Pisces Man Predictions for May 2023 

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Monthly April predictions for your Pisces man. What will his mood be for the Spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello sweethearts, and welcome to this month’s reading for Pisces Guy!

I do hope that you had a good April, it was a hectic time with the eclipse and the intense planetary energies, and there were lots of opportunities to deepen relationships and for your finances to improve.

However, wait until you hear what’s in store for May because May is going to be even more bursting with energy as the Sun conjuncts Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter enters Taurus, and Mercury goes direct in Taurus too.

This is a fantastic time for you and Pisces Guy to think out of the box, to be more adventurous and open-minded. The good news is that he is in a fantastic frame of mind for exploring and following his star. Pisces are a very flexible, dynamic sign who are at their best when they are able to follow their whims and use their inspiration, and there’ll certainly be plenty of opportunity for him to do that this month

The first week of the month is very romantic, and this is the best time to have a little bit of downtime and relax together; the rest of the month tends to be quite action-packed, and many of you will be traveling with Pisces guy for both business and pleasure.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (May 8th)

This conjunction stimulates his ninth house; suddenly, he is very future-orientated, kind of restless and less satisfied. This is a time where you should be brainstorming and thinking of exactly where you want to be in five years’ time, and how you’re going to get there.

The key right now is not getting bogged down in details; it’s about having a vision and then creating an emotional momentum and some positive thinking around these goals.

This can be an ideal time for you and Pisces Guy to employ a little bit of mind power. The law of attraction works very strongly now, and if you can use creative visualization, and mix this with positive affirmations, it’s amazing how many windows of opportunity can be prized open.

The worst thing you and Pisces Guy can do right now is think small, and the other thing that you shouldn’t be doing is thinking about the past. Right now, it’s all about novelty, the future and the possibilities. It’s about getting rid of limitations, whether they are things that you can physically get out of your lives or whether they are limitations that exist in your thought processes and your head.

These need eradicating as life is all about perception; perception creates our reality, and right now, what you and Pisces can do, is to alter your perceptions, and that will radically change your reality going forward.

Mercury direct Sextile Saturn (15th May)

This transit is extremely helpful as it represents a period of stability in your relationship with Pisces Guy, it’s a time when you can plan together and have constructive conversations in quite a measured way.

There’s definitely the opportunity for recently formed relationships and dating to get more serious and deeper. Pisces guys do have a more distinct sense of what they like or dislike right now, which certainly helps give definition to a new relationship and favors new relationships with earth and fixed signs.

Existing partnerships and marriages can feel stronger and more meaningful, especially as events are likely to occur which require you to work as a unit. What you have in common is more important right now than what separates you, and that’s a really good feeling.

This is an excellent week for renewed attempts at communication over difficult topics, you and Pisces Guy can work on the weaker points that have previously hindered understanding.

You and Pisces Guy will benefit emotionally from a greater sense of security and improved trust, which means it is now possible to resolve drama that’s based on fears and irrational anxiety about the future.

Jupiter enters Taurus (May 17th)

This represents a really positive phase in Pisces guy’s life; he’s optimistic, and he is definitely ready for romance which is based on fun, friendship and shared intellectual interests.

Internet dating and long-distance relationships are no problems at all and can be a really great launchpad for love.

Pisces guy is likely to be a bundle of nervous energy at this time, and he may lack focus, but the great thing is that he’s not passive; he’s far more gung ho about doing something different and following new paths, and it’s a terrific time to explore together.

This transit is one of optimism, and the good vibes it generates will have a beneficial effect in terms of health, mental health and your relationship. However, the energies are conducive to growth and expansion and thus can bring a disruptive element to relationships that are based on a lot of routines, structure or even control.

Theme of the month –  They say that to change your life, you have to change your thinking, and this is very true this month – a new insight, a changed attitude, or new information can transform your relationship with Pisces Guy. Like-wise a PMA (positive mental attitude) can be the key to a relationship breakthrough in May as what you envision, you materialize – do beware though, as thinking about negative things can also result in them materializing.

Magic Phrase –“ I believe in us, together we can make magic.”

Magic Text – “Let’s take off somewhere special this weekend and let’s not tell a soul where we are.”

To Do – Restless by nature, Pisces are very open to anything that broadens their mind or their perspective, and this month you should encourage him to grab any opportunity to challenge himself physically, spiritually and philosophically.

Avoid – Try to stay flexible and avoid any obligations that feel that they aren’t aligned with the overall goal. This month your lives are in flux, and you need to be flexible and adaptable to cope with Pisces guy – while it is not a month of major changes, it is one of constant smaller changes which can, at times, come out of the blue.

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Week One

This is a fantastic transit for new romantic relationships with real potential.

Pisces Guy isn’t playing the field, he’s looking for a steady relationship, and he wants to get serious, which makes this an ideal week for a promising romance to begin.

He likes a partner to tell him the truth; he wants to know everything about you, and nothing is going to shock him so don’t hold back.
Pisces guy can have a lot of success in his job, but this success may come with a lot of extra work, and so his work-life balance can go out of sync. It’s important for him not to over-deliver; he needs to set boundaries with his clients.

Exercise is important, but he tends to get quite enthusiastic and may push too far too fast, and so please remind him to pace himself.

Week Two

This is an excellent time to take a trip of a lifetime and to travel, but it’s also a good time for spontaneous travel, so if you have planned something like a big trip already, well done, that’s perfect planetary timing! However, even if you’ve got nothing planned, this is still a great time to have new experiences, whether you want to explore within your local town, meet new people, do more sporting activities or perhaps get involved in community groups as a way of getting out of a rut, as that’s also an ideal way to use the energies.

This is a time when long-distance or exotic relationships are particularly appealing to Pisces Guy, so if you represent a foreign land, or if you are in some way bohemian, then he’s likely to be very drawn to you.

Remember that inspiration is a large part of his relationships, so it’s important to offer him something new, and that could be the taste of a foreign culture, it could be a new life philosophy, or it could be that you are particularly knowledgeable because all these things are a great turn on for Pisces guy.

If you are a fairly opinionated person, this is a great time to chat with him about your experiences and viewpoints because that will excite him. However, if you are a very sporty, daring person, this is also a good time to encourage him to try new things physically because he loves being challenged right now in many different ways.

Week Three

Pisces guy likes to lose control and go with the flow, and right now, he needs to recapture that trait. As a couple, you need to live in the moment; true unhappiness and love is all about allowing yourselves the freedom to live spontaneously and lessening your reliance on routines or carefully curated expectations.

The key for him right now is to accumulate experiences and listen to different ideas so that you guys are more aware of your options. Throw away the rule book.

This transit can bring him more confidence in his communication skills; he’s likely to be much more talkative and humorous. If he’d been feeling downtrodden or downbeat, this transit will be the catalyst to reawakening his happy-go-lucky, fun-loving self.

Certainly encourage him in any goals involving teaching, studying, blogging or mass communication through social media.

Week Four

This is an important grounding period, and you and Pisces Guy have the opportunity to distinguish the difference between feelings that are real and those that are based on fear or irrational thoughts. It’s an important time for you both to become more assured about what your true needs are because from that, you can decide on your priorities

All star signs, but especially Pisces guys, tend to live their lives supporting various half-truths or avoiding facing certain realities, this stops him from easily discovering what works emotionally and what doesn’t, however right now he’s able to look at himself and accept reality and to focus on building solutions.

This is an important week to secure your home, organize insurance or protect your house against weather events.

This is a good time to spend time with family, not necessarily to party or be frivolous, but to gain a sense of roots and continuity which can help make him more secure. So encourage him to spend time with his folks or restore relations with them if things have been difficult. Alternatively spend time with the family members, yours or his, who are positive and reassuring influences. Right now, certain family members can be the older, wiser or more experienced advice givers you guys need.


May is full of variety, and you should not cling to routines strictly – keep your options open and be ready to change course at any time. You and Pisces Guy should go with the flow and embrace what comes along – use the month as a chance to loosen your boundaries and expand your mindsets.

This month he’s fueled with enthusiasm and curiosity; what’s more, he’ll use new information effectively as he’s got confidence in himself mentally and is realizing the true potentials of his life.

The only thing not to do is rain on his parade.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Pisces Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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