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Are You Ignoring a Pisces Man? Be Well-advised Before Such a Decision

What happens when you ignore a Pisces man? Is it something you should do to get his attention or pay him back for something he did wrong? It may not be a lucrative avenue for you. You may want to read more below about what happens if you’re ignoring a Pisces man.  

Do You Want Revenge?

Something you really need to understand is that Pisces men don’t do well with revenge plots. They are highly emotional men and that just adds extra drama into their world that they will not appreciate.

If he’s done something wrong and you’re trying to punish him by ignoring him, this may be a mistake. For one thing, he may not even know why you’re upset there for ignoring him may make things worse.

Another thing is, if you don’t give him the courtesy of letting him know what he did that hurt your feelings or made you angry, he may be prone to do it again unknowingly. Certainly, you don’t want a repeat of that scenario right?

You’ve got to be really honest with him rather than going dead silent. The silent treatment doesn’t typically go over well with the Pisces man. He’ll think maybe you just aren’t into him anymore and he’ll start preparing himself to move on.

When you’re upset, try to calm yourself down before you do something you may regret. Pisces men do not like being ignored. It makes them feel disrespected and unloved.

Unless you truly want him to feel this way and understand what the consequences might be, you may want to just hold off and find another way to approach what went so horribly wrong.

Only Love Changes Everything

Are You Ignoring a Pisces Man

What this means is that unless he’s deeply in love with you, ignoring him will only get you dismissed in his life. He won’t react to being ignored unless he really and truly loves you.

He won’t want to lose you if he thinks you’re the one for him so ignoring him may make him chase after you to apologize but unless you know that for sure, you may not want to take that risk.

When a Pisces man deeply loves you, he’ll do just about anything in the world to make you happy. Why would you ever ignore him? Perhaps you should try to figure out what the problem really is.

If he hurt you or made you angry, perhaps you should sit back, reflect on the love you have for him, and figure out if he’s someone you want to stay with moving forward. If you do, ignoring him isn’t the answer.

Pisces man in love with you may fight for you but there is also that chance that if you ignore him or put him off, he’ll think you’re over him and he’ll start to feel he should follow suit. Don’t make that mistake! It’s a HUGE risk and probably not worth it.

Truly loving a Pisces man means you need patience. Let him know when he hurts you or upsets you by being honest but not while you’re fuming mad or bawling your eyes out. Calm down and then tell him with all honesty what happened.

Love can heal and make mountains move but you’re not going to win any loving points with Pisces man by suddenly going quiet or acting like he doesn’t matter to you when in fact, he does.

The Best Policy is Honesty

I know it may sound more fun to take out revenge or give your Pisces man the silent treatment but, it’s probably not the most effective. Again, he’ll only come running if he really and truly loves you.

If he isn’t that into you, he’ll be done and move on. That being said, playing mind games isn’t the best way to handle things with a Pisces man unless you want to get beat at your own game.

Be mature about it and just simply communicate with him if he’s done something wrong. You’d be surprised how often a man messes up and has no idea that he did until his woman lets him know.

Can you imagine just ignoring someone and they have no clue that anything happened? This is often what goes down and you don’t want to lose the love of your life over something so stupid and trivial.

Tell him the absolute truth. Let him know that you’re upset with him and why. This is the very best approach and the most effective. If you expect him to change or apologize, he has to know he did something in the first place.

Perhaps he will repeat the same mistake later on because you never told him that you didn’t like that or that it hurt you. Many people do this. They get upset, they forgive, but they never bother to tell their partner what they did wrong.

It happens again and then the person assumes their partner just doesn’t care or isn’t someone they want to be with anymore. This could all be avoided by speaking up and telling it like it is.

The Truth About Ignoring Him

Are You Ignoring a Pisces Man

I’ve given you lots of ammo regarding why you probably shouldn’t ignore a Pisces man. The other thing is, why would you do that anyway? Is it going to help solve any problems?

I’ve seen so many articles or sites where people advise women to ignore the guy so he will chase after her. The problems never get addressed and games are played. That isn’t what you want in a mature long lasting relationship.

What you want is honesty, truth, love, passion, and a relationship that will stand the test of time. That won’t happen without proper communication. Open up those lips ladies and tell your Pisces guy what is what.

When you do, he may have an apology for you. He may also have a rebuttal depending on what it is but at least it won’t be a “secret” that makes you go hush. Be a woman and tell him what you feel. You’ll be glad you did.

So, are you ignoring a Pisces man? Click here and find out everything about your special guy.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Are You Ignoring a Pisces Man? Be Well-advised Before Such a Decision

  1. Hi Anna, I’m glad I stumbled on this post today. So I was looking for ways to get back at a Pisces man for ignoring me so often when I found this piece. Read it halfway and then decided to send a him a text expressing how hurt I feel when he ignores me. He called me immediately (mind you we haven’t spoken since Friday, he’s been out of town). He just said hi, asked how I was doing and said we’d discuss my text when he gets back. Well, I’ll wait and see if anything changes.
    Thanks 😊 Mercy from Nigeria

    1. I did ignore a Pisces man after he asked for the full shebang in a relationship which scared himself and he backed off i finished the relationship on this then gave him radio silence for two months i did not reply to his attempts to reach out reconnect whilst he dithered he eventually said he regretted his decision and offered exclusivity and we tried again we had another go at a relationship it didnt work out in the end but no regrets, when he swam away again i said no coming back this time

    2. Hi Mercy!

      I’m glad to hear that he actually responded in a good way. You got his attention and he felt it was important to talk to you. I really hope that everything keeps going well for the two of you sweetheart. I wish you all the best. Be sure to read my book Pisces Man Secrets to further help you.

  2. Im seeing my third pisces partner who after only a month swam away i didnt contact him he swam back after a week said hed missed me i was very direct told him to reconnect as i had missed him , he responded well to this saying hed try harder and stepped up – we will see how long it lasts

    1. Hi Dee!

      I’m glad you were very honest with him and that you allowed him the ability to prove to you that he will stick it through with you. Make him work for it and let him show you with time that he will give you all the love that you truly deserve. If you need more Pisces help, you should check out my book “Pisces Man Secrets” to help you understand him more.

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