The 7 Best Places To Meet a Pisces Man If He’s Your Perfect Zodiac Match

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
So, you’ve learned that a Pisces guy is your perfect match. But where can you find these men? They’re out there—but not easy to track down. Pisces men, like everyone else, have very particular places they like to spend their time. Here’s how you can catch these Fish!

So, you’ve learned that a Pisces guy is your perfect match. But where can you find these men? They’re out there—but not easy to track down. Pisces men, like everyone else, have very particular places they like to spend their time. Here’s how you can catch these Fish!

In my experience as a relationship astrologer, my clients have a much easier time when they find someone who’s aligned to their personality type! That’s why Astrology is such a powerful tool for finding—and keeping—your perfect match.

If a Pisces is your ideal guy, then you’ve got a special soul waiting out there for you. He’s sensitive, kind, compassionate, and creative. 

He’ll likely be spiritual and have a fun-loving side, as well as a deeply empathetic side to him. There’s very little not to love, once you’ve managed to get your hands on one of these slippery Fish! 

But where do they spend their time? Pisces men are super elusive, and seldom do you find them at the center of the action. Pisces men tend to blend in with their environment and can be sensitive to “vibes.” This often makes them quite introverted. 

However, they do have particular places where they are bound to be. Here are my secret spots for finding that Pisces men that you’re yearning for!

7 Best Places To Meet a Pisces Man

1. Near the Ocean

It seems a little on-the-nose, right? But it’s true—Pisces men love, love, love the sea

In their minds, they are half-fish and half-human through and through. The beach is typically their very favorite place in the world, and they can often be found walking in the sand or surfing the waves. 

In fact, Pisces men are often excellent surfers. If you’ve been wondering about picking up a new hobby and want to meet a Pisces man, then this is one sport you should definitely consider! Even if you don’t find him in the sea, you’ll probably get so addicted that you’ll persuade your man to join when you eventually find him! 

If there’s no ocean nearby, then your next best bet is a public pool, lake, or river in the mountains. Pisces men have a way of sniffing out the nearest water source and make their way there very often, especially when they’re feeling overwhelmed (which is often). 

2. At a Music Festival

The Pisces man’s second favorite thing in the world is music! He lives for making it, dancing to it, or listening to it. He’s likely to have an extensive collection and may be a walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge.

A music festival is a great place to start looking for your Pisces guy. Although he’s not crazy about crowds, he will defy his fears just to see his favorite bands perform. You’ll be bound to spot him easily—he’s the one right in front who doesn’t leave the dance floor for a moment! He’ll be lost in the music—or may even be the guy playing!

This is because Pisces men are often musicians. So, if you’re not seeing him at a festival, you’ll see him at a pub performance or a jazz club—anywhere that has the opportunity for him to play, dance to, or listen to music!

3. At the Local Bar

Many—if not most—Pisces men like a pint now and then. It’s only the very spiritual ones, or the ones who’ve had to battle an addiction, that will be teetotalers. 

If you don’t drink or prefer a man who doesn’t, avoid this one, of course, and stick to the other spots on the list. 

Otherwise, a good place to look for a Pisces man is a bar. He likes to loosen up, and if the bar has music, so much the better. His best combination is a place where he can dance and drink at the same time and let his hair down! 

If you’re not a big drinker, that’s okay—these days, bars cater to all kinds, so if you’re not feeling like having alcohol, grab a non-alcoholic “mocktail”!

4. Volunteering at a Charity or Animal Rescue

Pisces men have huge hearts, and they really care about helping the helpless. Even though they can get overwhelmed by people in need, they can often be found on the front lines of a charitable organization. 

This may include old-age homes, animal rescues, or shelters for the homeless. 

This is a win-win situation because you’ll get to involve yourself in a cause that needs your help and have the chance of meeting your soulmate! 

5. In a Skill-Building Class

Although Pisces men can sometimes be a bit passive, when their creative drive has kicked in, they can be hugely successful. Take Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, and Michelangelo for example. They are all great examples of art in action. 

A Pisces man is easy to find at any creative gathering, whether it’s a class or an event—like a gallery, for example. They love to mix with other people just like them and enjoy a sense of community with people who share the same artistic ideals that they do. 

This is also a chance to indulge your own creative side—what have you got to lose? 

6. On A Spiritual Retreat

Many Pisces men are often at the forefront of the global spiritual movement. They lap up most kinds of spiritual journeys and retreats. 

They are willing to be open and totally vulnerable in these spaces, which should make for the perfect opportunity to fall in love! 

Next time you’re wondering where to find a Pisces man, look for the closest retreats to you—they can be yoga retreats, meditation retreats, re-wilding retreats, or spiritual gatherings of any kind! 

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7. In A Yoga or Meditation Class

To tag onto the last tip, if you don’t have the time, or the money, to invest in a spiritual retreat, then the next best option to track down a spiritually minded Pisces guy is your local yoga or meditation class

This is the sign that benefits the most from the peace and escape they find on the mat or through their breath, and the sign that often tends to become completely immersed!

Imagine sharing a passion like yoga with your guy? Most ladies would find that absolute bliss! 

So, girls, roll up your yoga mat and sign up—either way, you’ll win! Don’t forget to introduce yourself, or make yourself known to him! 

These are my top places to track down and find a wonderful Pisces man when he’s your perfect Zodiac match! 

Are you looking for a Pisces Man? Perhaps you already found him—lucky you! Where did you meet? I would love to hear your story in the comments section below! You’ll remain totally anonymous. 

If you’re looking to learn a bit more about this mysterious, elusive sign, check out my Pisces Man Secrets:

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