Pisces Man Personality: Everything You Need to Know about Him

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Who is the Pisces man really? What do you need to know about him? Keep reading for some interesting facts about the Pisces man personality.

Who is the Pisces man really? What are his characteristics that make him who he is? What do you need to know about him? Keep reading for some interesting facts about the Pisces man personality.

Tender Loving Soul

The Pisces man is someone who is sensitive to humanity and to the planet. He cares so much that he feels deep pain in his soul. This makes him have mood swings that are sometimes inexplicable.

He isn’t always sure of why he feels so sad or heartbroken when there is no visible reason for it either. People who have empathy tend to feel feelings of others whether it’s human, animals, plants, trees, etc.

This man cares so much it hurts sometimes. This is what makes him so endearing because his feminine side is turned up much higher than his masculine side. He’s the type of guy that any sensitive woman would want.

He will understand when you’re upset, hurt, or experiencing physical pain. Need a guy who is sensitive to you going through things such as your period? Pisces man will be very empathetic for what you’re going through.

In fact, he may want to bring you your favorite desserts or cook you dinner. He wants to take care of you and make you feel as though you’re special. In essence, you ARE special… to him.

While his feelings lead him to feeling for others, where he needs to be careful is that he may care too much sometimes which causes him to be depressed or experience bi-polar tendencies.

In fact, Pisces men are actually susceptible to such disorders. They just care so much that it affects them on deeper levels than even they can make any sense of. They need to learn methods to ground themselves so they don’t absorb too much.

When you win the love of a Pisces man, you’re willing the lottery emotionally. He will love you more than you’ll ever know and he’ll do everything he can to make you feel secure, happy, and treasured.

Artistic Man in Physical Form

Pisces Man Personality

One of the most talented guys in the zodiac is the Pisces man. He’s very artistic in different ways. He may actually be gifted in a few different types of artistry. He may be a musician, writer, or painter.

This is the type of guy that would also be excellent with working as a doctor, nurse, dentist, or even veterinarian. He loves being in a job that fulfills his care for others.

He could be doing two or more of the things I’ve mentioned but know that this guy is a piece of art himself. Truly, he is a beautiful soul with a beautiful exterior. He’s one that you’ll see and find absolutely irresistible.

Pisces man is physically appealing to men and women alike. It’s hard to resist his sexual draw as well. He doesn’t mean to do this but just like the Scorpio man, the Pisces man comes across this naturally.

He typically will have beautiful eyes that look right through you. He’s very expressive and anything he could ever tell you will be found through his eyes so pay attention when he looks at you.

Sexually speaking, this man is a giver. He likes to dominate in the bedroom but he will be sure that his lady is well pleased as that is his number one goal, after all. He wants her to feel ecstasy for what he can do for her.

Devoted To True Love

Pisces men want to find their soul mate. In the meantime they don’t mind having a bit fun though. They are capable of deep commitment and loyalty. While they continue their search, they don’t mind an occasional one night stand.

He’s not looking for a one night stand but if one presents itself and he’s in the mood, he’ll take part. He’s a very sexual and sensual type of man therefore he will fulfill his needs.

When he finds a woman he believes is his long sought after soul mate, he will fall madly in love with her. While this seems really romantic, he typically will do this more than once.

He falls deeply before he truly knows a woman and therefore it at some point backfires. He idealizes the woman he’s with and places her on a pedestal. She disappoints his expectations and then he decides to move on.

While he’s one of the most romantic zodiac signs, he needs to learn to pace himself and not allow himself to fall in love so fast. The problem is, he falls into lust and confuses it with love.

He has to learn the difference and sadly he may learn this lesson the hard way which is by being let down and burned by a few women in his lifetime. This could cause him to also put up walls in response.

However, the Pisces man wears his heart on his sleeve and will get up, dust himself off, and keep moving forward when another woman who seems perfect for him arrives.

Dream Guy

This really goes multiple ways really. He is a huge day dreamer and often finds himself blowing things off because he’s so enthralled by something that he hasn’t taken steps to accomplish yet.

He needs a woman who will inspire and motivate him to start making his dreams a reality so he doesn’t sit around and just fantasize about it anymore. A strong woman with goals in her life will absolutely help get him on track.

Now in another way, Pisces man is a dream guy because he’s the sensitive person that will feel bad for you when you’re in pain, upset, or hurt. He will come to your rescue and make you feel like a million bucks.

He’s dreamy in his appearance, he’s dreamy in the bedroom, and he’s just in general… a dreamy guy. So there you have it, all the many splendors of the Pisces man.

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