Your Match: Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
The Pisces man and Pisces woman would appear to be a nice couple as they are the same sign and same element, water. Keep reading for more information.

The Pisces man and Pisces woman would appear to be a nice couple as they are the same sign and same element, water. However they’re changeable with their nature and this could cause ripples between them and in some cases tsunami’s.

On many levels they may understand each other and connect but on some, they will struggle. What would really happen between a Pisces man and Pisces woman? Keep reading for more information on what the possibilities are for this pairing.


These two find each other through crowds because they’re essentially two peas in a pod. The Pisces man and Pisces woman soul mate relationship is possible with a bit of extra effort and trust.

They find each other irresistible physically and they may actually want to have sex right away if they are able to find a way to do it. They’re drawn into each other’s depths and tend to want to get close very quickly.

As with any relationship no matter what the sign, rushing in too quickly could cause some irreversible problems. However, these two do relate on many levels so they could still work past it.

They have enough in common to make this a lasting match. In fact, it’s definitely possible for a Pisces man and Pisces woman marriage. It won’t be a perfect one but it would be one that could stay intact if they both work at it.

The couple inspires each other on many levels. They dream together, they fantasize together, they also are likely to have some amazing sex. They’re looking for a fairytale romance and they could actually achieve this.

These two connection quite easily on an emotional level and seem to “get” each other’s feelings. This makes for a great possibility for a long lasting love, if they can get past their issues.

Pisces Woman, Who She Is

Pisces zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

The Pisces woman is physically, emotionally, and spiritually beautiful. Her capacity to love is just astounding. She’s seeking the right man who will complement her and make her feel alive.

She’s a dreamer who has so many fantastic ideas that she really could succeed at anything she puts her mind to. She’s probably a very hard worker with whatever job she has or a great success in a promising career.

If she hasn’t take steps toward her success, she may be holding herself back by dreaming too much and not taking enough action. She has to ground herself into reality to truly see what is right for her.

Pisces woman wants to fall madly in love and have a fairytale princess story. Luckily when she meets the Pisces man, she may have found exactly what she’s looking for.

She senses an instant connection between them that cannot be matched. They just seem to “KNOW” each other somehow. They feel as though they may have been together in past lives.

The Pisces woman will be overwhelmed with the possibility of a great love and not to mention hot sex with the Pisces man. She’s excited and looks forward to what the future will bring with their union.

Pisces Man, Who He Is

The Pisces man in many ways, is nearly a mirror image of the Pisces woman. He is exceedingly handsome, has sex appeal, is dreamy, and gives off the vibration of great spirituality.

The Pisces man is trying to chase his dreams and at the same time, trying to find the right woman who will be his perfect match in every way. He may be looking for someone a bit more perfect than reality allows but he’ll find someone close.

He’s successful in whatever he decides to take on in life career wise or job wise. He may not be career focused as he may be more focused on his creativity or artistic endeavors. No matter what it is, he’s good at it.

The Pisces man hopes to find a diamond in the rough where a woman is concerned. He wants someone he can take care of, worship her, and show her how much she’s loved.

When the Pisces man lays eyes on a Pisces woman, it’s like an instant recognition that pulls the two of them together. He thinks she’s the most magnificent woman he’s ever seen in his life.

He’s so taken by her beauty and the feeling of already knowing her that he is just ready to lay it all on the line. He may dive very quickly into a whirlwind romance with this gorgeous creature.

The Pisces man is enamored nearly instantly and is ready to figure out what they can do to get above and beyond the stereotypical love. He’s also likely to want to dive between the sheets as soon as possible.

What Works Between Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

The very best thing they have going for them is their ability to open up about their feelings with one another. Pisces doesn’t normally open up too easily or too quickly but he knows she understands so he will talk to her.

She will also feel very comfortable with him and able to tell him all her innermost desires. These two express their emotions often with how they treat each other and are physically intertwined.

This can be with both sex and just regular intimacy in which they are holding hands, kissing, or touching in a loving way. Their emotional connection is likely very strong and shows the foundation of their relationship building.

Pisces man and Pisces woman likely have a whole lot in common as far as shared activities. They probably will not ever become bored while they’re together because there is far too much they can do together.

These two can really enjoy everyday life together if they do decide to take the plunge. The values that each of them has are quite similar. There may be some differences due to how each of them grew up.

However, they are both easily able to agree on things they want to accomplish in their lives. They probably are very close to seeing eye to eye when it comes to marriage and children.

Both Pisces man and Pisces woman’s sex life together will be rather satisfying. It’s not the highest scoring quality between them as due to them being male versus female, they will have some differences in preferences.

They can find common ground to make their sexual relationship one that can be cultivated into something highly gratifying. They simply have to “feel” each other and get that spiritual connection going.

What Pisces Man Thinks of Pisces Woman, Especially In Bed

The Pisces man beholds his Pisces queen as though she were a precious gem. She is his all, his everything, and his reason for existing. Truly when he falls for the Pisces woman, he’s a goner.

The Pisces man feels that his Pisces woman is warm, loving, understanding, full of amazing ideas, and someone he can fantasize with about the future. He’s ready to give her his all.

He figures that if she’s in, so is he! The Pisces man treasures his Pisces lady and is ready to give her everything she could possibly ask for in a relationship. He wants to give her the fairytale romance she’s always dreamed of.

He also feels that she’s just as romantic as he is thus making a near perfect match. He does wonder sometimes though, where she’s going, where she’s been and why she hasn’t told him everything.

Sexually speaking, he thinks that the two of them need to learn how to connect a little better. The sex is pretty good but could stand for some improvement. She doesn’t exactly understand what he wants and he knows he’s going to have to tell her.

Pisces man always dreams of a woman that will just KNOW what he needs in bed but alas, he has to face the reality that it doesn’t always work that way. He loves her enough though that he’ll do what he has to in order to find success.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Problems

Pisces Zodiac Sign - Pisces Man And Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

On most levels, this couple scores fairly decently. There isn’t much that they don’t have in common. Where they fall short is their trust level with each other. They feel comfortable enough to open up and talk but something is missing.

The problem is that they feel that they perhaps know each other so well that there is no need to worry. When something goes wrong or now how they expected, they perceive the other person as not being truthful.

This type of feeling breeds mistrust. These two may not always trust each other and could cause arguments or unsettled feelings go forward. They really do need to learn to “check in” with each other frequently.

They should never assume that they know the other person and what their reaction will be to any given situation. Asking their partner how they’re feeling periodically will help ease concern or suspicions of infidelity.

Pisces does sometimes have a wandering eye if they are not totally fulfilled in their current relationship. They don’t always cheat but sometimes they do. When these two are not honest with each other, this could happen.

Again, when they start learning each other, learning how to communicate, and learning how to check with each other, they will grow and perhaps mistrust will fall by the wayside.

As far as intellect goes, they may not always click here either. They are two different people who probably grew up differently therefore know different things. If they share with each other, they can both learn and expand their horizons.

Communication is something these two have to work on. If they get too relaxed or comfortable, they will forget to do this and problems will happen between them.

Pisces Man with Pisces Woman Breakup

The Pisces man and Pisces woman breakup isn’t very likely. However, if they do, it will be due to lack of trust and communication. They could lie to each other when they shouldn’t or cheat when they should have talked first.

When a Pisces doesn’t feel satisfied in their relationship, rather than talking about it with their mate, they try to move on. This is a problematic way of dealing with things that definitely lead to a breakup.

Once infidelity has occurred, these two are not likely to be very forgiving and will just decide to call it quits. They probably will not remain friends. Perhaps after time they can heal enough to start talking again.

Getting back together is something that they could very much do if they still carry love for each other. I wouldn’t doubt that they never let the love they feel die thus enabling them to try to work it out between them.

Final Score

These two really do remind me of a magical and mystical force destined to intertwine. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them an 8. They aren’t perfect by any means but they definitely have the capacity to make it darned close.

Provided they work past their trust issues and learn to talk things through, they’ll find that their love is quite exquisite. They also can work through their problems in bed finding something that fulfills them both.

They just have to open up enough to tell each other what they need, what they feel they are lacking, and what they would like to have happen. Both of them need to do this, not just one of them.

It goes both ways and for this union to make it and stand the test of time, they have to be on the same page. It shouldn’t be too difficult for them to find that middle ground and work it.

Pisces man and Pisces woman matchup is one to behold. They’re the type of couple that people are envious of. Should they decide to marry and have children, they’re likely to be very nurturing parents with lucky kids.

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