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5 Ways To Show A Pisces Man How Much You Appreciate Him

Pisces have so much goodness to offer this world. If you’re here at this article, then I know that you understand that. Pisces have a knack for knowing when their loved ones aren’t doing well. Their genuine concern for others is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. 

Having been a Relationship Astrologer for years now, and I’ve learned some great ways to make sure that your Pisces knows that you see them and appreciate them for who they are. I’m so excited to tell you the five ways to show a Pisces that deep appreciation that you’re looking to give him. 

Pisces is certainly looking for emotional fulfillment more than anything else. That’s why these tips will focus more on vibes than physical displays of affection. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the things that make your Pisces feel most loved and appreciated!

5 Ways To Show A Pisces Man How Much You Appreciate Him

1. Live In His World

Pisces men are ruled by watery Neptune. Neptune rules separation and illusion, meaning that Pisces can be masters of separation. They often create their own versions of the world to block out any energy that doesn’t agree with them. 

Pisces feel the need to live in a separate world, but sometimes it’s okay for another person to be invited in. Ask the Pisces to show you how they view the world and how they decompress. 

Sometimes they immerse themselves into movies and tv. They may party to embrace the fun in the world. They might also sleep in in order to find their center. Try engaging with them while they’re in this realm. Don’t try to bring them back to reality. Just have fun with them while they’re disconnecting. 

Pisces typically will return to the real world, so don’t’ worry. They understand that they have responsibilities to return to. Joining them in their own world for a while will show them that you’re okay with their coping mechanisms. They’ll feel incredibly appreciated. 

2. Be Gentle With Him

How To Show A Pisces Man You Care About Him

Pisces are extremely sensitive, to say the least. They are the sign of Universal oneness… and sometimes it feels like they’re the source of Universal suffering! They feel everyone’s negative emotions and often can’t help but wonder if they’re the one causing them. 

It’s important to pay attention to your tone and your words with Pisces. A sign like Aries might love to go head-to-head, but Pisces needs to be handled with care. 

Never insult a Pisces, yell at them, or make any angry gestures. Instead, speak honestly but kindly. It’s important to speak your mind but it’s also paramount that you get your thoughts across in a kind way. 

The Pisces will feel very appreciated when you take into account that they require a certain level of mindfulness. 

3. Watch Your Energy

When Pisces is involved, it isn’t enough to monitor your words and actions… you must also maintain your energy. Pisces sense everyone’s energy, whether they want to or not. They are psychic sponges, taking in all of the information around them in the form of energy. 

If you’re upset, that is okay. It’s just important to communicate to the Pisces that it isn’t their fault and you just need to work through it. If it is the Pisces’ fault then it’s time to collect yourself enough to speak softly and fairly to them. 

Pisces will feel most loved and comfortable with people who take responsibility for their energy. Keep your energy up or at least voice to the Pisces when it is and isn’t their concern. 

Pisces will feel appreciated when you share your positive energy and monitor your negative energy. This is a great gift to the Pisces because your emotional maturity on this front can provide them peace of mind.

4. Give Him Alone Time

How To Show A Pisces Man You Appreciate Him

As I said, Pisces absorb all kinds of energy from everywhere. As a result, they need time to recharge their batteries and find what their own energy is doing. 

Yes, you read that right. Pisces confuse their energy and the energy of others. As a result, they are often retreating into silence to find themselves and their own energy. This is a totally necessary step for Pisces. 

Pisces is associated with the twelfth house which rules isolation. This is partially why Pisces finds themselves at peace when no one is around. If they can’t get their alone time, they often turn into someone that no one wants to be around anyways. 

If you want to show a Pisces love and appreciation then make sure to give them time alone. It’s important to offer it willingly or else the Pisces will simply spend their time alone wondering if they’ve put you out. 

5. Be Romantic

Pisces are true romantics. They see their partner through rose-colored glasses… you can’t do wrong in the eyes of the Pisces! It’s an empowering feeling when you’re with a Pisces, knowing that you’re like a goddess in their eyes. 

Pisces hope for this same sentiment to be reciprocated. So don’t hold back when talking about your love! Hold them tight, shower them with kisses, take part in private romantic gestures…Pisces will love anything that brings them closer to you. 

The most important way to make a Pisces feel appreciated is to let them know that they’re important to you. Don’t worry about fancy gifts (though they’re nice). Pisces wants to feel your love for them first and foremost. 

Find a way to be romantic with your Pisces every day. Flowers are a lovely gesture along with handwritten notes. Anything sappy and sentimental will get their heart speeding up! 

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Wrapping Up

Pisces is looking for that intense emotional connection paired with a lot of patience and understanding. One of the best traits that you can have with a Pisces is self-awareness. Being clear about your own energy and take responsibility for what you’re outing out there is the best way to honor the Pisces. 

On top of that, it’s important to remember that Pisces crave romance. This can be with small physical token of appreciation or just the usual hugs and kisses. As long as your energy and desire are authentic then you’ll be hitting the nail on the head. 

What are your thoughts? Do you feel like you ‘get’ what makes your Pisces feel appreciated now? Let me know what YOUR big plan is to help your Pisces guy feel your love more deeply! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

9 thoughts on “5 Ways To Show A Pisces Man How Much You Appreciate Him

  1. I appreciate your content. My mother taught me as a very young child, at the age of 8 years old to delve into Astrology. She told me that I was a Gemini and she was a Tarsus. She told me Astrology goes hand in hand with Psychology. It is all educational to knowing yourself in the best possible way, is what she told me. My daddy was a Pisces Man, born February 21st. I studied him in order to learn all I could about a Pisces man. Many of my boy friends when I was growing up were Pisces. I wanted to be with a Pisces, because of the close connection that I had with my dad.

    1. Hi Janece!

      You’re lucky to have a Pisces father to learn all bout. I’m sure it’s helped you to really “get” the nature of the Pisces man. That’s beautiful how your connection was with your father. It’s completely understandable that you’d want to be with a man just like him. Just be sure that you understand all angles. I do have guide you can check out too on Pisces Man Secrets. I wish you all the best in the years ahead!

    1. Hi Missi!

      I am so very sorry to hear that. There must have been some issues that were getting between you. The communication has to be logical and unemotional or Pisces man will overreact which sounds like maybe that’s the case. Have you tried to apologize and explain yourself? That may help but if not, please take care of yourself sweetheart.

  2. So I really enjoy reading all your blogs,and pieces because interest me most because my better half is one.and I’ve learned a lot about him because of your informative blogs. I truly see a future with him…and your blogs are part of that…thank you so much

    1. Hi Karen!

      Thank you for your very kind words sweetheart. I am so glad that you’ve learned a lot about your Pisces man. That’s very important to getting closer and maintain love for the long haul. You’re taking the right steps and I’m proud of you! If you ever need more tips, check out my guides on Pisces man via Pisces Man Secrets.

  3. Hi. I was in a relationship with a Pisces that I knew nothing about. We’ve been apart for 9 months. I’ve tried to reconnect on 2 occasions. I was not aggressive or forceful. I was very nonchalant. He had not responded to either. I continuously have this strong connection like he’s thinking about me as much as I am about him. (Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking). But some days the I don’t know how to explain it. But I feel like he is with me. Should I try to Persue him or let it go. I’ve learned more about this Pisces man from you than I did while we were together. I would be great full to hear your thoughts
    Thank you for your feedback

  4. I love reading about how my piscese man’s mind works. I always worry about sending him sappy romantic messages and writing them in cards for him. Even though he tells me how heart felt they are, knowing that they love that kind of thing really helps. Especially as I just wrote a long, very sappy romantic letter to him telling him exactly how I feel. Haven’t given it to him yet, and I have to admit till I read this I was wondering if I should give him it. So hopefully he likes it, he is always telling me I am a really good writter. He doesn’t realise I usually struggle to get what I want to say on paper or written down, he brings out the writter in me I guess. We have been together for 9 months and recently marriage came up. We have both been married before so I didn’t think it was something that could be on the cards for us. Nither of us exactly had a great experience with it. But since he mentioned it I can’t get the image out of my head of us getting married one day. I already know he is the only one I ever want to spend my life with.

  5. Thank you Anna. You described my Pisces man to a T. He is very sensitive and I am brutally honest sometimes. If he lose in our argument, he cries. Thanks to your earlier description in your book about a Pisces man. I have mellowed. I have changed my approaches and my tone.

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