Your Match: Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Pisces man and Capricorn woman can really complement each other if they’re willing to learn and to love. There is a great possibility here for a romance...

The loving Pisces man is a water sign and the strong driven Capricorn woman is an earth sign. Capricorn woman can help Pisces man ground himself when he’s day dreaming too much and Pisces man can help cool her down when she becomes too overwhelmed with life.

These two can really complement each other if they’re willing to learn and to love. There is a great possibility here for a romance that lasts a lifetime. Keep reading for more tasty tidbits about the Pisces man and Capricorn woman.


At first sight, these two will absolutely be pulled to each other without fully realizing what is happening. Pisces man is typically delicious to look and Capricorn woman is hypnotizing with her beauty.

It’s not hard to know why they would be attracted to each other at all. Pisces man is rather dreamy and Capricorn woman knows exactly how he should go about working toward making his dreams come true.

Capricorn lady is a hard worker and can sometimes become a bit of a workaholic if she’s not careful. Pisces man finds her to be a huge inspiration for him to accomplish his own life goals.

The Capricorn woman is inspired by Pisces ability to come up with some pretty fantastic ideas. The two feed off each other and can build a very strong and loving foundation between them.

When they truly get to know each other, they find that they match each other quite well and where one lacks, the other fills, and so they both learn from each other.

The Pisces man and Capricorn woman soul mate relationship is not only possible but likely. These two are fantastic for each other. The areas that they have to work on are not too difficult for them to get past.

Capricorn Woman, Who She Is

Capricorn zodiac sign as a beautiful girl - Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

The Capricorn woman is strong, independent, intelligent, and very driven when it comes to being a success in her life. She sometimes will take on more than one job in order to keep herself afloat or ahead.

She doesn’t mind doing multiple things at once and is an excellent hyper tasker. Capricorn woman is a wonder woman of sorts. She’s able to work hard and still come home to clean house and cook dinner.

For a man, she’s a dream come true. She’s not overly emotional so she’s not likely to throw tantrums or cry a lot. She may seem rough around the edges when she speaks her truth though.

She doesn’t meant to sound brash but how else can you tell the truth? She doesn’t believe in candy coating anything she says so she is often very misunderstood.

When Capricorn woman meets the Pisces man, she’s first and foremost physically attracted to him. Secondly when she gets to know him, she realizes that he has some phenomenal life ideas.

She will be fascinated by him and that much more intrigued by his capacity to love her more than she’s ever been loved before. She’ll welcome his adoration and learn how to dream a bit more herself.

Pisces Man, Who He Is

Pisces man is a lover, a romantic, and a dreamer. His head is often in the clouds but sometimes those clouds turn into reality. At other times, his dreams go unfulfilled and he becomes an emotional wreck.

He loves life, he loves people though he’s not too social, and he cares empathetically for the world. He may often feel things too deeply and become quite depressed.

He has to learn how to control his empathy and realize that he can only do so much to help others. He also needs to put more effort toward realizing his own dreams and goals so that he can succeed in life.

He’ll do very well with whatever he does do because he does it with perseverance and passion. If he loves what he does, he will do better than most people at that same task.

When the Pisces man meets the Capricorn woman, he is absolutely taken with her beauty. She’s like a goddess who needs his physical adoration. He will want to worship her and show her how amazing she truly is.

He will do whatever it takes to make her feel loved, romanced, and that she never has to want for anything as long as he’s around. She doesn’t NEED him of course, but she’ll love the attention after she gets used to it.

What Works Between Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman

First and foremost, the Pisces man and Capricorn woman sex is off the charts! These two are a hot bed of fantasy, kink, and ecstasy. Their chemistry in bed is something that is unmatched.

Capricorn woman will definitely show a Pisces man what a woman can really bring to the table in the bedroom. She won’t mind Pisces man taking the lead but she’ll have a way of enticing him to let her take the lead here and there.

The Capricorn woman has a way of getting Pisces man so hot and heavy that he’ll agree to almost anything she suggests. He normally doesn’t do this for anyone else but for her, he’s in sheer pleasure mode.

Both Pisces man and Capricorn woman are kinky and this is something they definitely share. Outside of the bedroom, they share quite a bit of other important details.

Trust isn’t much of an issue with these two. Capricorn woman won’t worry about Pisces man’s not opening up until he’s comfortable as she’s not likely to open up too much either until she’s committed.

Once commitment is there, they will both open up to each other and so emotionally, they will bond much further than many other matchups for Pisces. These two have much in common and plenty to talk about.

These two are both highly intelligent and are likely to have plenty of stimulating conversations. They also see eye to eye on life issues or values. Some areas may need discussing. Otherwise, this makes the Pisces man and Capricorn woman marriage highly likely.

In fact, the Pisces man and Capricorn woman as parents will do quite well together. The children will be well balanced receiving both lots of love, lots of inspiration, and lots of intelligence.

What Pisces Man Thinks Of Capricorn Woman, Especially In Bed

The Pisces man is totally floored by his Capricorn princess. He adores her, he thinks she’s so smart, so hard working, and helps him to ground himself where otherwise he might float away with his dreams.

She inspires him to do better, to take action, and to achieve important life goals. He thinks she hung the moon in his sky and he wants to do everything to make her feel like the woman she really is.

In bed he feels he’s hit the jackpot. She’s the most amazing lover he’s ever had. She isn’t afraid to try new techniques and she’s gifted in her own way. He’s impressed with how she can convince him to try things he wouldn’t otherwise do.

He thinks she’s a queen in the street and a freak in the sheets. He’s smitten and likely thinks he will never find anyone else like her therefore he’ll do what it takes to hold onto her.

Pisces man will fall very quickly for the Capricorn lady. He will have to work hard to actually get her to agree to commit to him though as she’s not typically a fast mover. He’s got to show her what he can do for her.

He will be successful at winning her heart and her favor. Once he does, he will feel like the luckiest man alive having won the love and commitment of a Capricorn woman.

Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Problems

Capricorn Zodiac Sign - Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

I slightly touched on values and how they agree mostly but some needs discussing further. There will inevitably be some differences in this area. It’s not something they cannot overcome, however.

They may see important situations very differently such as where work is concerned, raising children, or when they should commit to each other. This is something that can be worked past.

They’re efficient with communicating and so the Pisces man and Capricorn woman marriage should not only be possible but likely once they talk everything through.

Sometimes communication may be rough as Pisces can speak to his Capricorn in an emotional way and she won’t know how to respond or what do with him. She has to learn to be a little more empathetic to her Pisces man.

Pisces man has to learn how to talk to his Capricorn woman without so much feeling behind it if it’s about something crucial to their relationship. They need to listen to each other without defense.

Really any problems that they may encounter is quite small and can be work past quite easily as long as they love each other and can see the future in terms of the long haul.

Once they make that decision to commit, they will be able to work their way forward and in a successful way.

Pisces Man with Capricorn Woman Breakup

I really cannot think of too much that would break these two up honestly. Pisces man could foolishly cheat on his Capricorn woman then she would call it quits. However, she operates on logic and thus could forgive him.

In the event that they do break up, Capricorn woman would be the one doing is because Pisces man will be too afraid to approach her with his concerns. This is where communication is very important.

If Pisces man ever feels he cannot talk to his Capricorn woman, he will lose all ability to open up to her when he really should. This could cause a relationship failure as she doesn’t know something is wrong until it’s too late.

In the case that these two do breakup, they will still be able to stay friends after some time has passed and wounds have healed. They also have the capacity to get back together after they’ve begun to be friends first.

These two are really great together and it would take something really hurtful to happen for these two to part ways. Lack of compromise would cause failure as well if one of them is less mature than the other.

Breakup isn’t very likely with these two because they see such value in each other and they develop such strong bonding love that it’s hard to imagine being apart.

Final Score

Since the Pisces man and Capricorn woman are a winning match, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a strong 8. While they have some minor things that need working on, they aren’t something that is likely to pull them apart.

There is always a chance that either or both have things in their charts that may make them both a little different. However, the general status is pretty much the same.

Capricorn woman is very strong and will help Pisces man live the best life he can. He’ll make sure she’s always pampered and loved. They really balance each other beautifully.

They aren’t a perfect match but they’re pretty darned fantastic together. They have the capability of building a wonderfully durable relationship that can stand the test of time.

The Pisces man and Capricorn woman are also likely to marry once they decide to take the plunge of commitment. They know what they have is rare and they want to hold onto it.

As parents, they’ll be a balance of great love, learning, discipline, and strength. Their children will be very blessed to have a Pisces man as their father and Capricorn woman as their mother.

This union is one that is inspirational to others who watch them or interact with them. They’re a fantastic example of how to make love last and how to be business partners at the same time.

It’s true, they would be highly successful as business partners. One will do the dreaming and come up with winning ideas while the other will know how to handle the financial side of things.

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