5 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating A Pisces Man

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
You really have to know all you can about your Pisces guy to fully be able to embrace his love and give him the forever woman he wants. Keep reading to learn five things nobody tells you about dating a Pisces man. 

There is a lot to be found on the internet about the Pisces man. However, there are some knowledge that is less commonly found. I want to share with you some key things you should know if you’re getting involved with a Pisces guy. 

You really have to know all you can about your Pisces guy to fully be able to embrace his love and give him the forever woman he wants. Keep reading to learn five things nobody tells you about dating a Pisces man. 

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating A Pisces Man

1. He’s In Tune With His Spirituality

Things Nobody Tells You About Dating A Pisces Man

The Pisces man is a very spiritual one. He is a water sign, and all water signs have empathic or psychic abilities to one degree or another. He is someone who is very into learning and practicing spirituality.

Mr. Pisces is looking for his one and only. He’s looking for his soul mate, but what he doesn’t realize is that he has more than one. Soul mates aren’t always lovers. They can be friends, family, coworkers, etc. 

Soulmates are people we’ve known in other lifetimes. He will get close to people he thinks may be “the one” very quickly, before he learns enough about them to know they are not actually the right person for him.

Pisces feel the spiritual vibes coming off of people and so they are great at reading good and bad energies. They also feel drawn to certain people for deep and powerful reasons they that don’t always understand.

If you are a spiritually driven woman, he will likely be drawn to you, as he’ll be able to feel your own personal power within. He feels inspired and an intense desire to be next to you. 

The Pisces man is also drawn to mysticism. He may be someone who practices tarot reading, psychic readings, or is simply intuitive enough to give you some insight about life. 

And he’ll definitely be drawn to other mystics. If you possess any gifts yourself, this may help you get closer to him as you’ll connect on a level with him that no one else can.

2. He’s Elusive And Secretive

Things Nobody Tells You About Pisces Man

This is something that deeply frustrates women who get involved with a Pisces man. He’s not someone who shares all his secrets or inner depths. Until he finds “the one,” he’s going to be rather hard to read.

He’s unpredictable in some situations, and can be careful with his words. He’s a smooth talker when he doesn’t want to tell you the truth. I’m not calling him a liar –but I am saying he tells you what will suit him best.

The Pisces man has an indecisive nature that can make him seem like he’s lying or not being totally honest, which may not be the case. He could be legitimately confused, continuously going back and forth with his thoughts which makes him speak as such. 

It’s possible he’ll be secretive about things he doesn’t want you to know about, such as how much he may suck with money. It depends on his Rising sign and Moon whether he’s a good money maker or if he spends all his time dreaming.

Some Pisces men have it together enough to make a lot of money and stow it away so that they have a very comfortable nest egg for early retirement. Again, it truly depends on their Moon and Rising sign. 

A Pisces man doesn’t want to tell any one single person all of his past. He finds that it’s for him to know and not something to share. He feels strongly that that’s a line that should never be crossed.

Sometimes he may seem sketchy or untrustworthy, when the truth is, he just isn’t forthcoming with all of his feelings. He wants to be careful and feels as though some things should just be kept to himself. 

3. He Has Tendencies Of Indulgence

Something you should definitely be aware of is that just like the other two water signs (Scorpio & Cancer), he has a tendency to battle his complex feelings. This could lead him to indulging in vices in order to “forget” for a moment.

That temporary release of a substance (drugs, alcohol, food, sex) could help him to not think about all that is plaguing him at that time. Unfortunately, if he over indulges too much, he becomes addicted.

He will then rely on these substances to make him feel “normal” when in reality, it does the opposite. It makes him more emotionally unstable and can lead to severe anxiety or depression. 

The Pisces man really has to be careful and find a vice that is not destructive to him or his relationship. It’s good for him to lean on meditation, or something that allows him to de-stress, and calm his restless mind and heart. 

The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, can be a great match for a Pisces, to help ground him. They could very well help a Pisces to put their feet to the ground and feel like the world cannot push them over so easy. 

This can be a lover, friend, or family member that could help them out. Their energy alone could calm the frail Pisces man’s vibration. If you are dating a Pisces man, be aware that this could be something you deal with going forward.

4. He Has Emotions Tied to Sex

Pisces Man Has Emotions Tied to Sex

When the Pisces man is intimate with someone, he becomes bonded to them. It doesn’t mean the bond is forever, but it does mean that at that time, there is very much a tie to his sexual partner.

He is a lover and so when he does have intimacy with someone, he in some way loves them. He puts his love into them and feels a very deep spiritual connection. 

This is why it’s important that if you’re going to date him, you have to reach that spiritual level with him which will make the sex tremendously enjoyable with him. 

He’s a very giving partner, and he’s one that will find out what you and like then he’ll never stop doing it. He wants to please you and make you feel like you’re the Queen of his world.

Even when he has flings, he still feels something for the person he sleeps with, even if it doesn’t last. He’ll see them as someone he was meant to have a brief relationship for the sake of learning and growing spiritually.

A Pisces man may sleep his way through a group of girls before he figures out the one that meshes with his soul. And once he finds her, no other woman compares. She’s the one that steals his heart forever. 

5. He’s A People Pleaser

This can go very well or it can go very badly, depending on whom it is he’s trying to please. While he’s a pleaser with his lady in the bedroom, he’s also the type of guy that will agree with people just to make himself look good. 

The Pisces man isn’t very disagreeable. There are times he needs to stand up for himself and instead he agrees for the sake of agreeing. It’s not a good practice. He will have to learn to put his foot down and express his own thoughts and opinions. 

When he doesn’t stand up for himself, he can become depressed and filled with anxiety, which leads back to the dependance on vices that I mentioned previously. He finds it hard to cope when he doesn’t speak up.

He definitely needs a partner who will inspire him to stand up for himself. He needs to learn the art of saying no and feel confident in giving his own opinion instead of agreeing with people just to avoid rocking the boat.

A Pisces man also needs to be totally honest with his partner instead of always being agreeable. She needs to know the truth whether she actually likes it or not. It’s best to be open and real with each other. 

Life is more enjoyable when you’re able to say what you feel without worrying what others think. Pisces have to learn this art so that they can find personal freedom within. 

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Final Thoughts

The Pisces guy is a beautiful soul who longs to be loved and cared for. He’s willing to care for and love the right woman who comes along and lifts his soul up high.

If you believe you are that woman then you had better be ready to commit and spend a lifetime with this man. That’s what he’s looking for, and until he finds it, he will keep wandering. 

He will lose touch with the woman he doesn’t feel is right for him. He will withdraw and start to fade away. 

Speaking of feeling right, did you know that luscious blue eyed actor Jensen Ackles is a Pisces man? A Pisces who talks about wanting to get intensely personal with a special someone. He is HOT! 

Do you know something about Pisces man that I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below! 

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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