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Your Crash Course on Saying “I Love You” to a Pisces Man—When and How

So you’ve met a dreamy Pisces man with a heart of gold, and you’ve gotten so close to him but not quite “there” yet. You want so badly to tell him you love him but aren’t sure if you should wait or tell him now. 

When is it okay to say “I love you” to a Pisces man? Well, the answers vary depending on your Pisces guy himself, as well as what is going in your lives together as a couple. Keep reading for some useful tips that will help you decide!


Timing is everything when it comes to the Pisces man and love. If you tell him prematurely, he may become frightened and pull away from you, which isn’t something you want.

It also will depend on how long you two have been seeing each other. If it’s only been a short while, you don’t want to rush the process, or the other possibility is that he may dive in and regret it later. That could get you hurt.

You want to wait for him to be ready—as hard as it might be! 

There is also a chance he may beat you to the punch and tell you himself that he loves you, so then you have the opportunity to say it right back. You can even tell him you held off out of consideration for his pace—and he’ll appreciate that. 

Watch for the signs that he’s in love with you. Do you know what those are? Read on! 

Signs a Pisces Man Is in Love With You

  • He’s passionate. This includes his words, his actions, the way he romances you, and how enthusiastic he is about spending time with you. 
  • He’s protective. A Pisces man will want to make sure you’re very safe. He’ll ask you to text him to let him know you’ve made it safely or call you to check up on you. 
  • He makes you feel valued. Part of a Pisces man’s charm is that when he’s in love, he puts his partner on a pedestal. He will think everything of you and will treat you as such. 
  • He spoils you. When a Pisces guy is in love with you, he will completely spoil you in the best ways. He will treat you very well and take you out, buy you things, wait on you hand and foot, and treat you like a queen. 
  • He’s jealous. He may become jealous of your job, your friends, or your family if they take you away from him for a time. He shouldn’t be controlling, but he wants to spend more time with you. 
  • He treats you with respect. The Pisces man will treat you very well and honor you in his life. He will tell you the truth, speak up, and be straightforward. You’re important to him. He cares what you think.
  • He gives you his time. This one is a dead giveaway. When he wants to spend more and more time with you, he is definitely head over heels for you. 
  • He introduces you to the people who are important to him. He doesn’t take many women home, so if he does, you’re very special. He won’t let his family or close friends get attached to someone he doesn’t see a future with. This is another dead giveaway.
  • He talks about the future. When he talks about future endeavors or dreams and includes you, he’s in love with you. He can see you with him going forward. 

Now What?

If your Pisces guy is showing you some or all of the signs I mentioned, then he’s definitely falling for you, so you may be ready to share those three words with him.

When he is absolutely showing you his best and showing that he loves you, he’s very close to telling you himself or will be receptive of you saying it first. 

It may be best to let him take the lead if you sense he’s getting close. That way you know for sure he means it and isn’t rushing in. He wants to be in control of his feelings and know that you two are not moving too far too fast. It’s up to you what you feel is right in your relationship, though.

If you decide you want to tell him first, wait for a romantic moment and spill the beans. 

How to Tell a Pisces Man You Love Him

How To Tell A Pisces Man You Love Him

Maybe you’re at a loss for words and are scared to say anything at all. Don’t be! If he is showing you how he feels, you have nothing to worry about.

He will tell you if he’s not there yet with you if you tell him you love him. If he feels as though he is getting there, though, or will soon, he will tell you that too.

A Pisces man won’t give up on you if you tell him you love him before he feels ready to say it. Not if he deeply cares for you. Even if he’s not in love yet but cares a lot, he’ll stick it out.

If you want to test the waters, say something like “I think I may be in danger of falling for you.” It tells him how you feel, but it doesn’t fully take the plunge.

That also gives him the opportunity to beat you to it if he feels that way too. If he doesn’t, he’ll let you know with his reaction. 

Not All Pisces Are the Same

Of course you know this intellectually, but something else you need to keep in mind is that not all Pisces men are identical. 

Wait until he gives you some sort of signal (like the signs on my list above). 

He may have jumped the gun with excitement but isn’t ready to commit or be in love quite yet. You’ll have to talk to him to see what he’s looking for with you before you decide. Weigh everything that has gone on between you two and look at his actions. Do they seem to indicate he’s all about you? 

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Pisces man in love, if you simply pay attention to his signs and feel him out, I think you’ll see what will prove to you he’s all in.

If your gut tells you to go for it, then go ahead and tell him! If not, wait for him to tell you. Either way, you’re going to win. A Pisces man in love is doting and very caring.

Speaking of romance, did you know that spicy and quick-moving NBA star Steph Curry is a Pisces man? Now you do!

Did you tell your Pisces man you loved him before he said it first? How did he react? I’d love to hear your story or thoughts in the anonymous comments section.

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Your Crash Course on Saying “I Love You” to a Pisces Man—When and How

  1. I’m a Scorpio woman that told the Pisces guy I’d fallen in love with him. We’re both in relationships with other people. His response was “ It’s not that I don’t have the same feelings at all. We’re with other people and for me at least I don’t think that’s going to change. But for real I do love you btw”. Honestly I’m so confused by him. I’m scared of getting my feelings hurt because I’ve let down my guard with him and that doesn’t happen often. What should I do??!?

    1. Hi Sunshine007!

      It sounds to me like he was being very truthful with you in saying you are both with other people and that’s not going to change. So unless you always want to be someone he loves but won’t fully be with then you need to understand that he’s telling you that he cannot be with you in the way you might want and unless you break out of your own relationship, it’s the same on his side. He can love you and not be with you. You can love him and not be with him. You two could also decide to get out of your other situations and be together later. It’s all in what you both choose sweetheart but it sounds like he already knows he’s not going to give up on his current partner. I wish you all the best!

  2. i toldmy pisces guy i love himbuthaventtoldme anything.he keeps telling me when have the both ofus disscus amhis woman.i dontunderstand wathe meantby thatword

    1. Hi princess!

      He will tell you when he is ready. He won’t tell you if he doesn’t mean it or isn’t ready to yet. If you love him then you’ll give him a bit of time. When he’s ready to tell you, he’ll scream it from the rooftops. Also what he’s telling you that the relationship you two have isn’t defined. When you two talk about what your relationship is, is when you know. He’s saying until you two talk about that, he’s not ready for “love”. I hope this makes better sense sweetheart. Call him out and ask him “what are we?”. He should tell you with clarity what he thinks of what you two have. Then you’ll know if he’s “with” you or not. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  3. I told my Pisces man I loved him after our first fight at the 5 month mark and
    He replied ‘ They are strong words’
    But he hugged me & kissed me passionately after I swallowed my pride and accepted he wasn’t ready for it !

    It’s been 14 months now into the relationship and we are living together.
    Still no I love you’s & I have questioned him just recently on ‘Are we living in a relationship where there will never be any I love you ‘s’ & ‘Do you need this in your life ?’
    His response was Yes and you do have a big piece of my heart & I am into you 110% .
    He texts me all the time saying how amazing & incredible life is with me, how his life is so awesome now & he is always thinking of me !
    He sends me hearts & kiss emoji’s all the time and is extremely affectionate where we can’t keep our hands off each other ! His kisses are the sweetest most softest I have ever felt & the sex is OMG so out of this world dynamic !
    We have both come out of a couple of broken marriages, I am a 49 year old Taurus & his is 52 Pisces !
    We are both keen cyclists and he does get very jealous when I ride with other groups ( mainly men ) !
    I am too scared to even say these words again & feel I’ll be waiting forever !

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