7 Reasons Why The Pisces Man Is So Hard To Love

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
It’s not always easy loving the Pisces man. This sensitive and caring water sign definitely has their downfalls, making it tough to feel romantic towards him. What are some of his biggest flaws that makes it hard to open your heart to the Pisces guy?  

It’s not always easy loving the Pisces man. This sensitive and caring water sign definitely has their downfalls, making it tough to feel romantic towards him. What are some of his biggest flaws that makes it hard to open your heart to the Pisces guy?  

There are lots of things to love about the Pisces man. His imagination. His creativity. His deep emotions and intuition. His romantic streak. The way that he looks into your soul and wants to merge with you and make you his Queen! 

But, let’s face it, Pisces men are not the easiest men to love out of the Zodiac signs. He does have a bit of a reputation, in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, for being fickle, avoidant, and capable of ghosting you at a moment’s notice. 

See, Pisces men are the mystics of the world, and as such, they can struggle to be in society or even in a committed relationship. He just wants to escape it all and live in a dreamworld where everything is perfect and beautiful. No wonder you sometimes want to tear your hair out! 

Here are the two main reasons why it can be tough to keep the love going with a Pisces man: 

7 Reasons Why The Pisces Man Is So Hard To Love

1. He’s Wishy-Washy & Non-Committal

Why The Pisces Man Is So Hard To Love

The truth is, Pisces men can be terribly wishy-washy. They may lack a little when it comes to the character department, and don’t have much determination. If life gets hard, they either swim away from the situation or pretend it doesn’t exist. 

This unwillingness to commit or see things through can be extremely annoying to deal with and make it really hard to love him. Having no backbone can make some of us ladies wish we had a man who would stand up for what he believes in and pick a side! 

Of course, sometimes it can also be inspiring to see how a Pisces man simply moves around a problem rather than push against it – it is quite an art, if you really think about it! 

2. He’s Irresponsible

One of the most irritating and hard-to-love qualities about the Pisces man is his complete lack of responsibility. If he doesn’t really care about something, he just doesn’t do anything, which can be infuriating! 

A good example of this is his irresponsibility with money or bills, for example. Or his irresponsibility when it comes to dealing with the practicalities of life, such as fixing his car or taking the pet in for a check-up. 

He gets very easily overwhelmed, which make you the one having to take on all of life’s daily pressures.  This can become a real problem down the line unless you are the type of women who doesn’t mind take care of the details whilst he drifts along on his happy, magical cloud. 

3. He Can’t Deal With Big Emotions

The Pisces Man Hard To Love

For an emotional water sign, the Pisces man is surprisingly avoidant of feelings. He often seeks to numb out or escape especially hard feelings, such as grief, anger, hurt, or loss. 

You see, in my experience as a Relationship Astrologer, Pisces are the most sensitive signs of all, which makes them an emotional sponge. They soak it all up, which is why he can’t always cope with the more negative feelings. 

It’s interesting, because at the same time, many Pisces men can be rather negative themselves, or at least, complain a lot when reality knocks on the door. They just don’t always see it. 

Living with someone who can’t confront hard feelings can be extremely frustrating to you, especially when you need to deal with something together. This can make it harder to love him, even if you understand his reasons why he does it. 

4. He’s Passive & Avoidant

Passive And Avoidant Pisces Man

Pisces men are not macho men. The sooner you know that, the better! This may make it harder to love him, especially if you’re the type of woman who likes a man to take charge. 

These men are more the passive types. They allow life to come at them, and adapt accordingly rather than push themselves onto the world. This can be a winnings strategy, as they know just how to soften and surrender into life. 

But on the other hand, it does make it hard to get them to face anything head-on or to initiate when they need to! 

5. He May Have Addiction Issues

Pisces is well-known as the sign of addiction. This is because he is, at heart, an escapist who struggles wildlife’s realities, as we’ve seen above. 

Addiction may come in many forms, not just alcohol or substances. It may come in the form of binge-TV, sugar, an internet addiction, workaholism, or an addiction to drama. And that can make it hard for you to love him! 

However, if he seeks help and is aware of it, then you can be the one to actively support his transformation. But, if he avoids taking responsibility or even denies his issue, that could lead to this relationship not being the one for you, ladies.

6. He May Not Be Able To Hold Down A Job

It’s not often that this happens, but there are some cases where a Pisces man struggles to stay in on job for very long. Especially if he’s uninspired or restless. This is one guy that you may find job-hopping all over the show, which can make you (sensibly) worry about a future with him. 

After all, what woman wants to have to worry about financial instability when it comes to her long-term relationship? There’s only so much patience that you have before you take a stand and draw a boundary! Let him know ladies, that he’s got to commit in order to keep you.

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7. He’s Immature

Very simply, Pisces man can be immature, which make it harder to love him. He may be emotionally immature or immature when it comes to being world and responsible. 

Whilst it’s lovely to have someone by your side who still believes in fairy tales and can make your world magical together, you do get tired after a while of having to be the mature one. 

The emotional immaturity may be the hardest flaw to deal with. Not being able to sit with and process feelings, being constantly overwhelmed or avoiding tackling issues eventually becomes a drag! 

He’s got to grow up, and if and when he does, he can be the most wonderful, caring, supportive, and sensitive partner a girl could ever wish for.

If you have the patience and are willing to help the Pisces man grow, your time can be a great investment. Just be prepared, ladies that it won’t always be easy to love him all the time! 

In conclusion, it’s mostly his unwillingness to be responsible or mature in the world that makes the Pisces man very tough to love. His avoidance and fear of reality, coupled with his potential escapism could make you feel as if you are “managing” him. 

However, they say true love is loving all of him, even his flaws!

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