How To Attract A Pisces Man In February 2021

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
The Pisces man is in his element from the month’s end. When the Sun is in his own sign, his qualities are highlighted and enhanced. Read on to discover the best ways to attract the Pisces man in February 2021.

The Pisces man is in his element from the month’s end. When the Sun is in his own sign, his qualities are highlighted and enhanced. He’s sweeter, more caring, empathic, psychic, impressionable, and creatively charged than usual. His artistic and imaginative abilities are soaring while his ability to command presence gifts him with a unique sense of self-empowerment. He is feeling charming, intelligent, and incredibly intuitive this February! As it’s a number two month, he’s also open to love and a new relationship…

How To Attract A Pisces Man In February 2021

1. It’s All About The Big Picture

Pisces Man February 2021 Attraction

This is the perfect month to get your visionary qualities on. There’s so much powerful energy relating to “big picture” seeing, humanitarian and altruistic themes, universal love and compassion, and portals into higher consciousness relating to the collective. 

Aquarius season until the 19th brings to light the altruistic and unconditionally loving aspect of the Pisces man’s personality. Aquarius is all about compassion and empathy for society and humanity, social justice, human and animal rights, and equality!

This is then amplified even more when the Sun enters Pisces (19th), making this already kind and compassionate Pisces super-connected to his own strengths and positive attributes. Evolved empathy is the main thing you should be aware of. He has the capacity for feeling exactly what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes. He feels others’ pain, spirit, happiness, health, “vibe” (Aura) and overall energetic frequency – how someone is operating. And this gift isn’t limited to humans, he can do the same for animals and plants or the planet as a whole. 

So, all in all his senses are heightened. He is attuned to a frequency of unconditional love and universal acceptance, compassion, and empathy. He’s not focused on the petty or hearsay of the human mind. Egotistical tendencies will be a major turn-off, and anything short of embodying a vibration linked to the Higher Self will not catch his interest. Gossip and small-mindedness are no go zones!

2. Speak Softly And Soulfully

Because it’s his birthday month, he is seeking a woman with similar qualities to him. This guy is extremely mystical, soulful, gentle, and impressionable. He isn’t attracted to brash and arrogant personalities, or ladies who are so self-assertive and willful that they overpower and suppress or oppress others. He has a mystical and ethereal energy about him – he’s connected to the astral and spiritual realms, which makes him both dreamy and impressionable. 

It also makes him wonderfully artistic. His sensitivities enable him to connect to the subtle and ethereal realms where astral insights, universal archetypes and portals into vision and higher consciousness are strong and available. This activates his astral and spiritual bodies, and it is here where some of his most beautiful qualities shine through.

Be mindful of this man’s core character. He sees life itself as a reflection, he recognizes we are all mirrors of one another. Inner beauty shines through which is essential for him to form an attraction to you. Speaking with a sense of softness, gentleness and grace, empathy and integrity, combined with compassion and self-awareness, helps you to be seen as soulmate potential. 

3. Show Many Dimensions

How To Attract A Pisces In February 2021

February has a lot of different energies and astral influences. Air, water, and earth energies are strong, and these are generally very compatible with this soulful and deep man. On the 11th, there is a New Moon in Aquarius. This enhances visionary and society-oriented attributes even more. On the 27th there’s a Full Moon in Virgo, bringing a sense of completion to his domestic life, practical affairs, and professional life. He’s feeling empowered, self-autonomous, responsible, and full of a positive sense of duty and service.  

But the Pisces influence makes him romantic, sensitive, and spiritually insightful too. His psychic and clairvoyant abilities are lit up and he is more in tune with his dreams. He is most likely having more profound dreams and receiving messages and downloads from his subconscious mind. Imaginatively and creatively, his artistic gifts and visions are off the chain!

And, there’s a desire to create shifts and be the change he wishes to see. He is on a path of healing and self-discovery this month. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pathways are in focus, he is connected to various dimensions of himself and many aspects of consciousness. He is both grounded and connected to his body and physical structures, and spiritual and able to transcend the physical. 

Multidimensionality is strong, especially from the end of the month. Quite simply, he wants a lover with many dimensions, many different perspectives and an open mind, and multiple interests and passions. You need to have something unique and eccentric about you, so be original and colorful!

4. Respect His Sensitive Nature

Attracting A Pisces Man In February 2021

No disrespect or offensive, insensitive words or impressions will be tolerated. Well, he might let one or two slip, but overall, you need to show non-judgement and empathy in their prime. He is deeply sensitive. 

He’s sensitive to the suffering and wellbeing of others, the health of the planet, people’s feelings and emotions, and things in his physical environment like chemicals and toxic energy. Assuming you’re dealing with an evolved and balanced Pisces, he’s looking for a lover and companion with the same capacity for sensitivity as him. 

There’s a difference between wishy-washy and consciously sensitive, or being over-watery and weak in mind, soul, and spirit. Inner strength and confidence are great – very beneficial! Yet, you still need to possess self-awareness and a well-developed emotional intelligence. Laughing at a genuine sharing from the heart and story of compassion will not be received well. Ridicule, cynicism, sarcasm, and belittlement, even in a joking way, won’t be tolerant. Be intuitive to the vibe and energy. 

5. Try To Stay Centered

Although it will be hard to keep your cool, the Pisces man is ridiculously sexy, after all (even more so when it is his own season, try and stay centered!). Maintain some boundaries. Keep your cool, be mindful of being too keen or overpowering in your displays of emotions. It’s perfectly okay to feel and show your affections and desires, but be aware of staying centered and in your own vibe. 

Pisces is looking for a confident, charismatic and independent partner. He needs someone with a healthy level of self-assertion and who is further self-empowered, he isn’t seeking someone who can easily be pulled along with the current. Steer your own ship! Show him what’s unique and original about you and how you are comfortable within your own life and self. 

Additionally, don’t be fearful of projecting a level of self-authority. Don’t be too authoritative, as this can scare away a sweet and supportive Pisces man. Just remember that he needs a strong woman to guide the way sometimes. 

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Final Thoughts And Key Astrological Transits

Venus is still in Capricorn, and this makes him open to committed and deep love. Aquarius season allows him to shine intellectually and mentally, making use of his mental gifts. He feels free when the Sun is in Aquarius, self-expression and altruistic tendencies are developed, and when the Sun enters Pisces there’s a sense of “coming home,” returning full circle so he can shine artistically, imaginatively, creatively, and intuitively. 

Appealing to any of these qualities will win points and gain his interest. Be sure to check out the Pisces man secrets to gain clarity on his personality. 

And let me know which of these tips you found most helpful to score your Pisces guy. The comments are totally anonymous!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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