Pisces Man Predictions for September 2023 

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Pisces man. Things to know about your Pisces man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the latest guide for September for your Pisces man.

Whether you are romancing, dating or married to Pisces man, this guy aims to help you understand his moods, motives, and agendas in love so that you can better respond to him and improve your relationship. Of course, relationships are a mind field, but we understand your needs and questions so we want to help you navigate your relationships with success.

Remember that we also have yearly guides packed with useful information and advice for each month and the year in general.

This week the main themes are health, long-term relationships, commitment and communication.

Now the planets are a little bit changeable this month, very much like the weather as the seasons change. We have Mercury going direct in Virgo conjunct the New Moon, Jupiter going retrograde in Taurus and Venus going direct in Leo and all these will be having an effect on Pisces Guy, so let’s unpack the transits and see what’s cooking.

Venus goes Direct in Leo – 4th of September

In terms of marriage, this is a time to stop beating about the bush. This is a month for you and Pisces Guy to be honest about the challenges you face in terms of your relating to each other, and also in terms of struggles you face as a couple. This is not a time for escapism or delusion, this is the time for you guys to take a cold light of day appraisal of the realities of the situation, and resolve to work through them in a systematic way.

This is an excellent time for planning things together in terms of what the goals and objectives of the rest of your year should be and how best to cope with any difficulties you guys see coming.

This is a period of clarity seeking for Pisces Guy and that means inevitable evolution for the relationship, but for you, it can sometimes feel like he stirring up a hornet’s nest or opening a Pandora’s Box.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus – 5th September

This can influence his ideas and ways of expressing himself making him quite unpredictable.

Communication, learning, and his interactions with others can be more enlightening but sometimes he’s a little discombobulated by what he learns. During this phase, the expansive and benevolent qualities of his Piscean character might be turned inward, prompting him to reflect on his beliefs and social pursuits.

He should be more private and a breather from social media can be a good thing because he needs some personal perspective free from the noise of spurious social influences.

This can be an introspective period which could lead to a deeper understanding of his thought patterns and how he uses distraction to validate himself at the expense of true fulfilment. However, there might be a tendency to overthink or second-guess oneself.

If he’s looking for career advancement, he should review educational goals, encourage him to revisit his learning paths and possibly consider broadening his horizons through new subjects or courses.

Relationships with his siblings, neighbors, and close acquaintances might also undergo scrutiny, leading to a re-evaluation of the dynamics within those connections.

New Moon in Virgo – 14th September

The New Moon in the solar seventh house of your Pisces Guy signifies a fresh beginning in the realm of relationships and partnerships. This encourages you guys to set intentions and embark on a journey of cultivating balance, harmony, and collaboration in your daily and intimate connections.

One-on-one relationships, including romantic, business, and platonic partnerships are all ripe for change and renewal and he shouldn’t be passive or fatalistic. During a New Moon in Virgo, he’s likely to feel a heightened desire to initiate new relationships or bring renewed energy into existing ones, which is great if you are embarking on a romance or hoping to stir up some passion again.

This is a time when you should both may reflect on your personal needs within partnerships, setting intentions to enhance communication, mutual understanding, and cooperation. It’s an opportunity to focus on compromise and diplomacy, as well as addressing any imbalances that might exist. The energy of the New Moon prompts self-awareness regarding how one approaches relationships and the qualities you both seek within each other.

This lunar event also encourages introspection about his own role within your partnership, prompting questions about autonomy and dependency, so it’s possible that he will be looking to have a chat about things he feels aren’t working for him or about things he wants to do a little differently.

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Mercury goes Direct – 16th September

Mercury direct in his seventh house is an astrological bonus in love as it can have a significant impact on improving relationships, cooperation and communication.

The solar seventh house is associated with negotiations and discussion, and with Mercury, the planet of communication, going direct, it’s much easier to make your point to Pisces guy and find ways to reach agreement. It’s also a good indicator that the mood is lifting and that the relationship will be lightheaded and filled with banter and chat.

Remember that friendship and positive and friendly exchanges are key to relationships with Pisces Guy – keep the mood buoyant and remember to put a positive, proactive spin on everything.

Always express yourself honestly, but without spite or aggression, and he’ll listen. This can signify a time of increased clarity and understanding in your relationship.

Theme of the month – This is a month of strong feelings and encounters in marriage are more intense and urgent. He may find it difficult to remain objective, especially on matters that involve family matters.

He’s in quite a serious frame of mind and he’s more aware of things that are said between the lines and he’ll want to follow that up. However, Mercury retrograde means communication in love is not always productive leading to some suspicion on his part, which can drive some rather excessive or dramatic behavior. He often issues ultimatums and can be a little too anxious about issues when more patience is needed.

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

A suitable time for marriage and engagement. A good waxing phase for marriage counseling and initiatives to reignite understanding and cooperation in love. Suitable for teamwork. A good time to choose new advisors or professional business partners.

New career directions, business management, leadership, PR and public engagement are favored. Pioneering action, reputational improvement and being head-hunted is possible.

Avoid – He needs to work on work life balance and address stress and fatigue. This is not a suitable period for staff recruitment, outsourcing or working with pets. Joining a gym or a new diet is not favored.

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Week 1 – Snap Dragon

In new relationships, this week may seem like one of crisis, as it’s hard to reach agreement and Pisces Guy may feel he has no common ground with a new partner, however, it’s a result of the Mercury retrograde period which encourages deeper thinking, and analysis and some indecision or toying with ideas is normal.

Use this period to pause and re-engage about recent decisions you both have made as well as events, and ask yourself, do we want this, should we change gear now, do we understand this properly, are we truly in agreement or are we just going with the flow?

This is a week where he should relentlessly seek the truth as the truth can set him free.

This is an excellent month to use fantasy and imaginative activities to escape and you should let go of rigid schedules allowing yourselves to follow whatever you feel in your heart is right.

He’s prone to self-doubt and vulnerable to your criticism right now, he needs support and encouragement. He may be too tense for good sex, he needs to be encouraged to get outdoors, get fresh air and exercise. He may get turned on by a lovely back and shoulder rub.

While he’s not moody, he is edgy during this phase and likely to snap at you and be irritable, even though he is not up for a heated argument.

Week 2 – Lost and Found

This can be quite a revealing week, the adage is ‘seek and ye shall find’ and so he should set his mind free to wander, and he needs to tune into his innate intuition for guidance.

Specific aims are elusive to attain-especially if he expects everything to go according to plan. However, he needs to actually get lost, to truly find himself again this week.

It’s important for him to respond to events with deeper understanding and with greater perceptive awareness. He gains from exploring nonlinear and open-ended activities.

Week 3 – Courage and Progress

This is an excellent time for Pisces Guy to face any fears that may have been lurking silently below the surface, particularly those that involve insecurity and trust, since these are likely to rear their heads and be more recognizable.

This time can be a cathartic time in relationships, any courageous moves which you both agree on now, can ensure the longevity and resilience of your marriage can have long-term, positive benefits.

It’s a good time to address any unhelpful behaviors, conscious and unconscious, in love.

Family harmony can also improve as unresolved patterns may flare up and have the possibility for resolution.

Week 4 – Truly, Madly Deeply

With Mars beginning its transit through his solar eighth house, this week is a period of intensified focus on deep transformations, shared resources, and intimate matters. Mars, the planet of action and energy, lends its assertive qualities to matters involving money, possessions, values and sex, meaning there might bring an increased passion and intensity to romantic relationships.

This could lead to a heightened desire to uncover hidden truths, confront personal fears, and address psychological dynamics.

During this week, he may feel compelled to delve into more tricky and complex problems with a desire to get the better of them. However, the energy of Mars can also lead to power struggles or conflicts over shared resources if not channelled constructively.

It’s essential for you to stay calm and detached so that he can use this energy to empower himself through self-awareness and self-mastery, rather than attempting to control you through drama.


This month communication is something that needs work and patience, however, he has powerful sexual energy and he can demonstrate greater emotional depth, which can lead to improved sexual expression and some great escapism in the bedroom. Ideally, you guys should use sex as an arena to escape the obvious pressures and find enjoyment and release.

You need a balance of constructive conversation, proactive problem solving and release via sexual fantasy or another form of escapism.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Pisces Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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