How to Keep a Pisces Man Wanting You Once You Catch Him?

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
You finally hooked your sexy fish guy, the mighty Pisces man. Read more to find out how to keep your Pisces man wanting you?

You finally hooked your sexy fish guy, the mighty Pisces man. Now what do you do in order to keep him on the line forever? Keep reading and I’ll do my best to guide you into a blissful honeymoon phase that lasts forever that will keep the Pisces man wanting you.

Show Him How Delightful You Are

Pisces men love beautiful women. Not just women who are gorgeous on the inside but a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well. He wants a woman with a big heart and who is just as generous as he is.

The Pisces man is delicate and needs a woman who is strong but has a very soft approach and is able to make him feel comfortable, loved, and safe. If you’ve already hooked him in, you need to make sure he stays.

One of the things you need to do on a regular basis is make romantic gestures to show him how much you care. Write him a romantic letter, send him a card, or write him poetry. Any artistic creation is welcomed by the Pisces man’s heart.

He absolutely loves declarations of love and devotion. If you haven’t said the three little words to each other, you probably want to hold off until you’re both ready. However, you can still show him your adoration.

Show him your generous heart by including him when you help other people or animals. He’ll love to see this and he’ll be honored you asked him to help you out with it.

Giving to others is something he loves to do when he can. If he has a partner that is doing something similar, he’ll be a happy fishy. He will go cold with a woman who has a cold heart. It won’t last and he’ll want to move on.

Be careful with this guy. If you aren’t really in the market to get serious then you may want to leave the Pisces man alone. Only get involved if you are really honestly ready for it.

Pisces Man Loyalty

Loyalty and Truth

The Pisces man worries about so much in his life and the last thing he wants to have to worry about is if his partner is being faithful and truthful. Don’t ever give him reason to believe that he cannot trust you.

Always be truthful with him even if it upsets him. It’s far better for him to know the real deal than to find out later and feel betrayed by you. If you feel something, let him know.

I’m not saying to go at him with guns a blazing but be honest with how you feel about things. You can do it without blowing things out of proportion. Tell him very calmly what is going on and what you’re feeling deep inside.

Most of the time when someone cheats, it’s due to a feeling of not being understood or not being respected. They may also cheat due to not getting attention or affection.

Don’t do that to him and he won’t do it to you. Always show him the care you have for him, show him that he can trust you and has nothing to worry about. You’ll find that he gives you all the trust you give him.

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Tips To Keep A Pisces Man Wanting You

Share Desires and Passions

While I partially mean in the bedroom, I also mean in life. You two got together because you were excited about one another and the possibility life could bring for you as a couple.

Don’t lose that! Always stay excited. You both need to share your dreams with each other rather often and talk about the things that drive you in life. Share the excitement that you started with and maintain it.

Find new things that you two can get excited about together. You could even start a business together if you have common goals. This would inspire him and drive him to be a great success and that leads you also being a great success.

The successful couple is often successful with their love as well. As long as you keep the fires burning, you’ll always find adventure with each other. You can also implement excitement in the bedroom.

It is important to keep things fresh and new. Don’t let your lovemaking get stale or you’ll both get bored which could lead you seeking others or just seeking an end between you.

Talk about things, talk about life often. Talk about sex, talk about what you secretly crave, talk about what really makes you hot and heavy. Do it all! Find new things that the two of you can experiment with as well.

Don’t be afraid to open up to your Pisces man. That’s all he wants is your happiness which includes satisfying you in and out of bed. Go for it and let him know what you truly want.

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Pisces Man Mood Swings

Handling His Mood Swings

The Pisces man is one that feels things very deeply whether it’s his own feelings or what he’s picking up off of others. He needs time to recuperate but in the meantime, he’s going to be in moods that are unsavory from time to time.

To be the right woman and maintain the Pisces man’s love, you’ve got to be really compassionate to his needs. Know that if he’s in a bad mood or sad mood, it’s probably nothing to do with you.

You can simply offer your shoulder or ear if he needs it but if he just needs alone time, you can give him that too. Do whatever he needs so that he feels confident in you and confident in your love.

If you don’t allow him to let off steam or have solitude, he will start pulling back and talking to you less and less. Be the woman he fell for and take it from there. Always keep things exciting, new, and you’ll forever keep your Pisces man. Have faith and trust in him and in yourself.

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