Your Match: Pisces Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Pisces man and Taurus woman just get that feel for each other and don’t need help to open up and talk. This is something that is second nature for them.

The super sexy Pisces man is a water sign and the steady Taurus woman is earth. Taurus woman is looking for a man who is calm, easy to get along with, and will give her all the love she could ever want. The Pisces man wants his soul mate who will give him dependable love and strength. This match is an excellent one. Keep reading to find out more of what these two will likely be like.


These two complement each other in almost every way and so it’s a very natural fit for them. Pisces man feels things very deeply as does Taurus woman. She won’t admit it sometimes but she’s very sensitive and can be insecure at times.

Pisces man is all about romance and passion and this will suit the Taurus woman just fine as she’s also very passionate. These two are able to connect and communicate with one another on an emotional level without even uttering a word.

These two just get that feel for each other and don’t need help to open up and talk. This is something that is second nature for them as a couple. The chemistry here with these two is amazing.

It’s likely that if they meet and get to know each other, they are likely to fall in love quite easily and will want to keep that fire burning always. They have more going for them than they don’t and this is a winning partnership.

These two are capable of actually owning a business together if they really want to. Taurus woman is highly intelligent as is Pisces man. When they combine their dreams, they’re able to come up with a business that will suit them both.

If they don’t go into business together, they will have a very strong and long lasting love between them that they can build a lifetime with. They both make very strong parents as well should they decide to marry and have children.

In fact, the Pisces man and Taurus woman soul mate connection is likely. This makes the Pisces man and Taurus woman marriage highly possible. Once together, they will want to keep it forever.

Taurus Woman, Who She Is

Pisces man and Taurus woman compatibility

The Taurus woman is strong, intellectual, sophisticated, elegant, and the type of woman that most men want. She’s a hot commodity because she knows how to treat a man and make him feel very loved.

Her temper leaves something to be desired but you really have to push her to her limits to make her angry. She doesn’t get annoyed very easily. Pushing her buttons may make her want revenge though.

Any man that burns her had better watch it. She’s a master at mind manipulation if she wants to be. She’s typically very successful in whatever she chooses to do in her life but she’s also more vulnerable with her heart than she’d like to admit.

She wants to be taken care of and wants to be shown how much she’s appreciated. When she meets the Pisces man, there is a dynamic there that normally has to be built over time. With these two however, it likely will be magical.

It will happen very quickly and they will see that their instant bond is something to behold. Taurus woman may still want to give it a little time just to be sure that this beautiful Pisces man isn’t just after her for sex.

Once she figures out he’s in it for the long haul though, she’s going to give him her all. He will respond by giving her his all. These two are almost fairytale like.

Pisces Man, Who He Is

The Pisces man is very loving, giving, emotionally charged, in touch with his feminine qualities, and sensitive. This isn’t to get him confused with a whimp by any stretch. He’s very strong, actually.

He’s just moved easily and doesn’t try to stuff his feelings down like other men do. He’s open, he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he’s looking for the one woman that will make all other women look like a dream from the past.

Pisces man is seeking his soul mate, partner, future wife, and mother of his children. He’s looking to have it all and he knows that he has a lot to offer the right woman.

He often has a hard time connecting with many people as he doesn’t empathetically understand why some people do the things he does. He’s often saddened or worried about humanity.

He’s one that can make a real impact on people if they allow him to. When he meets the practical Taurus woman, he feels her strength and he loves how she makes him feel. She makes him feel safe and cared for.

They have an instant connection and he just knows that he’s the stability he’s craved for so long. This woman will not hurt him, she won’t chastise him, and she will love him for who he is. She’ll appreciate his sweet nature.

What Works Between Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

There is far more that works between these two than not. This is a formidable match to say the least. They are very well matched and can make each other very happy for the rest of their lives.

They communicate very well and often can tell each other how they feel without even using words. They can simply caress each other or look in each other’s eyes and can virtually “read” each other’s thoughts or moods.

This makes mystery something of the past. Pisces man is normally perceived as secretive and mysterious. However, he cannot hide from his Taurus queen. She knows without knowing how she knows.

He’ll easily pick up on her moods or feelings because he’s often psychic or sensitive therefore he just instantly can feel what she’s feeling. This makes it easy for each to know if it’s ok to approach one another or give each other space.

They likely have a lot in common and will have many shared activities that they can enjoy together. Outdoors is a great place to be for both of them. It may be for different reasons but they’ll enjoy each other’s company.

Their life values are probably similar and therefore they won’t have too much trouble compromising on anything that may be lacking between them. They’ll find a way and make it work.

Their emotional connection will be extraordinarily strong. People on the outside will view them and think they are an ideal couple and will feel inspired by the two of them.

Sexually speaking, there are zero complaints from either of them. Pisces is a pleaser and he will do anything and everything his Taurus woman wants. She may be used to taking the lead but she won’t mind letting her Pisces man do it for the most part.

They seem to just connect so well that issues like this are nothing to them. They love each other so much and are so close that these are very minor things.

What Pisces Man Thinks of Taurus Woman. Especially in Bed

As I mentioned, these two really blend well and sex will be quite fulfilling for them both. Pisces man will have to let his Taurus lady take the lead once in awhile though so she gets totally fulfilled.

It may make him feel a little uncomfortable to let her but if he gets out of his comfort zone, he may actually find a bit of fulfillment out of letting Taurus woman do what she wants to him. It may be quite freeing for him.

Pisces man adores his Taurus woman. He’ll put her up on a pedestal and make her his world. She’ll never guess what he’s thinking or how he feels because he’ll always show her and let her know how dear she is to him.

He will likely think his Taurus woman hung the moon. Everything she does is perfect, everything she says is eloquent, and her love is something he covets and wants to keep for the rest of his life.

Pisces man will definitely want to marry Taurus woman. He’ll also want to have children with her. The two of them are so dynamic they will make excellent parents. They complement each other so well, they’ll have well rounded children.

Pisces Man with Taurus Woman Problems

Pisces man and Taurus woman love

This couple is near perfection. They have very few problems between them and the ones that they do have, they’ll find solutions for so that they are not pulled apart.

One problem that could arise is with trust. Taurus woman takes a long time before she will fully trust someone. Pisces man can come off as secretive and mysterious at times.

She may not appreciate him acting sketchy every now and then and may question his integrity which will cause some conflict. As long as the Pisces man is honest with her, they should be able to work past this.

Pisces man has to learn that with his Taurus woman, he has to be more open and not so “private” as he is with everyone else. It’s understandable that he’d want to be private but he cannot hide or keep things from her.

He has the tendency to sometimes omit the truth or tell white lies. He doesn’t mean to but if she catches him (and she will), this will cause her to mistrust him. He will have to work harder to earn back her trust.

This really is their only real issue between them. It’s not really all that bad as long as the Pisces man learns to be open and honest with his Taurus woman, there can be trust and solidarity between them.

Pisces Man with Taurus Woman Breakup

It’s very unlikely these two will break up but if they do, it will be due to mistrust or Pisces man having betrayed his Taurus woman. If he cheats or even lies to her enough, she will call it quits.

In the event that this happens, they will both hurt greatly. She will be totally torn up about ending it with him and he’ll be deep in despair for having hurt her and made her so sad.

They will both be very tormented and will take a VERY long time to get over each other. If they really do love each other and can maintain some sort of friendship they have the possibility of working it out and getting back together.

Honestly these two are better together than they are apart and so this is one of those situations where it’s better to attend counseling than to give up on each other if they can find a way.

Final Score

This couple is one of the best matches there is. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a confident 9.5. They really have what it takes to make each other feel completely fulfilled as a couple.

They really and honestly love each other so anything that happens is something they will both look at and find a way past it. They truly will give each other a deep connection that most people will never know in their lives.

If you’re a Taurus woman, your Pisces guy is perfect for you. One thing to keep in mind however, is if he has a rising sign or moon sign that would make him deviate from his Pisces nature.

Other than that, this is a very loving guy who will do just about anything in the world for you to make sure you feel his love. He’ll keep you safe, he’ll adore you, he’ll keep in contact when he’s not around you, and he’ll do his best not to let you down. He’s very sensitive so he’ll understand your needs and be able to give you whatever it is that you need whether it’s tenderness or space, he’ll do what it takes. This is a fantastic pairing!

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