Amazing Secrets Help A Capricorn Woman Understand, Attract And Keep A Pisces Man Until He Gets Down On One Knee & Prays For Her Love & Devotion... — And These Truths Turn Any Capricorn Woman Into His “One & Only” Even If You Don't Yet See How You Can Be Really Compatible

Hey there my beautiful Capricorn lady!

I am delighted to have you here today. Coincidence? I don't think so… I believe you are here for a reason: you want a committed relationship with that Pisces man in your life.

But you might also be feeling a bit stuck or confused about him, not exactly sure how to move your relationship forward in the right direction.

Don't worry… I've got good news I'll share with you in a minute, but first let me reveal a few secrets about your special love combination. 

I know you're a clever and a cool lady and it's fun and inspiring to have you around. You're generally an awesome partner and that Pisces should be LUCKY to have you by his side BUT…

Capricorn ladies may tend to be a bit too stubborn from time to time, don't they? Even when they try to keep calm, they can harbor a lot of conflict inside which can bother Pisces men and destabilize your relationship.

By the way, did you know that singers like Dolly Parton, Ellie Goulding and  Aaliyah are Capricorn too and that's not all. Famous actresses like Nina Dobrev and Noomi Rapace also partake in your sign's crew?

Now about your Pisces guy… He's a pretty intellectual man, but, let me tell you, Pisces is not too keen on you being so carefree!!!
He is usually a cool guy, but sometimes he can GET UPSET for no obvious reason. He seems to suppress a lot and, even though Pisces men can be quite communicative, they sometimes WON'T communicate clearly enough.

Naturally, this may leave anyone puzzled. 

On the to other hand, let's face it: he's also a FANTASTIC catch… if you know what to do with him and how to get under his skin. If you know how to make him want you and see you as a great match you have the potential to be.

Famous singers such as Johnny Cash, Justin Beiber, and the talented actor Daniel Craig are Pisces too. Not bad, ey?

So how do you to work together, and can you really be more compatible?

The truth is Pisces and Capricorn CAN be compatible… but there are certain obstacles for this couple to overcome if they want to make their relationship successful.

In my career as a relationship astrologer, I have consulted many clients with your special combination and I have helped them find a way to align their stars and make it work after all.

That's why I have so much faith in your relationship with a Pisces man.

Others have done it, too.

Faye Dunaway and Peter Wolf  …

and of course… my personal favorite, Kate Moss and Daniel Craig are just some of the famous Pisces-Capricorn couples that had incredible love stories , despite the unique challenges they had to face… so why wouldn't you?

I have seen it happen before.

As in any relationship of course, there are certain challenges.

While on the plus side, you are likely to be really compatible in terms of character, but there will likely be some issues that may obstruct what would otherwise be a perfect relationship…
I'll list a few to look out for,

The Top 9 Challenges A Capricorn Woman Will Face In A Relationship With A Pisces Man…

  • Capricorn women can sometimes react too much to trivialities which makes her appear as a Drama queen to Pisces guys (although they don't like to admit it),
  • Pisces men are free-spirited, while Capricorn women tend to be more static and even conservative to some extent. You need to know how to balance this out if you want to make it work,
  • Capricorns sometimes tend to be too sensitive and Pisces men are very, very receptive, so it upsets them,
  • Because Capricorn women know what they want, their expectations can sometimes be too overwhelming for some guys, so be mindful of your demands…
  • Capricorn ladies can sometimes suppress a lot which can create discrepancies in your relationship…
  • Capricorn ladies are very business-oriented which can sometimes cause insecurities in Pisces guys,
  • There may come to some sexual incongruencies between these two signs, especially in terms of time, speed and general attitude towards love making,
  • Capricorn ladies are free-spirited and Pisces men are too… But in completely different ways.
  • These 2 signs are slightly different in nature and it's often the case that Pisces gets pushed to his very limits of patience and tolerance when it comes to some Capricornian traits…

These are just some of the unique hurdles that a Capricorn lady will need to tackle in a relationship with a Pisces man.

And unless you learn to understand him on that deeper level so that you may align your signs to work together… your differences might push you apart instead of bringing you closer.

But what if I told you that despite all these initial obstacles, a relationship between Pisces man and Capricorn woman CAN indeed work?

The KEY is to make the right moves based on your unique match. You can't take a one-size-fits-all approach and treat him just like any other guy.

You must first gain a deeper understanding of his personality, then learn to bypass or eliminate the naturally negative sides while simultaneously accentuating the positive sides of your relationship.

For example, you'll have to learn that Pisces usually do not look too keen on their partners being overly attached. Showing emotions and giving him attention is one thing, but constantly needing his presence and checking up on him… Let me tell you, you don't want him to think that you're too clingy! You'll need to know exactly how to present yourself so as not to let him think that and I'll help you do it!

I'm looking at you girl… just calling it as it is and I'm doing that for your sake. I want you to get that guy.

Your combination is a complex one and there are more positive perks than disadvantages to it. You might be really compatible, but there are still things to look out for if you want him to really commit.

You should never allow for him to get annoyed by your potential vanity, because he may very well leave and look for fun at other places. And this is especially important in the first few months of your relationship…

I don't want you to turn him off for good because of some mistake that could have been easily avoided… and that's why I've decided to help you keep him by your side.

You see…

As a relationship Astrologer I get dozens upon dozens of requests to help couples by doing a synastry reading/compatibility chart and advising women like you on how they can succeed in love with their particular man.
And while I LOVE doing in-depth readings, they truly take a lot of time. So I have to reject most people who ask for a personalized reading.

This makes me quite sad as I can't help everyone even though I'd like to…

And that's not counting the majority of women who do not know the exact time and geographical location of their Pisces man's birth. So they couldn't get a full reading done even if they can afford to.

So I kept thinking… What should we do?

How do we get around this little barrier to reading him, and still discover key information about you as a couple?

Is there still a way I can give you highly accurate and useful insights about your relationship, showing you how only a Capricorn woman works with a Pisces man?

How does a Capricorn make a Pisces man fall head over heels in love, maybe even obsess over her day and night... eagerly waiting for your response to his romancing text messages...

Yes, that's quite possible when you tap into your most positive & attractive Capricorn traits and understand how they connect with his Pisces personality (especially when it comes to love & relationships).

But, how can you understand him deeply & open his heart... without his precise birth information AND without investing hundreds of dollars for a private synastry reading, a detailed chart analysis?

Obviously not everyone is able to afford or has the required birth data...

Unfortunately, there was no way for me to give a more accurate response without his exact data, yet there had to be something I could do to help you more as a Capricorn woman.

Because I couldn't give the exact same advice to you as a Capricorn woman as I'd give a Cancer or an Aries, especially not a Scorpio.

It just wouldn't work the same way.

Your Pisces would respond in a slightly different way. And those details do make a pretty significant difference.

And then THE ANSWER came to me one night last summer.

What if I develop a step-by-step, practical and super-detailed Special Report (and it is very special indeed and I'll tell you why)... a report that dives DEEP into how you as a Capricorn woman, and he as your Pisces man can get closer together.

Closer than ever before.

And then the two of you lovebirds can happily walk down the aisle after he asks you to marry him and spend the rest of your life together.

Now of course I can't promise that will happen to you but I know if has happened to other Capricorn women I have consulted about their Pisces man. 

Without actually analyzing your birth charts it would be impossible to predict, but here's what I do know for sure:

What I'm about to share with you will dramatically increase your chances... if marriage & commitment, pampering and love is what you are hoping from your Pisces.

Your chances will, without question, be infinitely better compared to not having this same Special Report in your hands.

Now obviously, creating such a Report requires a lot of work. And I hoped someone had already done it... but to my surprise, nobody ever bothered!

The truth is... you can read a bunch of ‘general’ articles online about how Capricorn and Pisces match together.

But very few of them take into consideration that HE is a MAN, and you... are a wonderful Capricorn lady.

Yes, we must be gender specific and not gender-neutral and here is why:

There is a Yin and a Yang, there's masculine energy and feminine energy in this Universe whether some like it or not this is a fact. Just like some zodiac signs are feminine while others are masculine.

Even if some of them take gender into consideration, you'll barely get any in-depth information on how your signs work together.

Let alone how your signs can work BETTER together when you align the stars in your favor.

There's simply no real analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats out there. And even when there is something, it's just entirely incomplete!

There's a popular Astrology book called “The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need”, and it's a good book for the general public... but do you know how “deep” this book goes in covering Capricorn and Pisces compatibility?

200 words.

I believe you deserve more than that!

I mean come on, two hundred words is less than the daily horoscope sections of most astrology sites.

So in all fairness, nobody covered your love combination the a way it should be

This means that (unless you are lucky to know your Pisces man's exact place, date, AND time of birth) you can barely find any in-depth, let alone PRACTICAL and immediately applicable information on this rare love combination.

In fact, did you know that only about 0.69% of couples around the world (of over 7 billion people) share this special combination — Capricorn woman and Pisces man?

Yep. Quite amazing, I know.

Still, it's so rare that nobody else (until yours truly) had the courage to plunge into cracking your unique love code.

Specifically... how you as a Capricorn woman can catch & keep a Pisces man.


Well, it's not just that it's hard work it's also that very few astrologers actually understand how relationship compatibility works.

I've dedicated years of research and countless hours working with clients like you, one on one, analysing thousands of compatibility charts and studying thousands of relationships and how they may improve by tapping into the astonishing power of Astrology.

Not only that, since most of my clients are women, I've devoted years of obsessively studying men and decoding their thinking, behavior, desires and psychology… often to a scientific level.

All of this makes me a natural advisor when it questions of love, relationships, and compatibility. I'll tell you what ‘hot buttons’ to push on your Pisces man in a way only a true Capricorn can. And this is what makes you unique to any other woman in his life.

You already have this power. The only question is, will you recognize it, will you take advantage of it?

Today I'm finally ready to give you the TOOLS to win him over (and keep him) inside this brand-new and one of a kind Special Report:

Inside Pisces Man Capricorn Woman Secrets…

I show you how to flip this game and NEVER chase a Pisces man again.

DISCLAIMER: Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Secrets is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

Instead, have him chase you and beg for the love and loyalty you are able to provide, one that he will cherish happily ever after.

I promise you will discover more about him & your relationship simply by reading this Special Report (in a short afternoon) than most women could DREAM of learning even in a lifetime of dating him.

And I guarantee you won't find such deep, detailed and practical information about how a Capricorn woman can make a Pisces man fall for her... anywhere else!

If you do, I insist you ask for your money-back. And yes, you do even get my iron-clad, money back guarantee. Despite this Special Report costing you barely nothing... you'll see I'm nearly giving this away.

The reason it's so affordable is precisely because I want you to take this advice and put it into action right away and I certainly don't want money to be any issue stopping you from you discovering these simple, yet powerful secrets to having a Pisces fall for you.

Of course I could charge more, but I don't want people to miss this only because they couldn't afford it. Especially now that we are on the verge of a new worldwide economic crises.

I suggest you get it and find yourself a strong Pisces man to protect you when things go out of control, as they very well might. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

But before I let you have your copy, I must warn you…

THIS report is definitely NOT for everyone. It is actually quite controversial. Pretty brutal, in a way.

Brutal in its honesty.

If you get offended easily, if you're looking for someone that will sugarcoat the truth for you. That's not me.

I'll tell it like I know it is and have seen countless times in real life.

I'll help you discover if you are wasting your time with a guy who's just not worth it and who does not deserve you.

That may not be the thing you'd like to hear but it may be the only thing you should

I'm here, first and foremost, to protect you, my Capricorn sister.

If he's good for you, sure, he's invited to come along. But if he's not, I won't lie to you. And that's something you'll easily see once you study this Special compatibility report.

So DO NOT purchase it unless you're ready to get smacked with gallons of truth about your relationship.

Some of my advice you'll love, some will SHOCK you and some of them you will, at first, want to disagree with... but deep down, you will know these make you angry because you I am, in fact, right.

So please, Capricorn, if you do decide to get this special report, do so with an Open mind and open heart. I'm on your side.

With that in mind, let's see what you'll get inside.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll discover inside my Pisces Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility report:

  • Why men respect what they fight for, why they value what they won in a fight and how you can have him fight for you and chase after you like you're the first and only woman in his life,
  • Key things a Pisces desires in all aspects of his life and how you may tap into this desire to have him thinking about you and only about you,
  • The Pisces man belongs to the mutable water element, which means that his thoughts, actions, and emotions are very changeable, but he is heavily influenced by his emotions in the moment, and everything he does is focused on diving deeper into himself … If he shows signs he likes you, he will probably devote himself completely to you. Unless a few very specific problems occur and Pisces men get distant. I'll teach you how to avoid the mistakes that Capricorn ladies may tend to make from time to time and have him commit to you like he's never done before…
  • Pisces men sometimes love texting and phone conversations, but not always and not all kinds… I'll show you how to take your "texting game" to the next level and have him glued to his phone while he waits for your response…
  • In addition, you'll learn how to tease him so that you ignite the never before seen fire of passion in his heart and... other parts of his Pisces figure,
  • Learn how to visually satisfy your Pisces's criteria (Pisces men are very visually oriented) and please him so that he can't wait to see you again and immediately starts thinking about you as a potential wife material. No matter what you want to achieve in your relationship, it's always good to have a Pisces view you as a potential spouse, trust me on that...
  • Pisces men have a knack for art and they love when their women are noble. I'll reveal some to-dos and not to-dos so that you can amaze him and have him value your style and respect you more… as a person and as a woman… that deserves to be worshipped,
  • You'd be surprised with how much they base their psychological stability in sex! As in everything, there are dos and don'ts in that department too and I'll teach you some tricks to ensure that your Pisces is… well-fed so to speak… so that he always comes back for more….
  • There are signs based on which you can tell whether he is in his "player phase" or just fears commitment. That's usually one of the first things a Capricorn lady should look out for. I'll teach you how to better read those phases of his so that you always have the upper hand…
  • You'll learn the rules a woman needs to set from the start if she wants for her Pisces man to chase after her and not the other way around. I will reveal to you how to make him put his back into satisfying you,
  • After you've already engaged in a relationship, I'll tell you how to adequately reward him so that he keeps trying real hard to win your love even long after he has already won your heart…
  • You know when things go south and eventually it feels like there’s nothing more to say between you two? I'll tell you how to communicate to keep that fire alive and have him always want to talk to you for hours…
  • How to show him who you really are and let him get to know the real you so that he falls head over heels in love with you. I will also tell you what not to reveal at first so that he doesn't prematurely lose interest…
  • A significant part of dating nowadays happens online. I'll teach you a thing or two about getting to know your Pisces online. I'll tell you which questions to ask first and where to meet him so that you win a safe-bet and get a hold on that prized catch!
  • How to present yourself and what to do so as to attract real Pisces men who are into real dating and who will cherish and love every inch of you…
  • I'll reveal which type of women does a Pisces fall for and how should you dress if you want him to chase after you and not the other way around.
  • I'll tell you what radiates that sexual tension that always keeps Pisces men coming back for more…
  • Pisces men aren’t really verbal and a lot of communication these days gets done on social media. That's why I'll tell you how to text (or even sext) your Pisces so that he is always interested in the conversation and his hands shake from lust and desire as he reads your messages.
  • I will also tell you what to say to keep him interested mentally, uplift his mood and reinvigorate him after a busy day so that he can't wait to get back home to you,
  • I'll teach you about the role he needs his feminine partner to play in his life so that you two lovebirds fit like two perfect pieces of a puzzle made for each other. If you follow my advice accordingly, he will never want to leave your side,
  • I will tell you what to say to spice up his boring day of work so that he can't stop thinking about you and can't wait to see you,
  • I will tell you what Pisces men want and expect in bed and what to focus on so that you become a queen of his pleasure and have him treat you and reward you as a queen as well… and let me tell you, Pisces men know how to reward Capricorn ladies,
  • Pisces men love creativity in all spheres of life, and bed's no difference. I'll share some advice that will bring much needed friction into your sex life and provide much needed nourishment and satisfaction to both you and your Pisces. It's really simple, but it works like a charm…
  • Jupiter and Neptune are the ruling planets for Pisces which means that there are certain ways of kissing and touching he enjoys. I will discover which spots to focus on to drive him mad and have him WANT to discover your sweet spots as well,
  • I've already said that Pisces men are sensual. They also like to relax and I'll tell you how to talk to them in a way that will really make him become addicted to your presence and value you,
  • Pisces men are known for their long and sensual performances in bed and… other places… so you'll want to adequately surprise him in order to have him surprise you,
  • Capricorn women look for excitement in life… I'll teach you how to turn those traits in your favor and how to take good care of your man so that you can satisfy each other's inner craving for belonging…
  • I'll tell you about the different types of nourishment his body and soul may need before he truly commits so much that he doesn't ever want to leave your side,
  • I will show you how to avoid getting trapped in friends with benefits situation and how to have him want you as a girlfriend, woman, wife and maybe even as a mother of his children…
  • I'll tell you about the sex-dynamics that will keep him engaged and keep you safe and utterly provided for in his arms,
  • You'll learn about sugaring a Pisces man which will allow you to invest in your looks and skills for which he'll take care of you even more than you take care of yourself,
  • I will teach you about the things that get Pisces guys to appreciate, respect and eventually fall in love with you so that the butterflies in your stomach can keep ravin' for years to come...
  • Capricorn ladies usually have huge amounts of energy and they radiate magnetism which can either pull or push away your lover if the polarities collide… you know how magnets are, right? I will teach you how to aesthetically bewilder him out of his mind so that he adores the very thought of you and gets reeled in your loving embrace every single time,
  • I'll tell you how to spice things up so that it never gets old and dull for you. Your Pisces will worship you for your newly found creativity…
  • I'll teach you how to communicate with your Pisces to "point him in the right direction" so that he never forgets to thank the heavens for your existence…
  • I'll tell you how to subtly articulate your sexual appeal so that your Pisces burns with desire for you, but still doesn't lose his admiration for your character,
  • Pisces men and Capricorn women are quite different in nature… Find out how to make your differences attract you instead of letting them be the breaking points…
  • How and when to utilize humor to relax your Pisces and bring him closer than ever…
  • Find out about the one thing you need to sometimes take a rest from each other in order to reinvigorate the relationship and start anew…
  • Key things you need to learn in order for your relationship to survive and thrive,
  • Secret ways of getting under his skin and seizing his heart for good,
  • The reason why both of you may feel unfulfilled in your relationships and sneaky ways to compensate for everything 100%
  • How to give him what he wants instead of what he (thinks) he needs (this one will go for his soft spots and will make him fall for you),
  • What NEVER to do if you want to tame your Pisces,
  • Insidious ways Capricorns get on Pisces's nerves without even knowing they do and how not to turn your relationship into a bleeding disaster,