Your Match: Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
There is no doubt that Pisces man and Gemini woman will physically be attracted to one another. Pisces man is very dreamy and looks equally as dreamy.

The Pisces man and Gemini woman match isn’t a very happy union. This is one of those match ups that will encounter problems and situations that make them want out. I always say there is possibility but it may be rather low when it comes to these two.

Pisces man is a water sign and Gemini woman is air. She has the capacity of creating some heavy storms for the Pisces man who may end up straying. Keep reading for more information on what this match up may bring.


There is no doubt that these two will physically be attracted to one another. Pisces man is very dreamy and looks equally as dreamy. He looks like a model or actor typically.

Gemini woman will appreciate his beauty and want to be part of it. Gemini woman loves beautiful men. Naturally it won’t be any surprise that she’ll find him totally irresistible.

However, once Gemini woman starts trying to get to know the Pisces man, she’ll find that they may not be a match made in heaven. They aren’t likely to have a whole lot in common which is something necessary to making a relationship last.

They won’t see eye to eye on most things and therefore just loses its fire fairly quickly. Gemini woman won’t like that Pisces man is very emotional as she has a hard time dealing with her own emotions let alone her man’s.

They’re both dreamers which may be the one thing that they share but, they probably dream about different things and desire opposite types of lifestyles. They don’t understand each other and sort of cancel each other out.

This isn’t the happiest union and isn’t likely to work out. They can work at if they somehow still manage to fall in love but it will be very difficult and they will argue quite often. Pisces man and Gemini woman soul mate match is very unlikely.

Gemini Woman, Who She Is

Pisces man and Gemini woman love

The Gemini woman is a free spirit who loves to keep herself busy, working at making money, and looking to have a very successful career (or two). She’s multi-faceted and can do just about anything she wants.

She seeks a man who will keep up with her busy life and be understanding of her needs. She also loves variety so she’ll want her man to surprise her by being spontaneous, especially in bed.

She is sure of what she wants and won’t settle for less. If she finds someone who doesn’t quite fit what she’s looking for, she’ll quickly move on because she doesn’t want to waste her time or energy on the wrong person.

Gemini woman could come across flaky if she isn’t honest. She needs to be sure to tell the guy she isn’t working out with that she thinks she needs to move on from him. That way he’s not left hanging or wondering what is going on or where he stands.

When the Gemini woman meets the Pisces man she’ll think he is HOT. She can feel the sexuality oozing off of him and she would like to break off a piece of this delicious man.

However, when she starts getting to know him, she realizes that he really isn’t what she’s looking for and she’s probably delaying the inevitable if she continues to have sex with him.

Of course, if they DO have sex, they’ll quickly figure out that they aren’t compatible there either really. It should inspire them to move on from one another.

Pisces Man, Who He Is

The Pisces man is one that is very deep, emotional, and is looking for the woman he can settle down with and live for each other. He doesn’t mind a woman with a career but he wants to be a huge portion of her attention.

As much as he pours himself into a relationship, he needs a woman that will do the same thing. He isn’t afraid to work and try to make his dreams come true but he’ll try to balance his life out with fantasy as well.

This means that while he may work, he’ll also spend a great deal of time playing music, doing art, etc. He also doesn’t mind having down time where he can just cuddle up with a woman and watch movies.

He isn’t the type that has to be busy at all times because typically, he doesn’t really get bored. When he meets the Gemini woman, he’s blown away by what all she does in her life.

At first he’s impressed and even physically drawn to her. However, it won’t take long before he realizes that she doesn’t like to listen to him when he talks, she doesn’t understand him, and he isn’t going to have the stability he wants.

Pisces man and Gemini woman marriage isn’t very likely at all. Unless one of them has a rising sign or moon that changes things up a bit, these two are not a match for the long term.

What Works Between Pisces Man and Gemini Woman

To be really honest, it’s very hard to find what does actually work between these two. They don’t have anything in common and if they do have at least one thing then that would be their focus.

The rest of their lives don’t mesh well. When they talk or interact, they won’t understand each other and are likely to bicker due to misunderstandings. They don’t get each other’s sense of humor at all.

One may be joking around and the other wont’ get it and will find it insulting instead of funny. Truly these two are very hard pressed to find common ground. They may have some conversations that are interesting but nothing to build on.

They find trouble opening up to one another because well, neither feels safe, secure, or able to express themselves in a way that doesn’t annoy or piss off the other.

I’d love to be able to tell you there is something here that they can work and build off of but from everything I know, these two are really not fit for one another. Yes, they CAN try to work at it but it will be extremely difficult.

What Pisces Man Thinks of Gemini Woman, Especially in Bed

Being as nice as I can, these two will not see eye to eye in or out of bed. Pisces man will feel that Gemini woman doesn’t get him and he will not want to work toward fulfilling her desires.

He’ll feel chastised and ignored by her which makes him want to seek affection and love elsewhere. He’s very likely to cheat on her if she doesn’t cheat on him first.  

Being that these two are Mercury and Jupiter, they are at odds and aren’t likely to keep any sort of initial chemistry flowing for long at all. Both will be terribly disappointed by the lack of spark.

Pisces man will want out or he’ll be fearful of ending it so he’ll just check out other possibilities elsewhere. Again, Gemini woman may beat him to the punch and figure he’s not what she wanted and therefore continue her search.

Neither are particularly good at break ups but Pisces man will think the Gemini woman is flaky, unable to commit, and not a turn on in the bedroom. He will lose any luster he has for her fairly quickly.

He is looking for a woman that will want to spend a great deal of time with him loving each other. Gemini woman wants to be a bit freer, spontaneous, and have more of a variety in her life.

Pisces Man and Gemini Woman Problems

Pisces man and Gemini woman compatibility

I’ve already sort of pointed all the problems out because I couldn’t find anything that would make them want to be together. It’s a hard road these two will be on if they decide to make a go of it.

They are not good at talking to each other, not good at sharing deep emotional feelings, and not compassionate enough with each other. They are very likely to argue about just about anything.

Neither are likely to agree with each other on most things except for that they should end things and move on without each other. That may be the one thing they agree on when the time comes.

This isn’t the fairy tale type of relationship. In fact, this is the type of relationship both Pisces man and Gemini woman tries to avoid like the plague. Gemini woman will find Pisces to be too secretive and that will make her not trust him at all.

He’ll find her to be too flaky and too busy for his liking. He wants a more devoted type of woman. She is going to be devoted but only by a man that is going to show her understanding and stability.

They aren’t compatible in any area really. They don’t emotionally connect because they cannot talk to each other. Their live values aren’t likely to line up, and their sex life will be very dull.

Both of them are likely to run fast from each other if they actually do try to make it more than an initial interest.

Pisces Man with Gemini Woman Breakup

I’m sorry to say but this is very likely to occur with these two. They are so opposite that they are not open enough with each other to give it a shot. If they do, they will learn that it’s just not something that’s conducive to the lives they want.

They have the capacity to really hurt one another because they already don’t get along. If they did at one point, when they break up, they won’t be particularly amicable. Gemini woman doesn’t want to be the “bad guy” but she may have to.

These two are more likely to sneak around behind each other’s backs and cheat instead of breaking up as they should. They will eventually but it would be so much better if they broke up first.

Instead they can add betrayal to their list of reasons they want to end it. Friendship afterward? Probably not would be my guess. These two are nothing alike and won’t want to remain friends.

They also are not likely to get back together at any point. They’ll both find someone else who suits them better and stick with that. They’d probably rather watch paint dry then give each other another try.

Final Score

Unfortunately these two have much against them should they try to be a couple. They can try to make it work but it would definitely require counseling or some other kind of help.

These two are far too different and with that said, out of a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 1.5 and that half  is being generous. Sincerely, this is one of the worst matches.

Should one or both have different moon signs or rising signs, there could still be some hope. They’d have to be signs that complement each other and can override their main pull of their sun sign.

Otherwise going off of sun sign alone, these two are not meant to be and probably shouldn’t even bother. It will be very important for the two of them to find out what each other is about from the beginning.

Then if they find that there IS common ground they can work with, they can try to make that very strong so that they can work past the adversity that they face in their lives going forward.

I “never say never” but this is one of those relationships that I say will not be an easy path to take. Make darned sure that the Pisces man you’re pursuing is someone you can see yourself with down the line.

You cannot change him and he cannot change you. Keep that in mind at all times as you get to know him better.

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