7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup with a Pisces Man

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Ouch! Breakups hurt. How can you move on from a breakup with a Pisces man and open your heart to new love—especially if you don’t have closure?

Ouch! Breakups hurt. There’s nothing quite as painful as having your heart broken. And when your breakup is with a Pisces guy, it can be double-sore, as he’s usually the type to “ghost” or run away from resolution. How can you move on and open your heart to new love—especially if you don’t have closure? Here’s some heart-healing advice.  

No matter how many years I have behind me as a relationship astrologer, it always hurts to see a client go through a breakup. 

It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees when your heart is cracked in two, and it’s oh-so-tempting to backtrack and try to make things work. 

But when you know that it’s not meant to be, you’ve got to try and move on. As they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea, and your Pisces ex is no longer one of them.

We all have coping mechanisms that work for us when we need to move on from a split, but did you know that there are ways to help yourself let go of specific Zodiac signs? 

I’ve got you covered. There are some things about a Pisces man that you’ll miss, and these are some great solutions to filling the hole in your heart—until you’re ready to love again: 

7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup with a Pisces Man

1. Develop a Spiritual Connection

Pisces men are ultra-spiritual, and not always in a straightforward way. You may miss that easy spiritual connection you got through him. So why not develop your own beliefs and faith? 

That may mean joining a local spiritual group—whether it’s a related to a mainstream religion or a less traditional group, or even meditation, let yourself learn. Developing a higher connection during a breakup can be one of the best things for your heart and help you to see that some things are just not meant to be. 

In the process, you’ll make strong community connections that can heal you during a tough time. You may even find that once the pain is over, you enjoy being part of something so much that you make this a part of your life for the long term.

2. Practice Yoga

If you’re not the type to enjoy more structured spirituality, then another way to get in touch with your spiritual side is through yoga. 

Maybe you already practice, and it’s fallen by the wayside. Or maybe you’ve always been too scared to try. Whatever your yoga fitness is, let this be the time you fall in love with this practice! Download a free app, or join your local studio (better if you want the connection of a like-minded community) for your yoga fix.

Not only will you work many of the painful emotions through your body, but you’ll also feel better physically—and maybe even meet a new man who can share your passion for yoga with you when you’re ready.

And you’ll also get the benefits of meditation, a sure-fire way to deal with painful thoughts of the past. 

3. Listen to Music

Pisces men love music. You’ve probably been introduced to loads of new tunes through your Pisces man, and maybe you found a new appreciation for music because of him—perhaps he even played an instrument.

Now that he’s out of the picture, you can get back to your own musical tastes—and maybe find some new artists who don’t remind you of your relationship. 

This may mean that you re-organize your Spotify account to reflect more of who you are, or pick up an instrument. You could go out dancing, to a festival, or jump around in your living room. You may sing in your car or in the shower or while you’re typing away on your laptop. 

In other words, dive into your music. Music is one of the greatest healers and will help you through some of your toughest days. 

4. Cry It Out

Whether you’re sweating at the yoga studio or dancing to music—or maybe just curled up on the couch—cry it out. Let all the tears fall and try not to hold back or beat yourself up for feeling your feelings. 

There’s no shame in tears.

Crying it out also means allowing any anger to come to the surface and be processed. Maybe you need to scream, shout, smash a plate, or play angry music—really loud! Every emotion is allowed, even the most negative ones. 

5. Realize He Was Never Going to Commit

The painful truth is that Pisces men are difficult to pin down, and they really do struggle to commit. They always need some kind of escape route, and perhaps this was his final way of slipping out of the responsibility of a long-term relationship. 

Once you realize that he wasn’t the man to give you the security you deserve, you can begin to release him. You can start opening your heart to the possibility that there is certainly someone out there who is willing to step in and be that rock for you. 

Remember, you deserve someone who is wholeheartedly committed to you

6. Ghost Him Right Back

Pisces men are the masters of ghosting. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s as the name says—disappearing without a trace. 

Ghosting is incredibly hard to experience. He’s doing it to avoid the unpleasant emotions and responsibilities that come with a breakup, and it can be seen as cowardly. 

Do not chase after him or beg for closure. He will avoid you all the more. Instead, learn to do the same, even if it’s unlike you. He won’t come back, so it’s not a game; it’s just a method for you to withdraw emotionally. 

Delete his number, unfollow him on social media, block his email address, and store your photos somewhere where you can only look at them far in the future if you so choose. Pretend he never existed for now and get on with your life

Soon, he really will disappear from your heart and give you space to love again! 

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7. Feel Relief That He’s No Longer Weighing You Down

Some Pisces men need to be rescued all the time. This is the most frustrating part of dating this sign. 

Now, there’s no one to be rescued but yourself. You are the one in charge of your own destiny, and you no longer have to take responsibility for him. You no longer have to carry the weight of someone who doesn’t want to deal with his own issues.

You are free! And with that freedom comes a sense of lightness and joy, which every man will be attracted to. 

Have you had your heart broken by a Pisces man? What are some of you best tips for moving forward and opening to new love? Share your story with me—I would love to hear your anonymous experience.

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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6 thoughts on “7 Tips to Move on From a Breakup with a Pisces Man

  1. 36 years gone down the drain with this low life parasite. Sorry had to vent. Enabled this drug addicted, sex addictive, narcissistic behavior for years. I was on again off again. Promises, made excuses for, stood by him in re-habs, he came out worse than he went in. Domestically abused, protection from abuse orders, you name I claim it. Weaned my way out by cutting off his supplies from all of the above. He finally after 10 years of me sticking to my own agenda he left town. Heard he was in Fla with a rebound chick from my hometown. She had friend requested me prior to him relocating. In the process of her research on my site, she unfriended me. She is a low down skat and I sent a shout out to her on my page . JM you will reap what you sow! Now with the pandemic I know that he is showing his true colors! I have taken time for me, healing every day, have a friend that has been there for me. However, I must be careful and when red flags go up awareness is priceless!

    1. Hi Erica!

      Don’t ever apologize for venting sweetheart. Yes the addictions and narcissistic behavior is something Pisces men can adopt. They don’t know how to deal with themselves and their feelings so they turn elsewhere for release or help them not think about things. They put it on the back shelf instead of facing it. I’m sad to know you went through what you did but I am happy you’ve gotten out of it. Just know not all Pisces men are like this. If you need more help, please check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets”.

  2. Anna, I love your blogs and I have to vent too! I seriously don’t understand Pisces motive , one week we were super sweet the week after he doesn’t want to continue, I am a Virgo, so we were close and deep and how can he just call it quits like that. He said he loves me, I am special to him but doesn’t want to continue anymore. We broke up in May, my birthday in August, he said happy birthday to me, sent me a gift and sent me a song. I didn’t check my WhatsApp for one month trying to forget about him and move on and I did and now came the birthday wish, gift and song, the song was “Jane” by bare naked ladies, I asked him y that song on my birthday , he ignored me and didn’t reply . I asked him other things and he replied totally confusing. I also gave all the things back to him before my birthday, and he sent me the bday gift after I sent him all his stuff back. It’s like I thought he got the hint but now I have to deal with his things again. He hurt me a lot , although he said he never hurt me but he really hurt me! It doesn’t help that I am friends with his mom….how can I delete this person from my heart and mind!

    1. Hi Jane!

      Pisces men can be quite a bit to handle. They are super sweet but they’re also wishy washy sometimes. I can understand your frustration. You need to just block him otherwise he’s not going to let you forget about him. That’s their motive. It’s sick and twisted but for some reason they want to still be in your mind and heart even after an ending. Shut him out. Maybe after your heart heals you can ask him why he called it quits. Get that closure from him. I wish you all the best sweetheart. Never settle for less!

  3. The worst experience I ever had is with pisces guy .we started close last year June 2021,end up Oct 2021,first he is addicted to me,every day and night he will send message ,then we had a dated 2 times,on the 3rd I refuse to meet him before he is too last minute and I really can’t go out.he started to pull me away,he said he had problem with his job and wanted to quit.day by day he just quite,no msg no calls at all and at one point,I realized he changed phone number and he never contact me until now .I feel so hurt deep inside and my mental abused.i tried to move on but just can’t,I keep on stalk him at fb and ig because it will make me feel better when I see him still alive but my heart is so broken .he s flirting and like other women photo at facebook.i feel so sad and I don’t why he left me without sign.

    1. Hi Frustbaby!

      Oh my goodness. I am so very sorry you went through this mess with a Pisces man. He sounds like a player and also wounded which is keeping him from falling in love truly. Very sad indeed. What you need is a vacation for yourself doing something you really love. Doing it with friends would be even better. It will help you to see that there is good out there and that you DESERVE far better. Don’t settle for less!

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