Your Match: Pisces Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
While Pisces man and Leo woman are both impressive lovers, they are very different and they probably do not understand each other’s brand of passion.

Can the watery Pisces man find love with the strong fiery Leo woman? This like may be a very unlikely one. They find each other quite beautiful and are no doubt sexually drawn to one another. However, these two have very little if anything, in common. This could cause some great discord.

These two are very different people and as such, it may be quite a task to try to make it work. Keep reading to find out what it may be like between these two people as a couple.


While these two are both impressive lovers, they are very different and they probably do not understand each other’s brand of passion. They approach love and romance in a very different way.

While Pisces man loves to be loved, he’s not quite seeking out constant praise or validation. Leo woman wants the whole world to take notice of her magnificence. She is glorious to be sure!

This is where conflict arises. They not only don’t have much of anything else in common but Pisces man worships his woman where Leo woman wants worship from as many people as she can get.

One wants attention from many while one wants attention only from one. Jealousy may come about as may possessiveness, lack of trust, and cheating. Both of them are quite capable of being unfaithful.

It depends on their communication skills and these two communicate in very different ways which makes it a bear for these two to understand each other enough to work it out.

Again, these two are physically the most appealing signs in the zodiac but, face value is all they really see with each other. They’ll be attracted in a physical way but once they start talking and taking notes, they find out that they are not what each other wants in a partner.

Leo Woman, Who She Is

Pisces man and Leo woman compatibility

The Leo woman is loving, warm, funny, intelligent, sparkly, and the life of any party. She knows how to hold herself so that she can get along with anyone and everyone wherever she goes.

She’s a humanitarian and cares very much about helping improve other people’s lives if she can. She may even be involved in helping animals in some way. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a house full of various animals she’s rescued.

Truly this is a woman with a very big heart, good at anything she does, and is typically quite successful. When she demands attention, it’s because on some level, she knows she actually does deserve it.

That being the case, she rather seeks out people she can be around that will lift her up and keep giving her that pat on the back she wants to keep up the good work.

When she meets the Pisces man, she’ll be physically turned on by his looks at the start. He’ll also feel drawn to her beauty and charm. When they start to get to know each other, she’ll love his adoration.

However, she’ll probably not like his jealous behavior when he starts giving her troubles because others are trying to pay her some homage for her talents or beauty.

She’s going to find him clingy and annoying. Ironically she does love attention but this guy will make her feel overwhelmed and make her want to run for the hills. Pisces man is too much for her.

Pisces Man, Who He Is

The Pisces man is a lover, a dreamer, a fantasist, and a man who is looking for the one woman who will capture his heart. He wants his one and only true soul mate. He will absolutely adore and cherish the woman that manages to rope him in.

He is a flirt for sure but when he meets the “right one”, he tends to put all his focus on her and her alone. The problem is, he’ll alienate everyone else in order to be by her side.

For some women, this is ideal. He’s loving, passionate, sexy, and dreamy. He’s a dreamer so he’ll often be caught spacing off. He’s not one to be a workaholic and will do minimal work when he can.

He does want success but he wants success to happen with his dreams rather than his actual job or work. Unless of course, his job/career is in alignment with his dreams and goals.

When the Pisces man meets the Leo woman, he’s floored by her marvelous beauty. He cannot take his eyes off of her like pretty much everyone else in the room.

When he starts talking to her, he loves how charming and social she is. However, when he starts getting to know her more, he’ll realize that she’s one that has to have lots of social interaction and he’s more of a home bound type of guy.

He will want her to spend most of her time with him and when she doesn’t do that, he’ll be quite frustrated, jealous, and likely to cheat. He should just break it off but he has a hard time doing that.

What Works Between Pisces Man and Leo Woman

The only area that may work half way decent (not great) is their capacity to communicate and understand each other on an intellectual level. They can talk to each other about life goals and dreams.

They can talk about life issues and other things going on around them. However, they aren’t likely to be able to talk about their own relationship or situation in life that they’re dealing with.

They’re great at talking about anything that doesn’t involve their relationship or the prospect of the future. It would seem that it doesn’t take long for these two to figure out that they’re not right for each other.

They would make good friends but again, only when they talk about what is going on in today’s world, the news, or how to help humanity and animals. Otherwise they tend to lose topics of conversation quite easily.

Meeting up for coffee in a café to discuss what’s going on with politics is easy. Talking about love and where they see themselves heading in the near term or long term is something they cannot bare to bring up with each other.

Romantically speaking, these two are not good candidates for the long term and unless they learn how to talk about their ideas and feelings about what they have or want to have together, they’re going to remain friends at best.

What Pisces Man Thinks of Leo Woman, Especially In Bed

The Pisces man and Leo woman soul mate relationship isn’t very likely. He feels she’s too abrasive, too needy, and too selfish. In the bedroom, he likes to take the lead. Leo woman also wants the lead.

She will want him to do everything she wants but won’t be as giving to him which makes him feel underappreciated and unenthusiastic about having sex with her. This is a very unfulfilling sex life.

Leo woman will think of Pisces man as too sensitive, too emotional, and not living in reality. This makes him feel as though she doesn’t know him at all. It will hurt his pride and his heart.

Where he maybe thought for a minute that Leo woman would be his queen, he quickly realizes that she’s too much for him and he needs to find someone a little more down to earth and less desiring of other people’s attention.

He wants a woman that is satisfied with his attention alone. He wants a woman who will let him lead in the bedroom and will know what he wants without him having to utter a word to her.

Leo woman is familiar with telling a man what he can do to please her. Pisces man will be turned off by how “forthright” Leo woman is. He feels she needs to find a stronger man than he is.

Pisces Man and Leo Woman Problems

Pisces man and Leo woman

I hate to say it but these two have many problems. They are a very rough mixture that isn’t likely to make it for the long haul. While it’s not impossible, it’s going to be quite a struggle.

They do not share their emotions very easily. Pisces man is often open when he feels comfortable. However, he cannot seem to feel comfortable enough with Leo woman which makes him keep his secrets to himself.

This of course, makes Leo woman think he’s lying or cheating when maybe he’s just staying private due to lack of trust. He’ll in turn think that she’s too in his face and isn’t very empathetic with the things he’s going through.

They won’t feel comfortable talking to each other about love, life together, and likely don’t line up with their life values either. They look at life very differently and have vastly different views on how family or love should be.

They don’t fare well in the bedroom together either. Leo woman is aggressive and wants what she wants while Pisces man wants to be the leader and hand out the pleasure without being told what to do.

These two are really at some great odds. Can they make it? There is a very small percentage that they can and will. Otherwise, they’re likely to get too frustrated with each other and just bail out.

If they don’t end it quickly enough, they’ll cheat on each other. They’re going to keep looking for someone else more suitable for themselves instead of just letting go of each other first.

Pisces Man and Leo Woman Breakup

It’s no lie when I tell you that these two cannot trust each other. Leo woman wants to get out and be social while Pisces man would rather stay in and cuddle. He’s going to hate that she keeps wanting to go out.

She’s going to hate that all he ever wants to do is stay at home. She will still go out when she feels compelled enough which creates some vast conflict and leads to either one or both of them cheating.

If not, they will resent each other and one will finally call it quits. Who though? Neither of them likes doing the break up but out of these two, Leo lady is likely to find someone else and will leave her Pisces guy for him.

Pisces man will just cheat with various sources. He may or he may not find someone else but he’ll work his way through a few ladies before he decides that maybe he should just give his Leo woman up.

This breakup will likely be very nasty. Leo woman will unleash hell on the Pisces man when she tells him what all his flaws are and how much she can’t stand how he is, etc.

It’s very unlikely these two will stay friends and they are even less likely to ever return to one another. It’s a bad match and if breakup occurs, it’s likely permanent.

Final Score

This is a very difficult match and with that said, on a scale of 1 to 10, the Pisces man and Leo woman gets a very low score of 1.5. The Pisces man and Leo woman marriage is highly unlikely.

They don’t agree on most things and if they become parents together, it’s likely an accident. Their children will need both parents to keep up a healthy co-parenting routine or they will suffer.

These two are not even close to being a match made in heaven and I wouldn’t recommend them getting together. There is a clause here though. If either of them has a rising sign or moon sign that are signs that match better, this could change everything. It’s always important to find out what your rising sign and moon sign is along with what his are. If they line up very well then this could definitely make a huge impact and make this whole article invalid. Always find out what you can!

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  1. This made me laugh. I am a Leo woman in a relationship with a Pisces for the past 6 years and just got sent on this link by a friend. Anyone reading this and feeling terrible afterwards – do not trust this for one second. 🙂 Communication between us is great because at the end of the day we both believe in choosing each other, again and again, for the rest of our lives. The Lion has to learn how to listen and the Fish needs to learn how to open up and you guys are good to go. We have not had a single fight because we both enjoy talking it out. Don’t forget that astrology is not only about your sun sign, but also other chart placings! Have a nice day. 😉

    1. Hi Sienna!

      Yes, that is the gist of it Sienna. There is a lot more to a person than their sun sign. It’s also important to look into all the other aspects that make a person. The two people involved need a compatibility chart as well. This is also why I do VIP consultations. It’s exceedingly difficult to sum up each sun sign with just the bare information. That’s all I can offer without actually looking at charts. So I wouldn’t say anyone should ignore what I say because ALL Pisces men and Leo women are different. I wish you all the very best though!

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