Your Match: Pisces Man and Aries Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Naturally with Pisces man and Aries woman being at odds, the likelihood of these two making it is rather slim. Keep reading for more details.

This combination makes for a union full of friction and misunderstanding. Pisces man is ruled by Neptune and Aries woman is ruled by Mars. Aries woman takes action and wants to seize the moment while Pisces wants to take a deeper look and dream about the possibilities. These two are very different in different ways which can create huge communication problems. If they want it to last; they’re going to have to put in a whole lot of elbow grease; if they even bother to want to.


While these two will undoubtedly be physically attracted to each other; neither looks nor sex will be enough to sustain this relationship should they get one started. They are both very intelligent and can find topics of conversation that holds their mutual interest.

However; they will vary on their opinions which could cause arguments or disgust for one another if they let it get too far. Pisces will react emotionally and Aries woman will fly off the handle.

These two are a risky match to be totally honest. Pisces man is one who needs calmness around him in order to maintain his own personal Zen. Aries woman may interfere with his peaceful state.

She wants him to get his head out of the clouds and do something about what he talks about all the time. She gets frustrated with him and well; this leads to him feeling pressured or verbally beat up by her.

Naturally with these two being at odds; the likelihood of these two making it is rather slim. As I always say though; there is ALWAYS hope and possibility if they are enough in love to try.

Aries Woman, Who She Is

Pisces man and Aries woman

The Aries woman is very strong, passionate, and wants to take care of business. Whether it’s work, kids, or her partner; she wants to make sure everything is taken care of and nothing is left undone.

She’s a busy woman typically as she involves herself with projects, work, or family life. She likes to get out and do lots of fun activities as well because she’s pretty well social.

She is one for adventure and living life to the fullest. Aries woman doesn’t sit around and day dream much because she’d rather get out there and do what it is that she wants to do.

When she meets the Pisces man; she first appreciates his beauty and sensitivity. He really seems to relate and understand women. However; at some point she’s going to want him to buck up and be a man.

Her idea of a man is someone who can feel but will also take action where it’s needed instead of sitting around pining for it. Aries woman is likely to become annoyed with Pisces man after a certain amount of time.

Pisces Man, Who He Is

The Pisces man is giving, caring, sensitive, and has feminine knowledge. That being said; he is normally good at knowing what a woman wants and/or needs. He’s a dreamer but he’s innovative as well.

While he may not take quick action where he should; he will plan everything out in his mind as far as what he would do if he was able. Motivation isn’t a high priority but if he’s properly stimulated; he’ll see to it that he accomplishes his dreams.

Pisces man is looking for a soul mate he can spend all his free time with. He wants a woman he can put up on a pedestal and treat as though she was his queen. He keeps looking until he finds her and that can sometimes mean cheating.

When Pisces man meets Aries woman; his world is rocked. He loves her beauty and strength. She is a magnificent piece of art to him. This feeling of adoration may fade within a short amount of time; however.

He won’t like when Aries woman tells him to get off his duff and get to take some steps to make his fantasy a reality. He also won’t like her aggressive tendencies in the bedroom. He likes to take the lead.

What Works Between Pisces Man and Aries Woman

These two are likely to have some very interesting conversations to say the least. They are both idealists but only one of them is pragmatic. Aries woman wants to see action not just day dream.

So where she may want to talk about dreams and fantasies; she wants to actually get after it while Pisces man may not be really ready. However; they will have plenty of talks that make them both put a future in perspective.

Neither one will be afraid to talk about how they feel with one another. This could be a very good thing or it could be a threatening thing depending on which direction they take it.

Communication is not a big problem between these two. However; what comes out of it may be. Pisces may talk big when it comes to what he wants to do in life or what he wants with his Aries woman.

However; the Aries woman will need to step up and provide him with means to ground himself thus doing less day dreaming and taking more action instead. This is a good thing!

He will also teach her how to dream more so that she can find more things in life to enjoy. In this way they could balance each other out a bit. It’s the other things that may need work though.

What Pisces Man Thinks of Aries Woman; Especially In Bed

This is one of their problem areas. As passionate as they both are; they do not see eye to eye as to how to implement their intimacy. Pisces man typically likes to take the lead in the bedroom.

Sadly, Aries woman is dominant and will not really like giving up her throne in the sexual game. That means that she’s not going to allow Pisces man to rule her or tell her what to do in bed.

She’s one that will tell him what to do and how to. He will despise this. He wants a partner that will be submissive to him and allow him to take charge. So this could be a potential huge obstacle for them leaving them both frustrated.

He will think she’s far too dominant for his liking. He isn’t into women that won’t let him do it his way. There would have to be a HUGE compromise taking turns or they won’t be happy with each other in the bedroom.

He doesn’t understand her temper either. He gets upset but the anger that Aries woman can posses at times is something he doesn’t get and doesn’t want to be part of. He finds her to be abrasive, too quick to response, and too strong.

With Pisces man being a sensitive soul; he cannot take drama that can be created by an Aries woman who is upset with him. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t understand him. He isn’t likely to want to settle down with an Aries woman. She’s too much for him to handle.

Pisces man who is so tender hearted; will think Aries woman to be very cold and callous. She’s not what he expected and not really what he wants unless she can find a way to be softer with her approach. It can be done though it would be difficult.

Pisces Man with Aries Woman Problems

Pisces man and Aries woman

These two certainly have more problems than they do things in common. They are just far too different and therefore have a very difficult time understanding one another.

Their number one problem seems to be lack of trust for one another. Aries woman thinks Pisces man is too sketchy and keeps too many secrets which makes her jealousy and possessiveness kick in.

Pisces man will think she wants to go out too often and have adventures which make him feel insecure or that he cannot give her what she wants. Also as I mentioned before; there will be bedroom issues.

The Aries woman being dominant will make Pisces feel like less of a man. It de-maculates him which isn’t good for either of them. It will make them want to spend less time in the bedroom pleasing one another.

Emotionally these two really don’t get each other either. Aries woman doesn’t need to go quite as deeply as the Pisces man does. He on the other hand; need to feel a spiritual connection.

He isn’t likely to feel the spiritual connection he’s looking for with the Aries woman. Being unhappy; he may look for comfort elsewhere which could cause him to cheat and lie. That will set Aries woman off that much more.

They aren’t likely to dig the same types of activities. Aries woman likes adventure while Pisces man likes to do things that feel very spiritual and enlightening. They’d have to find some middle ground on what they enjoy so that they both benefit.

Pisces Man and Aries Woman Breakup

Normally the Pisces man feels connected to a woman he’s committed to even when they part ways. However these two may have such a rocky relationship that this is one of the exceptions for him.

He will chalk her up as being too rough for him and he won’t hold any regard or love going forward. If he breaks it off; he’ll move on quickly and not look back. If she ends it; she’ll definitely move on to find a much stronger type of man.

These two aren’t likely to be friends afterward nor are they the type of couple that may try to get back together. They know they’re too different and unless they get some serious help from someone like a counselor; they probably won’t be successful.

Truly these two will move on from one another and not ever try to stay in contact. They will have sour feelings toward each other thus leaving them having a bitter taste in their mouths.

The breakup won’t be pleasant and the aftermath is going to be messy. However; both are willing to move on to find someone else who is better suited for them which is likely for the best.

These two will likely be very emotional when they part ways. It’s also likely they will say things they don’t mean and it will be a nasty experience for them both.

Final Score

This is a couple who will have a very difficult time getting a relationship started much less flowing forward. They’re very different and react to each other in a way that isn’t complimentary.

Either of them are prone to be unhappy and cheat on each other. Pisces man will act sketchy and Aries woman will do what she wants no matter the consequence. With that said; on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them a 2.

Truly this is a mismatch. Before you get discouraged though; remember that if there are rising signs or moon signs that change the behavior of either of them then things could be very different.

This is why it’s so important to learn what you and your man’s moon as well as rising signs are as they could actually change the nature of the situation. There IS always hope and possibility.

An example would be if your Pisces man has Taurus, Aries, or Gemini rising. This would make him more active, more pragmatic, and practical. This could change how he reacts to things.

He could also have a moon sign of Scorpio which makes him both dominate and submissive given the right partner. There are other things that can change the equation but just going off sun sign alone; Aries woman and Pisces man are a bad match.

They would have to work extra hard in order to make things work between the two of them. They’re just very different people. Neither is wrong but they may be wrong for each other.

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