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Pisces Man in Bed: What You Should Expect Before And After?

If you’re dating a Pisces man or are just planning to sleep with one, there are things that you should know. Keep reading for things that you can possibly expect if you dive into the bedroom with him and take that exquisite plunge to delicious ecstasy.

Very Giving Sort of Man… With Flaws

Pisces man is one of the men in the zodiac that actually takes great pride in making sure his woman’s desires are well met. He will take the initiative and get the ball rolling.

He wants to see or hear results though. So if he isn’t getting any feedback on how he’s doing, he’s going to become upset or get hurt feelings. Also if he initiates sex and gets turned down, he’s going to be very unhappy.

He’s one that will actually hold it against a woman if she doesn’t do it when he wants to. He’s selfish in that regard. He’s a bit like a child that want the cake right now instead of later.

However, when you do give in and let him do this thing, he will show you more passion than you have seen in your life. He takes his time, he puts in the effort, and he wants to show you how he feels for you.

For him, this is a very spiritual connection and yet carnal at the same time. He’s a very sexual guy. While he’s very giving in bed, he may have a tendency to look elsewhere if his lady love isn’t giving him what he needs.

There has to be equality in bed or he will feel as though you’re not the one and that he should continue to look for someone else that will appreciate his gifts in the bedroom. He’ll move on and sometimes while he’s still with a partner.

While he’s very talented in what he does in the bedroom, he has no patience nor does he tolerate a woman who denies him what he wants in the moment. He’ll do what you want to do but if you don’t do what he wants, he will not be happy.

Sleep Around Guy

Sensual young couple together in bed - Pisces Man In Bed

Ok so Pisces man is looking for his soulmate, the one who will make him feel whole. However, he has no problem with casual encounters and in fact, embraces them.

It’s truly confusing figuring out what he wants. Does he want a sensual and erotic tryst or does he want to find the one and only be loyal to her? This is where the lines are grey.

Not all Pisces men cheat so I don’t want to give you that impression. However, there are some that don’t see morals the way others do and see nothing wrong with having multiple partners.

In fact, Pisces man is one that could be “open” to an “open relationship” if his partner wanted it. That means both parties could have sex with multiple partners either together or individually.

The right woman for THIS type of Pisces would be a woman who is just as open as he is and loves a good variety. This could be a successful union that could lead to a very long and happy marriage.

For the woman that wants him to be loyal however, will have a hard time trusting him as he’s going to fight with himself on whether or not to have a quick fling with that woman he just met at the coffee bar.

I would highly suggest that if you get involved with a Pisces man or are considering it, you should find out what his rising sign or moon sign is. This will help determine if he’s the getting around type or if he’s the more loyal type.

What Does He Want?

In the bedroom, the Pisces man seems to want a woman that will intuitively know what he wants. He wants her to just KNOW it and not ask him anything. Seems kind of ridiculous but there ARE intuitive women out there that can do this.

If you’re one of those women then you’re in luck. Pisces man is looking for a woman just like you. If you aren’t intuitive to things like this then you may find it a bit more difficult to relate to him.

You’ll have to find ways to find out what it is that he likes in bed so that when you are in bed with him, you’ll know what to do in order to give him the most pleasure you can.

He wants to give you total and utmost attention in the bedroom for one thing so that’s a given. He wants to make sure you orgasm and that it’s very fulfilling with what he does.

However, if you want to find out what else turns him on or what he likes, you’re going to have to find a creative way to dig around and learn. Perhaps you can ask him what type of porn he likes.

Knowing that will help you understand where his fantasy mind goes. Perhaps you can get creative enough to grab his hand and tell him to guide you where he wants it or kiss him and ask him where he wants your mouth.

I know it sounds weird but trust me, if you figure out what he wants without having to ask directly, he’s going to think you’re the one that hung the moon and that could be important if you want an actual long lasting relationship.

After You Sleep With Him

young romantic couple is kissing and enjoying the company of each other at home - Pisces man in bed

What happens next will depend greatly on what you had before you got into bed together. Did you establish friendship, dating, or a serious relationship? That’s where you need to be clear before you begin.

If you’ve established a connection that you believe to be a relationship that may be heading somewhere then after sex, it should deepen your connection and things will go very well.

In the case that you’ve just met him and don’t know who he truly is, this could have been a one night thing for him. The only way you will know if it’s not is if he calls you again and asks you to spend time together again.

If you’re ready to understand more about Pisces man in bed click here to learn more about Pisces Man Secrets.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

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