But it is up to you to make it happen…

If you truly want to make a breakthrough and make this relationship a success, then you are going to have to work for it…

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Nah, men are providers and protectors. Selfish of any man to want a forbes 500 CEO and a housewife! A man should respect that not all women want to be career women. Only men who seek career women are dusty males who want a woman to live the 50/50 scam

    1. Hi Sana!

      Not all men are providers and protectors. I do agree that he wants it all being over the top though. In reality people need to find the “right” person for them otherwise they’re settling. No one should settle. If a man wants a woman who can do it all then he should find one but not try to change a woman to form to that mold. Likewise for the women. If they want a man to provide then they should find him but not expect a man who wants and equal partner to change into a sole provider. This world is made up of all kinds sweetheart.

  2. I’m a Virgo and he is a Pisces and I have never had a more fulfilling and happy relationship. He is emotionally attentive and always surprises me with little gifts and mindful gestures. He’s also the bread winner in our household and he takes the best care of us.
    As far as the day to day mundane tasks. If you can get past the disorganization and constant messes and can learn to help your Pisces man stay on task and organize his schedule and house.
    There isn’t a sweeter more loving loyal man out there! He’ll shower you with love and affection, make you laugh and wipe away your worries.
    I’ve never been happier!

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