How to Treat a Pisces Man – 5 “Unwritten Rules” To Keep in Mind

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Are you totally crazy about a sensual Pisces man? Keep reading to get some useful tips on how to treat a Pisces man so that he’s fulfilled with you.

Are you totally crazy about a sensual Pisces man? Is he just too delicious for you to pass over? What can you do to get him and keep him? Keep reading to get some useful tips on how to treat a Pisces man so that he’s fulfilled with you.

Comfort Zone Is A Must

The Pisces man needs a relationship that he feels comfortable and this may take some time to cultivate. Have patience with him and understand that until he feels ready, don’t try to push him to open up and rush the relationship.

While he may seem like he’s up for diving in because you initiated it, it still doesn’t mean that you two shouldn’t take it nice and easy. If you hurry things, he’ll at some point realize it’s too fast and he’ll back peddle

Unless you’re willing to deal with the consequences of what happens if you move to fast then you probably should calm down. He’s not going to go anywhere if he’s into you.

He’ll still be with just you unless he says he wants to keep an “open” relationship. Usually Pisces man is looking for his one and only soul mate so he’s not that interested in juggling women.

However, when he’s young, he may still want to play until he’s ready to get serious. Either way, if you express you want a relationship and he’s feeling you, he will be with just you even if things move slowly.

In fact, it would be to your benefit to make sure that you two don’t move too fast. Take your time, enjoy the time you spend together, and let love develop naturally. This will make him feel VERY comfortable with you.

Be Supportive and Optimistic

How to Treat a Pisces Man

The Pisces man is a dreamer and one of the things he needs is a support system. He wants you to be his best friend and lover. This means being there for him and being his own personal cheerleader in life.

He may not have all the willpower it takes to actually make his dreams come true but if you’re someone who can inspire him to, he needs your help. He may not admit it but truly, you could make his life so much better.

Give him all the support he needs to chase after his dreams and start taking steps to bring them into reality. They may be dreams that you two share together and are able to build a beautiful future together.

Show him by example how it’s done if you can. Take your own career or desires into grips and make them become something of a successful track. He’ll really be inspired by what you can do.

This will make him also want to take the action that is necessary to jump on the train and head in the right direction that makes his life truly fulfilling. It’s even possible for you two to go into business together and be successful as well.

Give Him Breathing Room

Pisces guy may not always tell you when he needs some space. Just remember, he’s highly empathetic and sometimes very psychic. This means that he picks up on other people’s energy which can mess with his own.

He needs a bit of space and alone time to recharge and renew himself as a person. He has to ground himself and let go of what the day brought his way. This may mean spending some time without you.

If you get to know him, you’ll get to know his moods and you’ll pretty much know when you need to back off and give him some space. His moods do tend to flip flop and some Pisces men have a tendency to deal with bi-polar situations or depression.

This is why as a partner, it’s important you pay attention to his needs. While you may provide him great comfort and support, you still need to allow him to mull things over and decompress alone. A little time goes a long way.

Initiate When It’s Needed

How to Treat a Pisces Man

Sometimes Pisces men can be rather indecisive or just are so oblivious they just don’t realize what is going on. This may mean you need to take charge and make sure things get into motion.

This includes when you want to date him. You’ve got to go ahead and tell him as much otherwise he may not act on it or will not notice you’ve got a thing for him. Even if he’s attracted to you, he often doesn’t say anything until you do.

Also valid, is when a decision needs to be made as far as where you two will eat for dinner, where you will go on vacation, or what to do on your date. You may need to plan it out and then tell him that you two are going.

I wouldn’t do this too often though as he would see you as pushy. Just do it when you know something needs to happen and he hasn’t made a move yet. Go ahead and make that move. He’s worth the risk!

Soft, Romantic, and Loving

When you love a Pisces man or are at least like him, you need to show him as much. Compliment him, touch him, and make him feel what you’re feeling for him. He can since he’s an empath.

The thing is; he can ignore it if he isn’t sure how you feel about him. I mentioned initiating in the last step but to further it, you’ve got to show him lots of tender loving care.

He wants a woman who will give him lots of affection and understanding for whatever he may be going through at the time. He needs someone he can rely on. Always be yourself and truthful.

Loving a Pisces man isn’t for the weak. You’ve got to be strong and yet very compassionate, loving, and willing to show him how much you deeply care for him for always.

If you want to better understand how to treat a Pisces man, and how to enjoy life with him, click here and find out everything you need to know about your special Pisces guy.

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12 thoughts on “How to Treat a Pisces Man – 5 “Unwritten Rules” To Keep in Mind

  1. Should it really take a Pisces man almost 12 days of silent treatment? He is my fiance and said he needs some time to think. But today will be 12 days and nothing from him. Still shows we are engaged on Facebook. I just don’t know what to do.. I’m giving him his time but 12 days. We don’t live together so haven’t seen him or talked texted since March 26th.
    Before we got engaged he broke up with me over a cancer scare and blocked me on Facebook instantly and didn’t hear from him. I started to be okay without him and 3 weeks later he contacted me apologizing and said he messed up. I can’t go 3 weeks. I’m going crazy.
    And we are supposed to be applying for places to rent to move in together and can’t even start that.
    It just hurts so bad. I’ve been talking to a physic and said that he wants to re-establish the engagement and he will ask me if I want that. But her contact time has been off several times. Now I’m starting to sorry she’s wrong. But she says we do get married and we work on these issues and that he is having a hard time staying away from me but he’s not showing it. Help!!

    1. Hi Heather!

      No it shouldn’t take that long. They don’t like to be ignored honestly. Him giving you the silent treatment long term isn’t cool either. He obviously has issues he needs to face and take care of. He sounds emotionally unstable and needs to either see a doctor about this or he needs to learn how to meditate to do something calming for himself. I think you need to walk away for a week and get some perspective for yourself and your own life. His mess is his to tend to. You cannot help him with that. He has to do it or he’ll never change.

  2. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months. We are both divorced. He has a son and I have kids. During these past 8 months, we have been travelling together, shared lots of deep conversations, doing things together, talked about dreams and future. We see each other every weekend and never argued. He said I was the calmest person that he’s ever been with. I understand he’s an emotional man and he’s sensitive given that he’s a Pisces…he and his son do not have the best relationship and he feels guilty of it and he feels guilty of being with me because he thinks he’s not spending enough time with me and when he’s with me he thinks he’s not spending time with his son. He said he loves me but he has lots going on and he said he does put thoughts in the relationship and I know he does but maybe just not the same degree as me. Last week due to some miscommunication , I said we need to respect each other’s time. He replied and said he wants to be alone for awhile all of a sudden. We were still sweet the week before. I am so confused. What do I do? Since the break up, he said he felt like shit for hurting me but he knows I’ll hurt more if we continue. How does he know the future, how can he say that when we had the best time together? Please help !!!

    1. Hi Jane!

      Well if he is going through some stuff that has nothing to do with the relationship and it’s overwhelming him then all you can do is be very understanding. You need to be supportive and give him whatever he needs. He will respond well to that. Give him space but every now and then you should text him saying “hope you’re doing alright, thinking of you”. That way he knows you’re still there for him. You can also offer for him to talk to you about his problems if it would help to vent. Remember that if you try to push him to spend time together, he will probably shut down. He isn’t good at juggling with everything he has going on. It’s not about you so be supportive of your guy. If you need more tips, try checking out my book.

  3. I’m in relationship for one and a half month. Me and my pisces guy got fell quickly for each other. In a week ,we have conversation abt future atleast twice ,where he tells that v won’t be together. He is not even letting me go. I don’t know what is holding me back either. Yesterday he told me he is not sure abt his feelings. He always blames me for starting the fight though he would have been the one to start. I feel this relationship is getting toxic where I shd always cry . I’m a virgo woman plz help

    1. Hi Gayathri,

      Yes it sounds like you two rushed in. That can cause reality to set in once the novelty wears off the initial excitement. The brain comes to thinking and so the two realize that it would have been better to take it slower and really get to know each other. I think you two should slow down and take it easier. Tell him you two don’t have to talk constantly but get to know each other over time and perhaps things will go more smoothly for you. If you need more help, you should check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets.

  4. hello i am in a relationship with a pisces guy and i am an Aries woman. We went to the same college. And now we are in an 8 months long distance relationships. Lately we have been fighting a lot. He just says i dont understand him any more but he dosent tell me what is going on with him. After a long confrontation he tell me what he really feel. The long distance really makes me not know thing about him. After a fight he puts the blame on himself. i feel bad that it happened i hate fighting with him. What do i do? please tell me.

    1. Hi Praneetha!

      It’s very hard to maintain a long distance relationship with a Pisces man. They want lots of attention and lots of intimacy. Since you two are far apart, it makes him not relate to you. He relates his spiritual connection with you through having sex. Not being able to have that makes him feel disconnected from you. This is why he’s struggling to talk to you. He feels that if you were the right one, he shouldn’t have to tell you because you should already know. The problem with that is, it’s not reality. He needs to talk to you otherwise things are not going to change and things won’t get better. Tell him you want to be close to him but you cannot do that if he doesn’t tell you what is wrong or what he wants. Tell him you’re not good at guessing and you need his help. Check out my books on Pisces Man Secrets for more information.

  5. Why does everything have to be about him? Why should I have to constantly tiptoe around his feelings and walk on eggshells all the time? Why should anyone have to be so understanding about his moods and feelings when he clearly shows by his disappearing or ignoring that he doesn’t care about the other person’s feelings? When do my feelings matter in a relationship with a Pisces man? Because it feels like the answer is never. It’s not right, and it’s not okay for the man to treat someone badly, or ghost them for whatever reason, and then the other person is supposed to be understanding of his “moods”. When I refuse to be treated badly, he disappears, and I am the one who is supposed to be understanding of HIS feelings? What?

    1. Hi Martha!

      You don’t need tip toe around him honey. If you need to tell him something then do it. You can do it without being emotional about it. Do it in a logical way. Your feelings do matter and if you’re feeling you cannot express them then maybe your Pisces is the wrong fit for you. You should never put yourself on the back burner. A Pisces man who truly loves you will not ask you to do such a thing either. Weigh the pros and cons of the relationship and if you’re not getting fairness out of it then tell him exactly that. If he cannot handle it then you’re with the wrong guy. I hope this makes sense and I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  6. I have been talking to a March Pisces now for 9 months, I have know him for over 30 years. He is going through his 4th divorce. We have talked and he says he loves me and would never hurt me, but the divorce from #4 is coming up soon and he does not want anything to do with me at this point. We have never dated or been alone together, he is that afraid she will take take him to the limit. She left him to go back to her # 3 x. I told him when this started with he and I that he was going to make me fall in love with him and he said that is my plan, well that happened on both ends but now we have not talked in 2 days and I told him I loved him and if he needed me I was here but I would not bother him. I love him so much but I don’t know what to do except keep myself busy. His friend told me he was stressed to the max and I am afraid something will happen to him.

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