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5 Ways To Get A Pisces Man To Text And Call You First

Wondering how to get your Pisces crush or love interest to text or call you first? It’s a tricky one, this world of digital dating! You don’t want to seem needy, and at the same time, you want to have that point of communication. It’s a fine balance to walk. Here are some ways that you can get him to be the one to reach out first. 

No one ever said modern dating was easy! Back in the day, you would simply have to wait and see if he got hold of you via letter or a home-phone call! Was this better than it is now? In some ways, yes… at least we weren’t checking our phone obsessively every few moments! 

But we all have to adapt, right? And we have to find ways to navigate this brave new world. As every woman knows, most guys aren’t amazing on the phone, and prefer to connect face to face. But what if you’re just starting the dating phase or you two don’t live together? 

You don’t want to seem needy and it’s never comfortable to chase someone, right? Ideally, you’d like your Pisces crush to chase you. To call you first, be the first one to reach out and make plans. However, is he the sort of personality that does that? 

Generally, no. Pisces people can be notoriously passive. Unlike fire signs, they are happy to wait and see what happens, and not gave chase when they’re keen. This can be a bit frustrating. And it takes a good deal more intricacy to somehow get him to be the one calling your first! 

Let’s explore what will make him chase you in general, before we look at some ways that could get him to contact you first: 

What Will Make Him Chase You

Plenty of Romance

If there’s a lot of storybook romance in your bond, you can be pretty sure he’s going to want more of that – and to chase you down for it! Romance is an addiction for most Pisces people, and they truly love it when they feel like they are the Prince to your Princess. 

Go out of your way to make special moments count – no matter how cheesy they may seem! 

If He Needs You – Or You Need Him

Pisces men love to rescue. And, they love to be rescued. Like a knight in shining armor, they swoop in to save the day and the damsel! Creating an environment where you need each other will definitely foster a deeper connection and have him reaching out to you far more. 

A Spiritual & Emotional Connection

Being a water sign makes these men crave a deep, spiritual and emotional connection. He wants to feel like your soul and his soul collide, to feel like you’ve merged together. He needs to feel emotionally seen and understood to have that intimate connection with someone else. 

When There’s No Pressure

Most importantly, Pisces men want to feel as if there’s no pressure in the relationship. Like, at all. This will help them to chase you more and be the one who calls or messages first. When he feels free to love, is when he performs at his very best and make you feel ultra-special. 

5 Ways to Get a Pisces Man to Text and Call You First

1. Don’t Put Any Pressure on Him

Ways to Get a Pisces Man to Text and Call You First

Number one rule to get a Pisces man to chase you first is to not put a single bit of pressure on him. Don’t make him feel like he has to call or check in with you, that he has to perform a duty for you. 

The moment he feels pressure, he runs. Perhaps more so than any other man. He feels overwhelmed very quickly, so needs a bit of space to figure himself and his feelings out. When he reaches out without pressure, his messages and calls will inevitably be sweet, romantic and intuitive

2. Ignore Him for A While

One of the best ways to get a Pisces man to chase you is to simply ignore him for a bit. Yes, it’s hard not to reach out, but after a while, he’ll wonder what you’re up to and get in contact. This ties into not putting too much pressure on him to contact you. 

Lean back, involve yourself in your life and don’t be too dependent on him to receive love and validation. He’s probably the one that’s going to end up more dependent on you in any case, so just trust the process and give him space

3. Change Your Profile Picture to Be Mysterious

Whether you mainly communicate on WhatsApp or any other service; it’s handy to use you profile picture to “hook him.” Pisces men love a bit of mystery, and they are mainly very visual creatures, and usually very creative and artistic. 

So, when changing your profile picture, make it something imaginative and thought-provoking. Spiritual art or quotes will particularly tickle his interest and have him itching to reach out and ask just what it is that made you choose it! 

4. Don’t Text or Call Out of the Blue

Don’t Text or Call Out of the Blue

Pisces men are generally introverted. Which means that they can be quite withdrawn and get anxious or panicked when they are confronted with – gasp and horror – a phone call! 

Whatever you do, even if you think it’s “fun,” don’t call him randomly! This will just put him off completely! 

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5. Invite Romance into Your Physical Interactions

If you really want him to reach out to you on the regular, invest a lot of time and energy into your physical interactions. Make your time together romantic and sweet, and make him want more of you

Go on magical dates, go dancing – play music together, have fun, look at the stars and dream up dreams together. Paint a happy picture of your relationship in the future, do yoga, meditate together. 

This will all go into the “piggy bank” of how he feels when you’re apart, making him crave that connection even more. 

Ultimately, there’s not perfect way to get him to contact you first. Pisces men are not your typical manly man that loves to chase. He’s happy to let days go by without contact, forgetting that time even exists. 

He lives in a magical dream world, you see.  And that dreamworld sometimes has no concept of hours or days. However, like all men, if he really wants you, he will make that effort to see and speak to you

Trust in that, live your life and carry on. As a Pisces man would say, “if it’s meant to be, it will be.” 

Are you falling in love with a Pisces man? Are you dating? How often does he reach out to you, and what have you done to encourage him? Your tips, tricks and advice are always welcome in the comments section. I just love to know your stories! 

And, if you’re curious to know more about the mysterious, elusive and romantic Pisces guy, check out my Pisces Men Secrets!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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